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This post is meant to give feedback on the rework and why I believe BW is still not a good enough healer when compared to Deckard, Whitemane, Tyrande, and Malf (the top healers to pick atm).

First I wanna talk about her abilities.

ARCANE FLARE: Hitting an enemy hero with the center of this skill will reward a pulse of soothing mist which was meant to reward skillful play. While in theory it sounds like this could be a really a good way sustain ur team during fights, it is not easy at all even if u r skilled. Even with faster travel time, ur enemy has a chance to move out of the center since it is very small. Also the dmg nerf was not needed tbh.

POLYMORPH: 1.5 Sec silence on 12 sec CD. While the 0.25 sec increase in duration is great I have noticed the CD increase. There were many clutch moments where I needed to silence and there was 1-2 sec left to use the skill.

PIXIE DUST: Remains the same.

SOOTHING MIST (Passive): It received a small nerf to the number and I dont understand why tbh. I still think the nerf needed tbh.

SOOTHING MIST (Active): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for the CD. So many heroes have strong group CC as normal ability on 15 sec CD so u really cant keep up with the cleanse. This skill has a travel time so it is a double edge sword. You can cleanse incoming group CC like Diablo stun ult or Malf silence ult if u use it like 0.2 sec before them and u will end up cleansing urself as well since the cleanse has travel time (not sure if this was intended) but I still think it has a very long CD and I dont think sacraficing a talent pick to get a chance to lower the CD when basic attacking is a valid option.

PHASE SHIFT: The 20% heal is a really good addition but I dont like the fact that it doesnt heal BW as well and no option to apply Pixie Dust on both the target and BW. Teleporting to someone can put BW at risk and BW has no self sustain (one of reasons she isnt really as strong as the other healers I mentioned in the beginning). I really think the cast time should be sped up by at least 20% and make the heal instant. I have teleported many times to dying allies and they still died after I reached bz the heal was not applied instantly.
Second I wanna share my talent build and why I pick those talents.

Lvl 1: Hyper Shift. When I pick BW, I am taking a healer's spot so I must try to increase my healing output as much as possible. Having 10% extra heal and CD reduction can allow me to save the solo laner if needed or help a ganker or even save our tank midfight. The draw back of this is most of the time the obj is far from minions so the cd reduction part will be useless. The polymorph talent for range and cd reset is a bit meh. I feel like the range is fine as is and chances are if u secured a takedown u r probably winning the fight so the reset is probably not needed which makes this talent very niche. The bribe is fine but again I would rather do my job as a HEALER.

Lvl 4: Dream Shot. Again a way increase my healing output (unreliable way that is) but remains the best choice at this tier. The polymorph is not that good tbh and might only work if u picked the polymorph talent at lvl 1. Magic Spit offers good CD reduction to the very long CD cleanse but u need to basic attack HEROES. I prefer to have more healing if possible bz as I mentioned this cleanse can be a double edge sword.

Lvl 7: Peekaboo!. The only self sustain BW can have when teleporting and more shield to the target. Sticky Flare can make the lvl 4 more reliable so this is also a viable choice. Critical Mist talent is very bad. The amount of heal it does and the long CD of the cleanse itself and also you must cleanse a CCed ally for it to apply the heal is sooo not worth it. I would consider it if they removed this condition and increased the heal a bit so I might use it to cluch heal.

Lvl 10: Blink Heal. Her main healing ability and a risky one that is but u get a second a charge to run away if needed to reduce this risk. Emerald is viable but u will lose a lot of healing and remember u r the healer and u need to heal a lot. The only thing I wish they would add is that BW also heals herself even if it is for 50% of the amount bz her self sustain is very bad and healing with blink heal will put her at risk.

Lvl 13: Pixie Power. All choices are viable but with 25% more spell armor and CD reduction this can help u or an ally getting ganked to survive heavy incoming burt vs heavy CC team.

Lvl 16: Hush. With the CD reduction at lvl 4, this is clearly the superior choice at this tier. One thing I noticed is that for some reason when I hit 2 ppl with the center I only see one of them silenced (I dk if it is bugged or not). The polymorph might be good but I dont like the 1.5 duration tbh way too small of a window. Phase Out is very situational and requies super fast reflexes to get best value out of it.

Lvl 20: Faeire Protector: All the talents in this tier is horrible (for a lvl 20 talent that is) and I still think Storm Shield was the best one. Faeire Protector will offer talented Pixie Dust to u and ur whole team. I believe having 20% movement speed and 50% spell armor on ur whole team is really good and u can keep the duration to up to 9 sec with pixie power talent at lvl 13 on one of ur teammates.

While she provides one man click cc and spell shield this doesnt make her a good utility support. Look at Deckard. He has burst heal group slow with dmg group root with dmg group sleep group dmg reduction group heal negation group AA heal group displacement group silence and blinds. Whitemane doesnt have much utility but she is given really good heal output on herlself and her team at the same time which gives her really good self sustain (something BW lacks). You get my point. BW still below those healers and with each team needing one healer, I dont see why u would play BW over them. While I do end up with very high healing stats, Those heals were mostly small heals when laning (minion dmg) which can deceive u into thinking BW can output so much heals but the truth she cant keep up with healing when it matters the most.

What do u guys think about BW rework?
I think the new bw will be top tier soon, she’ll get nerfed and probably they’ll increase her base heal again to compensate the incoming nerf
29/09/2018 23:03Posted by Selesh
I think the new bw will be top tier soon, she’ll get nerfed and probably they’ll increase her base heal again to compensate the incoming nerf

How did u reach to that conclusion? If anything she is kind of under performing atm.
Cause aoe cleanse is op, even with this long cd, if u need it twice in a tf, you are probably teamfighting the wrong way.
Her Z is a real lifesaver (+ she is the only support with that kind of mobility)
Her W counters diving champ and synergise well with cc chains.
Still testing her, and wanna see some pro games.
I do really thing she is great, maybe situational, but still great.

Ps: still love emerald wind, even if blink heal is probably the new “to go” ult (lvl 20 talent is insane imo)

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