Company like Blizzard and this matchmaking system?

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Blizzard is one of the biggest game companies of the world (even the biggest for some). You guys gave us iconic games like Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft and proven yourself as top quality game company. But when i play HoTS, i'm thinking twice. I mean, are the rumors true? Blizzard really dropped quality to bottom since the departures of big names after 2016? Let's discuss it a bit because the game really has serious issues. People around me quits playing one by one and i'm afraid i might be the next one soon (which i don't want to).

Quick Match matchmaking is totally junk (sorry but it's true). I mean you join the queue with your lvl 50 Artanis and Blizz match you up with lvl 5 Tracer. Is is really so hard setting up Hero level/Hero winrate based criterions for matchmaking? Last week, 9 years old little boy, son of a friend, asked me why game made me nerveous and i have explained him. Even a little boy noticed the absurd matchmaking in the game.

That is about it. Does it make me nerveous? Yes. But it makes me sad more than anything. Blizzard, the game company i love and follow since 1998, the same company i used to defend everywhere when someone says something negative became this. Please Blizzard... fix yourself.
Well, it actually depends.

Low ranks are horrible experience in every moba. People who complain about HoTS don't seem to have played other mobas, where toxicity is bigger and quality of games are much lower.

I've been having good QMs as of late - proper compositions on both sides. If there happen to be unjust composition remember that its QM and its kinda meant not to be tryhard mode...kinda warm-up.

The real problem here is report system imo. I don't mind bans for 2-4 weeks, but 3rd suspension as perma ban is nonsense because it can't be disputed and it is not checked by Blizz staff.

If they won't change automated system, than at least don't make 3rd ban as perma.

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