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Having ended the previous season of Hero league in Bronze 5, It seemed extremely unfair that after winning 6/10 of my placement matches for season four I ended up in bronze 5 with 63 rank points. What should I do? Is this normal?
well with bronze 5 with 63 point your mmr is probably terrible and you probably lost games at 0 points in bronze 5 i guess - so your mmr is real terrible - 6/10 is not really super great - its slightly above average.

so even if your mmr wasnt terrible you would have been placed low bronze 4 at best.

also it feels like they reduced the impact of placement games (which is a good thing in my oppinion - best thing would be no placement games at all like they announced in april)

i wouldnt be to frustrated about the placements. bronze 5 and bronze 4 is pretty much the same.

work on your skills and game knowledge - then you will make it out of bronze.

start with how to soak (gain XP) from minions (you just have to stand near them in order to get XP)
I've spent quite a bit of time watching pro games, watching commentary and tactics on you tube and correcting my macro. Playing in bronze is not how you imagine it. The average game in bronze results in at least one team mate feeding 8+ times. The skill required ( having spent much time watching people of different skill levels) to overcome the disadvantage of playing 4 v 5 from start to finish is akin to being a diamond/master player. Garnering your team an xp lead of 2-3 levels is still not sufficent in most instances. My mmr is indeed terrible but it seems incredibly unfair for a system to not allow you to correct a mistake you made months a go and keep your mmr somewhat static. The entire concept of mmr is insanely flawed. Sound like I'm just whining? Let me explain my reasoning:

Your league determines how good you are at the game generally. A gold level player will in theory maintain a 50% win-rate, a higher one in lower leagues and visa versa. This results in players getting sorted into their appropriate league passively without the need for mmr.
The idea of mmr is that it accelerates the process. By placing a large amount of emphasis on your initial placement games, good players will more quickly be sorted into better leagues and bad players will be more quickly sorted into worse leagues.
There are a couple of issues here. Firstly is that if your first 2 initial placement games go badly (the ones based off your quick match mmr) then you will quickly be designated to play with bronze 5/4 players.
Playing with bronze 5/4 players means that the results of your next games will be essentially up to luck for the reasons stated above. The skill cap required is not possessed by the vast majority of the player base and yet the vast majority are not in bronze.
Secondly should a player be genuinely bad and lose a large amount of their placement games and then improve, there is no room for improvement on your mmr. Your mmr is stuck being low until you correct your skill level to be that of a diamond/master player when you can overcome the mmr restrictions and those of bronze and rise up out of bronze division. The largest issue of course being that it is not easy to reach such a high skill level playing against people in bronze 4/5.

Please understand that bronze is not like any other league and that attaining a winrate of 60%+ is in many ways harder than in silver or gold.
i do agree that in bronze, people play terrible - and many of them will die alot.

but taking that in mind - if you say a game is mostly decided who has the feeder/or who has more feeders - and you are not of them - you have way better chances that more feeder are in the opponent team.

lets asume exactly 1 feeder is in the game and the team with the feeder looses.
by not beinig the feeder you have a 4/9 chance that the feeder is in your team - a 5/9 chance that he is in the opponent team.
so based on that - you win 5 of 9 on average - thats a 55, 6% wr.

i do agree many games will feel like they are completely out of your control. but with not being bad consistently you will climb a bit over time.

silver games are as random as yours - i have friends which play there. i also saw bronze games. from what i got to see (might be not the whole truth) - strategicly bronze - silver is pretty much the same level of bad. silver people are just a bit more mechanicly skilled.
Thank you very much for the reply. I think that your perspective has given me new hope in climbing out. Providing that I put the time into it I should be able to get out eventually.
It have been explained 322349239023 times that placement matches if you had rank in last season and played more than like 20 games doesn't matter.

Only first placements ever matter. Also if you are bronze 5 i wish you good luck

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