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Hello guys, Just a few minutes ago ive played a game in Alterac, vs a samuro, which was incredibly good. The fact is, I wonder if its really legit that he can soak almost as good as the vikings, he was literally everywhere in the map.

I mean we are talking about an assasin that can literally outsoaks everyother hero, and deals a lot of damage, and has incredible survability potential. So what do you think about? I think it should be nerfed, i mean u can soak if the main samuro is in the lane, not just the copy or something... i think its too good
I'm maining Samuro, so I can give few advices.

1. Samuro is pretty weak in earlygame, but he becomes a beast in lategame. Make use of it
2. I know it looks like Samuro has awesome mobility, but he doesn't actually (at least before 20). I mean, it's not bad, but most heroes with some kind of escape should be able to escape from it
3. Blind is painful for Samuro, but save it till he spawns his clones (it removes blindness)
4. Once his reflections are gone, he's pretty useless for more than 18 seconds
5. OK, so soaking now... well, it's pretty hard to stop Samuro from soaking, but there are some characters that can win a solo line vs Samuro - Thrall, Kerrigan, Fenix, Lunara, Yrell, Illidan, Sylvanas. And if Samuro soaks during objective, don't try to gank him (he should escape easly).
Although it is one of the most annoying heroes in the game, "Illusion" samuro has a rather high skill-cap; esp. if he also shows up to teamfights in the late game. I think the trick is to
- force your advantage in the early game, as he is likely to pull down all of your structures (even going for solo core attemps) if you are not in the lead later on
- explicitly name one hero to be on "samuro" duty (e.g. Yrel)
- draft solid wave clear to match the soak and a draft that can force team fights (engage tanks, gap-closer etc...)
- pay attention to the camps on your side of the map.
Samuro distracts and benefits from bad rotations due to his distractions. Wanderin aimlessly on the map or trying to counter-split-push solo is usually a sure way to loose the game. If counter-pressure is needed do it in a 3 or even 4-men.

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