Does blizzard admit mistakes? Like at all?

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I often wonder why are they so prideful. I'm sure they actually do hear alot of the feedback people give them but still they just pretend that everything is fkin awesome, that they are VEEERY busy at the studio and are just trying to kill out all of the complainers by hyping them with either a really anticipated iconic hero or a nearly naked pornstar.

But seriously everyone especially you can see that the game is bleeding out. Your horrible silence system gets alot of undeserving people banned and is being abused by the actual toxic people. These people who get their accounts locked for 1/2 month or a whole month are obviously... well... not gonna play the game and when they return and see that they are still getting matched with bronze people in master they will just rage more BECAUSE OF YOU and will get silenced again and will leave forever BECAUSE OF YOU cuz they feel like the mm and the silence system is punching them in the face.

You had a big window to do something great but you just added a bunch of obnoxious heroes which you still can't fix to this day, reduced the patch frequency and new hero releases frequency to !@#$, made the game 90% draft win, made a bunch of horrible maps which noone likes and despite all of the feedback you somehow miraculously found a way to actually make the silence system even worse. I'm in master and all of the people I've played with are in master 1000 points and have 10 games per season for 5 seasons in a row. The MM got worse since there aren't really alot of players left since everyone sane enough is either playing custom games with friends only or has left the game. The queues are bull%^-* long and I'm constantly hearing complaints of people who say they literally can't q for hours in some places. Streamers are either super positive(cuz they are probably getting paid to be positive) or super negative and hate the game with passion or have left HotS.

I want to see your response to this. Maybe a new hero or some vain attempt to tell me how freakin busy the studio is and how many changes are coming to the game.
No company is going to admit the have made mistakes unless they have to. They might try to fix them silently though.

They are working on a dynamic queue(fast mm when few, quality otherwise).
They constantly admit them.
They constantly take feedback into account.

There's feedback that's valuable and there's feedback that isnt.
There are a lot of aspects to respect and sometimes not everyone can be pleased.

As for your complaints; They recently reduced q-times in TL.
Mistakes? Blizzard? ahahhahahahahahaha

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