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Is there an update on this topic or are there plans to change some stuff so it's easyer for Belgian players to get items?

What Blizzard can do here is let the Belgian players buy their shards directly with gems, or remove the shard system completely and add a gem value on every item. So if anybody want to spend their real money on items they can do so by their own choice, and it would be legal because we know what we buy; gems for items. So basicly use a system like fortnite.

Please Blizz give us an update and some love.
The whole idea of lootboxes is designed to not let you know what you buy. On your place I would be proud that your country stands against that lootbox cancer.
Let's hope more and more countries follow the Belgium leadership!
Let's hope it gets pushed further to a European Union regulation, so countries like the Netherlands and Belgium don't stand isolated in this.

China also considers these loot-boxes to be gambling.
Blizzard took a grey area route to bypass that regulation though.
I am not an expert, but really i dont think there is any chance that blizzard will have different regions / countries have different system of monetization. There are alot of reasons that this is the case (and its not limited to blizzard but any game developer that wants to have a decent brand name). Long story short is that making different monetization options for different regions IS taking advantage of local laws and local markets and it is something that will change the game and hurt the "brand quality".
example: they could make wow more farmy and paytowin without subscription in Asia and rake money for decades. That would hurt wow brand name though.

You can argue that your example is different because you want to spent some money and get the skins and you would even with loot boxes but the government where you live has messed with that BUT, if they allow you to buy skins directly where others need to buy boxes then everyone else will argue that blizzard is milking them because their governments don't regulate the market as much or because they think they are more stupid than "x country" belgium for example.
I think you get the point: it most likely seems like marketing suicide to implement a decision like that. Because a few people might get marginally more happy and blizz will get a few more $ but the potential for people to be outraged and have their voices heard on valid accusations is bigger.

My best guess is that you will have to wait until there is a universal system that is fine under all regulations or maybe until we see what more countries or EU decides, which is most probbably what blizz is waiting anyway.

And as orby said, be proud that your country is educated enough to raise such issues, and don't be hasty to support shady practices even if you love the game alot. Play the game for free and open your occasional loot box from levels :) until this company figures out how to develop and monetize this game properly
28/09/2018 03:48Posted by Siggy
So basicly use a system like fortnite.

Fornite STW has llamas which are still just lootboxes. They can also be purchased using money. And unlike heroes, in fortnite those items do affect the difficulty, where in hots its at least only cosmetics!

Sure, the PvP system might be slightly better, but the PvE system is still there to influence PvP. It does affect PvP players as some do purchase STW just for those extra vbucks which they can obtain in missions.
Which is a system purely to push them towards buying a few lootboxes. As to get to those late game vbuck missions, you need to progress, and normaly pay2win lootboxes are the fastest way to do so. Guess what the lootbox contents are aimed at? You can get more valuable lootboxes faster, and even if the items are useless, it gives xp. Its pure pay2win on that part aswel.

Fortnite isnt any better on that. The system they use is even more ugly because it isnt directly thrown into your face. And even tries to push you a step further using pay2win systems.
Sure, these dont affect PvP in its balance. But the attempt at doing such system is bad enough.

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