A match made in hell

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Hi there!

Not sure where to post this since there doesn't seem to be any place to give feedback, so I'll go ahead and post it here since I dont think my issue is a bug, it's more of a complaint.

I just played a quick match at Sky Temple where I got matched with 5 assassins (Mephisto, Valla, Tracer, The Butcher and Illidan) against 3 specialists (Nazeebo, Azmodan and Sgt. Hammer) and 2 assassins (Gul'dan and Malthael). Already in the matching we had pretty much lost the game, even though we fought vailantly throughout the game. There was no way for us to win this game, in my opinion, since they pretty much had three siege engines. These types of match makings made me stop playing the game like 2 years ago, I'd hate to have to do it again since I enjoy the game.

I guess I'd have to ask - is it supposed to be like this?

That is standard qm for you. Just look at the number of topics on the forum, that talks about how bad the matchmaking is
Why was it impossible ? You had hero damage and dive and objective presence .

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