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hey guys jeff kaplan here with another dev update. im not part of the hots team but still f*ck you. here have this event with bunch of quests to waste your time doing. also look at all these cool new skins you can get durring this event. oh, you thought you can get them from the quests? f*ck you once again. pay us money b*tch :) jeff kaplan out r*!@#$%. keep playing our ^-*! games :)
Hello Sinh,

I can partially understand your feeling. I don't know about the non-German versions, but in the German version, the wording make it look like you got the actual skin for the heroes and not just a spray.

At the first time I was very confused and sad afterwards, but in the end we have to accept that they just can't make everything free :-)

Let's be happy that at least the sprays, avatar and a event chest is, more or less, for free (gametime <==> rewards).

Insisting everything for free would be like not appreciating the hard work the design team did in the background. Let's show them respect and thumbs up with a small donation to get our favorite hero a fancy new skin ;)


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