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09 Mar Using Custom Games to Farm EXP while inactive The following information was posted by Jeff Kaplan, Game Director on Overwatch: Hi everyone, When we introduced the Game Browser and new Custom Game features we were excited to allow players to earn experience playing the game in unique and different ways. We also knew that there was the potential for this system to be exploited but we wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before becoming overly restrictive with the system. It’s very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive. As some of you have noticed, Skirmish in Custom Game no longer rewards experience. Also, the AFK timer is now in place in Skirmish mode (in Custom Game only). This change is rolling out over a 24 hour period and should be live in all regions by the end of today. I’ve seen some discussion in the community and in the press on this topic and sometimes it gets talked about as if it is a grey area. Is this wrong or is this ok? Well, let me take a grey area and make it starkly black and white for you. Abusing and exploiting Custom Game or any other game mode to earn experience in Overwatch while inactive is NOT ok. The reason I want to be absolutely clear about this is because we are going to start to take disciplinary action against people who partake in these activities. If you create a Custom Game that in any way encourages players to gain experience while inactive, you risk having your account banned. If you join any game mode – including Custom Games – with the intent of gaining experience while being inactive, you risk having your account banned. Also, do not name your Custom Game that in anyway even implies that gaining experience while inactive is OK – please do not even do this as a joke – because you are putting yourself at risk of having your account banned. We are not naïve to player behavior and motivation. When we put this feature live, we had an internal escalation plan for how to combat this behavior. Today marks the first steps on that path. And in a lot of ways it really makes me sad. The feature is so much cooler and better for everyone if we do not have to put draconic restrictions on it. To fast forward a bit, the end of the escalation plan will result in experience gain being turned off in Custom Game. I really don’t want to see us getting to that point. So I am going to ask for some help from the vast majority of you who are simply playing the game and having fun and not abusing it: please report those who are creating Custom Games with the intention of gaining experience while remaining inactive. If you select someone’s Custom Game you get three options: Spectate, Join and Report. These options exist on all 3 platforms. Use the Report feature. It works. Obviously, I know what our plan is and how we will ramp things up to combat this behavior here on the Overwatch Team. But at this point, I am making a plea to you – the Overwatch Community at large: please decide what you want to happen here and be a part of the solution. If you enjoy Custom Games awarding experience then please help us combat the behavior we’re seeing now. Do not create Custom Games with the intent of gaining experience while inactive. Don’t join those games. Don’t jokingly put those names in your own Custom Games. And report players who are abusing the system. We, as much as the vast majority of you who are enjoying the feature as designed, do not want to see experience gain go away. Please help us out here. -jeffreyVaneras0 09 Mar
23h Supports and Skill Rating Scott Mercer has just shared some information on supports and skill rating: Over the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing reports from players about how their SR gains after a win appear to be lower when they play as a support. I wanted to share some of the results of the investigations so far and clear up some community misconceptions along the way. As part of the 1.9 Orisa patch, we made a change to how assist scoring was handled to address what we honestly considered to be a bug. Players were getting full assist credit even if the player being assisted did very little to the target. This change, along with other more significant balance changes in the patch, meant that we needed to recalibrate the tuning for the systems that calculate a player’s contribution to the match. This was performed for all heroes several weeks ago, and we’ve already recalibrated once more after the recent 1.10 patch. The change to the handling of assists also affected how often a player might earn “On Fire” status during a match, but the amount a player is “On Fire” does not directly affect SR adjustments due to player performance. There is some correlation between the two because both systems are trying to measure “How well are you playing?”, but there are significant differences. The determination of being “On Fire” examines not just your own performance, but your performance relative to your teammates. The calculation of your SR adjustment after a match doesn’t look at your teammates, but instead compares you to the performance of other similarly skilled players with that hero across an enormous pool of competitive matches. So, we compare your Genji play to the play of other Genjis, Ana vs. Anas, etc. Since we’re comparing “apples to apples”, we shouldn’t see any kind of support specific bias in SR adjustments due to player performance. We’re still seeing anecdotal reports of some players experiencing lower SR gains on wins, but we’ve also been seeing other reports from other support players that their SR gains look correct. Based upon our investigations so far doesn’t look like there’s a broad systemic issue affecting all supports across all competitive matches. There might be a more localized issue affecting a specific hero, or a certain type of play style or game situation. It also might be something completely unexpected, so we’re doing a thorough examination of all the code that affects SR adjustment. In the meantime, we do appreciate everyone’s continued feedback and reports about this. They do help, we are looking at them, and if we find issues we’ll let you know. Thanks!Брайвир49 23h
23 May 2016 Posting about Technical Issues or Bugs To help you and us get the most of out of your discussions and feedback, we ask that you please do not post game-related bugs or technical issues in this forum. To report in-game bugs experienced while playing, please post in the North American Bug Report forum. To report technical issues experienced while downloading, installing, or playing Overwatch, please post in the Tech Support forum.Ulvareth0 23 May 2016
23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
3h New Highlights Options on PTR Hi, Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help us test out Highlights on PTR. We really appreciate the feedback, and we’re working to improve the experience around recording and playback. The current build on PTR has a few new options that may help if you’re experiencing issues recording highlights. We’ve added the option to enable / disable hardware acceleration under the advanced options while recording. If you’re presently experiencing issues with recorded videos, try disabling hardware acceleration. Additionally, under Options > Gameplay, there’s an option to set your preferred recorded highlight format. If you’re having issues with MP4s, please try exporting WebMs (note: Using WebM will disable hardware acceleration). A few other notes: Highlight capturing should not impact framerate or latency during gameplay. Highlights are saved on our end, then sent down to you at the end of the match. You may see some compression artifacts if you upload a high resolution video to YouTube and watch it at a lower quality (watching a 4k video in 1080p, for example). You may experience issues when using older display drivers. Please check and see if your graphics drivers and if your OS is up to date.Vaneras1 3h
6d [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – June 20, 2017 A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. JUMP TO SECTION: Patch Highlights General Hero Updates User Interface Updates Bug FixesБрайвир5 6d
17 Jun Changes Coming Soon to GBP Loot Box Prices We'd like to give you a heads up that the GBP prices of Overwatch Loot Boxes will be adjusted on May 3. Some changes are incoming to the GBP prices of Overwatch Loot Boxes. We regularly evaluate the pricing of Blizzard games and services across various countries and currencies, in relation to regional market conditions. While we never take pricing changes lightly, we sometimes need to make adjustments when local economies fluctuate—which is the case here. The following new prices will begin on May 3 for Windows. Please visit the PlayStation®Store and Xbox Store for console pricing. Prices from May 3 2 Loot Boxes - £1.99 5 Loot Boxes - £4.99 11 Loot Boxes - £8.99 24 Loot Boxes - £16.99 50 Loot Boxes - £34.99 As ever, we're fully committed to delivering an experience worthy of your passion and support for Overwatch.Vaneras32 17 Jun
01 Jun [PC] Overwatch Patch Notes – June 6, 2017 A new patch is now live on Windows PC. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. Please note that these changes will be rolled into a larger patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date. BUG FIXES General Fixed several bugs that allowed players to reach unintended locations on multiple maps Fixed a bug that caused players to fall from moving platforms while dancing Fixed a crash that would occur when rendering fog for players with certain hardware User Interface Fixed a bug that caused the “Oni” and “Law” player icons to appear locked even after being unlocked Fixed an issue that allowed blocked players to send Custom Game invitesVaneras0 01 Jun
1m How the SR system is broken for golds-platinum SO I'm in platinum (about the average player) I play mostly support and dps sometimes tanks if I have to. I'm lenient with people who want me to switch and I don't argue because like them I want to win. I do have one problem though it's how Overwatch decides to pair you up with people. The SR system is fine for when you get out of Platinum but when you're in Platinum it becomes nearly impossible to get out. Three days ago I'm in high 2800 and i'm about to be 2900 but after I was done my win streak somebody brings their low 2200 friend into a game (this 2200 was an ok player and I didn't have any complainants) but the problem is that the matchmaking system puts you with people with similar SR and so incompetent players started to bring the team down. Now this started a long line of losing and when I won a game I was put back with bad players and lost again. Now I admit I can get toxic but when I do I mute my mic because I think that's bad for the team's morale, but honestly the fact people in golds are allowed to group up with a platinum and bring worst golds into a match is stupid. I think that team work in Overwatch is great but when that teamwork is ruined by toxic people and high SR players shouting at low SR then it makes Overwatch one of the worst games to play. I had to leave my match because I was fed up with the losing streak and Overwath at this point. Now on a side note how does the system decide who is on the opposing team and who's on your team, because I've been paired with really good teams then next games I'm paired with little kids who don't know how to focus support heroes. Does the game put you on bad teams after you've won 5+ games? Just so then you can help the low ranking players gain more SR?AwesomeLawlz0 1m
2m New patch where duplicate chances severely lower. Soz I don't agree with the new less duplicates patch watch in a few months where everyones angry cuz everyone has everything so everything is completely worthless and it's "all blizzards fault" once again. k bye and thx for dislike.ErieeKo1 2m
14m simple changes I would like feedback from others because I don't play every character so i can't speak for everyone. A-Z in order. Ana: I have 3 hours with Ana so i don't know how Ana mains feel but i feel like she is in a spot where shes good and not good depending on the team comp. Bastion: I have 7 hours with the cute guy and I think he's the same as Ana but I would like him to head shot again in sentry mode. I have 21 hours with her and I think she should go faster with her boosters and self destruct should maybe EMP? I mean its a nuke right? and I think call mech should project a bubble onto when she is getting in it and the mech has a bubble too, to make this fair so she can still die outta mech she should have abit longer of a cooldown on call mech. Genji: I have 5 hours with and I think he is fine but sometimes annoying with his swift blade. Hanzo: I have 18 mins with but all I think to make hime fair is scatter and recon arrow switch cool downs and recon arrow makes a noise so players know that if they peak they'll die. Junkrat: No clue on what he needs to get better i hate his kit anyway. Lucio: well I dont think Blizz would want to change him again haha and he's good too. Mccree: I have 2 hours with him and i think what would make him sorta better would be that he gets his roll back on a kill like genji has. Mei: I think is fine too Mercy: Well knowing shes back in the meta ill get hate saying shes not good. Orisa: I think she should have less health and more armour I mean shes a Robot after all. Pharah: Is fine as well. Reaper: Is fine all well. Reinheart: hes been fine since day one. Roadhog: I hate his stupid Hook but i know that his kit but all i think is it needs less range. Soldier 76: I think his sprint should be a passive so Sombra can't stop him running, I mean it doesnt make sense that he can't run while hacked, I also think his Helix rockets should go from 8 seconds to 12 I mean they do 120 damage so they should be more rare to use. Sombra: is fine to me. Symmetra: Is fine to me. Torb: I think his turret should shoot slower or lock on a person slower. but to make it fair it has a bit more health or it takes less hammer hits to lvl it up. Tracer: Now ima bit bias because I main her but ima be fair 100%, Blinks should have a little shorter cool down, Recall should go from 12 to 8 seconds, Blinks should make tracer immune to damage (to stop unfair deaths from 0.6 seconds of her having two hit boxes), I think pulse bomb should be like Junkrats' ult E.G you fly at a group and blow it up and when tracer uses her ult she disappears and reappears when she blows the bomb up, I also think Tracer should have a passive which is: when she is on half health she gets increased movement speed (and maybe faster cool downs?) And finally, please more Tracer puns. Widowmaker: Her grappling hook needs to be 8 instead of 12 seconds, and venom mine should stack and the damage should tick faster, she should also get a movement speed increase when she uses her ult. Winston: Is fine to me. Zarya; Is fine to me. Zenny: Is fine to me.WinterWolf1 14m
15m Why is Junkrat so OP ? Hello my name is Krail and I hate Junkrat so much because he dont even need to scope . He just hold his left mouse button and he prey to kill you or if he dont kill you by his balls ( :D ) He just press Lshift and it will kill you instantly ... And if you play Ana or something what have less than 200 Hp its too hard to play against him :( Please Blizzard nerf Junkrat or make bans to competitives ... Jeff please ! PS: I love u Jeff KaplanKrail8 15m
29m Give bonus if you join back game pls I just now got disconnect so I was 40 sec away but I came back and we won. I got: Time penalty + Lost SR. I don't mind losing sr but I'm afraid if I get another disc I get like 6 hour or something. I have very stable cable connection but if there is 1-2 mess ups with provider I'm screwed. I might get disc releated to weather of if provider has to reset in their side.Bloods2 29m
30m Parental Controls/Banned for this season Hi Blizzard, Currently I have parental controls on this account, so I can only play Overwatch a certain time of day. Outside of that time I am logged out of my account immediately. Anyway so after logging off during numerous games and for other miscellaneous things, I've been banned for of this season. The point is shouldn't players be allowed to finish their game before they get logged out? No one can tell how long the game is going to last when I join the queue for a game!? Anyway this so the rest of my team doesn't suffer as much as I do from my parents ;) Oh and I'm 18 years old btw!Gibby4 30m
43m Im confused by the SR i gain and lose help So right now im at 3812. I won 58 games this Season and lost 41. i won 4 games in a row and in each game i got under 24 Points. My latest win was 19 Points. And if i lose its not less than 25 Points. My medals are great too i dont underperforme. the SR gain i get is already since the beginning of this Season i never won like 30 SR im confused because on my other account which is master too i get over 30 Points often and also dont lose more than i win. Anyone had this?AlkoS0 43m
43m Hero Ban System in Overwatch Hello there! Some of you might know that in League of Legends, you have a ban system in ranked, basically one player of each team is able to ban three heroes, that both teams are not able to use for this game. What do you guys think if that function being in Overwatch? Obviously not three heroes, that would be too much for the current hero pool, but maybe one per team? It would allow a lot more control over the game, reject must-pick heroes since they would be perma banned and provide the ability to improve your own team composition by banning the hardest enemy counter.GamingBull0 43m
46m Grouped matchmaking is broken. Anecdote - I'm doing a DualQ and got grouped with another DualQ team, however the enemy team has a 4 person group; not to mention that one of them is diamond (3046) and I'm only high gold (2430 now). I know overwatch is a team based game but I hate having groups with silvers and diamonds on the same group. Is there no other method of matchmaking that doesn't try to balance a team with a low rank + a high rank? This probably won't mean anything so sorry for wasting your time but I hope the Overwatch Blizzard team can improve their matchmaking system. I just want to enjoy this game.Ricbout0 46m
46m Widowmaker Passive? For Widowmaker's scope to charge to 100% it takes roughly 1 second. I think that she should have a passive ability where for 3 seconds after fully unscoping, her gun should maintain the charge until it declines to zero again (every second the percentage decreases by 33.3%). I think that Widowmaker should have a new passive like this because the current meta is very flanker biased. It'd allow widow to quickscope against flankers given the skill of the player. It'd also benefit her mobility as she wouldn't have to stay in scoped mode to maintain her 100% charge. Since the rise of Hanzo with his buffs, this would form an equilibrium between the two DPS snipers within Overwatch as Hanzo now has increased DPS (faster draw speed) and increased mobility (can fire charged arrows after climbing surface). Widowmaker is very situational and obviously skill dependant, much like Hanzo somewhat. However, Hanzo is more flexible and currently more 'meta'. What do you think?OhShizWaddup0 46m
1h Баны за расизм Когда начнут раздавать баны за расизм и банят ли вообще, хотя бы чат. Статья 136. Нарушение равноправия граждан 1. Нарушение равноправия граждан в зависимости от пола, расы, национальности, языка, происхождения, имущественного и должностного положения, места жительства, отношения к религии, убеждений, принадлежности к общественным объединениям, причинившее вред правам и законным интересам граждан" Я захожу играть в игру, а не выслушивать оскорбления. Очень часто пишут, что-то вроде: "всё из-за русских", ""плохие" русские". Написал на русском в чат-"плохой"русский. Пикаешь самым первым, а кто-то взял 3 пиком ханзо-во всём виноваты русские. Банально доходит до того, что даже мой напарник, который хорошо владеет английским и может отвечать в войсе, даже там слышны гневные оскорбления. Даже если 11 из 1 людей общаются в чате на русском, всегда есть тот, кто скажет, что во всём виноваты русские и не говорят по английски. Давно ли в играх стало модно быть кем угодно, но не русским? Это не мелочь, это нормальный такой дизморал, который отталкивает играть в этом комьюнити в целом. Я не говорю про бан аккаунта, но банить чат было бы справедливо. Накипело, ибо это встречается почти в каждом матче.Shachu8 1h
1h Idea for game mode Overwatch Cricket in Overwatch Right so basically junk rat fires a bomb and you melee it to hit it and the fielders can pick it up and throw it. i think this could be a great idea please try to consider it. :)AidenTheDead3 1h
1h Open letter to community Dear community, Why are we all !@#$%^-s? Like seriously the toxicity levels of this community is actually impressive considering overwatch is only a year old. Yet this community is filled with people hating on each other about what heroes they play and picking on each other rather than admitting to the real issue that usually is that the team just didnt work well together. We need to learn to move on and accept that you will lose and no amount of raging will fix that. We also have people ranting to the developers calling out every single little change they make and it makes me sick to know that people still have the guts to trash talk the people who made this amazing game. I agree that not all areas of overwatch are perfect but writing posts about blizzard "ruining" a character or demanding that limited items be made more accessable doesnt add anything to the game and I'm sure it just frustraits and saddens the devs that dispite all efforts the community is never happy. Now I understand that most people are offering their advice and feedback to the devs and that most players are genuinely nice and avoid hating on others but this is all outshined by the utter disrespect some people in the community have. We as a community need to sort ourselves out and get a grip, we cant keep acting the way we are if we want to keep overwatch a fun game free of this toxicity. Im not the best of examples but I know I will be changing my attitude to make overwatch a better experience for me and everyone I play with, I just hope others do the same and hopefully overwatch will return to how it was when it was launched, free of hate and full of great times.SchemingPnda13 1h
1h Remove classes an force people to use their brains. How often did you see a discussion about a certain character, in wich somene tries to validate his point in favor or against a certain character by saying: "[Hero] is a [Class], he shouldn't be able to do [whatever]." Honestly, as a person with terrible aim who liked Symmetra since launch, I am so sick of seeing this. People tend to judge heroes by the class icon next to their group, they suggest nerfs or buffs because of that too, without taking the actual kit of said hero into consideration, and what he bring on the table in terms of gameplay, team composition and tactics. This is why I heavily am in favor of removing classes altogether. Let people figure out each heroes benefits by themselves. So they don't flame about 3 supports when there are Symm and 2 healers. So they don't pick tracer as second dps, next to Reaper, against a pharrah. Games are uausally more fun when people figure out benefits about certain picks by themselves, without being biased because of developer-created categories. It expands the variety of potential playstyles and also prevents mental restrictions against them. Judge a character by his kit and by what he brings to the table, not by the icon next to him.Imba11 1h
1h Easy way to fix mercy's res SR problem There is a known problem with mercy. You gain more SR if you make "big res", even if it was not usefull. Many players abuse it, and i cant rly blame them for this. From another point of view, i understand, that game designers had to make system that helps promote "big plays", that looks awesome and realy game changing. BUT! We have a problem and here is easy way to fix it: Insted of giving mercy "big play points" for res, give her ~5-10% of them AND give invisible status effect for 3-5 sec to everyone, who got res'd, that damage they deal (and healing they do) gives mercy "big play points". As far as i can tell, it's really easy for programmers to realise this in game. Blizzard, plz, notice this.InVeRnyako0 1h
1h Widow Clip Collection - Warning; terrible quality I decided that if I export my twitch videos to youtube, then download them from youtube, that's a reasonable way to store my videos locally. Turns out: it is not. That being said; here is a video I made of some widow gameplay. Really sorry about the video quality, again... God damnit. If it was reasonable quality, I'd have polished it up a bit before posting, but I think it's a lost cause... Maybe some will enjoy aspects of it regardless. 1h
1h Unstalling this game , Had enough Troll picks People playing what they want Over what they must No group finding tool to were we control what others choice MMR is more !@#$ed up than ever Thanks for %^-*ing this game , keep up the !@#$ty workBinshams11 1h
1h Can we ban these people? Anytime I join a game for overwatch and I say hi in voice people instantly ask me to play support if I'm not already support. When I'm already support people say things like "ofcourse you're support you're a girl" and that is somewhat fine, and okay. I guess ... I'll stop saying 'hi'. It's like 70% chance I will get verbally abused just for being a girl. I'm not the only one that this happens to either. So when will you deal with players like these and when will anyone step up to ban these players? Or atleast offer a way to report them for more than just 'abusive chat' because that has no context and an entire match of hearing you're worthless trash that should 'go back to the kitchen' or whatever generic comment their dull heads can come up with is very exhausting when you really would like to enjoy the game. 1h
1h Punishment for leaving games too early When you leave the game in spawn, match is going to get canceled in couple of seconds. You probably don't even have chance to get back into the game. Let's say that you lost connection with the server for 5 second. Your game is lagged, then you are kicked out of the game, then out of the overwatch. You have to restart the game, and you're unable to reconnect with 10min ban. Don't get me wrong, if you are consistently leaveing your games in spawn, because you didn't get the hero you wanted, you should be punished more, and more. But, when it's your first time, when you never leave games in Overwatch you shouldn't be punished with 50 SR loss. You have to win 2 games in a row just to get to the point where you were before that little lag happened. In that SR loss game should consider, if that's a one time lag/crash or if someone is doing it on purpose. I know you can regain SR if you're good enough, but it just feels bad, that you have to spend like an hour just because that little thing. There's not a single big game that punishes player like this. In CS:GO you have 5 minutes to reconnect, even in the beggining of the game. In League of Legends when you leave game in champion select (it's like OW spawn) you get punished with like 5 ELO points (you lose 25 for defeat), but if you leave more often you get punished more. I just think that it's unfair for normal players, that are willing to reconnect. Sorry for my bad english, it's not even close to my native language.Bromek1 1h
1h Sack Jeff Kaplan Necabo1 1h
2h How to watch new cinematic when opening OW? Hello guys, I opened OW today and a new cinematic started to play. I alt tabbed because someone was calling me on Twitch and doing so I couldn't see it completely. Do you know how to watch it again?RobiPizzaBoy3 2h
2h Less duplicates When will the patch hit that reduces the number of duplicates from loot boxes? Thank you.Drawbak0 2h
2h Mercy players rewarded for bad Ult usage For Mercy-players it is quite easy to inflate their stats without helping their team by leaving the fight and just resurrecting as many players as possible, no matter if it helps at all. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is the right thing to do if for example in a huge teamfight the enemy invests ultimates like Graviton Surge + Dragon Blade to get a team wipe just to heave that completely nullified by a very fast-building Ultimate like Resurrect but if you just lost a point so the enemy spwans literally 4 meters away resurrecting helps nobody since you're probably just going to get wiped again with potentially staggered spawns or you have to invest more ultimates just to be able to retreat. So how about this: When Mercy resurrects she becomes immune to damage and during that - what? 1 second? - she resurrects everyone who gets in line of sight in a set radius and over that 1 second the resurrected teammates gain up to 100% health back. That means the earlier one gets resurrected the more health he has after that 1 second and if they lose l.o.s. they stop gaining health which rewards team coordination to die close together but at the same time enables the mercy to fly over the map to collect more players if they are sprerad at the cost of HP. This also rewards staying in the fight instead of hiding because this does not allow resurrection through walls. If this is too weak she could start at 50% HP and get the additional 50% over that second for example. That leaves at least two possible values to balance (radius and %) Or to emphasize the importance of Tempo Rezes give her the ability to reset the HP of nearby allies in l.o.s. to 100%, if they're dead or not so she also gets stats from these as well and doesn't have to rely on questionable team rezes to get SR while still keeping the potential of those huge Resurrects after a team wipe. Maybe cap the Potential HP gained at 500 per hero so she can't keep an Ulting Winston alive through everything.Jekyll1 2h
3h Scatter arrow Revise scatter arrows or better yet remove them, Why does a sniper have a shotgun blast like ability anyway?. The point in playing Hanzo is that you need to have precision, You don't see Widowmaker pulling that crap. Also it does way too much damage, i go up to a Hanzo to boop him of an edge only to have him shoot at the ground at take all my health off me, What is that nonsense about?. I don't care how good you are at maths that isn't simple geometry is some cheese BS.Johnc9533 3h
3h Roadhog unnecessary nerf I Think this nerf was weird. First of all Roadhog was not even in the meta. And he is supposed to punish players and kill them fast if they're in his sights and not behind a barrier. Now he can still punish but he does not do it in a good enough way. I Think roadhog could still have his one-tap on the 200hp heroes but have a smaller clip or a slower fire rate. The fact that roadhog bareley can 1-shot a tracer is sad. And reaper outdamages roadhog alot! I kinda understand that he is easy to play and is played alot in lower ranks and he is quite good there. but in gm roadhog is a much different hero from ''Lower rank roadhog''. And if he got nerfed because he is an easy killer. Reinhardt or Winston should maybe get some kind of nerf. I know they're played in a different way. But they are still very overpowered in some ways (Exactly like roadhog is good in various ways). If roadhog could keep powerful hook combo. A nerf on his clip size would be kinda fair. Then roadhog will be much more harmless with his hook on cooldown. On the ptr right now i Think roadhog is pretty bad and usually a easy kill with his hook on roadhog. If you Think this was a bad or good nerf. please tell me i want to know what everyone else Thinks!agge54 3h
4h AI jumping We all know jumping is something mostly low tier player do alot(guilty too). It's not in your benefit because it's so predictable. But couldn't there be a way so the bots just keep jumping all the time. Good practice for everyone imo, can't really learn alot from the practice range when the robot's just move sideways really slowly.Sankhya0 4h
4h What is your favourite insult Insults. We all get them in the competitive gaming sommunity, but some of them cant help but make people stop play to laugh out loud down the microphone or can be used to lighten a mood rather than outright insult intentionally Anyone here have any worth noting? My favourite is "If you dont get your worthless hide over here i'll put my boot so far up your backside the water on my knee will quench your thirst" often said while capping the point.. it gets a chuckle or twoQuasidrake14 4h
4h owerwatch on wii its stupid that owerwatch dont exists on wii blizzard nedd to fix this or myself and many others gonna stop playing ow until blizzard make ow on wii becuse when everbody stops playing they nedd to put ow on wii to get the players back to play this game THIS GAME NEDDS TO BE ON WII OR I WILL STOP PLAYING THIS GAME FOREVERGent1 4h
5h Bad players I got placed in Silver, then got promoted to Gold. Then I kept losing until I got thrown back into Silver. Those were because of un-cooperative players. Now, I will admit I wasn't playing my best then, but I still played good enough to be able to win. Later, I started maining Reinhardt and won many matches. Then I started losing again, this is because of teammates who didn't communicate, didn't group up when I said to, didn't pick a healer even when we didn't have one, and generally didn't play well enough. I honestly thought that there were little children playing on their parent's accounts. This type of stuff shouldn't happen in Gold. It shouldn't happen in any level of competitive play. I know that people are going to say 'Don't play with randoms, they usually suck' but my response is I have no friends. :( So I think the random comp experience should be worked on much more because I see a lot of people with my problem and the only thing to do is keep playing with randoms. Also, please bring my SR back to 2020, I didn't deserve to lose those games.twitchatic1 5h
5h No tearing? Hi my monitor is 60 Hz and I tried to max out fps and I did it... I'm playing with 170 fps when the action starts and I don't have vsync on and I cant see tearing or I'm just blind?iLoveMemes2 5h
5h Overwatch on Mac I can't be the only one, who play games on Mac. I own a 5k iMac (late 2014), and this machine is still good enough for me, to play what I want. Maybe not on high, and defently not in 5k, but I don't care. I thought i might have to compromise with small indie titles, and I accepted that as a price when i bought the machine. But I never thought I would miss out of a blizzard title. And I've tried to gain access to this game. I bought overwatch because i thought, fair enough.. lets dust out my old copy of windows, I've run boot camp before. However.. Parallels is not an option for this game, I have access to a "functional" windows copy, but not really enough resources to run the game. Windows 7 cannot run on my particular mac in boot camp mode (no mouse or keyboard). I'm actually trying to create unattended install files (basically viruses) trying to break through windows HID driver crap. But baby steps, i am still pretty far away from playing a AAA title, from a company that for a pretty long time was high in my standings, simply because you always made sure Macs weren't excluded. We don't need the highest graphics settings, we just want to play. So seriously, what gives?Haveläge73 5h
5h Widowmaker main problems Why is it when I play widow I get accused of throwing the game by my team. But after the game the enemy team messages me accusing me of mouse and keyboard. There is always something against widow mains. I understand that some are terrible and that's why they have a bad name but not all are terrible and throwing and when a widow is good they arnt using mouse and keyboard.Kylex1006 5h
6h Does lower fov make the players move faster? As I currently can't really test this... but do players actually move faster on your screen, if you're using lower fov? Since Season 2 I've been using 90 fov as I felt like I can hit better, and somewhere in mid season 3 I tried go back to 103 fov and for the love of god I couldn't hit anything.. I was wondering for a good while why I can't aim at all, then remembered that I set my fov to 103 instead of my normal 90. Asking this just out of curiosity.Twiffle5 6h
6h What the new highlights feature is missing Here are some things that could be improved : I have been looking forward to this highlight feature for quite a while now, and very happy with the outcome so far. It's really smart, and I'm looking forward to using it in the live version as well as the PTR. But I would really like some more features for this. 1. It would be nice to have some more fps values you could choose between, since i am a content creator and use up to 600 fps clips to edit my clips (yes i know, some clips were around 30 GB, but i still used them). So, it should be the same 30, 60 fps, but maybe also 120, 300 fps etc. And maybe some kind of way to write the certain fps value, like you would in a console. Since this is in your engine on the computer, this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but just a limitation to the users. 2. Also, a more advanced "overlay" feature. The overlay is much too crowded, with the “highlight by "swagscoper" (in my case hehe)" and the normal gray(ish) overlay in the top. There should be some different possibility’s like, only the death notices (killfeed) and the crosshair. 3. Overwatch hasn’t shown any signs of using any motion blur, and would be a nice option as well (if the engine allows it) :)SwagScoper1 6h
7h Map & Mode Variation I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of playing the same maps over & over with no differences. As much as I'd love a lot more maps, I know creating a new map is a fair bit of work, so how about just coming up with new ways to at least make them FEEL different? Weather, like rain or snow or a lightning storm. Day / night versions, which they can obviously do since we had the day version of King's Row during Uprising. It shouldn't be too much work and would at least take away from the tedium of Overwatch's repetitive gameplay a little bit until they can add some new modes that are actually fun, unlike CTF. Might I suggest something like Bombing Run from Unreal Tournament? Where there's one objective in the centre of the map and you have to carry it through the team's goal in their base?Screampunk2 7h
7h Anyone likes the new Lunar map? is there someone who actually likes this map? Imo its not fun to play, despite its pretty nice design-wise and good looking.SaftRatte15 7h
8h If uninstall do i lose rank? If it was steam i would know but with battle net i have no clue if it will get rid of everything? is there cloud so it wont matter? So can i uninstall the game then re-install and keep everything (skins, ranks, shizzle) ?MoistPotato20 8h
8h 60 Hz monitor 60 fps? Hi today I started to search information about monitors how much Hz they have and how much fps they can run... I read a lot of topics saying that 60 Hz monitors should run 60 fps with vsync turned off and its ideal for 60 Hz monitor. But then I saw this video (I think everyone saw this). And now I'm disturbed so should I max my fps even if I have 60 Hz monitor? Or should I just limit my fps to 60 fps and keep it that way? Or max the fps on 60 Hz monitor? I'm doing this just to get best gaming experience in OW. Maybe a lot of people will not understand what I typed. Sorry for bad English and please, let answer people who really understands and can explain the whole situation me. If you don't know anything just skip the post. TyiLoveMemes3 8h
8h Not hexakill?! I got an hexakill, but it wasn't the POTG and, in my status, doesn't show as if I had got one...MPRF123454 8h
8h Why is your QP match making so terrible? Why does it fail to add new players, why does it boot to menu if enough leave rather than adding more. Why does it take so long and fail to add 1 or 2 new players constantly, why has it been like this since launch? Sort your inept dev team out....Lamorak4 8h
9h Genji got super nerfed? or is it a bug? So... Genji dragon blade got nerfed? I am directly in my enemy face slicing and dicing them like sushi but I deal 0 damage if I look at them directy? Why do I have to have my camera angle turned to even deal damage? It dosen't happen all the time, like 4/10 gamesBlaz1 9h
10h Hog nerf explained in one .gif Is anyone experiencing situations such as this regularly? If so, how can this nerf possible be justified?Mantonio17 10h