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23 May 2016 Posting about Technical Issues or Bugs To help you and us get the most of out of your discussions and feedback, we ask that you please do not post game-related bugs or technical issues in this forum. To report in-game bugs experienced while playing, please post in the North American Bug Report forum. To report technical issues experienced while downloading, installing, or playing Overwatch, please post in the Tech Support forum.Ulvareth0 23 May 2016
23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
5d PTR Testing – Movement Changes Hi all, We’re making a change on our PTR servers shortly (no patch required!), that reworks some of how our heroes move and accelerate. This was originally done to fix bugs on a couple heroes, but the changes are systemic and affect all Heroes. Specifically, movement on the ground is much more consistent. Going up/down inclines will no longer affect the Hero’s speed. Previously, inclines could either make you move slightly faster or slightly slower, depending on the circumstances. Inclines will also no longer cause a small amount of strafing movement when moving diagonally on them. A side effect of these changes is characters will now have slightly better air control. For example, Winston previously was not able to easily make small adjustments to his flight path during his Jump Pack leap, but now he should be able to do that, and it is also noticeable on many of the other Heroes that are often in the air. We think these changes will overall be great improvements but there might be some unintended side effects that we’d love your help finding on the PTR! Thanks!Vaneras13 5d
10 Jan [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes - January 9, 2018 A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. JUMP TO SECTION: Patch Highlights General Updates User Interface Bug FixesVaneras4 10 Jan
08 Jan PTR Hero Changes With this latest PTR update, we’ve made the following hero changes: HERO UPDATES Junkrat Concussion Mine Will now deal less damage to targets farther away from the explosion’s center Developer Comments: Junkrat has been enjoying the flexibility his double-charge Concussion Mine provides, but it has now become a bit too easy to throw out huge bursts damage in a large area. With this change he can still dish out similar damage but he must now be more accurate with his tosses. Mercy Valkyrie No longer makes Resurrect instant No longer grants a bonus charge of Resurrect The speed boost that Guardian Angel receives has been decreased by 50% Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds Developer Comments: Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability. We will likely be iterating on these changes in the coming weeks.Vaneras0 08 Jan
22 Dec Incoming Bastion and Sombra Toast Poses We recently created a couple of victory poses for Bastion and Sombra that weren’t originally intended for use in our Winter Wonderland 2017 event. However, they ended up being used in a number of marketing assets, which was understandably confusing for some of our players who saw the poses but were unable to collect them. So, as an extra-special treat, we’re going to grant both of these poses to all of our players, regardless of whether or not they logged into Overwatch during the Winter Wonderland event and earned or purchased Winter Loot Boxes. Once they’ve been added to the game, anyone who logs in will receive Sombra and Bastion’s “Toast” victory poses. The poses have already been added to the PTR and will be headed to the standard version of the game in January, after the Winter Wonderland event has concluded. To learn more about the Winter Wonderland event, click here. In the meantime, put on an ugly sweater, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and hunt down a Yeti with your fellow Meis (or fight back as the mythical beast himself!).Vaneras0 22 Dec
18 Dec Visual Update to “Casual” Hanzo Incoming Shortly after Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland released, we saw a lot of players sharing feedback about one of our new legendary skins, Casual Hanzo. The general consensus seems to be that you love the illustration that this skin is based off of, but aren’t super happy how it was translated to the game. We actually agree with that sentiment, and our artists have already mocked up some changes they’d like to make to this skin in an upcoming patch. You can see those changes in a before/after side-by-side here. The goal is to bring the in-game skin more in line with how Hanzo looks in our "Reflections" comic from last year. We don’t have a solid ETA on when these changes will get patched in, but we know it won’t be until sometime in January. Whenever they are patched in, however, the changes will be retroactive—which means that anyone who unlocks Casual Hanzo during this year’s event will see the updates whenever they go live. Thanks for always keeping us on our toes and helping us ensure that Overwatch is as awesome as it can be. We hope you have a happy holidays, and a very Mei-rry new year!Vaneras0 18 Dec
3m What do YOU think creates toxicity in comp? Is it the nature of a competitive game mode that pulls out that ugly interior for the whole team to see? Do people lack restraint, discipline and patience? Personally, I feel we focus too much on the numbers, the sr that is. Would it make any difference if it, sr, was removed and, instead, change the colour of our rank to be more similar to the one we approach; plat gradually turning into diamond/keep the number hidden? I just want a more pleasant community and to have fun. Drawing a good game can be fun, naturally we all have the most fun when we win but our attention is always on those numbers. What should change?Cas17 3m
11m What Was The Reason Jeff? Every mercy main is like this now. 11m
17m 7/10 placements (punishment?) Today I just finished my placements seven out of ten.Ridiculously disappointed,got bronze.Is this a punishment?I started playing again 1 day ago as I stopped playing overwatch about 4 seasons ago. Please explain how that happened ?SakeDOWN2 17m
27m My screen go black and I lost 50 SR Nice Bug thx. Loading screen came on a ending compatitive game and we was wining that game. I must use alt f4 and game ended after that. I am banned and 50SR gone for no reason.MissionTroll18 27m
44m BLIZZARD, please fix the throwing problem!!!! Ok, so. Just finished a game where there were a duo que who didn`t speak, communicate or actually play with the team in any way( they were feeding and throwing). Then, when we switched to attack, EVERYONE on my team started throwing because the 2 dudes were. I find this very frustrating as i lost sr for something my teammates didn`t even try to do. I want blizzard to increase the penalty for throwing because this is ruining the game for everyone who is actually trying. I have almost quit the game and deleted it multiple times but i have calmed down. I do not think i can go so much longer before i can`t calm down.Hypergranade0 44m
47m Reporting players Feels good if you tell a player that his toxic behavior will make me report him and he goes: lul, i am like this always, i always get reported, they never check any report. I just keep on throwing. Blizzard, I know you can't possibly read every single report and I know you have dealt with people that use racist language but what are you doing against obvious throwers, grievers and trolls?Cordee4 47m
56m Far too many negative posts. Every time I come onto the forums I'm thinking I'll find some sort of helpful post, or some sick potg's, or some constructive posts.. instead it's literally a ****fest of people complaining about the game, the hero's or the fact their cat pis*ed on the router so they DC'd and lost 400 SR.. can we have some positivity from any of the millions of people that play the game?? It'd be hella nice to from the people that actually enjoy the game lol.. I for one love this soul sucking game lol..Dobu18 56m
1h Bughardt Anybody else that plays Rein notice his still persisting bugs? For instance, sometimes his ult will go through a wall or reach too high up in the air, knocking Mercy down. Could it be lag? The other day I ult on a Moira mid-ult and a Sym attacking me, both 100% in front of me...and it missed them. What the flop?! Not to mention the weird charge hitbox. Sometimes I see it connecting when it clearly missed, sometimes I 100% bullseye hit somebody and doesn't connect.Vane8 1h
1h Very good matchmaking- matching up with 10 year old throwers elo..... sucks..... no brain..... no players......only throwers...... fix your ******** game.......GucciKid0 1h
1h How to reduce MMR? I've been having an awful time recently in this game, i regularly vs people who are masters + in qp and team dm, it makes it impossible to do anything, i spawn, die, repeat. I can't learn anything, I just lose constantly. I need to lower my mmr, but nothing does it. I lose constantly and my mmr just seems to rise, from masters to gms and then playing against 6 stacks of top 500s while solo queueing with 5 other silver solo queuers constantly. It's awful and makes me honestly consider uninstalling. any tips on fixing this?FinnsChips5 1h
1h Moira's golden nail polish is no longer golden I am probably one of approx. 5 people that actually bought Moira's golden "weapon" (totally worth it). In one of patches back then there was a neat addition to it adding golden nail polish (more visible than the bracers themself). However, the new League skins don't share the feature (or at least San Francisco Shock one doesn't), leaving them without golden polish (they're orange in my case). Greetings, Proud Moira mainBarbastellus2 1h
2h Failed to connect to server got suspended I want my sr back blizzardfisrhu0 2h
2h People starting to teleport with stable ping So heres my last post about this subject. None of those worked for me and my issue has gone worse now even bots on practise range started to teleport every 2 seconds or so... pls help ty so much if u do!Cubix1000 2h
3h Problem with game troller Hey i got a problem about ranking system Recently i play rank in 7/10 placement and i match up with MonkeyTE That a game troller because he told us all and suicide when spawned in Eichenwald. So i cant take any of this problem about game thrower.Then i leave the game and found out i got 8/10 placement and 10 min suspendsion all because MonkeyTE Please take back my rank or something like that blizzard PLS HELPBbiGKa4 3h
3h Mercy - make resurrect earnable? Not going to say to either leave Mercy as she is atm, or to nerf her, or to remove her, Im just wondering why they never thought of making the whole resurrect ability earnable? Or maybe they did and just thought it would be too difficult to play for Mercy players? We have Moira, she has to deal damage to be able to heal, we have Torb who has to pick up stuff from the ground , we had Reaper who had to heal a certain way before also by picking up the Souls etc etc. Why not Mercy? Recently I started playing HOTS and theres this hero, Auriel. She has this thing: Passive: 50% of the damage you deal to Heroes and 8% dealt to non-Heroes is stored as energy. Bestow an allied Hero with Hope. While they remain near you, damage they deal causes you to gain energy. You can only have Bestow Hope on 1 ally at a time. You can store up to 475 (+4% per level) energy. And only having Energy makes it possible to use a skill that heals ur team. I dont think giving Mercy an ability where she has to "target" her teammate and by them dealing dmg she gains that "energy" is a good idea, altho who knows? But I really do love the idea of making resurrect earnable by simply making her damage boost the team. She could have the same kind of charge thing like Moira does (the right side of the screen), and by dmg boosting she would charge the Res. And by dealing dmg by herself. I do not like the Resurrect in FPS games, or any games at all, its a broken ability for sure. But thats what Mercy was about from the beginning, its her thing. It cannot be removed I suppose, so why not make it difficult to get? Why difficult? Cause most of Mercy players refuse to dmg boost for some weird reason, many of them think its useless.. so they just hold left click 24/7. They also never use their pistol, and if they do - well, aim isnt that great either xD Thats why I think it would be rather difficult for most of Mercy players to charge the Resurrect this way. They would also have to balance dmg/heal like Moira, IF they want to have res available. It might make Mercy more interesting to play instead of just being a typical healbot as shes gonna be after that nerf goes live ^^HowDoIHeal4 3h
3h Why is Mercy getting a nerf? Through the year, many changes have been made to mercy, once she had a mazz rezz as an ultimate, then she got a more battle mercy ultimate, what with the flying unlimited ammo, and insta rezzes, along with the fact that her rezz was changed to a charge so that you could only rezz one. Now i was quite unhappy about the changes to her then, but the rezz was instant, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Then, however, the rezz was changed to a cast time, still unhappy, but i could deal with it, since the ultimate gave 2 charges. But now? Taking away the 2nd charge, making rezz not instant, her shift flight ability slowed by half? Her ultimate will be useless. It basically gives her flight, and though that's nice, what is taken away from it makes the fact of flight nothing. If you do this, and I know that some things may not be changed, yes, but if you do this, mercy will be...well, ruined. Compared to Moira, Lucio, Ana, even Zenyatta sometimes, though she may still be slightly better if not on par with him, she will be horrid. I'm sorry if this ruins your day, but dear god, you're ruining our character.BunkerJunker72 3h
3h Snipers in Quickplay (Forum Topic x) Words cannot describe my frustration with snipers in quickplay. Months ago, before I uninstalled OW, I have written about this issue, and I see nothing has changed since. And still, I see peope, besides me, post in forum with regards to this issue. The question remains, why no action is taken when there is so much feedback about it? I see some posts reaching as far back as 2016. I will list a few forum topics (Just type "sniper", "widow", "hanzo" in search) 3h
3h Come to me for healing voice lines Do you guys know how to make mercy or any healer say : come to me for healing ? Because i tried everything and nothing worked Please don’t talk unless you are sure of it Thank youSongJiHyo3 3h
3h Russian Sombra Do not you think that after the story of the intervention of Russian hackers in the American elections, Sombra should become Russian, and not Latin American?)Piwa4 3h
3h What' going on with the MM ? I just dropped from GM down to Diamond !!!! O you could say that is my fault because im the only costant. Well let me tell you this ( Free to believe it or NOT ) It's literally 5 days that i have a trash matchmaking strongly sided for the enemies. my team is always 200 -300 SR below the enemy one, we got 3 diamonds against GMs... It's 5 days that i didn't have a single normal game always 4 dps while the enemies was basically perfect WHAT'S GOIGN ON ?? Why does the game want me to lose? Im tring to fill, to be positive to make people comfortable and what im gaining in turn is just team that flames, avoid comunicating or just trolling and trhowing on purpose...NiMNoT17 3h
4h 1v1 custom I can’t get 1v1 custom match to work. I’m trying to play 1v1 w a bot headshots only and even though I added AI to game, it forever says waiting for player. What am I doing wrong?BT1607112 4h
4h New SR system is wrong Let me say that with the changes that stats means nothing in term of points that you gain and lose above Master it makes the game just totally random; here why: 1) If the avarage stats for a certein helo are X and your stats are better/lower then you deserve more/less points. In inconceivable the ammount of bad Mc Crees that i found in GM with 33% YES 33% accuracy or lower. With a bad K/D why are they there???? Why do they gain the same ammount of point as I do if they basically can't play in that Elo ? 2) The ladder now is Basically Random. It's just luck on the Match Making system. 3) This system was meant to penalize OTPs instead is penalizing more the 5 players that has to play with that guy. 4) This system penalize more the team who has trollers and leavers. Ps: Idk if anyone would agree or not but i strongly believe that a quick way to solve this problem will be just DENY the access to the competitive for a X ammount of time to the ladder who those recive reports and bring back the old system.NiMNoT12 4h
4h Deleted a friend I had a friend on my WoW friendlist long before the battletags were introduced. After the introduction of battletags all my friendlist was wiped. How do I add that friend back? Blizzard support refuses to help so there is no point to write a ticket.FlyMttMoon1 4h
5h Remove mercy :/ zeus3 5h
5h what is the actual point of placement matches ? I've stopped playing a couple of times because of had pointless the match making is. come back to play a few, my first placement match one of my team mates leaves even though we are winning. second game we are getting absolutely stomped and it was a complete waste of time when we had hanzo AND widow and they wouldn't switch ... the other team were all better than us so how the hell is that a placement match ?PuReBall9 5h
6h I made a Playlist on youtube for overwatch videos I've done this list because I'm bored, It have a lot of missing videos, but I do not think adding all good videos isn't possible. Anyone who want to add a video to the list, look at description section. There is a link you need for adding videos. Have fun. 6h
6h Genji's Cute Spray is Glitched Okay so Me and My Friend were Playing Quick Play to get his achievement and he got his 4 man dragonblade and didn't get the achievement. His PlayStation Name is knightofmadness4 and I would hope you guys could award it to him. Here is Video Proof of Him Getting the 4 Man and him not getting the Achievement: 6h
7h Moira gold weapon GIVE MOIRA GOLDEN HANDS FFSHampzus0 7h
7h Ps4 intermittent enemy audio cues. Ps4 - Enemy audio cues are intermittent. So I've played around 10 games of arcade today and I've found that enemy audio cues are really intermittent. Example - Reaper used his teleport to get in right at the side of me, I heard nothing, not his 'death comes' voice, or any of his footsteps. His fire was audible but that's no use when he's already on top of me. Another example is Mei used her blizzard and I didn't hear the audio cue for it despite being on top of her. Obviously I was screwed because I couldn't get out by the time I heard it. Lol. Anyone else finding these issues?BrightHammer1 7h
7h Genji and Junkrat are making game unbearable for casual playersBilgekhan6 7h
7h OW league skin refund?! HELP plz! Hey My brother bought a overwatch league skin as a prank i got really triggered is there anyway to refund those 100 tokens back?! ;[ { i really wanted the dallas fuel lucio skin so badly! ] BLIZZARD HELP!IceKareem16 7h
8h Overwatch League Schedule Page Sorry if this isn't the right place, but can it be made so the scores on the overwatch league site aren't up by default? I'd like to be able to check when my team is playing without spoiling the other matches that come before it in the day. Happened during preseason and I'm confused as to why there isn't a spoiler option like there is on the HGC page. Cheers.MoonCrisis1 8h
8h Social tab on the client problems With the introduction of the social tab in the client I face one problem. I had some seriously annoying people on my friendlist so I decided to just delete them and change my battletag. But with the social tab even after I have closed the chat with them it still remains open on their side and they can still find me. How do I fix this? I don't want them to find me.FlyMttMoon0 8h
8h How to fix Phara When you play with Phara, if there's a good sniper/McRee/Soldier in the other group, no matter how sneaky you try to be, at the end it always feels like a clay pigeon shooting session where you are the actual pigeon. The best way of fixing this without making Phara OP, it's by adding a passive skill that gives her a 1hp shield every 6/7 seconds that would absorb the total damage of the first attack she gets. That will give her more a bit more resistance against snipers without making her inmune to be killed in air. What do you think guys?Triod14 8h
8h Competitive Suggestion: Pre-Match Chat? So I had this idea for a while, and I'm curious what you guys think. A big problem with competitive is getting toxic and/or childish teammates, and as some of you know well a match can be ruined before it even started. And there's nothing you can really do about it. What if there was an option to queue up with your teammates, and have maybe a 45 second pre-match team chat where you can talk about strategy, what you'll play, etc, and you are free to leave within those 45 seconds. If you can sense your teammates will potentially be toxic or harmful to your team communications, you can leave and you won't be stuck with them. This will not only maximize teams with good communications, but if you act poorly people will leave your queue and you will be punished for it. Maybe there would also be an option where you can stay as a group, so if 5/6 of your team gets along but not the 6th, you can just choose to stay as a group or add them later on so you can easily play comp with them. Maybe this is a horrible idea, just throwing it out there.Falconini1 8h
9h compatative we need luck to win at gold Hello I want to speak About compatative plays at gold rank People played attack at defense and defense at attack and people They do not know how to play he go lonely We can not win i have gold damge and kills and i cant win in compatative its Oh really so bad we can not win We need luck to win if you ned help all we need 1-we need People can not go attack at defense and defense in attack 2 we need Choose a game mode and maps compatative we need luck to win at solo pls we ned change compatative its so bad im dont have frends and I do not know how i can winm7mdsy3 9h
9h Biotic Orb Is there any kind of justification to why Moira's orb is supposed to do so much damn damage? Why not adjust her life drain to deal more damage or something other than the ball which deals a ridiculous amount just by throwing it anywhere near an enemy. I dont give a crap about the incoming down votes, that ball is too strong damage-wise considering someone who is supposedly a support that heals and self heals. I'm not asking for her to be completely nerfed, but more so a rebalance. Her tool set is somewhat unique (albeit right click is a weaker Sym beam) i feel her other abilities could be improved as a revision of losing some of that orb damage. *Grabs popcorn to await "gitgud scrub" down vote comments*Veroscis8 9h
10h Level 32 being matched against silver borders So i bought the game about two weeks ago and managed to get to level 32 but ever since i hit level 25 i have been put against silver borders and level 500's. I just want to know why this is happening and if i can do anything about it. I really want to play overwatch but i really cant when i get decimated when i leave spawn. Thanks for reading.Deadlysina4 10h
10h Repost: Genji's Cute is Glitched Okay so Me and My Friend were Playing Quick Play to get his achievement and he got his 4 man dragonblade and didn't get the achievement. His PlayStation Name is knightofmadness4 and I would hope you guys could award it to him. Here is Video Proof of Him Getting the 4 Man and him not getting the Achievement: 10h
10h Dont nerf moira too soon I see many people crying that Moira is OP etc. And be like pls nerf moira. I hope our devs dont do this. Dont get me wrong she is really strong. She heals insanely good, has reliable damage and high survivability. But she is new and we dont know how we can counter her properly now. (DVA for eating orbs seems good at least). So give the community time to adjust and also let see her in proper pro play. And after that she can be nerfed. I dont want a new hero being not played for monthsNaCl21 10h
11h Where is my Top500?? Hey, i need some answers here before i jump off my window about the Top 500 system. I am a GM level flex player, (though most of the time flex means Mercy) and currently i made it to my highest rank yet, 4267 SR and that is at around Top 370 on the leaderboards right now but im not getting anything nor appearing in the rankings. -I have played more than 50 matches -I ended 4 seasons as GM so MMR shouldnt be the case here, and people on the lowest of top 500 jumped from platinum to masters then to t500 so my MMR is DEFINETELY not the issue here -I also get constantly against and with t500 players So i just dont know what im missing here.. helpMendan1 11h
12h Mei and Sombra Buffs????? Just wanting to start this thread off by saying, Mei and Sombra are both the two least used heroes in competitive play. What buffs do you think they need to become more picked in the future?getrwuegyweh9 12h
12h Overwatch League Skin Prices too expensive? Does anybody else agree that the prices for tokens are far too expensive? I understand that profits will be going towards the product and the teams themselves, but £5 for 100 tokens(1 skin) is just far too much for me to even think about spending money. Then you have £84.99 for just 2600 tokens. £1 for 100 token seems to be a much fairer deal and this way, teams would likely profit more due to the buyer incentive being increased. Also, how come no bundles? Finally, don't get me wrong here. I'm loving every second of the Overwatch League and that so many new skins have been added. I just think that the price is far too steep.getrwuegyweh26 12h