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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
6h Competitive 6v6 Elimination Now Available! We’ve started a short Competitive 6v6 Elimination season, which launched over night at 02:00 CEST. This season will end on May 8, 02:00 CEST. The “Lockout” rule in place, so once a team wins with a hero it becomes unavailable for that team for the duration of the match. All the previous Elimination maps are available to play this season, but we’ve also added Ayutthaya to the mix as an Elimination map. To play, simply choose the Competitive Elimination card in the Arcade!Vaneras22 6h
10h Season 9 Ending Soon Hey, everyone. Season 9 of Competitive Play is coming to an end soon, so we wanted to lay out a few key dates and important pieces of information regarding the upcoming season roll. DATE AND TIMES Season 9 will officially end on Friday, April 27 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (Saturday, April 28 at 00:00 UTC). Season 10 is currently scheduled to launch three days later on Monday, April 30 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (Tuesday, May 1 at 00:00 UTC). For time zone assistance, visit SEASON 9 REWARDS If you completed your placement matches during Season 9, you will be eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends. If you are placed within the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region) at the end of the season, you’ll receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards. Aside from sprays and icons, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season. Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 9: SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 65 CP SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 125 CP SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 250 CP SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 500 CP SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 750 CP SR 3500-3999 (Master): 1200 CP SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 1750 CP THANKS FOR PLAYING! Thank you for joining us for Season 9 of Competitive Play! Whether you placed in the Top 500 or just completed your placement matches, we’re glad you’re a part of our community and hope to see you in Season 10. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes on, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest game news!Wuluxar0 10h
15h [PC] Overwatch Patch Notes – April 23, 2018 A new patch is now live on Windows PC. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the client to crashVaneras0 15h
4d Additional Patch Notes Geoff Goodman from the Overwatch Team has shared some additional changes on the current PTR. You can read his original post here. There are a couple changes that are on the current PTR that we missed on the main patch notes. I’ll be including them here as well as any additional changes if we make any for this PTR cycle. Brigitte: Shield Bash Cone angle reduced from 90 to 60... Lucio Wall Ride Wall leap boost decreased from 2.5 m/s to 2.0m/s... Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that would cause Brigitte to not be able to use abilities or her weapon while her Repair Pack was in flight.Vaneras0 4d
17 Apr [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – APRIL 17, 2018 A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. GAMEPLAY UPDATE Retribution The evacuation drop ship will now leave incapacitated players behind to complete the mission BUG FIXES Retribution Fixed a bug that prevented Brigitte’s voice lines from playing in Japanese (JP) Fixed a bug that prevented Talon units from attacking players who boarded drop ships Fixed a bug with the placement of the hero panel when viewing a highlight recorded during the Retribution mission Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat to count as two heroes when boarding the evacuation ship if he was using RIP-Tire inside it Fixed a bug that prevented the evacuation phase from counting players who had become incapacitated inside the ship Fixed a bug that prevented the evacuation phase from counting players if they were in the corners of the dropship. Uprising Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra’s EMP to instantly eliminate DetonatorsVaneras0 17 Apr
13 Apr New Forum Platform And Features Coming Soon Hello everyone, Some time ago, we announced that the Overwatch forums would be transitioned over a to brand-new platform, which will allow us to implement several new features like real-time notifications, a new flagging feature, trust levels, and more. We rolled out these forums in North America a while ago and since then, we have been hard at work to get them ready for an international and multilingual release in Europe. Today, we’re pleased to share that the new forums will go live for all European language communities very soon. Many of the aforementioned features will be available when you log in for the first time, while others will be earned as your trust levels increase. Players who contribute, rather than trolling or spamming, will be granted additional features and permissions. This may include the ability to share link previews, images, gifs, embedded video posting, and even create wiki posts. Maintaining an increased trust level requires that players remain active and respectful. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that older posts and threads will not be migrated over to the new forums. However, these will still be readable for a short period of time after the transition. If you have favorite conversations, please be sure to save them if you wish to revisit those old memories. Thank you for your passion and commitment to the Overwatch community and for your patience as we find new ways to build a positive, welcoming experience for all of our players. Keep an eye on the forums for more information about the rollout, and stay dialed in on, and our Twitter and Facebook profiles for more news and information!Ulvareth0 13 Apr
27 Mar Updated Player Experience Tools for 1.22 Scott Mercer from the Overwatch team shared additional detail on our updated player experience tools in patch 1.22. Below you’ll find his post: ------ With the release of Patch 1.22, I wanted to talk about the new and updated tools that can help players create a better and more positive gameplay experience. Before diving into those details, I first need to thank everyone who has been helping us identify toxic behavior. We have seen a steady increase in usage of the Player Report tool, and these additional reports allow us to identify and action toxic players more quickly and at a higher accuracy. Players have also been reaching out via social media with reports and videos of blatant toxicity, and we have investigated each of them and taken appropriate action. The best way for everyone to continue helping us combat toxicity is simple: just use the Player Report tool whenever you encounter bad behavior and give an accurate and detailed report. To help with the accuracy and clarity of reports, we are making a couple changes to the player report categories you can choose. The first change is renaming the “Griefing” category to “Gameplay Sabotage”. Griefing is a very broad term used in many different ways amongst the community. The intent of the category is to be used when a player disrupts the game or harasses other players through the use of normal gameplay mechanics. A clear example of this is Symmetra teleporter exits being placed at the side of cliffs so teammates immediately drop to their death. Another example is players intentionally allowing themselves to be eliminated by the enemy team. This is often referred by the community as “feeding” or “inting”. It is NOT gameplay sabotage if a player simply makes a mistake or has a poor match. Everyone does that from time to time, even the very best professionals in the world. Players can also have a rough match without a lot of mistakes, simply because the other team is making better plays and performing well. For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose. Note that playing a non-meta Hero does not mean someone is taking part in Gameplay Sabotage. Players who are trying hard to help their team to win should not be reported, regardless of the hero they choose. The other change we’re making to the player reporting categories is removing the “Poor Teamwork” category. Many players were using this category in a very similar fashion to the “Griefing” category, because both categories could be interpreted very broadly to include diverse types of bad behavior. This made it more difficult for us to action players appropriately. The addition of the “Avoid as Teammate” option also gives players another way to improve their gameplay experience online. If you use the “Avoid as Teammate” option on a player, that action is will be effective in the next match. The matchmaker will no longer place you on a team with the avoided player for one week. Sometimes you don’t want to play with someone as a teammate because you disagree with their playstyle or hero choice. Sometimes your personalities or communication style simply clash. These can happen without either party being toxic. The use of Avoid as Teammates does NOT take the place of reporting someone for things like Abusive Chat, Inactivity, or Gameplay Sabotage. If you ever encounter a player being toxic, please take the time to report them for that behavior. It truly helps us make playing Overwatch a more positive experience. If you’d like to learn more about Avoid as Teammate, check out the most recent Developer Update.Meldheron0 27 Mar
21 Mar Replacing Ping and RTT with Latency Prior to patch 1.21, Overwatch maintained two estimates for your network quality: RTT and ping. Your RTT (round trip time) was measured as the time between sending a packet to the server and hearing a response, which included some application processing time on both ends. Calculating your ping, on the other hand, required us to timestamp every packet at the exact moment it was sent or received, something that became much more expensive after we patched for Meltdown & Spectre. Without these timestamps, your ping and your RTT are effectively the same value. Rather than report a less accurate and less stable ping, we opted to merge the ping and RTT stats into the single Latency figure you now see in Advanced Performance Stats. You can expect this Latency number to be 10-20ms more than the ping value we previously displayed (higher if your system isn’t hitting 60FPS consistently). The difference between your old Ping and the new Latency figure is purely due to the missing timestamps, and has no effect on your gameplay. Latency measurement will also be more responsive to changes in network quality – your ping previously was averaged over 15 seconds, which made it hard to notice brief latency spikes. The new value is sampled over the last 3 seconds, and should do a better job of capturing brief hiccups in connectivity. As a part of this patch, we also disabled displaying the Latency statistic if you’re not in a match. The numbers displayed while out of a match were the last stale values from your previous match and did not reflect your current networking environment. (We missed including this in our patch notes, sorry for any confusion!)Vaneras0 21 Mar
23 May 2016 Posting about Technical Issues or Bugs To help you and us get the most of out of your discussions and feedback, we ask that you please do not post game-related bugs or technical issues in this forum. To report in-game bugs experienced while playing, please post in the North American Bug Report forum. To report technical issues experienced while downloading, installing, or playing Overwatch, please post in the Tech Support forum.Ulvareth0 23 May 2016
14m Changing Lootbox drop rates? Is it time? A lot of people are uninstalling OW and it's really hard to get new players into the game and with the huge amount of legendaries nowadays, especially during events, it's extremely unlikely you will get that one skin you want, and that's coming from someone that's been playing since before Ana even came out. Now imagine a new player's experience. They can't even rely on credits to buy the one skin because at a low level your odds of racking up 3000 credits for a new event skin is so small unless you invest several hours every day or spend ridiculous amounts of money on lootboxes. Idk, I just feel like it might be time to take a look at the drop rates.NoficRealms3 14m
26m The reality in Overwatch To start off this topic I would like to say, how could you possibly sleep dart a dva mech? Its a robot, they don't sleep. Same with bastion. Also, how come tracer and pharah die from their ults when Junkrat and Dva can have it blow up their faces? That doesn't make sense. How does Zenyatta get trapped in a junkrat trap when he is FLOATING??? How can dva call a mech or doomfist ult through ROOFS??? Why doesn't doomfist melee with his right hand? He RP using his metal fist but melees with his left? Roadhog has a gas mask, how does he get poisoned by a venom mine? In certain modes, you can high noon more than 6 people when there is only 6 bullets per round. And thats possible how?RichieRich2 26m
29m Reaper is really, really bad right now His spread is just stupid, since you can barely do any damage if they are any more than 3 meters away. If an enemy sees you coming, all they need to do is walk backwards and they will be totally fine. Even against tanks he isn't so good since and rein both have armour. Brigitte can also pretty much counter him, and she can provide armour to allies so that he does even less damage. Even at point blank, sometimes it takes 3 or more shots while other times it one shots a widow who is a fair distance away. It's just so unreliable. The only thing i can think of doing is using wraith form to outrun them so that your in point blank range, then attempt to even hit them when they just run through you so you have to keep turning around. If you do use wraith form to get in, though, you have no escape option so your screwed.MrSnek18 29m
40m "Skill" based MatchMaking in Quickplay I doubt I am the only person to experience this issue in Overwatch and I am most definitely not the first to address it. For as long as I can remember I have always come across players of higher skill than me and thats certainly nothing new. I can also understand why it may not be a bad thing as players will need barriers to overcome in videogames. But here is the problem, I often come across people of substantially higher skill level than me(1000 SR or so difference). The highest SR I have in competitive is 3491in season 3(I know..So close yet so far but I am a solo queue player :/) and recently about 3071 because I don't put in as much time and effort. Yet I cross paths with people with SR 4100 etc every match I play and it frustrates me to no end to be playing against what I would consider pro tracers, widows and genjis. I sometimes see these players premade with people that between the levels of 10-30 and it sometimes can be pretty clear that those low level players are of considerably higher skill. (Maybe the people they premade are the problem?) It completely ruins the gaming experience for me and before you say go to competitive that way there is balance I don't want to have blade at my throat for not playing support(playing heroes I don't want to play) all the time and I am a pretty flexible player because I put the teams needs above mine, but that gets tiring. I honestly either feel like a baby in a lions cage in quickplay and a hostage in competitive. To be completely honest I don't quite know how this issue if you could call it that would be fixed but feel free to discuss below and add your two cents. Thanks! ^^Siege0 40m
1h stop making new heroes... the recent heroes have been a complete joke and are ruining the game. season 1 was better because there wasn't a bunch of !@#$ty heroes. brigitte - i don't need to say anything do i moira - insane heal like ana but without the skill. can also deal with a lot of the dps doomfist - not that annoying but needs some changing sombra - good design. but her ult is op as %^-* orisa and ana are just fineGIMZE39 1h
1h Brigitte is going to ruin competitive Why do you (Blizzard) keep adding more stun heroes in order to try to counter dive? Dive strategy requires teamwork and coordination. Trying to counter dive this way isn't going to solve anything and is just gonna make the game more and more unfun. Playing main tank into spam/stun comps is super unfun and its making me want to quit playing tank and just become a DPS main and stop playing for my team. Brigitte this way is extremely broken and more powerful than doomfist was when released multiplied by 10. Please consider making her a bit less powerful because if she stays like this season 10 isn't going to be good at all.DǺƔǃD25 1h
1h Idea: Unlockable OWL voice lines using league tokens So eventually, Blizzard/OWL are going to need more things for people to spend their league tokens on besides skins. Many teams in the league right now have team slogans or phrases they use such as LA Valiant's "Wings out" and LA Gladiators "Shields up". Not all of them do, but many do and I'm sure the others could come up with something. I was thinking it would be really cool to have the characters in game have these phrases as voice lines that could be unlocked with league tokens. Currently I have Ana wearing the Valiant skin, and the Valiant spray equipped, I think it would be awesome if I could cap it off with her saying "Wings out!" It doesn't necessarily have to be the slogan even. I could easily hear Lucio saying there's a party at his house for the next Outlaws match.Kunra990 1h
1h Brigitte tease How many people stopped playing waiting for Brigitte?blamBandcoot1 1h
1h Respawning What is the point of waiting so long to respawn? I mean it was overtime for a hot minute and a dva ulted me BEHIND A WALL!!!! First of thats impossible, second, once i get there I decided to go bastion tactic. When I am right around the corner, my team dies and the match ended. Thanks to the 8 second respawn time that delayed my chance for victory. Blizzard Entertainment, get rid of killcams and spectator cams.RichieRich0 1h
1h The new direction of Overwatch, is Bright The Overwatch community is getting out of the worst phase they were in, and moving into a new era. Why do I say that ? Look at all the hero changes Blizzard has made in the last 2 months, plus the last update on PTR. A Hanzo Rework A Tracer Nerf A Lucio Buff A Junkrat Nerf A Genji Nerf A Dva Nerf A Reaper Buff A Mei Buff The addition of Brigitte The biggest rework on a map ever.. Horizon Lunar Colony (On PTR) We are seeing Blizzard cleanup parts of the game that wasn't fun, like dying to Junkrat whose projectile hit-box, was pretty huge before, and lowered the RIP tire movement speed. Tracer's pulse bomb max damage has been reduced from 400 to 300. Pulse bombs do have fall off damage. So if the pulse bombs dropped around an enemy the fall of damage would be from a max of 300 and it drops down with distance. So now if tracer gets a stick on a Tank and if others were clustered up together, the overall damage being done would be a lot lesser.With the availability of armor (from Brig, Torb), even a 200hp hero could survive a pulse bomb. Lucio got more of a buff with the improvement in how he sticks to walls, and being able to ride around corners, with a small nerf in his movement speed when he comes off walls. Genji's reflect hit box size was reduced down so now it becomes possible to peak in damage around the corners. Dva nerf, with her micro missiles doing lesser damage (Explosive damage reduced from 6 to 4) Reaper buff, allowing him to cancel his wraith form at will, unlike before having to wait a fixed amount of time for it to expire. Move speed during wraith form increased from 25% to 50%. After using death blossom, it automatically reloaded his shotgun for him. Mei buff, being able to freeze multiple targets now, (making her more viable with her crowd control). With all of these changes we have seen we will finally be leaving the "Dive Meta", "Tank Heavy Meta" and the constant "Flanker" harassments. We also notice that the skill ceiling being dropped to play a number of heroes more effectively (Lucio, Brig, Moira). It means more people will be able to play the game a lot more better than before, meaning you would have better quality games even when newer players were to play in the midst. The direction we are heading into is very promising indeed.Star23 1h
1h Why I've quit/uninstalled As a lucio main, the new wall-ride changes are literally a spit in the face to any lucio mains or players who actually learnt how to wall-ride and play the character well. If you dont want to learn how to wall-ride and play the character in his current form, then you dont deserve to play him when the changes go live. Overwatch is becoming like world of warcraft so fast, the game is getting dumbed down, characters with 0 skill caps counter those with the highest. So much cc in the game at the moment vs certain comps you aren't able to play at all. Tanks are useless and probably wont be in the upcoming meta. Lucio will go from having one of the highest skill ceilings to being probably the easiest character in the game to play, even easier than mercy because of the small hit-box, speed and mobility. If the changes go live and they make my fave char in the game a 0 skill, retard character then I will never come back to this game or re-install ever again. Developers have !@#$ed everything up since the release of Moira imo and Moira is completely tame vs Briggite at the moment. Overwatch went from fave game to something I stopped enjoying in a matter of 2 months and if the Lucio changes do go live then for me its completely game over and I will probably use my Lucio pop vinyl as a door stopper or a chew toy for my dog.Thrillhouse32 1h
1h Real Talk: Sneaking in this game is not an option. How many times have you tried to sneak on to a target and then your character just shouts: -SNIPER!!!Rufus17 1h
2h Symmetra Second Rework Primary fire: Short bursts of light(speed like mccrees gun, range and look similar to zaryas beam) that linger in the air for a milisecond and can clip through people, dealing 20 damage to everyone clipped. When clipped at close range works like normal symmetra magnetized beam if primary fire button is heald. Alternate fire(Right-click): Holming shot that slowly(old light orb speep) follows locked on players and does 120 damage. can be destroyed by enemies(120 health). lock on takes 2 seconds, medium aim required. the shot itself flies like the drones at blizzard world, flying at consistant height of about 1,2 meters aka the guns height. cooldown is 16 seconds. Turrets: Turret amount gets lowered for balance of the other new abilities. now 5 instead of 6. Ultimate: Ultimate stays the same Light shield: light shield is completely removed. there are enough better shields in the game, plus no button left plus more balanced without it now that she can hold her own better. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you worry about the alternate fire. i think its a fair amount of damage, good for damaging slower tanks, but can be easily destroyed by your standard hero. tracer is too agile to get hit before the holming shot is destroyed. no instakill like other heroes do with headshots. feel free to leave input. thanks for reading.kaniphish3 2h
2h Moira needs a nerf Her auto attack range is way to far and them stupid balls and the damage they do also paired with her auto its rather annoying but her range needs a fix. keep in mind this is in a hands of a decent Moira player. she can also win a lot of 1v1s with her self heal and she can chase you down pretty easily.MightyOwl26 2h
2h Buff She is useless Trash since the nerf , i lost 12 games in a row already, the dive combo was all she had but she cant get it off anymoreIw4ntT0die9 2h
2h Brigitte in FFA = "gameplay sabotage" She litterally destroys the purpose of FFA : either you focus her and she dies, either you play one of the 5 characters in the game that can efficiently deal with her, either you just accept that if you cross her you'll just be feeding her kills. And I'm not even talking of her ult, that gives her the opportunity to chase people and lets her survive 3-4 1v1's in a row easily ? Just disable her in the FFA from the arcade rotation.Ayunu8 2h
3h Unfair penalties for DCing in competitive game. I lost connection in a competitive match. I rejoined the game and we won yet I got -50SR with no SR gain? I don't think this is fair.Kat1 3h
3h ban aim botters for life now !! its a joke a widow maker got 20 kills just now in deathmatch ffa in 5 minutes never missing a shot 5 minutes seriously !!!!ICELORD6668 3h
4h This Brigitte-Reinhardt Stun Interaction Is Disgraceful Brigitte has ALL the !@#$%^- time in the world to Shield Bash against a slow Reinhardt Charge and it doesn't even end up with them both getting knocked over? Man, whoever designed that needs their brain zapping. So, so stupid. And horrifically unfair. TO HELL WITH THE 'FANTASY' OF PLAYING a 2000lb ROCKET PROPELLED METAL BEHEMOTH. You know, you'd do EVERYONE a favour if you had the sense to slot new heroes into the pack evenly, instead of erring on the side of OP to the point of so much discontent, Blizzard. It's not hard.Jez2 4h
4h Idea on Voice lines Guys this is a very brief and self explanatory suggestion for the team and I hope you guys consider it. What if we could set our default voice line as "random", meaning each and every time, the character would say something different when pressed. I would love to see that and can imagine how much more immersive the game could be with such a simple tweak. Imagine killing someone with reaper and going "next.." and then ulting to kill 3 more people then saying "I'm not a psychopath". Absolutely splendid!Gloomyblade0 4h
4h Doomfist buff? It feels like doomfist isn’t strong enough as of now. Maybe a health buff or even a rocket punch buff. Doomfist really needs something that will make him worth maining.Gunstar719 4h
5h Brigitte's face I really like Brigitte but there is one thing that confuses me. Perhaps, many saw post on reddit with discussions about Brigitte's face. I literally agree with most discussions topics. I think she looks differently in cinematic, and also ingame model has a similar face with Mercy face. ( But I repeat, i really like Brigitta and i think its can be fixed so easy. I think the main problem mascara, corners of the eyes look different in video. I tried to fix it. I think it would looks more individually. ( I really want to know what you think about it and how it looks better!Okin1 5h
5h Add Word filter for insults f.e. (noob=i love you) That could solve some problems. People dont get salty so much and gives the game a better atmosphere. For example if anyone write in chat "noob" it get replaced with i love you... same for other insults. What u think about the idea??Gratiskatze3 5h
5h Doomfist is utter garbage If Doomfist was a dish, Gordon ramsey would have thrown him in the garbage canSuperNinja5 5h
5h fix the game! !@#$ing game sucks when u get suspended for dc and losing 50 %^-*ing sr yeah nice blizz:)Bozidar374 5h
5h Overwatch is still very toxic Hi, yea I know my name's zylbrad, name changer costs 10 euro which is insane. So Overwatch is still as toxic as ever, played 12 qp games today, 8 of them had someone being really salty, or very toxic against me. This often has to do with my name, but I know other people also experience toxicty and quit because of it. The community ruins this game, such a good game but if blizz doesnt make a system that detects toxicity it's not going to really change. let's not even start to talk about competetive, the fact it sucks is mainly the community's fault but blizzard needs to fix it. I love this game but am enjoying and playing it less and less because other games are just more enjoyable even though this game is very well made. Please blizzard STOP working on content for a bit and FULL FOCUS on competetive and toxicity it's what the game will need in the long run. thanks for reading.zylbrad1 5h
6h Competitive play needs to be more like pro play I'll try and keep this as short as possible. I love this game, I've been on multiple teams and competed in lots of tournaments. I have a peak sr of 3.4k this season and then fell all the way down to 2890 (all in the space of a season). Sure, part of this was from me playing a bit too long and being tilted, but too much of this is simply from people who wont work as a team or just actively throw a game because they aren't happy. I don't really play comp too much anymore because it isn't a very enjoyable experience. I pretty much only play the game in scrims with my team for hours every day because it's much more enjoyable being able to go into a game knowing that you will at least have a decent comp rather than how competitive feels. Competitive feels too much like a roll of the dice as to whether you get people who will be willing to coordinate and make a good team and that the enemy team don't, rank is nearly just how lucky are you in this mode at this point. I think there should be a role select of some kind because most of the toxicity I have experienced from playing overwatch for over a year is when players don't get to play their main or whoever they want to play and after the first fight things dont go well and they switch to what they want to play leaving the team down a tank or healer.WaterProof2 6h
6h Pulse Bomb Activates Too Fast Compared to the time most ultimates need to activate, Tracer's seems OP. It's largely unavoidable for many heroes. It charges quickly. It can stick. It needs a few more beeps.Jez2 6h
6h Avoid as teammate=ban? Am I supposed to lose 100 rank and become banned for half an hour after using the new tool avoid as teammate after a ranked game? This happened to me. If so I regret the decision and wish I was better informed.Fergus4 6h
6h Getting kicked out of the game for updates Ok, yes it is a patch day but let's be real here: there isn't a patch every single week. I think it's a little retarded that the game kicks you out to force the patch update, mostly because I was in the MIDDLE of a comp game and have now lost 50 SR because the game decided that the patch needed to be installed right that second. Seriously?? Sort your game out Blizzard, this really isn't coolNaoriMizuki0 6h
6h LF decent matchmaking Dear blizzard, its time we have proper matchmaking with ppl picking their roles, i do not care if ppl have to wait 40 minutes to play the game, id rather wait a good time to have a good match then get a match, have ppl that do not use coms at all, dont talk, dont care, stack 5 dps and lose liek its a quickplay game, if ppl only want to play dps, make room for them, if ppl want to play tank/healer, make us have good and balanced matches, this as been going on for too long, everygame feels toxic mostly because ppl jsut refuse to swap or play other roles, i have never posted anithing on forums, but its jsut retarded at this point, to keep joining games with 5 dps stacks and other shenanigans, plz do something about this unless you rly dont care about your comunity overall, thxkorpikz0 6h
6h How do I prove I'm not Griefing? Hello, I have recently started to play mainly Symmetra in competitive. I play on the EU server. My SR is currently 2708, but I have been lower: I have gained rank by playing Symmetra - in fact yesterday I won about 4-5 games in a row. Every single time I play Symmetra on Attack, someone on my team says in "All Chat": pls report our symm ty. our symm is trolling. etc. etc. etc. It doesn't matter that the whole team is made up of 4 DPS, 1 Mercy, and me on Symmetra: No, it's my fault that we lost the match. It's MY FAULT that our Reaper was feeding all match dying over and over, never behind the Reinhardt shield a single time in the game. No, the Symmetra is trolling please report. This is literally every single game Blizzard. I get reported even when I have all 3 DPS medals, when my Ultimate is up 95% of the match, and when I'm the only reason the point wasn't taken/was taken. The rules literally say: "You can't report someone for playing a certain hero or not switching". And yet, every single game this is exactly what I get reported for. With the way the current reporting system is, I had complete confidence that I would be exonerated: that Blizzard would see that my stats don't match someone that is intentionally throwing the game. Instead I get told that I have been reported for Inactivity and Griefing. The fudge? Inactivity? I may not be remembering correctly, but I don't think I've been AFK a single time in, well any of my games barring maybe one. Griefing? This one is easy. They report me for what the Europeans call "Trolling". If you play Symmetra on Attack you're trolling. If you play Torbjorn on Attack you're trolling. It doesn't matter if you're genuinely interested in just winning the match: you're playing Symmetra on attack you're trolling (throwing), so they give up and blame the loss on you, and then the whole team flames you all game and then reports you afterwards. I'm not some big twitch/youtuber - I don't post every game I play. Is this what you need in order to exonerate me? Definitive evidence? Are you going to ban me just because I'm playing Symmetra/Torbjorn? Are you going to let these Platinum players report me for no reason other than playing Symmetra and not switching, and let them get away with it? I will be recording/posting every game I play including my voice comms. I will be posting on them on youtube and saving them so when I get banned (it seems inevitable), I can point the proper authorities to my playlist. I don't know what else I can do at the moment.Unimportant17 6h
6h Overwatch Ban I think its a good issue to call up some month ago i had relly bad internet problems my internet provider had come over and few times like that to fix my internet with evrytime assuring me the problem is fixed finally when i got well alrdy banned cose yes i tryd to play the game when my privider whe assureing me that the problem is fixed i know how meny toxic players rage quiting kids are out there and the system have to be there but beeing unable to make some reason with 5 BLIZZARD emplys and come to any understanding is a bit outrages there are no understanding no disccusion nothing like speaking to a wall well maybe with that attiutiute blizzard is thinking they will make you buy the game again well in my case just the opposite i wont let any one take my mony even if i had to wrok for this game 1 min this is still a game and we are people we shold make some reason and try to make some understanding or do blizzard just dont care any more so what do you think guys can i get some advice some help ? Should i be treated like that ? And remember it can always happen to you . Sorry for my english . Acha and i forgot to ad that finaly my genius provider after few visits found the problem in my router ;)MaTT4 6h
6h The support category. When someone says support what comes to mind. Healing? I feel that is a common thought. When I hear support, I think a character who supports their team with buffs and creating objects to assist their team get to different places or other things. It annoys me that every support can heal (except for sym but she's moving to defense) I want a support that prevents stuns / freezes. Or a support that saves people by switching positions with them. I just want a support that doesn't heal.BurntNebula8 6h
6h Changes fotlr doomfist emote Ok so here is something that buggs me out. Why is doomfist crushing emote always pull up an orange boulder? Whether you be on ice, steel ladders os cold hard asphalt.wwhy cant it just take the color of the ground below doomfists foot. I dont know if its hard to program but it shouldnt be. You have coded much greater things after all. Can this be a thing please?Tsuki0 6h
7h Acquiring credits Is there any legit way to acquire credits in OW? Any event skin price is steep. Recently i opened 11 lootboxes which resulted in getting 50 credits, while having 30% chance to get credits with each lootbox. How does that work, i assume having to get 660 lootboxes for 1 event skin is overboard.Five06 7h
7h 6v6 Elimination competitive matchmaking Why on earth am I as a high GM player getting matchmaked with people at 3000-3500SR. Is there nothing related to the existing competitive like the CTF version was? The games are an aweful experience when there is a huge skillgap between players. I thought I had players at my skill level in the games, so I trusted them like a normal comp game but after several players kept feeding I checked the ranks. I have nothing against people at any rank, but I feel like the experience gets really bad for both sides when you get matchmaked into the same game. I might just be really unlucky/queuing at bad times idk... it was 17:00 CEST so should be very good. Just thought I'd give my feedback this time as the CTF matchmaking was very good compared to this.ǂǞĿǞŊȈŜǂ3 7h
7h A quick guide for Uprising on Legendary(Normal Mode) The guide is oriented for experienced players who know the ins and outs of the event.This is the method we used to beat the event multiple times. Information about enemies: -Nulltroopers:Tracer can go behind them or blink to make them a bit confused stopping them from firing. -Eradicators:Weak point is in their back.Tracer can incapacitate them easily.Their shield is destroyed if they receive enough damage in their back. Detonators:They can easily be pushed with Reinhardt's charge near walls before their explosion.Even if they explode near the payload as they normally do, if Reinhardt's shield is placed in the correct spot the damage to the payload can be avoided completely.You might need to give some tries on this method on easier difficulties before trying it on Legendary.Also,Detonators can easily fill your ultimates. -Bastion(Turret Configuration):They always have a specific place to fire in turret mode.If they are displaced from their spot, they just fire in their normal mode while they are heading towards their place to go turret mode again.So an easy way to beat them apart from using your ultimates is for Reinhardt to charge them as far as possible. -Bastion(Tank Configuration):Since they spawn from random places but in very specific times,be sure to save your ultimates so you can deal with them easier. -OR14-NS(Orisa enemies):Further information in the guide below. 1st hack point:Torbjörn puts the turet in the middle.The rest is easy 2nd hack point:Reinhardt can push the 1st Eradicator towards the hack point or Tracer can put her pulse bomb in his back.Torbjörn puts the turret in the middle facing the section of the next point where most enemies appear.It might be best for him to use Molten Core at around 70% of the hack process where the 2nd Eradicator shows up.When the hack is finished be sure to clean up some enemies before proceeding to the 3rd point because more will appear on your way. 3rd hack point:Torbjörn sets the turret in the left as you are facing the enemies,next to the open passage that leads outside(not the stair section that leads to the high ground outside). During the hack process the rest of the team can take out enemies outside of the hack section while Torbjörn can stay inside with his trustworthy turret. Protecting the payload:Turret always stays above the payload.Tracer and Reinhardt take the left side, while Torbjörn takes the right side as fewer enemies usually appear.The moment the 1st detonator from the right appears he might use Molten Core to take out nulltroopers.When 2 minutes are left be ready to deal with the Bastion Turrets.All the team should focus on them and take them out as soon as possible.The side they appear is random.It might be left or right or sometimes the same side back to back.If some of the teammates have died around the last half minute and their revival is risky,you can take cover behind obstacles or stay inside buildings util the timer reaches zero.By that moment all remaining enemies will be automatically destroyed. It might not be necessary to use all your ultimates into a single Bastion Turret unit as they appear each 30 seconds.Be sure the team is not put in danger if you decide not to. Be sure to drop armour packs in front of the payload. Escorting the payload:The strategy in this part is pretty straghtforward.Your main issue here is the random spawns of Bastion Tanks.Three bastion Tanks will appear.One in the beginning,one in the middle and one near the end.Just be sure to save your ultimates for them.Some unlucky situations might have Bastions or Eradicators firing you from high ground points. Last part(Orisa units):Your main goal here is to avoid the 1st Orisa and focus on Bastion Turrets.Just take out all Bastion Turret units but be careful for the Tank ones as they appear around each minute.Go all the way around the map and after you cleaned the place from all Bastion Turrets it is time for the Orisa units.When the place is cleaned Torbjörn can easily put his turret in front of Orisas to make the fight even easier while on Molten Core.Each time a Bastion Tank is taken out feel free to rush safely to your next point.Again you might need to save your ultimates for the Tank ones. Good luck!KeenFox2 7h
8h Practice Range Suggestion I love going into practice range when I first log on to warm up, pretty sure everyone does. It's an awesome tool, but it could be better. Something I thought of when practicing was what if those four moving bots changed movement patterns the more you kill them. The more of them that die, the more they start stopping for no reason and changing directions.Lannister3 8h
9h Retrebution loot boxes While the Retrebution event I've got 4 legendary skins and all of them are non-event related. What is wrong with this system? Or am I having some bug?Malice1 9h