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09 Mar Using Custom Games to Farm EXP while inactive The following information was posted by Jeff Kaplan, Game Director on Overwatch: Hi everyone, When we introduced the Game Browser and new Custom Game features we were excited to allow players to earn experience playing the game in unique and different ways. We also knew that there was the potential for this system to be exploited but we wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before becoming overly restrictive with the system. It’s very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive. As some of you have noticed, Skirmish in Custom Game no longer rewards experience. Also, the AFK timer is now in place in Skirmish mode (in Custom Game only). This change is rolling out over a 24 hour period and should be live in all regions by the end of today. I’ve seen some discussion in the community and in the press on this topic and sometimes it gets talked about as if it is a grey area. Is this wrong or is this ok? Well, let me take a grey area and make it starkly black and white for you. Abusing and exploiting Custom Game or any other game mode to earn experience in Overwatch while inactive is NOT ok. The reason I want to be absolutely clear about this is because we are going to start to take disciplinary action against people who partake in these activities. If you create a Custom Game that in any way encourages players to gain experience while inactive, you risk having your account banned. If you join any game mode – including Custom Games – with the intent of gaining experience while being inactive, you risk having your account banned. Also, do not name your Custom Game that in anyway even implies that gaining experience while inactive is OK – please do not even do this as a joke – because you are putting yourself at risk of having your account banned. We are not naïve to player behavior and motivation. When we put this feature live, we had an internal escalation plan for how to combat this behavior. Today marks the first steps on that path. And in a lot of ways it really makes me sad. The feature is so much cooler and better for everyone if we do not have to put draconic restrictions on it. To fast forward a bit, the end of the escalation plan will result in experience gain being turned off in Custom Game. I really don’t want to see us getting to that point. So I am going to ask for some help from the vast majority of you who are simply playing the game and having fun and not abusing it: please report those who are creating Custom Games with the intention of gaining experience while remaining inactive. If you select someone’s Custom Game you get three options: Spectate, Join and Report. These options exist on all 3 platforms. Use the Report feature. It works. Obviously, I know what our plan is and how we will ramp things up to combat this behavior here on the Overwatch Team. But at this point, I am making a plea to you – the Overwatch Community at large: please decide what you want to happen here and be a part of the solution. If you enjoy Custom Games awarding experience then please help us combat the behavior we’re seeing now. Do not create Custom Games with the intent of gaining experience while inactive. Don’t join those games. Don’t jokingly put those names in your own Custom Games. And report players who are abusing the system. We, as much as the vast majority of you who are enjoying the feature as designed, do not want to see experience gain go away. Please help us out here. -jeffreyVaneras0 09 Mar
3h Changes Coming Soon to GBP Loot Box Prices We'd like to give you a heads up that the GBP prices of Overwatch Loot Boxes will be adjusted on May 3. Some changes are incoming to the GBP prices of Overwatch Loot Boxes. We regularly evaluate the pricing of Blizzard games and services across various countries and currencies, in relation to regional market conditions. While we never take pricing changes lightly, we sometimes need to make adjustments when local economies fluctuate—which is the case here. The following new prices will begin on May 3 for Windows. Please visit the PlayStation®Store and Xbox Store for console pricing. Prices from May 3 2 Loot Boxes - £1.99 5 Loot Boxes - £4.99 11 Loot Boxes - £8.99 24 Loot Boxes - £16.99 50 Loot Boxes - £34.99 As ever, we're fully committed to delivering an experience worthy of your passion and support for Overwatch.Vaneras0 3h
5h Supports and Skill Rating Scott Mercer has just shared some information on supports and skill rating: Over the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing reports from players about how their SR gains after a win appear to be lower when they play as a support. I wanted to share some of the results of the investigations so far and clear up some community misconceptions along the way. As part of the 1.9 Orisa patch, we made a change to how assist scoring was handled to address what we honestly considered to be a bug. Players were getting full assist credit even if the player being assisted did very little to the target. This change, along with other more significant balance changes in the patch, meant that we needed to recalibrate the tuning for the systems that calculate a player’s contribution to the match. This was performed for all heroes several weeks ago, and we’ve already recalibrated once more after the recent 1.10 patch. The change to the handling of assists also affected how often a player might earn “On Fire” status during a match, but the amount a player is “On Fire” does not directly affect SR adjustments due to player performance. There is some correlation between the two because both systems are trying to measure “How well are you playing?”, but there are significant differences. The determination of being “On Fire” examines not just your own performance, but your performance relative to your teammates. The calculation of your SR adjustment after a match doesn’t look at your teammates, but instead compares you to the performance of other similarly skilled players with that hero across an enormous pool of competitive matches. So, we compare your Genji play to the play of other Genjis, Ana vs. Anas, etc. Since we’re comparing “apples to apples”, we shouldn’t see any kind of support specific bias in SR adjustments due to player performance. We’re still seeing anecdotal reports of some players experiencing lower SR gains on wins, but we’ve also been seeing other reports from other support players that their SR gains look correct. Based upon our investigations so far doesn’t look like there’s a broad systemic issue affecting all supports across all competitive matches. There might be a more localized issue affecting a specific hero, or a certain type of play style or game situation. It also might be something completely unexpected, so we’re doing a thorough examination of all the code that affects SR adjustment. In the meantime, we do appreciate everyone’s continued feedback and reports about this. They do help, we are looking at them, and if we find issues we’ll let you know. Thanks!Брайвир9 5h
5d Upcoming Comp. Play Change - Assault Objectives Scott Mercer has just shared some information on upcoming competitive play change: Last week as part of the release of patch 1.10, we made a change to how a competitive match victory was determined on Assault and Assault/Escort maps. We had received a tremendous amount of feedback that ties on these maps felt unsatisfying, particularly on maps such as Hanamura. We then decided to change the general rule that required a team to fully capture one more objective than your opponent to win. You now only need to gain more progress than your opponent. While this new rule makes ties exceedingly rare, there are now some gameplay situations that ended up feeling more awkward with the new rule. If Team A is on Hanamura defense and prevents Team B from ever gaining any capture progress, then when Team A is on offense they only need to reach 1% capture progress to win the game. This means Team B needs to always have someone contesting on the capture point, or they risk losing. Even with both teams aware of the new victory conditions and adapting appropriately, the instantaneous nature of the victory often resulted in confusion about what happened. Did the defenders not have someone on the point due to a mistake, or did the attacking Lucio pull off an amazing boop? This lack of clarity is not ideal, so we’re going to make a change in a future patch. Instead of needing to simply earn 1% more progress on an objective than the enemy team to break a tie and win, a team will also now also need to achieve a minimum of 33% progress. Here’s some examples: Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, but only gains 10% progress after a really rough offensive round. Team B then attacks, but they can only gain 20%. This is a TIE. Neither team achieved the minimum of 33%. Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, and gains 90% progress. (So close!) Team B attacks, and only gains 40%. progress. Team A WINS, as they had a minimum of 33% and more progress than their opponent. Team A attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and fully captures it with 3:00 left. Team B attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and captures it in overtime with 0:00 left. Team A now is back on the attack, trying to take the first objective. They can only reach 20% progress after their time bank of 3:00 elapses. This is a TIE. They did not meet the minimum target of 33% progress. If Team A had reached 33%, then they would have won the match. This change means slightly more ties will occur than the present rules (still WAY less than the 6% rate across all competitive matches we saw before), but we feel that the additional clarity of the victory moment and ability for the defense to react to the offense are worth it. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received about this issue, and remember that this change will be forthcoming in a future patch.Брайвир7 5d
18 Apr [PS4/XB1] Overwatch Patch Notes – April 18th, 2017 A new patch is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. BUG FIXES Arcade Fixed a bug that could prevent Null Sector bots from attacking throughout the escort phase of the Overwatch Uprising brawl The Overwatch Uprising 2017 player icon will now unlock when you log in to the event Firing shots while standing on the payload in the Overwatch Uprising brawl will no longer cause accuracy issues for your hero Turret damage (from Torbjörn and Symmetra) has been increased by 15% in the Overwatch Uprising brawl Heroes Fixed an issue that allowed players to move freely when being hit by Mei’s Blizzard or Endothermic Blaster Fixed a bug that prevented Torbjörn and Symmetra from placing turrets on moving platformsVirnethael0 18 Apr
18 Apr [PC] Overwatch Patch Notes – April 17, 2017 A new patch is now live on Windows PC. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. Please note that these changes will be rolled into a larger patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date. BUG FIXES General Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash when Overwatch was launched Arcade Fixed a bug preventing the Null Sector bots from spawning during the payload escort phase of the Overwatch Uprising brawl The Overwatch Uprising 2017 player icon will now unlock when you log into the event Firing shots while standing on the payload in Overwatch Uprising will no longer cause accuracy issues for your hero Fixed an issue preventing players from placing turrets on moving platforms (i.e. the payload) The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks stats from Sombra’s Hack The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks Ana’s healing stats The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks D.Va’s enemy eliminations Competitive Play Fixed an issue that could cause inaccurate results when breaking ties based on capture percentage on Assault and Assault/Escort maps Heroes Fixed an issue that allowed players to move freely when being hit by Mei’s Blizzard or Endothermic Blaster Fixed a bug causing D.Va’s hair to be rigid in the Selfie highlight intro when her Palanquin skin is equipped Fixed a bug causing Soldier: 76’s cape to clip during the Push-Ups emote when his Strike Commander Morrison, Daredevil: 76, or Stunt Rider: 76 skin was equipped Fixed a bug causing the ice on Pharah’s Frostbite skin to stretch when her Flair emote was activated Maps Fixed a bug causing glass that has been shattered by an explosion to be colored black Virnethael0 18 Apr
12 Apr Matchmaking Update - April 11 Scott Mercer has just shared some information on a change introduced to the Matchmaking system with the 1.10 patch: Hello again, everyone! Today I wanted to talk about a behind the scenes change to our matchmaking systems that just went live with the 1.10 patch, but first I should take a step back and provide some background information. As Jeff Kaplan noted in a recent post about smurfing, we do a decent job of quickly determining someone’s skill at playing Overwatch. The faster we can update your matchmaking rating (MMR) to match your “real” skill, the fewer unfair matches get created with a player with inaccurate skill. Another way to look at it is that when we’re incorrect at identifying someone’s skill, then win or loss streaks can occur. One of the tools we use to accelerate a player to their appropriate MMR is a multiplier to the rating change based upon these consecutive wins or losses. While this streak multiplier has been working well in the “smurf” case, win or loss streaks can also just naturally occur when the matchmaking system has already properly identified skill. After all, the matchmaker is trying to place in you fair matches where you have a 50% chance to win. It’s rare, but sometimes you flip a coin 5 times and it lands on heads every time. So, when these natural streaks occur, the multiplier has been accelerating gains and losses away from your “true” skill. You end up having a larger variance in skill rating over time, which in turn hurts the overall quality of the matches. Therefore, we’re changing the tuning of the streak multiplier to be quite a bit less aggressive. You now need to win or lose more games in a row before any multiplier is used, and it scales up at a slower pace. Furthermore, we will now try to only use the multiplier in cases where the matchmaking system has some confidence that the player’s MMR and skill are wildly mismatched. In cases of natural, random streaks, you ideally shouldn’t see any acceleration either up or down at all. We’ll be monitoring how these changes affect overall match quality going forward, and continue to adjust tuning over time to improve the fairness and quality of Overwatch matches. Thanks for the continued feedback, and good luck in your matches!Wuluxar0 12 Apr
17 Feb Jeff Kaplan On Hero Balance Many players seem to think of things in a very binary or black and white sort of way. For example, a hero needs either a buff or a nerf. A lot of players also come at things from a binary point of view, meaning they either see themselves as that hero or the victim of a hero. We try to approach things from a more objective stance (and many other players do as well), meaning we want to represent both the people playing a certain hero as well as those fighting against that hero. While "maining" heroes is perfectly natural and bound to happen (even though it is a team-based game where you have access to all the heroes and team composition really does win fights more often than not), the "maining" mentality of calling for nerfs/buffs is often pretty flawed. When "mains" of a certain hero call for nerfs against another hero, they are often not satisfied until that hero has any viability whatsoever. We try to be as objective, deliberate and careful as possible when it comes to balancing heroes. We don't usually think of things as simply as, "Hero X needs a buff or Hero Y needs a nerf". Heroes sometimes need to be adjusted... and that can mean a mix of tuning certain things up and tuning certain things down. We try to preserve what we believe to be the core of a character and try to balance around this core without destroying the spirit of what the character was supposed to be/do. So I know not all of you think this way, but a lot of our players are only happy with very binary balancing: nerf or buff. And even though it might seem like that's what happens with a lot of heroes, we rarely start from that place in our balance discussions. We try to represent the players of those heroes as much as the victims of those heroes. In a perfect world, you all should technically be both... I think it's totally fair to disagree with some of our balance decisions. I just wanted to share some insight as to how we approached balance.Vaneras0 17 Feb
23 May Posting about Technical Issues or Bugs To help you and us get the most of out of your discussions and feedback, we ask that you please do not post game-related bugs or technical issues in this forum. To report in-game bugs experienced while playing, please post in the North American Bug Report forum. To report technical issues experienced while downloading, installing, or playing Overwatch, please post in the Tech Support forum.Ulvareth0 23 May
23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
6m Anyone want Oni Skin and other rewards? I want the new dva skin but i'm willing to help anyone who wants the oni skin BUT i want them to stick around for the next three weeks so that i and you will get the rewards. My battletag is #21816Punmaster0 6m
8m Nexus challenge 2.0 is bull.. First of all let me just clarify this already. The fact that the oni skin is comming back is great. I honestly don't mind it being avaliable for new players. However! What I feel cheated about is the fact that back in november(?) when it was first released, you had to play 15 games to get it. Now you have to play 5! Thats cool.. okay.. I can deal with that.. What I cannot deal with is the fact that I have to play these 5 games to actually get the skin ._. You're telling me, that those who already played 15 games and have the skin, need to play 5 more to unlock NOTHING, just so you can unlock the other skins. If you already have the skin, you should not have to play the first quest..Kaza10 8m
13m Allow LOOTBOXES to be gifted I just don't understand why this is not a feature. It will definitely pay for itself. I've had multiple occasions where people wanted to gift me lootboxes but because it's not an option AND they are from different countries so they can't give me giftcards to buy them myself it doesn't happen. I can't imagine I'm the only one. You can buy pets and mounts for people in WoW, why not lootboxes for people in OW?Nurgleth7 13m
15m Option to override "REJOIN MATCH" Currently, if you leave a ranked match, there is no way to join another game. "Play" is disabled and all you can do is "Rejoin Match", which I dont want to. Lemme play a different match instead of trying to force me back into the stomp, I left for a !@#$%^- reason - not going to happen!SaftRatte0 15m
19m nexus challenge 2.0... does anyone wanna just do it?? i need someone to do it with as im a new pc player?Pieceofkit4 19m
20m Nexus Challenge 2.0 Hey, I Heard that there will be another Nexus Challenge, I sadly missed the last one there was, and I was wondering if the Genji Oni skin will be available again, because that skin looks so amazing and when I was on vacation and came back and saw that there was a nexus challenge and saw the Genji skin, I was really annoyed that I didn't get it. Back to the question of will the Genji Oni skin be available in Nexus Challenge 2.0?Darkraíz29 20m
21m Champions League skins Blizzard this needs to happen ! we need Real Madrid Genji and Bayern Munich Reinhardt or As Monaco WidowGianyVersace5 21m
22m Dual Play Of The Game So I had this idea that when like 2 people do teamwork example they are using their ults at the same time, you could get a a dual potg. So it would work like their highlight intros would play like next to each other (could also make new dual highlight intros), and then it would turn to a split screen and it would show both players at the same time.Odderi1 22m
22m Genji EVA SKIN Allright, I played a little on HOTS for the event and simply, Am I the only one who would like that skin on overwatch? :3Sirhon2 22m
33m How it happens? Its a bug or what? Genji kill widow after death. it's normal or it's bug?Reqmaster0 33m
34m Keyboard on consoles. This is something I cannot guarantee being a problem, however, I have noticed in recent games. Players look like they are using Keyboards in gameplay on consoles, because of the movements and also when it comes to Aim + Shoot at heros. There's no problems at times when a player shoots me with all of his bullets and when I watch the kill cam, I notice it looks like a keyboard user. I never know myself but I have heard that this has been an issue. I think even Jeff Kaplan saying he hates Keyboard on consoles. Any opinions?Commitierush14 34m
1h Genji is sucking the life out of this game. I like Overwatch. I like crawling through the filth that is SoloQ and reaching a high rank, it's rewarding in its own right. But what the !@#$ IS GENJI STILL DOING IN THIS GAME? I've hit Masters, and it's getting worse every game. My roster is shrinking with each win because Genji is becoming more and more prominent in every match I play. At this point, the ONLY viable supports I can play is Lucio or Ana. ANY other support is dead. Even then, if my team even bats an eyelid from the backline, their Genji has just dashed through, screamed his weeaboo garbage and killed the backline. I am running out of options man. I enjoy support, but Genji is destroying the game - it's SO unenjoyable. KoTH is my most despised gamemode because you could effectively rename it to "Nanoboost The Genji". First team that does that wins. Sure, the other team will do it - but their behind a few points and it'll go back and forth now. Even a Zenyatta ult doesn't work anymore. He wont ult until Zen is dead. But it's not like he needs his team to do it - he'll do it himself THEN press his "I Win The Game" button. Here's an idea for Sombra: All robotic characters within 10 metres take 200 damage per second. She has no other abilities. I would play her with a burning passion until every Genji player has sliced their throat in frustration, just like every Support player has to deal with.PMSanya207 1h
1h I officially give up on Rapid Discord Ok I just wanna say, wtf Blizzard you need to put your crap together. This achievement is broken, first we got the wrong time calculation of the achievement and it's fixed and now we have another bug with it. If you don't know in the description it says get 4 kills or assists but nope kills don't count only assists I even tried boosting it with a couple of friends and it didn't work out. Even if I didn't try to boost which again didn't work I met the requirements 3 times already so if there are some people who could help for this it would be really appreciated. I have only 9 character achievements left and rapid discord is the one I want the most but I cannot get it. Also I get that achievements need to be legit and I want this achievement legit but it's just so broken that it makes hunting achievements not fun. I know this might sound strange but I actually have fun trying to get the achievements but not this one.AlexSlavkov9 1h
1h Never, ever buy your skins before the end of the event... A note to self - never, ever buy your skins before the end of the event... So there I was, a week or so ago with 3,000 credits just reached and desperate to get the McCree. Using the thought process of 'knowing my luck, I'll forget the 1st May cut-off and won't be lucky enough to earn the skin from a drop anyway" I whack 3,000 credits on the skin and unlock it - BOOM - felt pretty good :) Then last night (probably my final session I'll get in now before the event ends) on my last weekly bonus loot box (after a terrible run and getting absolutely chaff all for ages), what happens - yeah the impossible - the McCree Backwatch skin drops - agggghhh! lol - what a waste Still, looks like they have bumped the compensation for event legendary skins to 200 credits now rather than 100 credits...TerminatorUK8 1h
1h Skin preview Since skins change not only external model, but also models for weapons and, in some cases, audio and animation of ults, would it be possible to also include a preview for the first person view? And maybe a short video demonstrating the new ultimate animation, where applicable?Rinabin5 1h
1h Guide to Winston - 70%+ winrate when applied Don't die. That's all there is to the guide. Winston works well by applying constantly annoying pressure/chaos to the enemy, particularly on their healers. If you jump in and suicide, you won't be very effective as you will only be putting pressure on the enemy once every minute or so. By not dying you can keep jumping in and out every 15 seconds and causing havoc. Always have an escape route.MadBaron10 1h
1h EU Nexus Challenge 2.0 HOTS Friends? Anyone who want's to play nexus challenge in heroes of the storm, please add me. Thanks Shady#23319Shady24 1h
1h Nice ranking system you got there. Play 2 games of ranked , 2 times 2 guys leave early and I loose like 80 SR in total? Amazing system u got there !Xplo3 1h
1h Legendary doubles are getting such a frustration ! Hey guys, so, since launch, I have got a nice count of 13 golden doubles. (not kidding Now, I understand that, the more legendary skins you have, the more chance there is to get a double. But what's really frustrating me right now, are those 4 doubles I just had during the event. I'm quite far from having all the skins, basically I have 1 or 2 legendary per hero, some of those being the origins skins. Imho, legendary drops are rare enough so we don't get disappointed by double items (especially with how crappy 200 golds feels when it happens). Moreover, I actually bought some of those boxes for the event cause I'm in love with some of those skins, and now I just feel mocked 100%. Never buying any ever again. Rant over.Freaky1 1h
1h Inactivity timer is too short It's like 10 seconds or something. I looked at my phone and then looked at my tv to find that i was kicked. Also happened when i was switching between heroes in the middle of the game. I was literally scrolling through them so technically i wasn't inactiveKhaledAmin34 1h
1h Only thing Hanzo needs... is love Okay now, I don't play Hanzo and in my opinion he's useless most of the time. However there are "Hazno mains" out there and they like Hanzo. Doesn't anybody think that they are quite discriminated ? Think about it HoTS 2.0 just came out yesterday and got new skin. That's just sad, the skin (officer is cool but has lot more and better skins i guess. Probably much better than Hanzo has.michalsedla2 1h
1h Oni skin 2017 Please could you make Oni skin for Genji available for people in 2017 ? Thanks.slashsvk37 1h
2h What's wrong with the price of Golden Guns? I see more and more salt on these forums over the price of the golden guns, whats up with that? Don't people realize that they are something you work hard to get, and if everyone just gets them, they have no value? Sort of what happend to legendary items in WoW, everyone has them so no one cares about it. At least now, if you for instance have a golden pharah gun, it means you put a lot of time in to that hero, and are (hopefully) good at that hero. If they become cheap and everyone has them, they will just be another skin. I know some people feel forever entitled to everything, but I just don't get the mentality, if you work hard for something it means more to you right? Blizzard, please don't listen to these people, keep the golden gun at 3k, and maybe even make a more expensive reward.Buffalo7 2h
2h Any changes for Hanzo's Scatter? I believe that scatter is a little bit broken compared to other abilities such as : Roadhog's Hook " there is a huge time to hook and kill someone". Mccree's Flashbang : you must be close to Mccree to get the stun effect. Reinhardt Charge you can see him preparing for a charge and charging slowly.. at the mean time you can kill him or CC ( crowd control : stun, knock) him But Hanzo's Scatter is too much.. he just scatter underneath you with a total of 300Damage in a far distance..Peacemaker25 2h
3h Is this some kind of a joke? I crafted the genji skin for 3k gold and 2 loot boxes later i drops, how about you stop doing this blizzard, k?Orcpowers12 3h
3h Pharah feels broken At least here. I play against pharahs, too hard to stop them I play pharah, i destroy ( in fact not even fun anymore cus i dont like to play 1 hero and kill everybody too easly; with little efford) I play with pharahs, they destroy the enemy team is it just me?Hârambe43 3h
5h Losing SR for winning? wtf Hey, I just had a game that we won... but I lost 30 SR for that. I don't get it.... WHY? I don't even gain that much for a win. Also, I can't have done badly, because I was gold in kills and silver in dmg. So what the heck is going on that I lose SR for winning a comp game?SunTzu5 5h
5h Oni Hanzo Skin?? I don't play Hanzo, nor do I care much about Hanzo. But I have noticed a lack of Hanzo skins that have been added since release so I though it would be a good idea to give Hanzo a Oni since Genji has one and Hanzo and Genji are connected by lore (there brothers etc.) Plus Hanzo hasn't got much skins.DerpyHotDog2 5h
5h Reaper REVMAP Hello everyone ! In this topic I would like to know what you think about doing a revmap on Reaper. I think that maybe letting you turn off his Wrath form when you want (like Mei who can turn off Cryo-Freeze) and maybe, but not necessarily, making him move a bit quicker in this form could make him more interesting. Since his Wrath form is an ability he can perform on his own, without any special devices (opposite to Mei who needs a device to go in her Cryo-Freeze) it would be only natural for Reaper to have more control over it. What do you think about it ? Have a nice day / night <(^_^<)Pwiest13 5h
5h All Blizzard Games In the Same Universe? I have a Question Are all Blizzard Games In the Same Universe if Not. Explain to me why This exist .Is it a spin off or is it canon Just wondering sincerely Guy With Brain Damagebraindamage3 5h
6h More audio options (Multiple outputs) Could we get options that give us more flexibility to choose the mic input and audio output in-game, that is separate to the windows default playback/recording devices. I use Radeon Relive to stream/record, so as you can imagine there isn't many options (and no OBS is too resource heavy for my current PC). EXAMPLE SETUP: Hear the game on speakers, but game chat on headset Thanks.jm97010 6h
6h DELETE OW id just like to say some of the teams u put me in blizzard are really bad racists trollers or just ppl who are not there to play serious ... now i thought with comp there was some kind of system where u dont get grouped with ppl who do this quite often , tonight i have been in some ridiculous groups including 4 leavers, 3 snipers (hanzo widow and ana) on attack and a genji who was racist and wouldn't switch and threw the match i would like to know why i was placed in this ranking anyway as i won 7 - 10 placements and when i win a comp match it gives me like 15 sr ...this sucks man cos ur punishing me hard for my teammates choices and i feel like your game sucks man ... yeah it sucks it sucks when u want a serious game and u have a kid blasting music or shouting down the mic seriously there should be some age restrictions on this game for instance my first experience of a comp match a very long time ago some guy was just shouting his head of saying do something and screaming down the mic like seriously blizzard , jeff , whoever did you design a game where people can literally shout obscenities right down your ear hole for fun or what i hate how much hype this game has got i find like 2 players in 100 that are decent and not !@#$ wits ... seriously i was gonna buy merch and i used to recommend this game to people after the matchmaking got seriously boring i know not to nowhighlifeZz3 6h
6h 300 wins for a golden weapon? Are you insane? I barely got 5 wins on my 10 placement matches and I have lost 4 matches and keep losing ever since, how much do you want me to grind for lazy weapon reskin? It's not even a retexture, you just painted the gun yellow and thats it If you expect me to spend over 120 hours (If you win around 50/50 games) on a broken ranked system that leaves games completely one sided most of the time, then you can take those lazy guns of yours and stick them long up where the sun does not shine. "Boohoo you must suck." Prehaps I do, but I find it very difficult to believe I am the cause of everyone defeat all the time. It's the same problem with heroes of the storm, I can remember a period and even link the Image where I had over 20 losses IN A ROW. This is not skill, this is broken match making. /rantVoljin71 6h
6h BIG matchmaking problem Hi, ive already complained about it a month ago i think on the support forum but no one did nothing... I realized that i cant do anything in game, everyone else is just far better if i dont play OP chars a basicly have no impact on the game, especially in 3V3 thats just not an option for me to play right now. So i alerted the support with this issue. Then ive tried the ranked system and guess what... it placed me very quickly in 1300 sr after a huge chain lose. You will say well now you are fixe right ? ABSOLUTLY NOT, the quick play and the arcade mode continue to place me with !@#$in 3000/3500 SR, wtf... i cant do %^-* im basicly forced to play ranked (a game mode that i dont like) to play a game with people that are at my skill lvl. WHYYYY, why do you program the matchmaking like that, i cant play quickplay or arcade without being stomp to death, i am forced to play PVE event to earn loot box from arcade, why the !@#$ do the matchmaking put a 1300 sr with 3500 sr... pls blizzard, im certainly not the only one with this problem, you have to look into this quickly cause it really ruin entierly the game, im a liability for other players and everygame is more frustrating that the previous one, fix the damn thing PLEASE...Heimdall8 6h
6h Are Ana's, Sombra's, and Orisa's reference kits coming? As of right now, only the original cast has reference kits. I've seen a few forum posts requesting the new characters' reference kits but they haven't received an official reply. I'd just be happy to know whether the are coming eventually or if Blizzard currently doesn't have any plans to release reference kits for the new characters.Noodl2 6h
7h Overwatch Map filters. This may sound ridiculous to some and I'll probably get down voted for this but I'll say it anyways. I like Overwatch maps, some more than others, but I hate getting maps that I can't stand. For instances, Oasis, I get it was a new map, but I just don't like the control points of it. I typically enjoy assault maps/hybrids to king of the hill maps. So by maybe adding a filter to map selection showing, you could keep certain maps on that you wish to play more than other maps that you could turn off so you don't have to play if you don't want to. I don't think it would be a bad choice. Some people don't care what map they get and that's understandable, then I know there are people who have a certain game mode or map they like to play compared to other maps in overwatch.Commitierush0 7h
7h Why Sombra's ulti does not disable/hack GOD76 Aimbot? Why she is not able to counter his ulti? Pathetic. He can just press Q and wipe whole team meanwhile sobra can hack him and do !@#$.RaoulDuke73 7h
7h Please ban camping in capture the flag This just irritates me so much. When capture the flag first came out there was a lot of hype with it, and a lot of players wanted it to become an official game rather than just an arcade game (so having competitive etc). But there's literally no chance in it as about 80% of games end up in draws because all everyone does is sit at the defending flag. 8/10 games I play there will be at least one camper. I've seen as many as 5-6 campers in some games. It just makes the gamemode really unenjoyable as you know that neither team will ever score. The games where both sides are offensive are a lot of fun.MadBaron5 7h
8h Quick Mercy Sketch I did a Mercy sketch, even though I messed up the ear and eye a bit, I am still quite proud of it. Would love some constructive criticism though. Thanks! 8h
8h Competitive - too many leavers Hi. I've just played my first 5 matches. The first two were great, won both, good team both times. Was fun. The next three were awful. Each time we had people leave. The last match we were down to two people (here's a pic). Obviously we could in no way win, but neither of us wanted to leave as - believe it or not - we aren't all that way inclined. Instead we chatted with the other team, they rushed us, we picked them off if we could and so on. Fun, but not the right kind of fun. My point is, I've now had three loses in a row, which *could* have been wins - we'll never know - but that possiblity was removed from my hands by numbers. This does not, to me, seem a fair way to run a ranking system. I may reach 10 games and have 8 loses, none of which are due to *me*. I've never played a ranked game before, I wasn't even a PVPer in my decade of WOW. I'm no expert. But my view is simply that this is a mess.Brunen28 8h