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6d [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – October 17, 2017 A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. JUMP TO SECTION: General Updates Hero Updates Bug FixesVaneras3 6d
10 Oct Overwatch Halloween Terror Victory Pose Update Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Overwatch Halloween Terror! As some of you may have already noticed (especially if you joined us for our Halloween event last year), we’ve made two major changes to this year’s selection of seasonal victory poses: The first change is that many of the tombstone-themed victory poses from our 2016 collection will no longer drop from Halloween Loot Boxes. These poses can still be unlocked in the Hero Gallery, however, at the discounted price (75 credits) for the duration of the event. The second change is that we’ve introduced a new series of pumpkin-themed victory poses to our 2017 collection. These poses will drop from Halloween Loot Boxes and be available in the Hero Gallery at their full introductory price (225 credits) for the duration of the event. For context: While the tombstone victory poses certainly capture the spookiness of Halloween, we don’t think they speak to our heroes’ personalities very well. The one notable exception here is Reaper. For him, having a tombstone-themed victory pose makes a lot of sense, as it reflects not only the design, but theme of his character as well. So starting this year, the old tombstone poses—excluding Reaper’s—will no longer drop from our Halloween Loot Boxes, but they can still be unlocked via the Hero Gallery for 75 credits each. We’ve also created brand new pumpkin victory poses for some of our heroes, which can be earned from Halloween Loot Boxes as well as unlocked via the Hero Galley for 225 credits each. (Reaper’s R.I.P Victory Pose will continue to drop from Halloween Loot Boxes and remains available in the Hero Gallery at the discounted event price.) To learn more about our Overwatch Halloween Terror event, click here. In the meantime, grab your largest candy bag, put on some spine-chilling music, and get ready to test your mettle against Dr. Junkenstein’s metal minions!Vaneras0 10 Oct
10 Oct [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – October 10, 2017 A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes. To share your feedback, please post in the General Discussion forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. JUMP TO SECTION: Patch Highlights General Updates Hero Updates User Interface Updates Bug FixesVaneras5 10 Oct
27 Sep Rare Competitive Play SR/Penalty Bug – 26/9 We recently identified a bug that, in extremely rare cases, can cause players to lose their skill rating progress and sometimes receive a seasonal ban from Competitive Play without any prior penalties for leaving early or being kicked for inactivity. This bug is a high priority for our team, and we’re working on a fix to prevent further instances of it occurring as we speak. In the meantime, we’ll be removing the seasonal ban for all players affected by this bug as well as restoring their skill rating. To date, this bug has impacted fewer than 200 accounts, but we’ll continue to monitor for additional occurrences and provide assistance until we can implement a permanent fix. We don’t have an ETA to share right now for when the fix will go live, but we’ll update this thread as soon more information becomes available. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this bug has caused and are grateful for your patience and ongoing reports.Meldheron0 27 Sep
26 Sep An update on Hit Registration issues The following information was posted by Lead Engineer, Tim Ford, in response to a forum thread on the topic of Hit Registration, which features a compilation of player submitted footage that illustrate Hit Registration issues at play: Hey everyone, Thank you consolidating all these videos. Having access to hard evidence, in context, is immeasurably useful. We’d like to give you an update of where we stand with respect to hit registration issues. I’ll group these issues into three buckets: Issues where we understand the problem and are working on a fix Issues for which we have a fix on deck or a recently deployed fix Issues which are not defects, but deliberate trade-offs against “favor the shooter” Let’s look at each of these in turn. The biggest outstanding issue emerges from how we reconcile lost player input on the server. Whenever your input doesn’t make it consistently to the server because of connection inconsistency, there’s a chance that the server will not replicate your aim synchronized with when you pressed the fire button. This error is exacerbated by recoil-based weapons, since your aim will certainly have changed the frame after you fire a recoiling weapon. If the server doesn’t honor your aim direction at the moment you fired because of packet loss, you will very likely mispredict. We are actively investigating a fix for this, which we hope to deploy with the next major patch. We’ve also identified and have a potential fix for any false hit registration in kill cam, highlights PoTG or spectator views. We’re continuing to test the fix, and we hope to deploy it with the next major patch as well. We have a fix for a host of Hanzo related mispredict issues. We identified a defect in how we processed successive shots after poor network conditions affected prior shots. The Hanzo fix will go live with the next major patch. In addition, we deployed a fix where a target’s collision could be displaced from where they were drawn on screen by as much as 16 milliseconds in the 1.15 build. In our 1.14 build, we fixed a bug where your player position (and therefore your gun position) would have mispredicted shots when you were moving in close proximity to other players. This bug primarily affected our close-range hit-scan heroes like Reaper and Roadhog. Finally, there are a handful of videos in this thread that demonstrate some of the deliberate trade-offs we made against our “Favor the Shooter” philosophy. Any shot mispredicted against a dashing Genji, Mercy, Tracer or Doomfist is deliberate. A handful of other abilities exhibit this behavior as well (Winston/Pharah Leap, Sombra translocate, etc.) We have rules in place where we will not favor the shooter if your target executes one of these maneuvers. This is a trade-off that we have made to accommodate the realities of the internet. From the data we have collected, none of these issues are new; all of them have been in the game since Beta. We enjoy a very passionate community that does a fine job scrutinizing our game, and we humbly and graciously accept the challenge to reach the high bar you have set. Please continue to send us videos. If possible, please find videos where the network-connection icons aren’t hidden by overlay UI. We will be much more successful if we have a complete picture of any defect. Thanks again!Vaneras0 26 Sep
19 Sep Permanent Competitive Play Bans Incoming Over the last few months, we’ve made several changes to the game as part of our ongoing effort to build a better, more welcoming experience. These changes include increasing the severity of penalties for poor in-game behavior, adding a reporting system on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and piloting a program to notify players via email whenever their reports result in an action. Next week, we’re taking another step to help reduce unwelcome behavior by implementing permanent bans for Competitive Play. Starting Thursday, September 28, any player who accumulates three or more seasonal bans may be permanently banned from Competitive Play, removing their ability to participate in any future matches in that mode. Seasonal bans do not need to be consecutive to qualify for a permanent Competitive Play ban. For example, if a player earned seasonal bans in Seasons 2 and 4, and then earns another ban in Season 7, he or she will be eligible for a permanent ban from Competitive Play as soon as that third seasonal ban is issued. Additionally, neither seasonal bans nor permanent Competitive Play bans will decay or reset over time; once an account is permanently banned, it currently cannot return to good standing. SEASONAL BAN REMINDER: In Competitive Play, leaving early or being kicked for inactivity during a match will make you ineligible to join a new competitive game until the original match has been completed or cancelled. Players have the option to rejoin in-progress games; those who do not rejoin will receive a penalty. See below for details. If you leave or are kicked for inactivity within the first minute of the game, the entire match will be canceled and you will receive a penalty. The remaining players will receive neither a penalty nor a loss. If you leave or are kicked for inactivity after the one-minute mark, you will be given two minutes to reconnect or rejoin the match. If you return, the match will resume normally. If not, you will receive a penalty and the remaining players will be given the option to leave without receiving a penalty (though they will still receive a loss). Repeated occurrences of leaving early or being kicked for inactivity during a match will lead to restrictions on future competitive matches. As these violations accumulate, access to Competitive Play will be locked for an increasing amount of time. Completing matches without incurring further penalties will eventually return the account to good standing; however, repeated violations can also result in a ban from Competitive Play for the current season—including the forfeiture of any seasonal rewards. To learn more about our Code of Conduct, click here.Vaneras0 19 Sep
1m 1080p 240hz vs 1440p 165hz Which monitor should I buy?why? Don’t think about price Asus pg258q vs Viewsonic xg2703-gs Asus TN-1080p-240hz-gsync-1ms-24.5” Viewsonic IPS-1440p-165hz(oc)-gsync-4ms-27” My system: Gtx 1080-7700k My main game is overwatch Others lol-cs:go-rainbow-pubg Will buy battlefront 2-battlefield 1-new nfsKuekuatshe10 1m
8m Ban kbm players The Overwatch team should ban people who use keyboard and mouse because its cheating and ruins the game. Most of my game is a person with a sliver boarder using widow and headshoting and flicking. People how use kbm on console are scum and ruin the game most of them still use aim assit with there kbm. Even thou they should be banned i have reported more than 30 account but no action has been tookenPepe10 8m
12m halloween loot boxs: what have you gotten? hi I am new to this sort of forum on the site and I'm just wondering what most people got that was event legendary skins, intros and emotes because I have opened over 50 odd loot boxes none paid for and have gotten 5 legendary (2 which were event, roadhoad and mercy), (two which were none legendary, Reinhardt's: bloodhardt skin and Winston's: bad safari skin) and don't forget the gold currency which is 500 some may think this is good but it is not good when that people that pay for their boxes get what ever they want in the first 20 or so and it angers me. so what did you get?LazyTitan9 12m
24m FIRST TIME PLAYING OVERWATCH ON PC GENJI MONTAGE hey guys i just wanted to share my experience on my first time playing overwatch on pc i made a video with some of the best clips i got while playing genji it's my first time editing a video i am sorry if it was bad i tried. :) 24m
31m overtime... overtime is !@#$ing stupid in my opinion, especially in competitive. In my games recently my team would push all the way to the end with time remaining and then the enemy would choke at each point but be saved every time by overtime despite our team clearly being better... in a competitive scenario overtime is a stupid concept as it doesn't account for the full time taken by each team to reach the end.Vorbidox4 31m
35m I feel Cheated. I feel cheated. I have tried to play as much as possible during Halloween as its one of my favourite "Holidays" and try and do as much Halloween stuff as possible as I`m originally from a country that does not celebrate it. Its also my birthday month so I treated myself to some Loot boxes, quite a few actually and found the drop rates just terrible. Now, I understand its all RNG but considering I got as many "Normal" legendaries as Halloween ones and others have pretty much unlocked everything, makes me feel cheated.CptToeNail4 35m
37m Remove Mercy rez from the f*cking game! It's literally ruining the game. There's no way to counter it which makes it unbearable. I'm getting tired of my team getting picks on the enemy team and then having Mercy (being the no skill low tier hero that she is) flying in and completely undoing it. It's literally killing your game.Meow30 37m
38m Genji nerf when? Real talk, Genji breaks the game. Out of all heros there is only 1 that can be agreed on beeing completely and utterly unfair. Not even hook 1.0 or a hanzo scatter to my feet feels as unfair as genji feels. Genji doesnt punish errors in positioning because he doesnt CARE about it he can go into 6 people reflect and be like "!@#$ all of you" constant dashes, constant resets. Way too fast ult charges, animation cancelling etc. You name it he has it. Where the %^-* is the balance. On my smurf that ranked way higher (playing winston only) in Masters its impossible, its genji vs genji, its literally protect your genji and kill the enemy genji = win the !@#$%^- game. There is no variety. Nothing in this game feels as broken or unfair, I actually think, genji is the ONLY thing that is broken and unfair, all other things feel fair. For instance Hanzo Scatter feels FAIR, because you can literally counteract it, jump + rotate your mouse like a madman, wasnt killed by one of those in ages. Symmetra + torb ultra shield/armor comps can be countered everything, except for genji. Even playing ONLY Winston on my second account its *!@#ing HARD to kill him. His wallclimbing + double jumping allows him to completely outmaneouver winston on MANY maps (tho there are exceptions). Genji is literally a MUST pick, where is the nerf. Also, just because something is hard to play, doesnt mean it has to be OP if you can play it, keep that in mind, thats not how balancing works.Saschgede73 38m
39m Would it be cool if zenyatta can use2 heal orbs? It just a random idea, what you guy or girl think about this topic? Also feel free to put other ideasBadkenan1519 39m
45m Social: Join the LGBTI [EU] Group Looking for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and intersexual men and women who are into games? Here is the answer. This group is made to get into other Ga(y)mer across Europe. Have a chat, get in touch, enjoy playing games. Please be respectful with other people. Feel free to join: 45m
1h The Dynamic Queue System [2000+ words] There's an issue with Overwatch that has been bothering me for a while now, and a lot of other people too I'm sure, and that is the huge amount of players playing DPS. In quick play and non-competitive modes for the most part but also even in competitive this is a big issue. I have had games in competitive where 3/4 players insta-lock some form of DPS and we end up getting rekt because we need another tank or a healer. And that really sucks because you feel like you can't do anything about it. "The game gave me this and now I'm just gonna lose oh well." I'm not gonna lie, I also like to play DPS, but do I like to play with a full of them? Well Of course not, I want a good team with all that's needed to have a good Overwatch game, and that is some healing, some shielding, and some DPS And my question is: Do other people playing DPS feel the same way? I'm sure the tanks and the healers want that but what about the DPS? "I wouldn't mind playing tank or healer for 2 games if in the next 2 I was sure that I could play DPS and someone else would tank or heal for me" And this is the idea behind the system I'm about to discuss and suggest. I guess we can call it the "Dynamic Queue", believe me, this one is really dynamic ^^, In the sense it makes dynamic games everytime you click that button to search. This "Dynamic queue" could be applied to various modes but let's stick to quick play as an example. So let's leave the normal quick play how it is and create a new special copy called "Dynamic Quick Play". The Purpose behind this system is to create games where both teams will have the right amount of people playing certain types of heroes to make up the closest and fair games it can be (without just forcing something a 2-2-2 comp for example). So the way it works is: All the heroes in the game are divided into 2 Types: -The ones that Support the team with shielding or healing [Support] or more easily (tanks + supports) -The ones that try to Kill the Enemy and don't support anyone [DPS] When you left-click on the Dynamic Quick Play card you search for a game, but when you right-click, you go to your Dynamic Stats, and what's shown on the main page is the percentage of time played with DPS (offense + defense) and with Supports (tanks + healers) in that mode. We could put 2 Symbols for each group and a bar below them to visualize the difference on time played, and above the symbol, we could just have the percentage number. Then you can go further and see what heroes you have been playing and also quests. The % of time played on DPS can't be bigger than let's say 10/15% compared with Supports (tank + supports). So when you are reaching that limit the game will give you a suggestion to play the other heroes, but if you reach it, on the next game only the Supports will show up to be selected. [Supports is tanks + healers] And The same goes for the other side, you can't have more time on Supports (tank + healers) than 10/15% compared to DPS. Initially, I was gonna leave the Supports without a limit cap so that one trick supports (tanks and healers) could still play this mode, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided to not do that for 3 reasons: -The people that play DPS have no fault that the majority of players like to play them, so just because tanks and healers aren't that played it doesn't mean they deserve to have no cap. Another reason is that, if we limit the DPS and then leave the Supports with no limit we could actually reach the point where you need more DPS. And the last one is that some people might only play tanks or healers (or for the most part) because there's already so much DPS that they don't have the chance. In this mode, they will have that chance to play both DPS and Supports while being sure other people with do the tanking and shielding for them. [Of course, if you wanna play DPS every single game the normal quick play is there for you, but you get what you get. On the other side if you are willing to shield or heal other players sometimes so that they can then shield you when you need then this mode is right for you.] I would like to point out that: there is never gonna be a magic system where all of a sudden you search for a game and every time you get an awesome team and everyone chooses the right heroes. In order for that to happen, the number of People playing the various types of heroes has to be relatively close. And the way we do that is creating a mode where players commit towards a common goal to improve the experience for everyone and also themselves. If I was gonna define having fun in Overwatch has: -Playing DPS with a good team set up to back me up, then If I was to play DPS in every single game some people would have to be always healing and tanking. Do you think that's fair? And eventually, those tanks and healers will start to not care because no one cares for them, and things become kinda how they are now. If all the players sacrifice just a bit for a common goal that's when the game is gonna become fantastic. "I will have a lot of fun playing DPS this game, and in the next one will tank this guy so he can have fun too." Get it? Also, of course, this definition of having fun in Overwatch is not the only one but I'm sure is a very common One that's why I used it has an example. And who knows, you might actually have a lot of fun playing tank in that next game. Overwatch has so many Awesome heroes, I'm sure if players gave them all a try they would find new mains that they enjoy. Now, If you agree with the basic way this mode works, the system actually does the rest for you: After you play a certain number of games for the first time in the mode, let's say 1 hour, it knows what you are likely to play next time you search for a game and it even highlights what "role" it initially intended for you. In order to make the matches has fair as possible what it does is, it tries to come up with a 2-2-2: So it gets 2 people that are likely to choose tanks, 2 for healing and 2 for DPS, why? Because 2-2-2 is the most middle value we have, so then if someone chooses a hero the system wasn't expecting the comp will still be something acceptable like triple tank or triple dps. On the other side If the system hadn't started with a 2-2-2 we could get something like 4 dps and that's not good. [The "role" or heroes the system was intending for you to play will glow in the hero select screen when you find a game.] Like this, the system isn't forcing any comp and you can still counter pick if you want, even change from support to tank or DPS if you want too. If you happen to reach the 10/15% difference of play time in the middle of a game, you can still keep playing that DPS or Support for the rest of that game. And in the next game you will have to switch until you have enough play time to play the other Again. Additional content for the mode [Quests] -If the system notices that you play the same hero on one category a lot, or you don't play one of the classes very often, It could say something like: "Reach 40 minutes of play time on Winston and Get a LootBox" or "Play any support hero for more than 1 hour and Unlock a free Emote at your choice!" or "Play a full game with Dva and get double xp" This is the type of thing that's gonna motivate even more the player base to build a positive attitude and discover new heroes they might love to play. In the end of the day you only need to really like one DPS and one Tank or Healer and you can still play the system and have good games, which is fine. But if you wanna try new ones and who knows go for it. If you wanna become good with a lot of Heroes Awesome. What's Amazing is that once people start being nice to each other's and sacrifice a bit for a common goal, everything's gets propelled and we will have less toxicity in the game too and more teamwork rising up. And just players having fun. Miss-Placed Heroes: There are very few things that could go wrong with this system I believe. But something I could see happen is people playing only Roadhog and then DPS back and forward. Because roadhog doesn't provide any Support to the team with shielding or healing but he's in the tank category I believe he should be replaced to defense for example. He's really a DPS hero and belongs there Imo. If not, it's probably not gonna be that big of an issue. We could always see the Mode stats and find out what the pick rate for him compared with the other tanks. Symmetra is another weird one. Because while she can take the slot of a healer in first points of maps like Hollywood or kings row. I don't want people playing symmetry and DPS back and forward. I don't think many players would do that honestly but it's good to keep in mind. Overall the idea is: Overwatch will become greater if we can all sacrifice a bit towards a common goal. And honestly even tho people wouldn't play DPS has much in this mode. I strongly believe they would have more fun in the games they got to play DPS, and start learning and enjoying other heroes too. Ultimately this mode won't hurt the game since it can be created has something apart from the normal mode. If you don't care you can use the normal, but the people that care need something like this mode in the game right now. I wanna play DPS and I wanna play tanks and healers, I just need more people to do that and everyone will be happy. It's a win for everyone imo. I tried to make the mode not very restrictive and going against things like changing hero if needed. I think it's not bad what do you think? I'm sure you will find a way to say it's bad lul. But if we want to build a community where if you search for a game you know it's gonna be a good one and you will have fun: -Players have to start playing less DPS or -Nice people that flex if needed get matched with other nice people I feel like this combines the 2. I stayed up until 2 am writing this and I think that's shows that I really love this game, and I can see a future where as I said before I can just search for a game and enjoy it. We have the heroes, we have maps and the modes, we just need a proper set up to just be able to enjoy that game. Yesterday I grouped up with 4 friends of mine at night and oh man, I forgot how fun Overwatch could be. I played tanks I played DPS and healers, I had a lot of fun, my friends, too, and the games were close and competitive. And this was in quick play. But unfortunately its very very rare to have so many friends available, and if I could search for a game and just have the set up to have fun that would be an Amazing indeed. Thanks for reading, I hope something useful can be taken out of this post. *It's just a casual 2000 words post, yes I have a life*FireClocks0 1h
1h Dps Players. Im sick and tired of dps players. As a support main i hate when our dps is bad. i feel every support main does the same, but when the dps are good and thank the supports for heals i love it. dps players can be very ungrateful sometimes and THEY think THEY are the only reason for winning a competitive match. I was in a game where a player said that every support player gets carried by the dps. I would love to see a pro game where there are no healers and they win. It's just not possible. OverWatch is a team game and when a Dps says otherwise i lose the will to play this beautiful game.EpicTags45 1h
1h Widowmaker is Poorly Designed & Bad for the Game Widowmaker is detriment to the health of the game. Her core gameplay focuses on an unfun mechanic (headshotting for a one-hit kill on majority of heroes) and offers minimal counterplay to opponent. Here are some multiple different solutions that should add more counterplay while minimally nerfing Widowmaker. 1. Add a laser line showing where Widowmaker is aiming, when she is looking down sights. I think this would be the best change for her. As it potentially makes her easy to play against at a distance, while not affecting Widowmaker's gameplay at all. Having a laser makes it possible to notice and predict where and who Widowmaker is focusing on. It should also reduce the amount of times the opponent feels 'like they died in an unfair way' 2. Create a "dead-zone" within 5-10 meters of Widowmaker What I mean by this is make Widowmaker's Sniper rifle damage get significantly reduced within that range. A large problem with Widowmaker is that even if she gets flanked by a tracer or genji, she can immediately win the fight with a single lucky (or skillful) shot. Having a dead-zone should allow flankers to better engage on her, without having to fear being instantly killed by a headshot. 3. Greatly reduce her damage, but have a marking ability (Hold the reticle for X seconds on the opponent to mark them) Marked damage take increased damage from her. This would a huge change to Widowmaker's gameplay. You could probably remove her charge-up while scoped. This change would make Widowmaker unable to 'flick' headshot. Which would make it seem more fair to the opponent, but is probably too large a nerf to Widowmaker. I don't advise this option, but it is an option nonetheless. 3b. Also on the marking system. You would have to compensate her other skills. Such as having her mine mark players. And having her full-auto form deal more damage to marked targets, while also being able to mark targets while unscoped. This could synergise well with the dead-zone ability. Allowing her to mark a target during close range fights in order to compete on an even footing. Those are my ideas on how to fix Widowmaker. Obviously, not all of them are needed. But, having at least something changed on Widowmaker to add counterplay would be nice. I find it very aggravating to be playing well against a Widowmaker only to die instantly because of one-shot. Or because I walked around a corner when she had ult up, so I immediately die; Even though I have no way of knowing where she is, so no way of out maneuvering her.Screaling19 1h
1h for people who says nerf genji what do u suggest to nerf about genji? comment belowGLmood19 1h
1h How do I go beyond Hey, I am currently stuck in gold (I'm not stuck just climbing slowly at a rate of roughly 1 week = 10-60SR) I dont want platinum and i dont want diamond I want masters and maybe high masters, now my question is how am I supposed to improve to get there (I have a TON of free time atleast 5-8 hours of free gaming time every day) also this is my first FPS (but ever since I got it i started playing other fps's but altogether im pretty new since i started in january 2017 so...yeahBenzx11 1h
2h Players just Don't Care.. like wtf Honeslty I'm in a quick play game and this guy on my team tells me: "It's quick play, who cares about winning or losing" And then my mind explodes.. So people don't play to win a game? I'm sorry can anyone remember me what's the objective of any game in the world? Being a video-game or not, your Actions when playing a game must be directed torwards winning, that's the whole point of games. So people just like to walk around the map that's it? Then why don't they open a custom game so they can do that? Players don't respect quick play at all. And this is the only game where I have seen this happen. It's truly unfortunate and stupid. So what about competitive? Well actually people there also seem to not wanna win. You constantly find people with actions directed to things like: -I'm gonna play hanzo because I wanna play hanzo, doesn't mater what my team needs, what the other team has to counter me. Because the world spins around me and what I wanna play and do. -I'm gonna go dps and get an Awesome potg so that everyone can see how good I am -I'll go to competitive cuz why not, I don't really give a !@#$ anyways, I'll just pick whatever, turn voice chat off and try to do something. You just need one of these people to make you lose a game. To make you suffer for 10/20 minutes, but the thing is that the community is full of them, in fact, the most certain thing I can probably say about overwatch after one year of playing is that a big part of the community is selfish, careless, bad teammates, people that don't deserve to play this game honestly. So why are this people even going to competitive? That's the mind blowing question I can't figure it out. So where do I go to actually play real games? With people that Wanna actually win? And play together, to co-perate and have a better experience. There's nowhere to go, that's the problem Overwatch devs, that's the problem.. I wished the junk part of the Overwatch community wasn't such a big chunk of those 35 milion. It's deeply frustrating to say the leastFireClocks55 2h
2h The usual Matchmaking at its finest 2 matches back to back first match defensive hanamura I go mei, for that sweet sweet emote bunny hopping, I goof around the entire match kill some waste an ulty was just having a heck of a time goofing around lose the first point no biggy, I'll just goof a little less and actually do my team what I owe them aka playing for the win over 7ms defending having a really good time amazing mercy on my team kept rezing me even tough I wasn't the best and didn't deserve it, I did notice some where around 15 seconds to the end the enemy team was god awful it was 1 semy decent genji he even got potg and the rest were trash to the point I could have snipe wars with a widow win and not care about defending point 2. how does team A get matched vs team B when A is so insanely stronger then B, even with 1 men goofing around. Next match hanamura attack well guess it's my turn to suffer what the previous guys suffered we didn't even touch the first point.. . . . . I don't care about that bull every one seems to complain about you know the 50/50 all I care for are even matches if I win if I lose don't matter I'm here to have fun yet when the matchmaking puts a lvl 90 team (random number to classify the teams ability) vs a lvl 10 team and then a lvl 15 team vs a lvl 90 that's just bad design in general and unfun, I started feeling bad for the enemy team of the previous match, it's been over a year how has this not been fixed by nowRattenfanger6 2h
2h Giving lootboxes as gifts I'm perhaps not the first and I will probably not be the last to ask if it will be possible to make it so that you can buy lootboxes for friends. A dear friend of mine wants to buy lootboxes as a gift for me, but since we are in different parts of the world it's pretty hard to do. That is why I propose a system that would enable friends to purchase gift lootboxes by using the battle tag. This would be lovely to have around the Christmas event but in general I just wish for it to happen. Anyhow have a good day onwards, Sincerely SuilionSuilion3 2h
3h shooting through team mates and the unfair advantage can we do something about being able to shoot through team mates? example: bastion being able to shoot through any of his team members without any trouble it really seems a little unfair and broken your literally shooting through a physical person and i mean how many times have you been ulted by mcree through his Reinhardt seems like it shouldn't happenBrad5 3h
4h Action against the Xim problem? Will Blizzard ban Keyboard and Mouse users on Console that have been reported through the new report system? There is no question that it is cheating because of Blizzards definition that it gives an unfair advantage in the game. But what action will Blizzard take against those who are reported by the fair playing community?DasJaeger1111 4h
4h Do devs think about their buffs? Junkrat double mine Roadhog nerf after 1 year Bastion 35 dmg reduction for one month Pharah unlimited flying Pharmercy not even talked about I mean are you guys serious? Junkrat has only 1 counter right now and thats pharah. The only reason why she counters him is because 70% of all characters cant deal with her. When you guys said you will change heroes differently on console, did you just mean the turret or is there more? I am tired of seeing buffs that are ok on pc because the hero gets countered with aim characters but on console it just isnt that easy. You have to understand that. At this point it's obvious that you guys give a **** about the console community. I mean the whole season 4 was unplayable for us because of the OP bastion. On PC it took them a day not a month. I mean what happened there? Guess somebody screwed up. Thoughts (Please if you never played on console, dont tell me pharmercy is balanced.)Nicolas5340117 4h
4h plis balance gengi hi. i know im not alone, many ppl are tired of overpowered gengi. theres some things who need to be changed. if not, i, as many others before me, will quit ow. gengi deflect makes him immune to reinhart hammer damage. now tbh, knowing blizzard, im amazed that gengi doesnt deflect reinhart hammer damage as well... yet its not fair for reinhart players. if gengi is disrespectful enough to come so close to reinhart, he deserves the hammer. gengi dash does damage, which is completely insane, considering the cooldown reset. mobility skills shoudlnt deal such damage. the real issue with dash is the hitbox though... really annoying, for dash victims, and for gengi players, they get kills and they dont even know how.... then there is still the shuriken bug, where you can "animation-cancel". animation cancel for higher damage output, in a competitive game? are we serious? ^^ im not even here to cry about scattershot oneshotting tanks, id simply like to see some balance. its 6 season dat gengi is unstoppable. even the overwatch worlds got broken by gengi plays. everyone is tired, yet the moderators are jerking off for that dragonblade.... the dragonblade ruined the world games, and is ruining uncountable games every day. 6 season of this !@#$, im tired tbh, id like to see some change because gengi always number 1 starts to get boring. oh almost forgot, even in that blizzard-troll-month, where you released a broken doomfist, gengi was still the strongest. ^^ you see we need balance, otherwise there is no point in this; play shimada or be cannonfodder... kinda sucks. Edit: I'd like to add this to my post; I kill gengis everyday. It has become my profession in overwatch. Thats why im no longer a main healer. I main Orisa now, and with my green ball, i'll keep !@#$ing up gengis. (and obviously macrees and hanzoes, orisas first victims) Said that, it's simply boring, having always to care for the enemy gengi. The game is literally not "defendziobjectif", instead it's; "keep-track-of-enemy-gengi", which tbh %^-*in sucks. It's such a good experience when you have games without gengi. It's so much more fun wrestling with that symmetra whos microwaving you, fortifying Meis ice, trying to headshot her as good as it goes. Raping those poor macrees who simply cant do anything against orisa! Overwatch could be amazing, but it !@#$in sucks. Nerf gengi cmon, be serious BlizzardKostriktor59 4h
4h New Reaper? Isn't it a great idea to give Reaper 5-10 meters aura (close range) that will automatically consume souls of fallen heroes, so Mercy can't resurrect them? This would make Mercy not a must pick and other supports could shine too. Another nice change is regarding wrath form, it must have more movement speed and an option for cancellation, like Mei cryo freeze. Remove automatic full clip reload, give 2 bullets per one second in wrath form. Shadow step, "the best ability in game", should teleport him two times faster and on the run, not stationary. These changes would turn him into proper hero, not just niche underdog he is right now. What do you think community?Perebor11 4h
5h Patch notes 23/11? Where are the patch notes from yesterdays patch?.. What was so important that need to patch it up, out of the blue, on a monday?LordCrimson2 5h
5h seriously boring The game over the past few months has became way too serious. no one in matches anymore tries to have fun and mess around and the instant you branch away to try and have fun you get branded as a thrower... The updates that lean on "Competitive" has just made everyone super tryhard and the people who just dont give a f#@k are being paired against them :/ Matches are now "Stomp or be stomped" with no leniency... the cart either races straight to the end without stopping or doesn't move an inch... the first team to get to the point caps and then thats it... there is no back and forth anymore Overwatch doesn't feel like a game anymore, its become a chore to even turn on most days. The community isn't even toxic, its became lacklustre and mundane. broken characters that get abused constantly and the developers do little to fix them. They have spent way to much time concentrating on reducing "toxic behaviour" but have spent little time balancing the characters and maps. I thought this might of just been a bad match streak but seriously... 5 weeks with 1 decent back and forth match just feels like a match making algorithm f#@k up on Blizzards side.MzPix6 5h
6h !@#$ you! What the !@#$ Blizzard, I mean seriously what the %^-* Blizzard? Why do you allow platinum play with bronze. This is bull!@#$ unfair! How am I suppose to rank up? Three %^-*ing games in a row I played against these platinum Mccree player. He one shot kill my entire teammates, and got the highest elimination. around 50 of them. This is so !@#$ing bull%^-* Blizzard! What kind of fair MMR is this bull!@#$?Rarity7 6h
6h BLiZzCon 2017 do anyone know what Hero gonna be on BLiZzCon 2017 cuz i really want to know what Hero is coming out :DDUHGYBlacky1 6h
6h Getting punished for trolls and leavers. Hello guys, I just lost 70 points over 2 games. First somebody left and then i had a guy that was constantly jumping off of the map. Why does Blizzard punish the whole team for one guy that either leaves or trolls? Xplain this to me (yes funny joke).XplaiN1 6h
13h Why do certain heroes never get flamed? E.g. Reinhardt, lucio, soldier 76, pharah, roadhog, mercy and ana just to name a few. It's like if you pick these heroes you are immune to doing any wrong in your team. More often than not, especially at my rank, those that pick these heroes tend to be the reason why we lose, not the hanzo or tracer etc.MadBaron16 13h
13h New groups We got a HUGE community in our group! Whole 6 people boys!!!! Want to be part of our community? Join us End me, im so bad at advertising. (If the link expired, comment down below and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!)Trix0 13h
14h Gift icons? Gift icons in beta blizz app? anyone ?Mawet0 14h
14h Free Genji skin after playing Heroes of the Storm edited: Hey, guys! Who of You wants to get Oni Genji Skin, Oni Genji Portrait, Oni Genji Spray, Officer D.Va Skin, Officer D.Va Spray, Officer D.Va Player Icon and 10 loot chests FOR FREE? Blizzard has this promotion that if You play their other game "Heroes of the Storm" with a friend and do 4 quests, You get lots of goodies in both games! So I am looking to invite someone new to HotS to play with me. I'll help You with HotS matches if You accept my invite here -> Drop me a note here or add me on BattleNet at Cassiopeia#2589 ;) More about promotion here: 14h
15h An option that would be interesting. Could we have an option to reset our achievements? Or a way of watching the moments that you earned the achievements?PlayWithFire2 15h
15h Two to everyone [Sarcasm] Junkrat has 2 bombs and is completely balanced, but many other heroes seems not. Can we get 2 rockets on soldier? Ana seems also to luck the 2nd grenade. Hanzo definely needs 2 scatters. Maybe torbjorn can also get his second turret? An easy patch may be to add second CD on every skill. Then everyone would be balanced.FunKiller1 15h
15h When Top 500 Genji Goes Doomfist, World Burns Hello, i made a “meme” video and it took me some time to edit. I would like to hear your opinions! Note - Its is NOT monetized, iam not looking for money or promotion, iam really looking for feedback, so i will know what to do next, because creating vids is fun for me lately. Thank you!:) 15h
15h nerf genji finally Blizzard, how long are you going to ignore the issues with your game and certain heros? Genji is one of them, tracer is the other. Time to fix this !@#$, don't you think so? I started losing interest in Overwatch, as in every game you get owned by some genji mofo over, over and over again with no real counter, its no fun anymore.Player32 15h
16h Fun fact about the ban system Disclaimer : This is not to call anyone out. This is not to troll/spam, This is just a post to show something is wrong with the banning system. You can get banned ingame based on forum bans. First i went to EU live chat, they were very friendly and helpfull, but unfortunately they havent seen a case like this before and couldnt help since it was US related. So i went to US live chat and asked the how or what and this is the reply i got and i quote "The moderator is doing so as per their wishes". So whitout revieuwing actual gameplay footage it is possible to get banned ingame no matter the standing the account is in even after 900 hours of gameplay. Enjoy this fact.EmbroNite7 16h
16h Where are the Soldier and Pharah mains? I always find Hanzo mains, genji mains, doomfist mains, junkrat mains, tracer mains. But never do I ever cross paths with a Soldier main or a pharah main. Only on the enemy team. Where are my Soldier mains? I don't like mainers.ExoFire3 16h
16h Pulse bomb can now disappear Due to the ult changes if you throw a bomb but get hooked/stunned or dies during it, the bomb disappears. I assume others like mei will have this as well. Obviously its easier to workaround as tracer by only doing blink ults but its pretty retarded for it to just disappear. Previously on hooks it would just not drain your ult charge but now it does.Adz12 16h
16h Ana possible solution Because I've read a bunch of forum entries how blizzard could buff / change ana in a way that she gets picked more often. I would prefer If Ana gets back to the roots / when she was released. That means that she could possible get less bullets in one mag for example 6 rounds instead of the current 10. That would lead to more health per shot ( for that % she loses in the missing 4 rounds). The other thing that would be great, is if the grenade gets a second charge, so you could 1vs1 a tracer or heal multibe people that are spread over a larger area. And the last thing I would change is if she gets a little bit more movementspeed in general. If that would happen to her, she would prob be picked by more people even in lower ranks.ŎwndbyL15 16h
16h Suggestion of a "Cooperation" bar/gauge in rank mode Hi Overwatch team, I come here to share something that came to my mind lately, especially after many games where people were selfishly picking heroes and consequently ruining games, just by ignoring the team play. This behavior can frustrate even the most patient player of us. And I know it is very time consuming for your teams as confirmed by some recent statements. So why not trying to change this but instead of punishing people with reporting methods that are not efficient I think (some people can be reported for the wrong reasons and others can troll without being detected), why not adding a mechanism that encourages to pick for the team. For instance, the game will detect at the beginning of the game that a good regular composition is a 2-2-2 type. The game will also detect who is the player who has played the least as a Support in the last 10 games and the least as a Tank in the last 10 games and tell that to the player without telling to the team. Now, the games doesn't force you to change your pick, you can still discuss with the team who might be ok with a 3-2-1 or something else. But you know the game has identified players who haven't played those important roles in the last 10 games. Some might think the ones who played them the least in the last 10 game might not be good with them but that's exactly why they should play them at some point: to improve and the community will benefit from that on the mid/long term. Now, the games happens normally, but at the end, all players could have an option to vote to punish the player who didn't switch for the team. They won't know who it is but the system could add negative points to this player's cooperation gauge. They can also decide to not vote or vote not to punish those players (identified by the game only) if the 3-2-1 composition lead the team to win for instance. They can also vote to reward the player who did the best switch for the team, the game can probably detect that. This cooperation gauge can have impact on your ranking somehow, it would need trials & tweaks to see what's best. This is the rough idea, it can be improved/developed ! I think it's quite interesting to hide the identity of the players who should switch during the game, we don't want them to feel a finger is pointing them. But in the same time, this is a good opportunity to encourage players to practice at least one player of each class and communicate ! They will have to say: 'look I can play support but only Lucio', 'Ok, I will let you go Lucio, I will play mercy' ! And I am sure it could improve the gaming atmosphere in the majority of games ! Now if this is too complicated, the only thing I can think of is creating another mode different from current Ranking like Super Ranking or League Ranking and to get to this mode, you would need to have proved you can play several heroes of different classes. It would filter the players who just play one heroe without worrying about the team. It would still not address the problem of behavior though: a player can be able to play all classes but still not change in game.. Let me know your thoughts.EliotNess9 16h
16h Patch notes There just was a patch of 320 mb or something, if there were any damn patch notes that would be great mkay?Habalion4 16h