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14 May 2018 Does meta matter for low skill tier players? I am a gold player and constantly stay up to date with the current meta and hero buffs and nerfs. But I have noticed that most gold tier players don't care what the meta is and don't believe it will help them win. I however disagree strongly and would like to hear your thoughts on this.RacoonLord11 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Text chat for console Blizzard im not sure why this hasnt been implemented. For those haters i and many others can type quote fast on controller once you get used to it and if you really want you can just use your phone or ipad with the app. But currently it can be very tedious and time consuming to press pause social then press on the persons name but you will usually forget it then press view gamercard and most of the time along the way something will happen that means you have to start again. Such as the frequent freeze of the pause menus that only happen on console because you must use LB and RB to scroll left and right and somtimes it does it by its self. then you have to type the message just to ask that person to switch or if they want to group up. It could be so much faster to talk with your entire team at once than to induvidually send each one a message or someone could just put 'go into party chat' and it would be find but it takes so long. It would take next to no effort to implement this on console and its just frustrating when you miss out on the speed boost at the start of a game or a few precious seconds after respawn. Just do itZanyDruid15 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Losing sr when we disconnect or crash Why do we still get suspended and lose sr when we crash or disconnect! It's not fair and blizzard should look into thisStarminer6 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Anniversary Event, Custom Game Modes? So after the big news drop its been revealed that we will be getting all the the seasonal modes playable for daily rotations in the arcade as well as the deathmatch deluxe mode. One thing I was curious about was if we would be able to make custom games of some of the game modes? I love Junkenstein's Revenge and I made a custom mode where any hero was playable but was also incredibly over the top powerful, as well as the enemy bosses to make things more balanced, it was a blast and its one of me and my friends' favourite things to play in Overwatch, I have all the settings saved but obviously can't select the mode since Junkenstein's Revenge isn't running, I was just curious if we will be able to play these custom modes during the event and if so, will it be over the entire event, or only days where each event is availiable in the arcade?Chromalisk0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 charge goes through the payload here is a video: you can see it very clearly if you press right click and set speed to 25%elƁow0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Symmetra rework So it looks like we are going to get Sym 3.0. Current Sym is in a horrible place, being outclassed or compared to other characters. so here are some ideas to make more viable or at least better: 1- Photon Design. With this ability, Sym will be able to create a drawing of the battlefield, that will modify the field slightly. It is on a 15 seconds cooldown and it will cover an area of 20 meters or less. 2.Photon Vision- When Symmetra activates this ability, she will see 2 or 3 enemies that she touched with her beam before, because the enemies will have the photon in their body. Will be on a 10 seconds cooldown, however, after the vision, the photon in their body will disappear and you will need to touch them again. 3.Turrets---- Spray Turret: The target will get sprayed with photon, and will make them take 10% more damage.However, after the target is sprayed, the turret will consume itself, thus getting destroyed. -----Flower Turret: This turret needs to stay 20 seconds on the battlefield.After 20 seconds, the turret will bloom, and giving teammates(that are in the area) +20% healing(Like if Mercy does 60 healing per second, after the turret blooms, she will do 60 + 20% for 10 seconds). I thought about this idea because it gives her some kind of healing support, also the turret will not heal, but it will make the other support hero that is on the team heal more. -----Fire Turret: This turret will burn the enemy, and making them deal less damage(-10%). This effect lasts for 15 seconds, and the turret contains fire, so if it gets destroyed, it will blow and do 30 damage. 4. Photon Fixing - This ability works like Torb's hammer, Her left hand throws photon energy at her teleporter/shield generator. However, she will have to do damage in order to get photon energy(works a bit like Moira's biotic grasp). 5. Photon present-Sym uses this ability to make her allies(potentially her kit) stronger and her enemies weaker, but not at the same time. The photon energy on the enemies will make them weaker to her kit( like instead of her normal turret doing 25 damage, it will do 30) . In the Symmetra preview you can see that when she shields the allies, she has that kind of bubble animation. The bubble will stay on an ally for 3 seconds, and making them take 25% less damage.It will be on a 10 seconds cooldown(it will not activate until the bubble dies, thus it being on a 13 seconds cooldown). I know these might not be the best ideas, but we can all agree that her supportive kit isnt that supportive. She needs to be versatile, and i hope other Sym mains would tell me their opinion on my ideas. :)DireRaven8 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Pink Mercy BCRF Sprays Is there a bug with the 2-hr cumulative reward? (In game spray "Ribbon") I've unlocked the 4-hr cumulative and 6-hr cumulative sprays, but the 2-hr cumulative reward is not added to the account?dingonix0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Brigitte. I'm not playing this game until Brigitte gets a major nerf, or becomes ONE CLASS.. She can't be good at healing, defense and offense. Make your !@#$%^- mind up, Blizzard. I don't know if it's just because i'm bad, but whenever i see Brigitte in-game, there's a 1/20 chance i'll be able to kill her. She needs a rework, simmilar to Hanzo.keraaa21 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Hullo there! hiiiiiRothschild6 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Reinhardt Charge This is just an idea but I was wondering if it will help when players can stop Reinhardt from charging further within the duration of his charge to prevent falling of from cliffs or from making bad decisions cause you can always go wrong with a Reinhardt chargedrakos9311 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Pink Mercy Skin Spray How can I get the new spray for Mercy’s Pink skin? It says I have to partipate in the event. I am. I brought the skin but still did not get it. I didn’t even get the icon, so how do I get them?MrsBrit13 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Pink mercy sprays Can someone explain to me how to get the pink mercy sprays? I bought the skin and got the player icon but I don’t have the sprays.QuirkyOrc8 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Hanzo's Rapid Fire simple fix I guess we can all agree that this ability is rather overpowered. Especially when you land consecutive headshots. You can melt Orisa in a few headshots, and Tracer with ONLY one. To the point: Wouldn't it be more fair to take the extra headshot damage away from this ability? It would still deal consistent damage, melt tanks to a certain degree, and threaten tracer.Tchpuk10 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Widowmaker Noire So i am a very huge fan of Widowmaker and played her for almost 200 hours now. And i decided that i want to unlock EVERYTHING for her. All team skins, voice lines and all that. And i kinda ran into the problem that there is no possible for me to get the widowmaker Noire skin. Even if i am willing to pay for it... I dont know if its possible to get codes or something like that. But if anyone can help me out that would be great. All i need is that Noire skin and i got everything i want! (for people saying. I didnt main widowmaker straight off the bat that is why i didnt pre purchase)krogh9 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 widowmaker noire skin please jeff Jeff please bring back the widowmaker noire skin.Robnic36 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Comp is Great I queue for comp, find a game and as I join, my screen goes black and I can't do anything and i got kicked for inactivity. WTF BlizzardTorbjörn1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Skin Concepts Event or regular lootbox, idc. Just looking for cool concepts. You can even suggest ideas for lootbox changes.ElementalMix3 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 away skins from the all access pass ...ChiliBrain1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 The worst thing about this game isn't Blizzard's fault even Don't get the clickbait title wrong, Blizzard's done plenty to mess this game up and some of their decisions have left me confused, infuriated, and even feeling ridiculed for how awful some changes were. But the worst, most infuriating thing about this game? Definitely your own teammates. This game has incredible potential to be fun, it just never is for me, not anymore. Specifically, them going in alone and not grouping. That should be reportable as throwing, as it forces the rest of the team into a 5v6 at LEAST. And that's if just one person does it, usually I can just witness my team splitting off in different directions like the rats in Ratatouille and then dying off one by one quickly. Or getting staggered and never resetting- same thing. Do you know when we have a best chance of winning a fight? Simple, when we have SIX PLAYERS AND NOT FIVE OR FOUR. Seriously. You can reach high Diamond if your team just groups and teamfights right without an issue. I'm serious, that's all it is, and it's also a part of why DPS are despised so much. The fact that they just spam the DPS they want to play in competitive and don't adapt to team comps nor back down when they see "Whoah, we have three DPS already, maybe we don't need a fourth." Like I more than realize 2-2-2 isn't the only viable comp, but 4 DPS just makes me want to hurl. More idiotic throws that occur daily in this game that make me want to play it less and less are; - People picking D.Va as the only tank in a non-dive comp :^) - People not listening to spams to group up, be it in voice or with the command. - Melee DPS with long-engage tanks (picking Doomfist and Tracer to our Rein + Zarya, for example. Rein will run into Volskaya point B with no backup damage on the enemy's shields and his shield WILL be down by the time you actually reach the point no matter what, whereas the other Rein or Orisa can and will !@#$ on you.) - Tunnel visioning near a point or such and letting our healers die for no good reason because nobody's taking out the Pharah right behind us. - While on that idea, not having any hitscan even after we recognize the other team has a Pharah. You can add more stupid things people do that infuriate you, I guess. Anyways, save me some mental frustration and just group thanks lmaoRed4 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 The official "How did you get your main" thread Title says all: "Who is your main, and how did you get to him/her?" Join the conversation down below Here's my reason: - Main: - Reason: Because i happen to get the cute spray achievement when i had enough for my next golden gun. (Btw, plz no nonsense tnx)Kritzy22 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Brigette is so broken All her stun abilities are on a low cooldown and can stun you through things like reins barrier and genji deflect. This makes her really annoying and 'unfun' to paly against.GhostPants0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Game balance in ranked How bad is game balance in ranked right now? After 10 games in qulification I got 1700 point. After that I totally can't WIN. Game gives me absolutely zero players, I got 3-5 GOLDs per game an 10-12 losess in a row, so now I'm below 1400 , is it broken? It's impossible to win, explain pls,FreeJazz4 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Leaving! Who is thinking of leaving this game for good? Clearly Blizz lost it last patches and the game being boring afPixel36 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Do past broadcasts count towards pink mercy twitch drops? Does anyone know if watching past broadcasts count towards the pink mercy twitch drops?SpreadableBe2 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 3 Things, which nags most people in Overwatch First of all I'd like to say that I enjoy this game very much, and i spend hours upon hours of my free time in it, and I am not that far off the 1000 of the lot. Which is also why it's sad to see that there some things taking the fun out of the game with magnitude here nearly 2 years after release! Number 1: Getting penalized for dc, in a game you come back to, while this is arguably OK since the game can genuinely be lost from a long dc. It is heartly the end of the world. The issue is that sometimes you cannot join back in, and sometimes the game client crashes, more often so than dc. I find that despite having a capable rig running smooth at 300+ FPS the game sometimes just crash out! Updating drivers and so on dont seem to help much, a little but not a lot. The fact is that this wasn't an issue 6 months ago, so something clearly happened that shouldn't be happening. As a developer myself I understand that these bugs can be tedious to fix, let alone find. But I also understand that resources seem to be put into a release schedule of new content rather than fixing the gamebreaking issues! Which is not ideal! I have lost 500-600SR alone because the game crashed, *profanity* SR, its just a number i got it back no worries. The issue is that it seems rather unfair that players are being penalized for something they have no control over, being unable to rejoin if you have a crash with the first minute cancels the match, and flips you the bird! Not COOL Blizzard, not cool! Number 2: Obviously competitive has some issues, toxicity just being one of them, and thus its not even included in the list. No the root of all caos is the system design. No one likes placements, you win 10 you get same rank as before slightly higher sr, you lose 10 you get same rank as before slightly lower sr! The games are !@#$, and people treat them as the troll mode, where teamwork and wits are further out than the Voyager 1 and 2 spacevessels! They are the worst! Why do we even have to play them if there is no reset of SR? Why do we even have seasons? People sometimes just leave them, just to get them done quicker, which makes them even worse! For not to mention the role selection issues, people main stuff, which means that I always find myself filling for people who think they are gods gift to the game. DPS Mains everywhre, less so if you go to play on the Americas servers... what is wrong with Europe and Korea? Just get rid of placements or make them matter! Number 3: Rushed content! Really Blizzard is known for overpolished stuff, so why is it we keep getting overpowered heroes at release? One thing is that there is a new learning curve every time the playstyles gets a little stir, fine we can live with that, but seriously Brigitte.... seriously, I main her, just because she is THAT STUPIDLY OP! The more i play her the more stupid i think she is. I like her she is fun, she really has some nice new take on the game, but, she can take ON ANY TANK ---- ALONE! Give her a little nano-steroid, and she is rallies she can basically 1v6 for 1 minute! That needs fixing! She isn't broken per say, cause she does have counters, but... she is very close to being broken! I need only utter a different word for "a lady dog" before everyone is on the same hero, everyone knows who it is! The game is dying, and if you don't fix it Blizzard, then so will your investments in Overwatch League! Which by the way has some serious other issues! Can you at least let the players have the benefit of the doubt? Seems that in todays PC world you only need to say # me too in order to get rid of someone, no need for proof or anything. But that is for another time. This isn't rocket science you know if the game dies... so does the e-sport.Pingu0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 ANA needs more buffs! How to buff Ana some more! I have a lot of play time on a lot of the healers, but Ana has been my favorite since I picked her up around season 3ish. Lately I feel she has been slowly being nerfed because of all the shields, meta changes etc. And now with the coming of brigitte she has dropped harder in the winrates. Overall according to overbuff she has a winrate of around 45% and off the support class, she easily has the worst winrate. Ana has a high skillcap and I understand this. But even on the GM levels, where her winrate was still around 54-53% before brigitte has started dropping to 48%. This means the fundemental problem lies outside the skill required to play her and have a chance of winning. We all know there are buffs coming for her, the heal through friendlies is actually a change I love and look forward to. But I do think the biggest issue is she is the only healer who can't heal through shields. Yes Lucio can't amp it up when you are on the other side of a shield, but Lucio is a close range healer and usually is already on top of the fight. And yes Zen can't heal through a barrier either, but he can still heal before people enter a barrier. And yes there is something to be said about getting close and making sure you are basicly on top of your tanks/dps. But you are also putting yourself (A SNIPER HEALER) at a much larger risk of getting killed in the frontline and we all know healer 101, don't get killed first! So what I propose is a way to heal through shields. I already know a lot are going to say, if she can snipe from that far away and easily everyone, how the !@#$ are we going to counter her or deny her healing. What you could do is put a range on the heal that can pierce through the shield. For example make Ana be able to pierce through a shield with her heal at 15 meters. So she has to be closer, but not that close she is killing herself for that reinhardt that just refused to backup into her healing. I don't think the current buffs will fix her winrate, because I think shields are really the dead of Ana (well her mobility aswell.. but let's face it we can't have everything in a healer fixed, you sometimes need reasons to swap certain heroes). So what do you guys think?Monaei6 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Just lost SR in a win I dc:ed for like 10 secs and then when we won I lost 50 sr. Is this a bug, if not, what is this madnessShadowDragon1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Im going to quit because of tracer and genji I hate them and as soon as they are picked (which is every game) I have 0 fun. Tracer feels uncounterable unless you know how to play a very select few heroes (such as mccree who doesn't interest me at all) and Genji just feels like cheating. They are in every single game and they just ruin it because they are awfully designed and feel like they have no counterplay. Also, new hanzo is annoying af and he does far too much damage. !@#$ this gameNemozzz5 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Simple Buff for Mercy Im not saying this is a good idea, but i want to talk about it. What do you think about buffing Mercys melee dmg when she uses the staff?Ethaniel15 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Show Widow some love Blizz Seeing as Hanzo has an added ability of dodge to get him into and out of trouble it would be nice if Widow got an extra grappling hook use the same way Junkrat has 2 mines. Would anyone consider this too much?DizzY18 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 new event skins and event map leak source: dude trust meManiac1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 for those crying nerf on Brigitte watch you simpletons, she's easily handled by a tracer who knows what they are doing, ANYONE with splash damage, hanzo even at medium range can obliterate her. so instead of trying to face tank her like a moron, how about trying some damn strategy other than "imma jump in behind you, run up close to you and jump around for guaranteed hits with muh pew pew gunz" like oh i don't know; Duo'ing her from medium range. flanking her using explosives to bypass the limited area her shield covers timing your crit shots and actually aiming for when she drops the shield backing up and keeping out of her reach but nah, easier to cry on the forums for a nerf than to actually gain some skill and practice. "but she can face tank anyone" i hear you cry simple answer "then don't stick your face so damn close to her you can smell her colon"wittie2m59 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Extend Pink Mercy Skin availability Time I made this post a few minutes ago and it seemed to have gotten eaten, it was there for a moment and then it was gone! Anyway, for all those complaining about the price, you are donating £12.99 to an amazing charity and then getting a skin on top. This isn't about the skin, this is about raising money for a wonderful cause! You can never donate too much money to charity. Now, here's the point of this post, I think that the time the skin is available should be extended. My pay day, like many others, is at the end of the months, so last months pay has already gone to food etc. and by the time the event finishes, I won't have had my next pay day, like many others. By extending the event till the end of the month, it allows more people to have the time to donate without putting themselves severely out of pocket for the rest of the month. It would increase the number of donations and would overall reduce the backlash of people complaining it's too expensive. I realize it is unlikely that the date will be extended, however I think it would be a pretty neat idea if it did. If it doesn't I will donate what money I can afford at the end of the month via the donation link on the BCRF website as I'm all for raising money for a great charity! Let me know what you guys think, and if you wanna share you money raising experiences for charity let me know! I'm doing a fun run in September to raise money for my local hospital! Have a lovely day guys!Razzy6 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 New Bastion Skin Concept - Summer Games 2018 A cool skin idea for Bastion during the next Summer Games: A tennis ball machine. His little birds nest where Ganymede likes to rest could be a basket of tennis balls. His bird could be a hawk (no idea why just cause it'll be cool). Instead of the normal firing SFX, replace it with the sound of a tennis cannon. Could have a green and white coloured theme, I dunno. I'm just throwing out ideas that won't happen haha. Let's just see what daddy Jeff gives us.SombraSucks2 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 WTFast Hello, I was just wondering whether using a service like WTFast could get me flagged/banned for cheating in any way. I live in the middle east and it really does seem to help a little with ping.Loosh8 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Ever get annoyed at toxic teammates, welcome to EU Overwatch is a highly competitive game were teamwork is critical. Now those from north america, image being thrown into a match full of people from, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria all speaking their languages. So that's you and 5 others put together with no communication apart for minor English like "support" or "I need healing" In competitive game like Overwatch this thins your chance of winning by a large amount. Anyone form the EU will get this. This is why normally those that are EU gold are NA master. The highest bought game (disk) for all consoles was Overwatch and is one of the most digitally bought game for PC in the UK and Germany. As these two countries are the biggest by far from EU west I would like to see them introduce a UK and German server to give these players a better competitive experience and the rest of EU west less people speaking another language. Yes this will lengthen queue times but I think I speak for all UK players that the wait is worth it for a better experience.Polar9 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Middle east servers Hello to the development team, First of all i would like to say that i really love overwatch and the game it self is very polished. But i do have a rent about the high RTT that us hunderd thousands players living in the middle east are suffering from,the game is playble but its not too fun cause we have to play at a hugh disadvantage compre to other playrs.Combine that with 20Hz tickrate servers and we need to guess where the enemy players are going to be to get a shot. I'm sure im speaking from all of us: pls give us a server in the area. We paid they same money as everyone elese and we shouldn't be discernment or overlooked. Thank you and keep up the good work.ForestGump156 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Seeya later alligator! That's right, it's another "I'm out" thread. I'm sure ya'll have better things to do, so I'll cut it short. The game is boring now. Still great, but it's getting stale. Competitive hasn't changed in forever, the current meta is a massive bore with all the shields and healing, and there's just so many CCs making the game overall not as enjoyable as it once was. It's kind of sad when someone exclaims over voice comms "YO I GOT A KILL". It seems the only way to push forward is to combo a Zarya ult and Dragonstrike. Do not tell me you haven't seen one of those, because they are everywhere now. It's the only sane way to get through all that armor, healing, and shields. So, I'm done for now. Overwatch just isn't doing it for me anymore. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid game, but many things need to change and I can't see it happening. Time for this hero to find a new path. Cheerio!Vie19 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 How long will the new Anniversary last? Im going on an vacation on 24th of This month and be there for two weeks will I still be able to play the event after my vacation if not then I want to dieNightRaven2 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Why isn't SR working? Hey Overwatch Team, I really hope that this article and my concerns reach you. Each and every time that I play in competitive mode the team composition is so bad that one team always completely dominates the other. There isn't even fighting or brawling. My experience shows that let's say 9/10 games the one team is annoyingly bad and the other one plays well together, seems to use voice chat or at least plays the roles/heroes which currently are counted as kind of meta. I think I need not to say that I am placed in the losing team each and every time and my SR sucks because my team mates are not willing to play as team. Blizzard, PLEASE make any efforts to keeps those players in the quickplay/arcade area and not let them throw/troll/annoy the ones who are really interested in competitive play. It's impossible to rank up in Solo-Q because your play and your SR depends on 5 other mates who are more or less willing to play in a competitive way. Even trying to communicate doesn't help. "Don'T run in one by one dying." "Please switch to a hitscan and get that Phar-Mercy. Otherwise we'll lose." I think we all know what I am talking about and concerning. Please try to give it a change and make competitive play possible again even for solo-Qed ones like me. From my point of view one solution could be a role system where you need to decide which roles you are interested and good at and you would like to play. I know, DPS favs will mourne because of lack of tanks and healers. But that would make it a little better, at least in solo-Q. Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me share my experiences/concernes. Have fun in the game and be kind to one another. Best regards FlynnFlynn1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Doomfist really balanced and fair hero 3-4 one shot abilities, gains health every time he hits someone, flies across a map at 100mph one shots you, if he doesn't he can just use another one shot ability while youre stunned. Then you got rocket punch that kills people around corners, his ult that goes through walls, his seismic that just ignores most objects on maps that block any other hero ability, that also ignores corners, then on top of that he just ignores stuns, sleeps most of the time because of his inconsistent hitbox. To the idiots who say he's not overpowered, play against a GM or top 500 doomfist, see how balanced and fair it is for one to one shot 2-3 teammates within a few seconds while he has nearly 400hp, not those !@#$ty doomfist at lower ranks you can just melee them to death.Ooper8 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 What’s aim smoothing (console only) What is aim smoothing in the aim settings and what should I set it to. I noticed my hitscan aim got really bad that I struggle to aim on someone and I was wondering if my aim settings are set wrong. I saw a T500 console mcree main change his aim smoothing to 0 and he said he hits more shots.ahmedassar202 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Low priority queue? Hello, I'm very glad that Overwatch now has the option to avoid a teammate but what if there was a way to PREVENT queueing with toxic players in general? What if the avoid teammate option also tagged the avoided player as a toxic player and after 5-10 players have avoided the player they would be placed in a queue for other players like themself? Dachi1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Earthshatter annoyance Reinhardt;s hammer hits the ground, he dies, no shatter output. annoying.Wario72 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Dont you miss dive And the current meta is just... boring. Pick Hanzo, Zarya and Briggite and press Q when you hear - Огонь по готовностиStoencha12 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Mystery Dual isn't a big mystery at all. So I played 4 duals in a row and on every single one I started as Orisa and then went to Hanzo, followed by widow. Then in either 4th or 5th round I get a Doomfist or Moira. It seems more like the same situation as was in mystery heroes; that being where you get the heroes you have the least amount of time on and nothing else. I love the idea of a 1v1 matchup, but please reinstate the self picking because being forced to play someone you don't enjoy is not what the games about. It's meant to be a mode to enjoy and test your skill against others in a 1v1 situation. And the people I played against were in the same boat. Tank mains being forced to play defense characters and not regularly picked offensive heroes. And before anybody comes in and says anything along the lines of "Well then don't play the MYSTERY DUAL!" I love the dual mode as stated but very strongly dislike the "mystery" part being not so mysterious in that you can guess with an almost certainty of which heroes you will get.Slazer0 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Anyone else feel like Lucio needs to be buffed? He just feels really weak outside of triple support.coyotes1 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Pink Mercy, pink healing beam? Does anyone else think that they should change her yellow healing beam to pink?TDKCryBaby4 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 Welp, our dream is dead Last year thanks to overwatch I had found the love of my life and we have been going strong ever since, it has been almost a year for us already but unfortunately there has been a tremendous gap between us, I being in Scotland and her in SF, so we decided to try and make the week visit very special with meeting for the first time at blizzcon, but due to unfortunate times with work. Neither of us actually had the time to buy tickets, so I just want to ask, is that seriously the last of them?Subject89P137 14 May 2018