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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
32s Looking for chaps to play with [UK] Im 16, so try and be around my age and in my timezone. Im only lvl 26 as i got the game 3 days ago. Ive played many previous team based shooters so im not terrible, id say im pretty good (at Pharah anyway, thank you tf2 soldier :D) We will probably play comp, i need to do my placement matches, but mainly we will mess around in quickplay and arcade. :D Add me if you are game.TimmehTheM0 32s
1h [EU/NA] The Black Rose GC - Join Today CHECK OUT OUR TEAMSPEAK 3: ts.blackrosegaming.net Download: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads OUR WEBSITE: http://www.blackrosegaming.net --------------------------------- FOR EVERYONE --------------------------------- Tons of people on per day Really easy to join lobbies and start playing Tons of social players and competitive players All Ranks and Skill-Levels We’ve got everything from Newbies to Seasoned Veterans. We do custom games and events All for free, no hassle, jump on and play The opportunity for advancement into Staff positions and senior membership. ------------------------- FOR COMPETITIVE PLAYERS ------------------------- A dozen competitive teams The opportunity to create and make your own teams Opportunities to win prizes and go to tournaments Competitive players of all ranks What are you waiting for? Check us out today at TEAMSPEAK 3 IP: ts.blackrosegaming.netTBRSaul282 1h
1h Looking for Awesome People I'm a casual Overwatch player and i'm looking for some people that just want to play the game, have fun and even have some laughs while were at it. I'm not looking for any specifics from anyone, regardless of what your level or rank is, let's just join up and have fun. Just as a note i know there are people on this forum promoting gaming communities which is great, i'm not interested in joining any community, just looking for people to form an awesome team. Add me whenever you want and i hope to see you soon. Soulblood#1101Soulblood2 1h
1h New friends I am just looking for some cool people to make friends with and play some overwatch I am a casual player I was a console gamer and now a newly PC gamer with no friends. Add me GiantGamer44#2601GiantGamer445 1h
1h Looking for some players to climb 1500-1700 EU I am currently looking for some players to climb the ladder and gain dat sweet skill rating. I made the terrible misstake and played solo, which led to me dropping from 1990 (after placements) to 1584 in less than 2 weeks. Thus I am looking for some players to go into competetive and actually win some games for a change. I am a 17 year old german guy who is currently @ 1584 with season highest of 2002 and I am looking for some people around my current skill rating to play with and to improve together. My Battletag is Yashin#2294 and my Discord name is Yashin#5343. TL;DR: If you are around 1600 on EU PC and are looking to play with someone then add me on Battle.net (Yashin#2294) or Discord (Yashin#5343)Yashin0 1h
2h [EU/NA] Looking for players to group up with ?! Looking for players to group up with to win games or just to have fun ? Well we are the community for you , we have players from all different skill ratings to play competitive with and a lot of people who just want to have a blast in casual . What are you waiting for ? Come join our Teamspeak at ts.blackrosegaming.netSlyJunior26 2h
2h Parent Gamers Hi, I'm a 26 year old father of two, i find it hard to have a steady team since most of my day is occupied with kid's, GF and full time job, so i was wondering if someone is in the same situation as me and want to team up, I'm online from 19:00-01:00 if I'm not spending time with the misses. rating : 2863 Main : Lucio (but i do flex) from Norway Battle tag : Duffay#2352Duffay1 2h
2h Are you looking for a group for season 3? Looking for Casual/Competitive Games? Well we are looking for you! We've got a bunch of players from low to high, and now is the best time to join during the start of Season 3. No stress, no worries, no problem. Interested? Come hop on our Teamspeak at ts.blackrosegaming.netJerrelsBush121 2h
3h chances of me getting these skins... Hey i just wanted to know how rare is it to get the commando 76 or nightops 76 skin out of a loot box... Im asking this cuz i saving up 1000 gold is hard cuz it takes awhile to level up and i almost never get gold out of my loot box... :( i think it will take to long to save up the gold for the skin and i think it is easier to get it straight out of a loot box! Thx and plz reaply my to tell me the chances of me getting the commando or nightops 76 skin!! Thxx!FaZeNoodle0 3h
3h gold looking for team EU currently due to solo queing im 1732 and im looking for a team that wont rage and cry just because they lose, im 25 from uk i have discord and teamspeak. i main reinhart but i can play dva mercy sombra and junk, and symmetra. if ur not a salty little child that rages then add me playerxero#2569playerxero0 3h
3h Flex and off tank, LF team/duo que 3050 raiting+ Hello there. I'm currently in diamond rank, looking for a organized team to climp with. My Qualifications is very flexible, i'm able to play every single Damage dealer class, and can do off-tanking if possible needed. Roles: Flex and off tank Btag: Superp#2967 My current raiting 3097, and my Season High is 3274. Feel free to add me if you wanna do dou que ups aswell :)SUPERP3 3h
3h Tank LF Gmt Group Hello! i'm 28, play from 5:00pm to about 9:00pm GMT, daily SR 2800-3000 looking to get to 3500, have mic, play: Reinhardt, Zarya, Ana, soldier(if needed) communicate often. add: Bahamut#22227Bahamut1 3h
3h Overwatch Friendlies! Hey there! I'm looking for some people to hang out in Overwatch, nothing too special, maybe play some games but it's all about having fun! It doesn't matter what level or how experienced you are, as long as you want to play some games. Requirements: - A microphone (of course) - You must be at least 12 (just so we don't have 'annoying' squeekers) - Have discord Nothing too fancy really ;) Just for the record: I myself am a 13 year old boy, can speak Dutch, English, French and a bit of Spanish and my favourite games are TF2 and Overwatch. Come on over and join my Discord channel @: https://discord.gg/cJT8hZ9Yugora2 3h
3h Nightly Competitive Play: Looking for Players Looking for players on US servers ranked 2000-2500+, competitive play and daily arcade warm up. Social and vocal people with mics are always welcome. We want to win but no stress when we lose = ) Lets have fun! Add me and send a message right away. We play every night as of 7:30pm. JohnnyRocket#11569JohnnyRocket0 3h
3h Looking for players to form a team. Need +4 Hello everyone, For a while now I have been trying to find a team without luck so decided to try do another post since it had been a while. I am looking for a team in need of a support (Ana, Zen, Lucio) Can also play few tanks but my Rein is absolute garbage. DPS is my worst due to my lack of actual playtime and my stupid self for always filling. Currently sitting at 3936. Been fluctuating around 3950-4080 usually. I am searching for a team around master - low gm, however in general very open as I would like to get actual scrim experience compared to the usual soloQ, that I have frankly grown very tired off. Random info Age: 21 Location: Finland Nationality: Danish S1: 56 high or so s2: 3560 end rank Communication: discord, vt or whatever you prefer. P.s. Non-toxic, willing to improve and can take criticism.xxGaard5 3h
4h [PC/EU] Looking for people to play comp with I am flexible can play pretty much about anything, I am currently plat looking for people 2000+ SR, add me if you want, i will not add you Kjibox#2115 PS: I don't want to you to tell me about joining a site to find a team, not gonna happen, looking at you people who keep on spamming that BS with konvictgaming or something like that.Kjibox0 4h
4h Looking for team mates 1800+ Looking for team mates to play ranked, need to be at least 1800 im a support mainSalty5 4h
4h Come Join Konvict Gaming Are you tired of playing by yourself? Want to play with equal minded people? Are you looking for a 6 man team? Some casuals, or just some people to play through a few games with after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We are a multi-gaming community with an unlimited Teamspeak server, with 400+ members online at times. Come join us! www.konvictgaming.comDevCakes261 4h
6h Community for OW we have ranks from Silver Gold and some plat, looking for people to just que with preferably competitive but it's fine for whatever! I've started a developed community and I'd love for you to join this discord where everyone is -- https://discord.gg/ZAqDDM8Lucky0 6h
6h Looking for people to have fun games with! AU Hi team, I am just looking to play with some fun, light hearted people. I am still learning the ropes, so looking for people who don't take it too seriously, up for a laugh and won't cuss me out everytime I do something stupid. I enjoy the idea of competitive play, however I'm a bit put off by it at the moment due to a couple of people being super rude to me in game. I know that gamers are generally awesome people, so I'm extending out to community to find some fun buddies! At the moment I am most skilled at Mercy or Mei (again... I'm not great!). Please feel free to add me Bambi <3 ps- I come equipped with mic :)BambiLamour3 6h
6h Static Gaming - Serious OW Team [NA] Static Gaming is a new overwatch team system looking to fill its roster. Currently there are two teams needing to be filled by people around the plat area (2400-2900). The SR is flexible to a certain extent though, those numbers are not set in stone. Our goal is to build two (and possibly more in the future) teams that will play comp together, scrim against each other and other teams for practice, as well as build a fun but succeeding community in Overwatch. Tryouts will be a series of tests, it wont take to long, it is just to get a feel for how you play, who you play, and how well you play them. The process will consist of a 1 versus 1 fight, spectating some quickplay, and once more members are accepted, the tryout process will also involve scrimming 3 versus 3 so you can have a better feel for team fighting. The team is looking for members who can take criticism to improve, work well as a team, can listen to a shotcaller and not be toxic or rude towards the team. The moral is going to be set high for this team and even on a loss, I want the moral to still be high, After each comp loss a quick session will be held to determine what happened wrong and what can improve for the next match. If you are interested in joining the team and trying out, There are a few requirements that must be met. - 14+ Age - Must have a CLEAR mic and able to use Discord - Your SR must be around 2400-2800 - You have to be a team player, and willing to take criticism - You must be active within the team and be able to play a decent amount of time. The practice times are not set in stone either and will be worked out. We do ask that you be active if you want to be part of a full time team, if not you will be a sub if passing tryouts. To begin tryouts join our discord at https://discord.gg/2Gu2XB5 or add me on battle.net at FiveStar#11532FiveStar0 6h
6h LF EU Team Wassup! I'm 23 and from the UK and looking for a team to play in Competitive with. I'm a fairly flexible player but play manly DPS but can comfortably play other roles! I've tried to learn how to play certain heroes well, rather than be average on every hero. Heroes I'm best at are: Mcree, Soldier 76, Hanzo (dont hate), Reinhardt, Zenyatta & Ana Currently around 1900 (I know its not great but you all know the pains of solo queue). I'm not toxic and willing to change heroes and learn etc to improve. I have a mic etc and wont really shut up when I'm on as I hate typing in game lol. Add me: Sneakers#21338Sneakers0 6h
6h Looking for some people to play with around 1866SR! Hi all, Just looking for some chill people to play with and hopefully gain some elo. Add #2788 if you want to play. I'm 22 and from the UK. Pref if you are 18+ but not essential. Playing mostly DPS as I feel it's my best role but I'm pretty flexible.Neost3 6h
7h LFT NA DPS/Flex for UGC S3 Hello I am looking to join a overwatch team. I am looking to join a team for the UGC seasons 3 and future tournaments (Over 80 hours in all 3 competitive matchmaking seasons combined. 20 hours on arcade and 18 hours on quick play) I am 16 years old, use NA Eastern standard time, and have a long experience in competitive in both lobbies and UGC for team fortress 2 (5 seasons played) I have skype,Discord,TS3,and mumble Heros I can play competitively: Reaper Pharah Soldier 76 Tracer Bastion Rein Roadhog Dva Ana Lucio Mercy I can play really well but not at a competitive level is: The rest of heros except Widow, Genji, and Zarya Add me on battlenet or steam. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JokerBat/ . Battle.net : JokerBat#1949 Thank you for reading this! EDIT: My rank doesn't match my skill level because I solo queue and always deal with throwers or leavers. I know this is true because when I play with higher ranked friends I still get gold and silver medals.JokerBat0 7h
7h European Time 6-23 UTC; looking for team player Hi all, I am looking for more people to play competitive games with as a pre-made teams. It's much easier and better to coordinate that than via the matchmaking system... I usually play with 2 other people already, but the more the merrier! Come join us if you wanna play some competetive(-s) in the evenings :) add me @ HaTTori#2635HaTTori1 7h
8h Silver but deserve plat. Anyone want to play Been stuck in elo hell for ages playing extremely well anc getting team costing me , if you are also having this problem please add me #2996 and we can play togetherReqlxss1 8h
8h Need a team After almost getting plat, i solo qued for an entire day. That left me at 1700. I finally dug myself back to 1969. (Was 2363) Im looking for a team (Gold or platinum) that wants to group up and win some competitive games. I main pretty much all the tanks (Besides Rein, i suck at him) as well as Lucio. Add me to group up! XibiT#1249XibiT12 8h
9h i am looking for people to play quick match with hi guys! I am looking for anyone to play quick play with (don't care what rank) I am a friendly person and my battle tag is NONAME#24870noname0 9h
9h Looking for gold competition players. The title says it all. I'm 19 years old and from Belgium. Ranking 2008 without static team. HardyPotato#2803HardyPotato10 9h
10h Looking for people to play comp with I'm looking for people to play comp with. I work better with a group rather than by myself. I am currently stuck in silver but have been doing fine in games against gold players. I am can play most heroes except reinhart and ana. Looking for players who play on american servers. Leave your battle.net tag if you are interested.ClassyCat7 10h
10h Ethereal Gaming is recruiting! (2) Ethereal Gaming is an active friendly multi gaming community. We host multiple games, one of them being Overwatch. If you're sick and tired of playing with random PUGs and you wish to find friends to play with who are relaxed but competitive at the same time, our community is the place you want to be! Our player ranks vary so no matter what game you play or how your skill level is in that game, you will always find a match that fits you. If you have your own team why not bring it with you? We can host your team with your own Team Speak channel where you can have your practices games without being bothered. Furthermore once we get enough teams in we will be running our own in house league and/or tournaments which can help you train for international prized tournaments. Our teamspeak currently can hold over 500 people & our forums can be used as well if needed. Our only requirements for joining are the following: You need to be 16+ years old. You need to have a working microphone. You need to have TeamSpeak 3 installed. (If you don't know how to do this let us know in your application and we will help you) You need to speak English. You need to be active and follow our code of conduct. If you want more information, check out our website: Ethereal-Gaming.com Thank you for reading and we hope to see you with us soon! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! Battle.net: Jackster#21382 About Ethereal Gaming: Ethereal Gaming was created on 20/01/2016 by a few friends and has grown vastly since its creation. Currently Ethereal Gaming is supporting a whole host of games which is always increasing, with a custom website/forums, a Team Speak server & multiple Game servers. There is never a dull moment in our community. A COMMUNITY FULL OF LIKEMINDED GAMERS Ethereal Gaming is a growing multi gaming community with the main purpose of having a nice community thats tight knit. We want people to feel like Ethereal Gaming is their "second home". Our main goal when starting this community up was to provide our members with a safe and fun enviroment where they can meet new people with the same interests as themselves, which would be gaming. OUR ONLY TARGET: A COMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE We hope you decide to join us and have fun with us! If you have any questions after you sign up and apply to our community, please don't hesistate to contact one of our staff members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. WE ARE CURRENTLY SUPPORTING THE FOLLOWING GAMES We are always looking for new games to support. If we don't currently support a game you play, why not apply to us & ask if we could make it a potential division for Ethereal Gaming? League of Legends Heroes of the Storm Counter Strike Global Offensive Smite Minecraft Overwatch Battlefield 1 H1Z1 (Previous maxed out EG OW Thread! https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/17611851342) ... and many others :)T530950 10h
11h Looking for transquil friends! Hello! I'm looking for friends who are transquil. I can enter every server and play OW. I never get angry in games, and It's no problem that however low your rating point is. But I have only have one problem. It's I'm not good at English listening. I want to be a friend with you whatever you're if you're transquil! My battle tag is AndrewJMizkw#1344 I'm JapaneseAndrewJMizkw0 11h
11h comp with me who wants to play with me comp, i want to play with goodd players so i can rank up. i was 2150 but my friend lost some games on my account and im 1700 now. who wants to play? if u do my battlenet is Original#21807 send me a messegeOriginal0 11h
17h LF triple queue Dropped from diamond and wanna climb back SR2650 Flex with micHiddenSnake2 17h
19h Competitive Saturday Plat tank/support main lf a duo partner because kind of just want to spend all of tomorrow aiming for diamond.frozenwrath0 19h
19h Plat player lfg Current sr is 2501, just looking for a group to run with for the night. Send me a request.roop1822 19h
20h Lf 3rd mate to rank up We are two serious players (currently running Reinhardt and dps) and are looking for a good supporter (preferably Ana) to rank up. Also if there are enough people we'd like to get a full group together later on. If you're interested you can add us, or if you know the App "Oversumo" even check us out. Beekay#2690 Cybernetic#2158Beekay2 20h
20h Group for fun and training Looking for players that are better than me (not hard) to group up and give me advice and strats while playing. Super casual gamer, want to improve while having fun! Raiichu-6826Raiichu0 20h
20h Tank/supp flex player looking for team Hey, I'm a semi-casual player looking for a team to play with. I solo queue mostly but would like to get into more of a team environment whether its 6 stack comp or even scrims with other similarly skilled teams. I can play almost any tank except Hog, as well as lucio/zen pretty efficiently. I'm currently sitting at mid-diamond on 2 accounts, was Masters but my rank decayed so my MMR is technically in masters. I'm on NA servers, please hit me up if interested.Strife0 20h
20h looking for a team (silver) looking for some people to group up with (silver) I play Ana Lucio Zarya Dva SoldierBREEZY0 20h
20h LF for a grp to do comp(silver) I am looking for a grp to do comp matches with.. im silver atm and working my way up in solo queue. I can play most heroes, and dont mind adapt during matches.. Bacatna#2444Bacatna1 20h
21h SR 2800 LFG (REIN) (SR 2800+ plz) looking to climb to diamondCrow0 21h
22h [ANZ] Server: 76 — ANZ Overwatch ...Kothe447 22h
22h overwatchlf.com is back www.overwatchlf2.com Other guy, same system This forum is also as well, but most prefer this tool.Anduin0 22h
22h Trying to get out of gold Solo que is so bad i need a person 2000sr+Bullet1 22h
22h Silver player looking to fill for team (comp) stuck in silver hell. looking to fill a spot on a pre-existing team! characters i play: Junkrat RoadHog Dva Zarya Lucio Rein Zen Soldier McCree Plz add me and PM in game: HarryPooner#1323HarryPooner0 22h
1d [EU] LF> 6th Player for Team of 5 We're a semi-competitive 5-man team looking for a player to do Competitive Play and scrims with us. That player must be willing to communicate via Discord, as that is our main method of communication. We play with the intention to win, while improving and learning from our mistakes if needed. Our main goal is to have good challenging games as a regular co-ordinated 6-man team. Gaining SR is a much less significant goal for us, and we plan to treat SR like something that will come naturally, instead of actively trying to gain SR. Therefore, our ideal sixth person would be someone that is friendly, doesn't mind losing and stays calm in most situations; while being able to assess themselves honestly about their own performance, and what they could do better for the team in the future. We understand that sometimes anger can get the better of us. However, if you are the type of person to rage unreasonably over minor things regularly while playing, that's where I draw the line and would rather not have you on the team. Please note that we do not plan to play Overwatch super seriously, as all of us have real life obligations such as university or work. Therefore, we're usually only free to play every weekend, while playing on the weekdays if all of us happen to be free at the time. If you are interested in joining, please post your top 3 favourite heroes to play with below and we will decide who will join us from there. EDIT: - Edited second and third paragraph. - I will let this thread carry on until this Friday before we choose someone, in order to give more people a chance to apply.GoldenSol12 1d
1d Low diamond looking for friends to play comp with write your name and something about yourselfLoxi30 1d
1d A Handsome, Diamond Guy Looking for an Organized Team Hey guys! BOOBS! Now that I got your attention ... I'm looking for an organized team to play with. I'm based in Europe and am almost always online from 21:00 - 24:00 CET. I'm currently lower Diamond and I usually play DPS (Genji, McCree, Soldier), but I can also play tanks (Zarya, DVA) as well as supports (Symmetra, Ana, and Lucio). If needed I can adjust. I'm looking for a decent, mature (I'm 27) team (Voice Com is a must) to play with every night and to get better, and possibly even do some tours. Contact: Houd1n1#2473 Oh, and also, I'm a cat person. Cheers! Houd1n1Houd1n16 1d