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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
1h Low Diamond and Mid Diamond 2 teams LFM Hello! We are a small group of three competitive teams of Low diamond, mid-high diamond and master rank. We are looking to fill our main roster and sub teams, who can commit time and effort to improve and enjoy the game. In addition, we are building 1-2 more teams in the following weeks. I am the team captain of the 1st team (Platstones) and we are looking for more members to fill any our low Diamond, Mid-high-Diamond and Master team. 1st team low diamond what we need as sub: - 1 off-tank: Zarya and D.va 50hours+ on each of them 2nd team Mid-Diamond what we need: - Tanks(main): Winston, Reinhardt 50 hours+ each of them - Subs: 1 tank 3rd team Master (Nuka Quantum) what we need: - full 4th team Platinum/Low Diamond what we need: -all roles IMPORTANT !!! Please if you are interested to join any of the Diamond teams, please make sure you are a tank player, since we need just tanks, and have the requirements. I started to get bored of how many people I refused over the last 2 weeks. Our aim for this season: - Build a team chemistry - Do scrims once a week - Build a fun and competitive environment - Have Patience - Be motivated - Show commitment - Be within the SR rank based on what team you apply What we need from you: - Be able to play Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:00 PM Dk/Ger time and the schedule for each team will be different, so contact me for more info - Have Discord in order to keep in touch with the team training schedule, changes or cancelling - Have patience to develop team chemistry - 18+ age - Commitment to play as a team qp/custom game In addition, we have the plat to build more teams in our group starting from platinum and up. If you want to be a member of the new teams, you must have patience as it grows and show commitment. More info about the teams, just contact me. If you want to have a chat before joining any team or for more information, feel free to add me Stonehelm#2137.Stonehelm9 1h
2h Looking to play with mercy main in QP im 4000+ Im looking to play with a decent mercy main in qp because i main tracer and its annoying when no one picks healer, im 4000+ in comp but you dont need to be you can be any :) male or female idcdmghero4201 2h
7h Eximius building new competitive team Hello! We are a small group, called Eximius of 3 team of Low-Mid Diamond, Mid-high Diamond and Master team, which we have been playing together for a long time scrimming against each other every week. Each team has their own captain, schedule and setup. We are using discord as a communication tool and is the place where we gather all the teams to play. I have assembled all of these teams since November and I am proud to say that all of the teams has been having a lot of fun together in a friendly, chill and competitive environment. With this topic, I would like to announce that I am looking to build more teams in the group, hoping by the end of the year to have at least double the amount of teams. The rank of the team I am currently focusing in creating is High-plat/Low-Diamond and I am looking for new members to join the team and meet their new teammates. What we need from you: - Patience, as the team grow in number - Patience again, in order to build team chemistry - Professionalism and mature behaviour - 18+ age - Must have discord - Commitment - Good English and a microphone for communication What we can offer: - A friendly and competitive environment - Coaches with different roles - Discord channel where you can chat with other players and have fun - Scrim every week or casual quick play - Opportunity to have a leadership position, if interested and trustworthy How you can join: A 10 minutes interview with myself, where I will inform about our little competitive group and teams. Afterwards there will be a series of questions about yourself and as a player. Finally you will be announce shortly if you got accepted to join, but if you remain in the team, it’s up to the team members of the team you join. In addition, if you already are part of a team and you want to join as a team this small group of teams, it is also possible, but it may require a team agreement upon join. If you have any questions or you want to have a chat before joining, feel free to add me. Stonehelm#2137Stonehelm0 7h
7h Suche Ranked Partner Hallo an alle... ich suche jemanden der gerne mit mir duo rankeds spielen würde. ich war mal obere grenze platin aber bin mitlerweile durch viele gründe abgesackt. würde mich auf antworten freuen. mindestens 2500 rating wäre nettCarrot0 7h
7h non toxic players hello hello, im sure we all know, how destructive just one toxic person can be on a team, making everyone play worse, we are two plat players that are tired of it, and thinking that the more nice people, we stack with, the less chance of playing with the toxic people there is. so if you are nice, and tired of toxic people, add me mejse#2532Mejse0 7h
8h Serious About 6 Stack? PC NA 3200 SR Competitive Overwatch community is currently seeking active, committed, healers and tanks. If you're interested in finding, or building a static team, come visit us every Sun | M | W | F night @ 8pmEST for Overwatch Fightclub. Requirements: Age: 16+ SR of at least 3200. At least 20hrs a week playtime required. Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/UVXyhnu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2A4nYyXNfkTrap0 8h
8h Searching for a team Hello.. I am looking for an a team to play with to get more experience and a higher rating. Serious players please. My rating is very low 900 sorry if this is a problem. ThanksEpexion0 8h
8h Need boosting out of bronze Need someone to boost me out of bronze played silver 1500 Sr but went down fast due to rubbish teams. I main zarya second main is genji/luico i am now at 1115JDJM48 8h
8h Looking for premades to grind with EU/NA Looking for some good ppl to grind with, currently on a losingstreak sitting at 2.8sr, season high is 3.1sr and i want to climb back. I main support - Mostly Mercy until nerf but im viable to fill.Rebecka5 8h
8h Nederlands eSports-team zoekt spelers Voor de GN Rebels zijn we op zoek naar nieuwe teams! Ben jij zelf een Overwatch-speler of ken je iemand die geïnteresseerd zou zijn in een team, laat het ons hieronder weten! Als Rebels-speler krijg je natuurlijk een aantal vette perks: - Toegang tot The Party in Eindhoven en The Reality in Assen (waar je met je team speelt) - Vereeuwiging op de GN Rebels plaatjes (soort voetbalplaatjes) - GN Rebel-dagen waar je met de community van GN gaat gamen - Je eigen jersey van de GN Rebels Laat ons dus hieronder weten waarom je lid wilt worden van de GN Rebels. Laat daarbij wel even weten waarom je dat wilt en ook je rang is van belang. Het is ook mogelijk een heel team aan te melden, zolang de voertaal Nederlands is. Kijk ook gerust even op www.gamersnet.nl/rebels! Tot snel! PeterCoppersan3 8h
8h CG Discord Community | Come for the Prize stay for the Glory Introduction Let me share my idea for those who care to read the juice. People ask me why I am interested in taking a game that already has a community and making another separate community on my own? Like many people would agree, even though the main community for such a game exists, there is nowhere to go to tie it all together and most of the time it’s too much to handle so many differences. That’s why, in many cases, people play alone or err from different game to different game because they can’t find that community or that group of people with whom they feel they can enjoy that free time with. In my case, whenever I like a new game, I am mostly stuck on my own playing the beginning by myself. No ability to push past the difficulty to make new friends in the game, usually because people get accustomed to the people they play with and already know and are not really looking to associate themselves with strangers. People generally don’t like to leave their established comfort zone and get out there. This is where I got the idea to build a place, more so a neutral ground, where experienced players and causal players can come together to bridge that gap, united in their love for a common game or game. Both type of players get to take advantage of each other strengths and the community grow stronger as a result. What are the perks of being in this community? The perks are split between the daily active players vs the casual players 1. Active players (daily more involved) – Community events that rewards with prizes for doing tasks that are game-related. The company of a big community that is tailored to gaming and fun but also strive to master end-game content when available. 2. Casual players – a chance to win prizes but also learn from the more experienced and active players. The company of a big community that is tailored to gaming and fun. Are there any obligations? The plain answer is no, you can be a part of the community and still have allegiance to whatever clan you pledge or whatever you are previously involved in. It’s just a community that will exist in Discord and will be there when you need help. What games are we tailored to? We are not branded to any specific game. If the community desires it, we will provide a base for this dream to happen for any other game. Currently we are in: • Destiny • Overwatch • Fortnite • PUBG How do I join? If you made it this far in the post that means you share the same problem I’ve had in my gaming life or maybe that you share my dream. All that is needed to join is: 1. Up this post, like it, share it, so we can make this community bigger 2. Get over to our discord https://discord.gg/BnUmpBJ go to our #neutralzone and apply through our bot. That is it! Thanks for paying attention or letting our voices be heard BlackViking Out,BlackViking1 8h
9h PC EU/NA silver-platinum--Join our Discord! were a 40-man discord server that are pretty active (most of us no-life on weekends) but throughout the week you can always find someone to play with. if your'e an active player and like talking, feel free to join the discord. Tank and DPS-players are our #1 priority rn but supports are always welcome! hope to see you soon! ~SamSamyaboy2 9h
10h t500 player looking for mercy main to play QP with You dont need to be high rank or anything, just looking to have fun :) i main tracer so i like to have a mercy in every game. PC EUdmghero4200 10h
10h Searching for Members! Hello there, my name is Sheriruth and I'm the leader of a Discord Server called Ruthless Legion. We are currently searching for members with fun at gaming, joy in their hearts and friendliness all around. The server was created because I felt like there have to be more places to relax on Discord, not just crowded gaming Servers where everyone can do what they want, when they want. So, to form a friendly community, there are certain things I require from you. -be at 16 or older -be friendly -have fun The server is new, although we wish to grow it to a known community, if possible. If there are further questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I will be glad to help you. I hope to see you soon! Oh, and you don't have to play only Overwatch there. Play whatever you want with people who play the same game. Invite your friends to play with, or anybody, really. Just promise me to have fun, ok? Discord Server link : https://discord.gg/Q2N4SsZ BattleTag, if necessary : Sheriruth#2908Sheriruth17 10h
11h Filipino players? Just want to ask if there are Filipino players in Europe Server?iRAmyLove3 11h
12h [EU] Imperial Disorder: 16+ Everyone Welcome! Hello there, I am from a new DISCORD community "Imperial Disorder" we're looking for players of old and new to join us in our escapades. We're a fun bunch of people that play a variety of games of a regular basis. I mean some of us don't even sleep :D Our members play a range of games all you need to do is jump in and have a blast! *NA players are welcome however we are mainly an EU based community* What we're looking for: We're looking for people that are 16+ that have an undying passion for video games and want a friendly atmosphere to play in. How to join: All you need to do is contact one of us and we'll talk with you, play with you for a little bit and invite you to our Discord Server. * CONTACT LIST * Discord Tag: Jackster#7513 / BTag: Jackster#21382 Discord Tag: Chibi#7943 Discord Tag: cApo#5976 Discord Tag: DizzyFridge#0362 Discord Tag: Galizorade#2414Jackster12 12h
12h Lf comp/open div. Team Looking for a competitive team with the ultimate goal of open division play. I'm a rein/pharah/lucio/dva main. I can play pretty much any toon tho. Online nightly, 1.8k sr currently MXX#1930MXX0 12h
13h A place to gather, discuss, and play Overwatch with friends We are a happy bunch of like-minded people, playing daily Quick Plays, organizing amazing fun Custom Games, and growing together in Competitive Games on Overwatch [EU/PC]. We are opening the door for new people/ideas/skills: You are positive in spirit and kind to others? You speak English? You have a microphone? You don't mind installing Discord? You enjoy winning, yet don't mind loosing? You reflect after a loss how to improve the team? You love to play in team with friendly people? If you are interested, go to: https://discord.gg/YfcG5Rs (preferably after you installed Discord "https://discordapp.com/") Let's build a community where everybody has a voice, where we all can enjoy, have fun and play with amazing people. Looking forward to meet you!Linefeed108 13h
13h The Nameless Gaming (PC) - Overwatch [NA]The Nameless Gaming (PC) Alucard1818 Hi all I'm Alucard1818 I am in a multi gaming community The Nameless Gaming on PC. Currently we play WoW, Diablo 3 and other games I won't mention in this post as they aren't Blizzard products and I don't want to get my post flagged :P. I'm looking for some new members since I mainly play Overwatch and while some members play with me from time to time I would like to find a core of players who are chill and communicate while playing. I am mostly looking for players who are laid back and mature (prefer 18+) who can communicate on discord. I mainly play quick match as I don't like the idea of solo queing in competitive. I'm not looking to get super serious if we do competitive and we are communicating we get what we get no rage or drama. If this sounds like a community that interests you and you would like to be a part of? Please check us out at our discord https://discord.gg/qs6R6DS. If it doesn't interest you thankyou for taking the time to read my post and have a great day. Also check us out online at http://www.thenamelessgaming.com/Alucard18182 13h
14h plat to diamond climb looking for people to climb with, was diamond but fell so i want to get back up, i can play any role, good tank/healerSaltySpud12 14h
15h 2000+SR Hey I'm looking for someone to climb gold with, I'm currently 2030 SR. Mic would be appreciated. Please 16+ of age! Hover#21385Hover0 15h
17h Overwatch Group Finding Discord! Hey guys, I thought, since there's no good, reliable and quick way to build/find a team or even get a good duo, I thought I'd make a Discord so we can find people much easier! In future, this Discord will be full of players looking to group up and there'll always be someone on. From the occasional causal duo to the hardcore 6 man premades, chances are there'll always be people online. Not only that, but you'll end up learning people by name and learning how they play. All ranks welcome, the only rule is, basically, don't be a !@#$. The Server: https://discord.gg/HkzF8dG I will be adding and updating the server as we go.Swinwappy25 17h
18h QP and exp farm Looking for people for QP and exp farm Jeroth#2964Jeroth0 18h
19h Pachimari Squad recruiting new members EU Pachimari squad is out of members! We spend a lot of time winning through competitive games, we made it to high Platin and now its time to officially Create the team Pachimari Squad Pachimari Squad will only recruit the best god players that are stuck at Platin and try their best to get out the elo About Pachimari Squad: - We do alot of trainings, together on how to play as TEAM! for mastering new heroes to perform in competitive games through specially premade custom games - We do some winnings on comp, after warming up as TEAM! - SR high Plat to mid Diamond 2800 - 3400 - We already got good flexes for every role, still we're in need of extra DPS and Tank Mains - The discord server is generally for arrangements, with a voice channel About You: - Aim ability of O.K - Min. 2500 SR - A working microphone and Discord. - Not a hanzo main :D UNINSTALL PLEASE! - Age of Min. puberty vocal change as male blyat ;P Prefered mained heroes: Zenyatta - Mercy - Lucio Zarya - Reinhard - Winston Soldier 76 - Mccree - Sombra Fill this and comment: Main Hero: Heroes you play: Age: Current SR: Location/timezone: Discord name: #Battletag: Its nice to make your acquaintance TST1818 - The sarge - Saiyu - TrueSamaTST181830 19h
21h [PC] [EU] [3200-3500 SR] Team looking for Projectile DPS Hi, We are Devote, and we are an established overwatch team that are currently looking for the following roles: * Projectile DPS (Needs to play genji) Devote is part of the much larger overwatch community which has many other teams and members allowing for a lot of scrims, tournaments, people to queue with and good community spirit overall. Our requirements are: * You are over 18, non-toxic and can respect other players. * Be between 3200-3500 SR, we are open to being flexible on this depending on your play (we know how nightmarish solo queue can be). * You have a mic, can speak good english and is vocal in comms (this one is important). * You are available to play between 20:00 BST and 22:00 BST during the week, our days aren't yet fully decided so we may be flexible but we would like to play at least 4 times a week. * You are experienced at one of the roles above and not just a flex player who can sort of play each. If all of that matches you then please join our discord server https://discord.gg/Y77PYUH, message one of the admins and hopefully get you playing with us soon. We are all very friendly and really enjoy overwatch and improving individually and as a team. -thunderbeansthunderbeans0 21h
22h Looking for a team(Rein,Hog,Zarya(EU,Low-Mid Diamond) Hi, I've been looking for a team for a wihel now so i figured that i might search through the forum Information: Main: Rein but i also play a lot of hog zarya and orisa Age: 17 Country: Germany Curent season best 3.224 and career best 3.487Mickey1 22h
1d Rank with me Hey there, I am locking for a team to rank with. Looking for nice and calm people. My rank is 2553 Pls reply me if you are interestingDarkiller12313 1d
1d [AU] Looking for players to level with Hi All, PS4 player making my way to PC. Need some people to level with as it increases EXP earned. Was mid-diamond PS4 but not sure how this will translate to PC. Usually play between 11pm-3am EST time. CheersPLR0 1d
1d Looking for Supports Hey guys looking for some support mains to queue with. We usually run a 4 stack of 2 supps one dps and one tank but one of our supports is currently out of action for 2weeks so looking for an extra. We are all currently mid-high diamonds. If your intrested in playing we play on and off from 8am-11pm. Add me on bnet - Leady#2437 Discord- Leady#3209Leady0 1d
1d Almost Platinum Hey, I am looking for 1 or two people to play comp with, pref a tank and a dps, I am almost plat and main Mercy. CrazyBunny#21326CrazyBunny5 1d
1d Lvling up anyone want to join? Join up if your looking for someone To play with. Mainly looking for friendly people to chat and play some overwatch with. I main DPS but I’m fexable for the most part Name- CDXX#11276CDXX0 1d
1d XP grinding i need somone 2 play so i can lvl up bc i forgot my old blizzard account password (I'm not using a mic)Chepek81 1d
1d Looking for a serious group for comp(Adults Only) Looking for 2 support mains 2 Tank mains and 3 DPS mains. I’m thinking a group of 8 Incase a few can’t play at times. Or subs if we get serious. Message me on battle.net or leave a reply have fun all. My profile Tracer & Soldier Heroes I play- Mainly DPS and a few tanks Zarya & Reinhardt. Age: 31 Current SR: Only Lvl 15 on PC at the moment but high diamond on PS4 and I feel PCs game flow is much smoother then consul. So I can’t wait to play with a good team with good communication. Location- California SoCal USA Name- CDXX #battletag CDXX#11276CDXX0 1d
1d (EU) ~2700 tank main, looking for a team If you need a tank player for your team, pick me up. Dva is my bread and butter, but all the other tanks get their fair share of love. I will also do a decent job as dps or support if i have to flex a few matches. I'm only interested in an english speaking team with microphones. So! Give me a test drive, you won't regret it!CaptainBicep2 1d
1d [EU|PC] Konvict Gaming Multi-Gaming Clan Hello There. Are you in search of a community without silly expectations from its members, without any hooks or any catch? A community, which feels like home because the faces you'll see and the people you'll meet will not be a one-time encounter? An escape from all those solo queues in your Overwatch games? Then look no further because KG delivers on all of that! Our community includes many games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, PUBG and many more! Our members are coming together on the same TeamSpeak server from all across the globe. From the west coast of the USA, all the way to the middle east because we all are the same when it comes to one thing: gaming. What we can offer you are new friendships, people to group up and have fun with, coachings to improve your gameplay in most of the games our community features, events and much more. You can either play casually with a group of people or go at it in competitive, once you feel comfortable enough with the people you'll meet! Our requirements for you to join us are simple: - A working microphone and headset, - TeamSpeak³, - a minimum required age of 16, - and don't be rude or racist. You can find us under following links: - Website https://www.konvictgaming.com - Discord https://discord.gg/ausUcWK - TeamSpeak Ts.konvictgaming.com - Battle.net Social Group https://blizzard.com/invite/bGYMUwVx If I was able to interest you in our humble community and if you'd like to grow with us and join us, I'd suggest you first join TeamSpeak and talk to our moderators to gather some more information about how everything works and decide for yourself if you like us or not! For now, have a nice day and be seeing you!Morrow18 1d
1d Friendly and active game community. Hello there, and well meet! I am going to be your guide today, to tell a little about our game community discord! The server is based around loneliness, as quite a lot of young people deal with this on a daily basis, and some people find themselves without friends to play with. Some may not know how to make friends, and others suffer from the “these are not real people behind the pc screen, so we can do and ditch them whenever we want” - mentality. Our server is trying to change that, by giving a platform where there is friendly and social people. It is up to you to be a part of it. Currently we got games such as: Battlerite, Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, PUBG and Overwatch. We host small server tournaments once a week, which we also cast and stream, to those interested in watching. We are aiming to not have a discord with over 1000 people, as we like it to be more personal and for friendships to form. So if you are interested in a tightly knit community who has fun together, a general chat that can be on fire once in awhile, and a place where you can talk about anything that comes to mind, join us now! This link will take you to the servers “holding cell”. Dont fear, it is simply because we like to welcome new members. Once you have done as asked, you will get full access to the server, and thereby also see all the members. https://discord.gg/3tFs8ej We prefer that you are 18+, and you have to be respectful and friendly.Aestyra0 1d
1d Esports team luminous gaming is looking for players !!! hey i am unsafe_gaming part of luminous gaming and also setting up a overwatch team i dont want to say much only that we are looking for players that are fit with the requirements that we have . ( can be seen on the link i put in ) we hope that if your not able to reach the requirements might still have some chance cause i also need to dicuss things with my people before allowing someone to joining the team . so dont worry to much with some point for now good luck and see ya later . http://www.guilded.gg/#!AA4R5Gq8ED?ref=Pm7QzbY4unsafegaming1 1d
1d Looking for comp group. Looking for players to form a comp group with. I'm level 177 and I'm willing to play most nights. I'm a full time student so I will have to do college work most nights but I can still play most nights too.Sora0 1d
1d Top 500 XBOX, first set of placement games on pc (not bad) top 500 moved to pc gaming recently, wanna do my first set of placement games with a decent team, hoping to finish placements at diamond+ i main tracer and soldier, only looking to 6 stack if its a good teamKiiwi0 1d
1d LFG - Flex comp player - SR - 2554 Just reached Platinum with around 150 hours comp play. Looking to join any team, I can flex easily between DPS, Support, Tank (DVA tank - Soldier DPS - Moira Support) Based in Birmingham UK, 25 Years old Male.thatjoebloke4 1d
1d EU MERCY MAIN 2.9K HEADING FOR DIAMOND Microphone available Callouts etc. Battlenet: Taisume#21442 Discord: Tai#7500Taisume1 1d
1d LF teammates . 1800 - 2200 Sr . ~ ~ No Mic. 1- i have no mic :). 2- ❌ ❌ ❌1 hero player ❌ ❌ ❌ 3- English. 4- I play : Moira/D.va/Mercy/Mccree/Orisa/Lucio/Bastion/Junkrat/Reaper/ Any hero ... 5- Eu . - Slf#21554Slf0 1d
1d Looking to make 2 Sets of team for Competitive Looking to make a set of 2 teams Team 1 1890- 2200 2 DPS - you must be an aggressive damage hogger, but also have the ability to work well as a team. Team work is the key 2 Tanks - good at both offensive and defensive 2 healers - i need the best of the best. i need people that are able to keep track of health and are agile with ability to defend them self a bit. Also who can call out Team 2 2300 - 3000 2 DPS - you must be an aggressive damage hogger, but also have the ability to work well as a team. Team work is the key 2 Tanks - good at both offensive and defensive 2 healers - i need the best of the best. i need people that are able to keep track of health and are agile with ability to defend them self a bit. Also who can call out i do not need toxic people or immature people. if you are toxic please don't put your name down. also you must be willing to use discord and have a mic available To apply: Put your type of play style (DPS, Heal, Tank, Support) Name your main Character Put your battle tag here Go to this discord https://discord.gg/BnUmpBJ Message me in discord If you dont know what discord is please download and go to the discord server ill let you know if you make the cut we will do some tryouts Thank You, Please make sure you check for my reply or messageBlackViking31 1d
1d Looking for a Phara/Mercy duo for competitive Calling on Pharmercy brothas and sistas, I'm looking for a Mercy player to pocket me as Pharah, we can also reverse roles each round. Just about to get into competitive and would also like 5 other players to play the competitive gamemode with preferably with mics. Me and a group of 3 other friends also sometimes play together so two other players would complete the team.HULK0 1d
1d LF 1v1 practice Megathread Often times I have fun practicing heros in 1v1 combat. I would create a custom game and wait for players, but often times noone will join or someone joins, but has too low/high skill. But there should be a lot of players who want to do the same, right? I want this thread to be a place where people, who are looking for 1v1 practice are gathering. Just live here a comment with the following info: 1. the heros, which you want/can practice; 2. your SR; 3. your battle tag; 4. time at which you are typically want to practice. so others can friend and practice with you. Also, if you do practice, please add "1v1 practice" to your custom game name, so this became a trend and people will know that they can look for such a thing in custom games. I understand, at the moment many people don't even think that they can use custom games to practice aim and other things, which they used to be practicing with bots. So noone is even looking for such keywords -> it's hard to find a random practice partner online. Let's change this! P.S. Here are my custom game settings if you wonder: * General: ** Return to Lobby: Never. * Skirmish: ** Game mode start: Immediately ** Respawn time scalar: 0% * Maps: ** Skirmish *** Junkertown (i pick that one just because I want to learn it better)Persevere1 1d
1d Duo or Trio EU. 3600sr be not toxic My batteltag is Togs#21575Togs0 1d
1d "I think we need more people" - Okami Legion Hello there random person. We, Okami Legion, are looking for new people, especially those who play Overwatch (and Hots and some other games). Just a few days ago I realised (and our two other Leaders) that we need more people for Overwatch. Why? Well, because we lost a lot of people recently (and we don't even know why). So instead of just giving up Overwatch we decided to invite new people to our lovely clan. Of course there are some requirements our new members have to meet: -EU only -16 years or older -be friendly -Discord (maybe one day we will go back to TS3, but right now we use Discord) -... -well, actually it is just the usual stuff, don't be toxic, be nice, etc. -yes i know, this is very professional but we tried to make a serious recruitment topic, it wasn't really helpful -be female -be male -be human (or any other humanoid being that knows how to act friendly) -live in Europe (I put this here twice, because we had a lot of cases where people from other regions wanted to join us just to find out that we can't really play with them, mostly due to time differences and ping/lag) Now that you know what you have to be to join us I can show you the stuff we have: -a homepage: https://okamilegion.com -a Discord server: https://discord.gg/hAPzny7 -our own RPG (in developement and so far it looks quite nice already) -3 Leaders (one of them is me, I am very important, yes) and our own developer (or maybe it's two now since our great founder and leader #1 XaR started with coding recently) -friendly members (wow, impressive) -me -events (sadly right now with the loss of so many members we aren't doing as much as we did before, but that should change once we have enough people again) -a small community, we know each other and we have fun together -a guy called Alexini -finnish people -swedish people -belgian people -the great Alexini -people from a lot of countries in Europe Well then, feel free to join us, just use the Discord link and come to our server (the best time for that would be between 8 pm to 24 pm, that's usually the time when most of us are online). Have a nice day and I wish you luck in your games. -important links, just one more time so you can't miss them: https://discord.gg/hAPzny7 https://okamilegion.comAlexini18 1d
1d Couple Looking For Group Hi, We are 2 players from the UK hoping to team up with some peeps to teamwork with and climb from bronze. We'd like to use Mic comms if poss. We are both flexible on roles and pretty friendly. My tag is moomoojimmy#2802 and hers is heather#2800. CheersMoomoojimmy4 1d