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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
4m Looking for plat climbers and casual friends Hi all, I'm from EU, English speaking looking for a team or people to queue in ranked and normal with. I don't tilt (almost ever!), looking to climb carefully and tactfully. I'm not interested in these big communities only post if you're singly looking to make a friendship here and you're active (Every other day at least a game or two). Thank you!TiltProof5 4m
6m Looking for regular Team UK based, play most nights. Moving from XB1 where hovering around 3.2k, only recently started PC and currently around 2500, but first season on PC and haven't kicked in too many hours. Chilled, older, looking for a casual-hardcore group that won't rage, can help with further development but also push to improve too. Feel free to add and have a few casual games. Main tanks mostly (Orissa, DVA, Win), Support (Moira) and Defence (Mei).Servitude0 6m
15m Looking for duo 3k-3.4k I'm 3.2k SR (Peak: 3.5k) filling every role that is needed and i'm trying to climb with someone who has some sort of brain for the game. :^)ScaR0 15m
18m Looking for Uprising group (Legendary) I can play Rein/Mercy/ Tracer really well, add me if you're interested. (FrostyFeet#133576)FrostyFeet5 18m
26m Competitive Low Gold/ Gold [NA/SA] I need help climbing. And if I lose 1 more game I'm back in silver :( I main D.Va/Mercy but I can also do well with Moira. It's ok if you do/don't have a mic. I just need to get back up in gold!Razzor10 26m
47m Serenity Gaming Clan looking for recruits Welcome to Serenity Gaming. Serenity Gaming was created with one focus in mind...having fun. We are a mature (18+), relaxed gaming community based within the EU. Our aim is to provide a place for players of all ranks and gaming experience to enjoy a stress free environment. Overwatch is one of our main primary games with teams being built and friends being made each day. Our other games include but are not limited to. Heroes of the storm, Player unknown battlegrounds, and Fortnite. We are currently looking for all types of players from casual to low and high competitive players. Feel free to join us or apply on https://discord.gg/2zmWX9K Come laugh with us on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGEEQsjlBxK8UQ2XUelbQSg Watch us on http://twitch.tv/smidgey87 Or add us and chat to the admin's below; Ryu#22186 Reef86#3129 Jonnyandwot#2261 Jxckaroo#2329 K1NKYN1NJA#2760 See you on the battleground! Yours faithfully, Serenity Gaming.Ryu161 47m
1h Creating group/team around diamond lvl. If you are very communicative and are looking for nice and fun guys to group with then add me and we'll do a few matches to see how it goes. Unkt#21356Unkt0 1h
1h I am looking for people to queue up with in competitive[EU] I realized that the current status of yolo q is just total mayhem trolls throwers and smurfs is the only thing I see there and I am getting really tired of these smurfs in my team one tricking one hero and then being completely useless, so I am looking for people to play with. My SR is currently 3181 If you are interested and you have atleast over 3000 SR and you can play multiple heroes add me: Exit#2483Exit1 1h
2h [EU PC] 2500 SR player lft Looking for a mature team/place to play with people. I am 30 years old so would prefer older guys/gals to play with. I play any class. Only looking for competitive match groups. Thanks :)potty0 2h
2h Gold PC/EU for comp (road to plat) Hello there, looking for friends to play comp with me, I'm aiming to get plat before season ends! Currently I am 2003, season high 2126. Had a bad comp night yesterday sadly. At most I got +60p when winning a game a few nights ago! Hmu buddies. Ask me anything I should've mentioned.Supermummo0 2h
3h Scrim - [23/04/2018] | [3k~3k3] | [6.00 PM] {CET} Need Scrim EU/FR - [23/04/2018] | [3k~3k3] | [6.00 PM] {CET} DM's opensEclipzzz0 3h
4h [EU/Platinum/Reaper] Need a pocket MERCY Looking for a Mercy main to pocket me with Damage Boost as Reaper. I can carry you. Add me: EZREKT#11317EZREKT3 4h
4h [2600-3000] Looking for other friendly players Hey! I am a 31 years old german guy. I mainly play tracer but I consider myself a quite flexible player when it comes to heropool. Though I played the game on and off since release, I just started investing more time into it about 2 seasons ago. I usually play every day and watch all the OWL matches. I played CS (the old one) for a long time and also when I played CS:GO later and i always had friends or a clan/team to play with. In Overwatch there is only one friend I have that plays with me a lot, and in my opinion, he isn't a very good player and more importantly lacks the drive to improve. As I get quite competitive in games like this, I feel he holds me down because I play with him a lot. So here I am looking for people to play with. I don't mind if you're one person or a team, just feel free to contact me: pNdo#2957pNdo3 4h
4h Gold/Platium Looking for Team (Flex) Hey, I am a Flex player on the EU server for overwatch that is looking for an team, you can see some of my widow and Junkrat skills here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ4GF_CMOCk Widowmaker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0twx5QaQKO0 Junkrat this post is for my smurf account, I have one on Master but I wanna carry this one up and I dont wanna play alone. Discord: Blue#9662 Bnet: DragonLord#21738DragonLord0 4h
4h [EU] FirstBlooD is recruiting! Stay awhile and listen... https://youtu.be/NPE1t3TLaMU I bid thee welcome, stranger. I'm Gene and I'm one of the founding Leaders of FirstBlooD, and I'm honored to present to you our creation! Our community is bound by two simple principles - healthy competition and rivalship, followed by a desire to have some great time together. We're still working on a few nuances, such as bots for the Discord server. That being told, we're always eager to listen to your feedback! Wonder what we're looking for? We're looking for players of old and new to join our lovely crew. Whether you're looking for competitve experience or a quick round of team deathmatch, we're certain you'll find your place amongst us! Our goal is to promote a friendly and welcoming gaming enviroment, so if you show any traits going against said goal, you might be better off for yourself. There is no rank requirement, as we believe everyone can improve or deserve to have fun with fellow clanmates. Requirements you are obliged to meet 1. You must be 16 or older to join our community. 2. You must speak English. 3. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise. 4. A working microphone. 5. Do. Not. Be. Toxic. To get started, join the server! ... For general inquiries Discord ... Gene signing off!PANZERWAGEN25 4h
5h Uprising/Retribution Legendary Looking for people, a little skill is favorable but devotion is required kuro#2857Kuro6 5h
5h comp we need 4 more guys sr 2000+ eu add me WE ARE PLANING 2 join a match in comp then we will ask the enemy team if they could win but we could get asmany kill as we want toAxelino1 5h
6h DMG Inc. Recruiting! Hi there, if you are reading this you are clearly interested in a clan. So let me tell you something about DI (Damage Incorporated). We have over 18+ games and 1000+ people within DI atm. We are strict about activity on the website/teamspeak but nothing else (Ofc dont be toxic). We have a competitive team with a standard roster: 2-2-2 or 2-3-1. We use teamspeak to communicate and sometimes in game chat. We like to play mostly competitive but also alot of arcade. If you are interested check out: The site: https://di.community/ Our teamspeak: ts.dmg-inc.com Or my blizzard: Takosu#21290Takosu1 6h
13h Looking peeps for qp/arcade mayb comp Looking peeps for qp/arcade mayb comp with discord to chit chat and have some fun together. :3 Blythee#21256Blythee6 13h
14h New team for silver players wanting to get out of silver! Setting up a new team for those stuck in Silver wanting to get out of it. Looking for players who are SR 1700 - 1900 who have good aim and have characters they can play and play well. You must have a good understanding of team compositions and must disclose your available hours to help set up time that the team can effectively play Overwatch without being in the situation where we are short people and have to deal with a randomer. Must be English speaking and have a good attitude to the game and be generally pleasant to talk to. This includes not tilting and becoming toxic if the game isn't going well. It happens to all of us. This is in Europe Server If you're interested please message me on Battle Net NickRen#21339 or Discord Nick_Ren#6959.NickRen0 14h
14h Brand New PC Player I got the game a little less than two days ago and am only level 3. I was wondering if any other complete noob players like myself would like to team up and play?Mighty3 14h
14h Crispy Esports need a tank! we are searching for another tank main requirements - tank main - atleest 2400+ sr - mic - EU -active if you are interested join: https://discord.gg/eFHJae3wgrefve1 14h
15h [EU] Looking for a community? Check us! [Okami Legion] Hello there! Looking for a community? Then sit tight! You may have found a new home ;)! So what about Okami Legion? We're a place for people that love to hang around and play together whenever we want (mostly at the evening!). Currently we're focusing on quality, to get more amazing players! While having a stable amount of people for Overwatch, we are still looking for more. Seeking to create more great moments, we'll need you to join us! Okami Legion is more then what the eye meets. Really! Take a look at how we roll and discover how much fun a community like us can be! So, why exactly would I join? Because we say so! I mean, there are valid reasons ;). Find yourself a nice home with us. Meet new people and help us grow! We customize our community by turning members into something special. Also to mention, we have our very own customized Discordbot who can talk back to you (Sakebot)! There are a lot of things you can find with us. Why not taking part of this adventure and find out? We'll be waiting! Do you even have some requirements? Sure we do! Be respectful, etc etc, and have a mature age (at least 16, preferably). We're playing all modes in Overwatch in case you might wonder! Hoping to meet ya in a flash! Discord: https://discord.gg/hAPzny7 Website: https://OkamiLegion.com/XaR22 15h
15h The Nexus Forge - [Community] EVERYONE welcome! Now I know what you think.... another of these gaming communities... seriously... what are you thinking. Well we are not your average community and i'm to gain your interest in joining us and meeting some wonderful people along the way. Well met stranger, and thank you for stumbling onto my post. My name is Jackster and i'm the founder of The Nexus Forge. WHAT IS YOUR COMMUNITY ABOUT ?!? Good question, we are a community dedicated to supporting the small creators of the world from your Streamers to YouTubers. We want to create a platform where people can support one another and discover people that you would never have found otherwise. We also aim to have groups going for a lot of popular games such as Overwatch, League of Legends and many others. ARE THERE ANY REQUIREMENTS ?!? The only requirements are to be a gamer and bring a positive attitude. We accept any region.WHERE DO I JOIN ?!? Well all you need to do is join our Discord Server which is linked at the bottom of this post. When you join feel free to introduce yourself in our #introductions channel or even share your streams, videos and more.. => Discord Link : https://discordapp.com/invite/s8EyFAJ For any Inquires please message Jackster (myself) on Discord, please message me saying that your asking about The Nexus Forge, so I do not miss you <3 @ Jackster#7513 [DISCORD]Jackster3 15h
15h Looking for Casual Friends/Players Hey all, as the title says, i'm looking for casual friends to play with in QP, arcade and Uprising/Retribution. I don't mind which game mode as long as it's not competitive. I play in EU server. Anyone is welcome, just please don't be toxic. I don't use a microphone, but i do chat a lot in-game. If i'm already in a group, don't hesitate to ask me if you want to join, if there's group space then you're more than welcome to join. One last thing to mention, i'm not into discord communities. Here's my Battletag: Lydon#21712Lydon0 15h
16h [EU][High Masters/GM] Creating a team for tournaments/pugs We are three competitive players who want to create an team. Rainman#2753 Skill tier: Mid to high masters in seasons 2-9, peak 4051 SR Role: Hitscan DPS, main tank/flex Renaissance#2761 Skill tier: GM to top500 in seasons 1-9, peak 4501 SR Role: Flex support Daruma#21717 Skill tier: GM to top500 in seasons 1-9, peak 4465 SR Role: Genji, Winston, Roadhog For this purpose we are looking for players about the same SR, to compete at tournaments such as Overwatch Open Division and play PUGs. Your role does not matter too much, because the team is just forming and we can experiment what works best. To contact me you can add me on Battle-net, Facebook or VK. Rainman#2753 https://www.facebook.com/m4dbr3w https://vk.com/m4dbr3wRainman2 16h
16h EU Silver friends for comp? ( or higher ) I'm 1790p myself at the moment, I only play comp with my friends, so I guess I could be gold already.. Anyway, my friends cannot play as often as I can and I'm getting lonely. I main Moira, can also do Pharah, Mercy and Ana. I guess I'm decent with Dva. I play on EU, hmu silvers or higher! I'm a bit shy female with voice but I'll manage after some time..Supermummo5 16h
17h AOD is looking for people AOD is looking for people who just want to enjoy their time playing Overwatch, both casual and professionally! We are a very old clan and have a lot of members you can queue up with. We're all mature and friendly and I can tell you, its really great to play with a group of people who support each other and never swear or rage. What do we offer: A very active clan, where you'll always find people to queue for normal or competitive games Friendly people, who remain calm and never swear or flame We have a professional team for the more serious players We offer coaching to those who want to improve! A large teamspeak with 400 slots, that often gets quite full every day due to the awesome and active players we have A great added bonus is that AOD supports multiple thriving games (pubg/bdo/ark/wow/wows and many more) so if you ever feel like playing a different game it's very easy to quickly find some equally friendly people to play with! The only thing we ask in return is that you are friendly, use teamspeak and that you're at least 16 or older. If this sounds like your cup of tea you can sign up here: https://www.clanaod.net/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=54 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in this topic or send me a pm (I'm also on the overwatch discord). I hope to see some of you soon!forcie2 17h
17h Just chill Just looking for some to play with. Comp, arcade, qp don't really care. Just chill. If comp i haven't finished my placements yet but is normally gold and I'm a flex player and play whatever the team needs. Just don't be under 15 years old. Join for some relaxed games ;)ItsInTheBag4 17h
17h Looking peeps for qp/arcade mayb comp Looking peeps for qp/arcade mayb comp with discord to chit chat and have some fun together.Blythee1 17h
17h Someone to play with me. So I have played this game on ps4 and reached gold but I dont even know how that happed since i dont know much about this game, so Im playing on pc now and looking for some new to game players so we can learn how to play overwatch together. my battletag:KoreanSubway#2369 additional info: im lvl 19 well Im 16 but the age doesn't matter . preferred language is English. please send help this game is boring on my own.KoreanSubway1 17h
17h [EU] LF mercy <3 I wanna find my second half to fly or run with her, which will focus me on healing/boost damage and which can play with me almost every day in the all mods(qp, arcades, comp). I dont care about your level, skill, sr, gender, age and etc untill you will play with me as mercy and focus me on healing/damage boost <3 About me: I'm Abhai, 21yo, main pharah/soldier, usually play every day in the range 8pm-11pm in my time(+3 GMT), have microphone, use discord for communication, talkative so I wanna see it from you as well because it's hard for me to play with silent people :/ If you are interested then feel free add me and make sure to let me know that you are from this post. Abhai#21529 P.S. I didn't speak english for a long time so gotta get used to it again :DAbhai4 17h
17h Retrubition Legendary Hello I've done all event achievements except retrubition legendary I can use some help I need at least 2 teammates I know its strategy already but cant do it with randoms :I Add me : Tojx#21843Tojx0 17h
17h Diamond team looking for a tank Hey! Our team is looking for a Tank in Diamond (around 3000 SR). We play competitive together and try to improve and just have fun, its not a team for tournaments, we just want to enjoy the game :) We need a Tank main, who can also play decent DPS if needed (the 3 dps, tank and 2 support situations) Someone who mains Zarya (mainly) and DVa and can play Orisa/Roadhog You need Discord and a good mic, and know how to communicate with your team. We want to practice around 4 times a week around 8pm-10pm (GMT +1) If you think you would fit in our team and you are willing to improve then leave your battletag belowEnormousPeen6 17h
17h Nederlands eSports-team zoekt spelers Voor de GN Rebels zijn we op zoek naar nieuwe teams! Ben jij zelf een Overwatch-speler of ken je iemand die geïnteresseerd zou zijn in een team, laat het ons hieronder weten! Als Rebels-speler krijg je natuurlijk een aantal vette perks: - Toegang tot The Party in Eindhoven en The Reality in Assen (waar je met je team speelt) - Vereeuwiging op de GN Rebels plaatjes (soort voetbalplaatjes) - GN Rebel-dagen waar je met de community van GN gaat gamen - Je eigen jersey van de GN Rebels Laat ons dus hieronder weten waarom je lid wilt worden van de GN Rebels. Laat daarbij wel even weten waarom je dat wilt en ook je rang is van belang. Het is ook mogelijk een heel team aan te melden, zolang de voertaal Nederlands is. Kijk ook gerust even op www.gamersnet.nl/rebels! Tot snel! PeterCoppersan7 17h
17h Looking for a TEAM (DPS player)2.8k-3.3k DPS player looking for a team. (I am not looking for a Discord server for groups, i'm specifically looking for a team to join) My rank is currently 2894. Peaked 3338. Age: 29 Location: London Comms: Discord Teams: Everlasting EU team- ESL???? Role: Tracer/Soldier Availability: 4 days of the week. Battle.net tag: TheDark#21905 Add me if interested.ThedarK0 17h
18h looking for players to achieve Legendary Retribution Hello everyone !!! I'm looking for people who want to achieve the Legendary mode for Retribution. If you have already done it, your help will be very appreciated ! Thank you in advance !LdB0 18h
19h Forge - A Discord Server! Hello fellow Heroes! Forge is a discord server created to help fellow overwatch players make friends, group up, and avoid the solo queue! Whether you enjoy Competitive, quickplay, or arcade, there's a place for everyone! Everyone is sorted by rank, and which hero(es) they main, so finding players with a similar rank and synergy is simple! We're primarily NA based, however, we're building a community of EU players as well, and having EU players try playing on NA servers while dealing with high latency is NOT enjoyable! So, that is why I am here, looking for EU players that want to join us! Our EU community is small right now, but steadily growing. The discord server is just over a week old, but we already have an active playerbase of over 100 people. We are currently building Open Division teams, and need people to fill our rosters! Feel free to hop in and check us out! https:// discord.gg/5r6sbSc (remove the space in between // and discord.) Happy gaming! -JellyJellytime6 19h
19h Looking for people qp, arcade and so on we (2 players) are looking for people with discord to play with (qp, arcade etc) (europe) We dont really care how good you are as long you can behave like a normal human being. c: SaltyKitty#21163SaltyKitty7 19h
19h LF players for Uprising All Heroes (legendary) Pretty self-explanatory. Need adequate people for this mode, who won't pick Widow, Hanzo, Briggite, Moira, etc. Aiming for leaderboard, please answer.Sykes0 19h
19h looking for players just looking for people to play with to make overwatch a bit more bearable i mainly play dva or moira but i will fill join my discord https://discord.gg/PvCJA8q or add me bobmarkley96#2385bobmarkley9623 19h
20h Eximius 6 teams LFM Hello! We are a small group of five competitive teams only of platinum/diamond, Low diamond, mid diamond, master and high diamond/low master. We are looking to fill our main roster and sub teams, who can commit time and effort to improve and enjoy the game. We are using discord as a main communication tool, the ONLY way to join in the team, is by adding me and I will invite you for a 5-10 min interview where I will inform you some important information, and I will be asking a few questions. Looking for only dedicated players, who can commit to improve their mechanical and tactical skill. Accept criticism, and willing to do your own research to improve, apart from the coaches available in the group. 1st team Mid diamond (Team Unseen) what we need: - 1 MT or OT(main roster) - 1 off support(sub) From next season we are moving to 4 days a week comp/scrim/tournament) as we want to attend tournaments and we want to have enough players for all the 4 nights. 2nd team Mid-Diamond (H@cked) what we need: - FUll 3rd team Master (Nuka Quantum) what we need: - Full 4th team Low diamond team(Toxic!ty) what we need - Full 5th team High diamond/low master(Checkmate) team what we need: - Full 6th Team Diamond team what we need: - 1 Off tank Our aim for this season: - Build a team chemistry - Do scrims once a week - Build a fun and competitive environment - Assist coach matter for players or team in need - Build several competitive teams in this group What we need from you: - Be able to play Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:00 PM Dk/Ger time and the schedule for each team will be different, so contact me for more info - Have Discord in order to keep in touch with the team training schedule, changes or cancelling - Have patience to develop team chemistry - 18+ age - Commitment to play as a team qp/custom game - Show commitment - Be vocal on comms - Able to learn +2 heroes from the same role If you want to have a chat before joining any team or for more information, feel free to add me Stonehelm#2137.Stonehelm0 20h
20h Looking for people to 6 stack with for next season. Hi,I'm looking for people who want to 6 stack next season. My sr currently is 2129 but my high is around 2151. I can play Genji,Junk,Rein,Road,Winston and Dva. I suck at playing healer though. If you would like to add me, Add Maui#11264 on PC. I play on NA by the way.Maui0 20h
20h Looking for a scrim team My team is having tryouts later today and we want them to fight against a team that will give them a challenge. We really want to see how well our players would do, so if your team is willing to give us that challenge, please message us! - Please be a diamond 3k - 3.5k team Message us at Salt#11250 or jmWarrior13583#0023Salt0 20h
20h It's Never Game Over! A Discord server for Blizzard Gamers! Hello! We are a friendly group comprised of forumers and Blizzard game enthusiasts looking for more pals to play with! We use Discord as our primary means of communication and extend a hand to have you join our group. If you’re shy, no problem – we primarily use text to talk with eachother. We do of course have voice channels to group up for activities and games. Come drop by and check us out! https://discord.gg/YkVA4bgSammyKnight8 20h
20h LF duoq partner (gold elo) looking for duoq partner to play with ,I can speak both english and italian I play mostly reaper but i can also fill.MrFaith420 20h
21h {EU} Main heal search team for the Open Division Hello, i am a french man (but i speak english :p) and i try to find a team to participate to The Open division. I get my master rank last season and i am now ranked 3k8 . i can play : Sombra (very good) i think she is fine with the new meta lucio+sombra on 2 CP and some eventuals maps Ana (very good) Zen (good) Mercy (good) add me : Tokyo#21962 :p see u soon guysTokyo1 21h
23h Looking for ARCADE players A friend and I are trying to get our Retribution and Uprising achievments and we keep running into players that throw the game... We already got Retribution hard, we are trying to work on Uprising hard but we always run into someone who throws the game, be it battle mercys, reins that dont use barrier, tracers that literally run around doing no damage to detonators or bastions... We are level +250 In Retribution I main Moira and she's a flex (prefers Reaper), so we are looking to get the rest of difficulties. In Uprising we are completely flex, right now we are doing Rein-Mercy so we would be looking for a decent Tracer, but can play anything honestly. Battletag is Taeyong#2292, EU server, we both can go on voicechat. Thankies~!Taeyong0 23h
23h Low ranked ? Looking for players ? Sometimes it seems difficult to find likeminded people that play OW for fun and are non toxic. It actualy is easy, but it requires some action from you ! Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/VmqdZtq Once there, join the voice channels. People could allready be playing, you can join them, or, if nobody is playing yet, join one of the voice channels and wait for people to join you. Thats all it takes to find people in your rank and have a fun time playing together with others ! There are over 400 people on our Discord, all with the intention to find others to play with. The only requirement is that you are not toxic, not even against the opposing team. We have players from all ranks. If you are playing for fun, fine, if you want to rank up, we even have live and video coaching and GrandMaster and (previous) top 500 players helping out the lower ranked players. We also have a website that you can visit to check out previously made video's by our members. www.playow.eu All ranks are welcome ! For fun or Comp ! Greetings and hope to see you there.NachtWacht21 23h