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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
34m Anyone want to get their first star with me? Hey! If you want to reach level 101 and achieve your first star, then we have something in common. I don't plan on comp because this season literally sucks. Don't even get me started lol. Consecutive Quick Play matches or total mayhem games is what I'll be doin with ya! I am currently level 87 so if you're not too far above my level or not to low from my level then just comment here if you're interested and add me, so I know that what ffriend requests i should accept.Hades1 34m
36m 2200 PC EU I'm Currently 2200 SR and looking to climb. Online between 11-11 GMT. Feel free to add - NoFoxGiven#2306 I do have a mic :DNoFoxGiven1 36m
1h =ENG= Clan are recruiting! England Clan is a Mature group of like-minded gamer's established in 2006. Well established in competitive gaming for many years. We are Actively recruiting for Overwatch for social and competitive play. We currently have 2 active comp Teams. One placed at 2700+ Another placed 3600+ Would like to add a third and forth.......... We have players from 1000SR - 4200SR. ENG also welcomes all players and casual Quick players alike to join us in the call for heroes!! We have around 50 - 60 members that play Overwatch and we are looking for more players to come and join us for some fun games in a fun community. All newcomers are welcome so why not check out our website (www.england-clan.co.uk) or jump on our Teamspeak and join us for a game or two while we all share some fun and banter. Teamspeak : ts.england-clan.co.uk Website : www.england-clan.co.uk/overwatch Contact : Jubbster#1691 We also have members playing other games such as BF1, Battlegrounds, GTA 5 and many more. Just join our Team speak or answer this post so we can add you. Most of our players are in there late 20's 30's and 40's . Over 18's only. Thats our main rule.Jubbster109 1h
1h Looking for Plat/Diamond players Hi everybody, I'm a support/tank/dps main and I'm looking for someone to duo with, my actual rank is plat 2500sr If interested add me: Lixan#21980Lixan2 1h
3h Spinal Respawn Gaming Community [Recruiting] ------------------------ SPINAL RESPAWN GAMING COMMUNITY ------------------------- We are a new, upcoming Multi-Gaming Community which has been around for only two months. We are mostly made out of veterans from other communities who have banded together slowly over time to form and develop a new community together that follows the ideals and principles of what makes a good community. We are here to help recruit and promote our community, and compete against the other communities who are focusing their time and energy in Overwatch. We're currently trying to build our discord into a thriving community of peoples from every country and in every game. ----------------------------------- HOW DO I JOIN? ----------------------------------- Simple! Just join our discord: https://discord.gg/JhZXbZk Everyone and anyone is allowed on! come join to chat or play games with others!Legiaaa18 3h
3h Comp duo/group Looking for comp group/duo. Tired of solo comping. SR 2000+/- Felex #2304Felex4 3h
3h Looking for High silver-low gold Need someone to que with I'm high silverMikeyMoose1 3h
3h Want To Make New Gaming Buddy Basically ive played PC for a while now but never had any friends to play with. I now want to find someone i can play with everyday and become internet best friends with. i play alot of games like h1z1, battlefield, dead by daylight, rainbow six siege and much more but at the moment i play Overwatch mostly. (im in silver with 1489 and want to level up) Im also open to get any other games to play :) Im 17 years old, I play everyday so want to find someone who will preferably play everyday. And i also speak only English, It doesn't matter if we are in different time zones as im on frequently everyday for many hours of the day. when im not playing pc, im playing basketball or skateboarding. My battletag is Jenson#21915 And discord is Jenson#4257. If you add me on either of these just say you saw my post on here so i know how you found me aha. So yeah, thank you, really hope i can find a new best friend :)Jenson1 3h
3h [EU] High gold - Low plat Looking for someone to duo queue with who isn't toxic and doesn't tilt as soon as things start going wrong. I've become a healer main because nobody else ever wants to so been playing a lot of zen but am comfortable playing the other healers too. Also been playing Dva whenever I get a chance and can flex to Mccree and Pharah if needed. Add Grizlee#21130 if you're interested in playing!Grizlee1 3h
3h Looking for clan Looking for a clan! Im looking for a clan i can play in like tournaments with etc., If i can join your clan (or get an interview) my skype is Dedobedo123 (Dont judge, i was 10 when i made it) Thanks on beforehand.Fillefjonka1 3h
5h Looking for clan Looking for clan! Im looking for a clan i can play with in etc tournaments and more, If i can join your clan or get interviewed, Talk with me on Skype my name is Dedobedo123 (dont judge the name, i was like 10 when i made it xD)Thanks on beforehand.Fillefjonka0 5h
5h Comp play Looking for 1950-2300 players comp! Lets rank up together ez. Add me LoL1x123#2471LoL1X1233 5h
5h Looking for team 2500+ Me ( 2300 unfortunatelly) main (this season) zen,winston,soldier,reaper,zarya, and my friend (2700) are looking for mature, friendly players to play comp games. Our goal is to gain at least 3000+. If u interested write and im sure we will play together! My tag: GRIMMLGPRO#2374GrimMLGPRO2 5h
5h new to PC overwatch and want friends? converting to PC! wanting chill funny meme people to play with, totally new to PC but played a lot of overwatch on xbox, plz be bonelessYonder7 5h
5h Lvl 324 Looking for QP Buddies Im looking for some buddies to play qp with, preferably if you had a mic. Im in American servers and my battletag is Evxrett#1611 KDR (avg) - 2.75 Silver - (1947) I dot have a set main but I usually will play Junkrat, Genji, or MercyEvxrett1 5h
5h Looking for gaming buddies Heya, I'm a 21 year old female from the UK, looking for some people to play with. Open to casual or competitive. I'm around the 1800 mark right now and would love to get higher. My add is Eternity#22495Eternity9 5h
5h Creating pro team. To join: Post the following: 1. BNet Tag 2. Current SR 3. What do you main? (From all 4 of the groups)(Dps,Heals,etc) 4. Age? GL :) Must be EUSerMuffFluff2 5h
5h Gold comp Currently gold at 2200+ was plat last season and want to get back looking for people with mics to play comp with.Ishiibby8 5h
5h gold players to climb the ladder Hey, I'm looking for people to play competitive who are above 2000+ SR. I have lost many games due to teams not bothering and giving up after the first point so i'm trying to find some people who are willing to try and have fun. I am currently on about 2200 SR. Hit me up if interested.. Strakk#21748Strakk4 5h
5h LF competitive friends Hey all, Doc here. I'm looking for some friends to play competitive with. Got platinum (2551 SR) from my 10 placement games, and have had bad luck ever since and tanked down to 2200. I'm not an elitist; however, I do like to win (don't we all?). You don't have to be amazing, I'm just looking for people with mics and good teamwork and communication to make the experience in competitive play more enjoyable. I'm pretty good with Lucio and Mercy. I'd say in competitive, I've had the most success as Lucio. I can also play soldier, Reaper, D Va, and Pharah from time to time. I'm working on getting better at Rein and Winston as well. If you have the same mindset, hit me up. Please be able to speak fluent and clear English. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon! Doc#1925Doc1 5h
5h Looking for a Discord/Teamspeak Looking for a Clan. I'd like to join a Teamspeak or Discord clan which plays tournaments etc. I'd like to improve alot. Currently 2800SR. Season high is 3100SR. I main tank this season but have previously mained healer before. Please comment below :)Allania2 5h
5h Looking for Overwatch friends... Please... So.... Ive recently hopped on the overwatch train after being told even since its release that it's a god like game. Ive been playing for about a week now, I'm LVL 26 or 27, and after playing all the way through quick play and now comp I'm starting to wish I had some friends to enjoy the game with. Everyone I know that has it is a console gamer, so there is no helping myself on that end and I'd rather not play console. I am warning you now for those players looking for someone who is amazing with a mouse and keyboard I'm by no means the worlds best player. I can be a fairly average/above average from time to time, due to the fact that I have general knowledge of fps games and I am not a complete scrub. BUT! Up until overwatch Ive mainly played a lot of shooters on console so I don't have the years of experience with dealing with things like tracking and the finger play that goes into movement and using abilities on keyboard. So basically what I'm saying is, I need a group of friends who are down to be level headed human beings and just want to play, have fun, and help me get better for competitive. I honestly love competitive and would like to do it more, but I just need the help is all. I generally binge play from time to time outside of working which is about 18 hours a week. Especially since school is down due to summer, so I'm usually always down to play. [TL;DR] I need friends who are cool and wanna play overwatch... My tag is Deku#12441 if anyone is interested, and thank you to those who read all that. It was a bit much...Deku5 5h
5h Peanut needs OW friends And irl friends, but thats a different forum. Add me if you want to play some comp ; ) Peanut#12694Peanut2 5h
5h Trying to get out of gold Solo que is so bad i need a person 2000sr+Bullet8 5h
8h Looking for high Bronze players. I'm 1383 SR right now. Career high is 1700-1800~ Anyone wanna join me?MegathekidBZ3 8h
8h Looking for Group to run with I just got the game over the weekend and im loving it. I do notice the lack of teamwork in games but its to be expected running solo. I just hit lvl 25 and was hoping to be able to get in with a group of people to play some comp. Im still learning and have been using lucio mostly since i notice healer is usually missing when i play. im Capitrucho#1191CAPITRUCHO2 8h
8h Looking for party or duo 3500+ Looking for party or duo to play in masters. That is my smurf account, my main here: https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/senn-2796 So, I'm 22 sombra main. my peak is 3964, currently I'm at mid masters. One of my best hero is also Symmetra. Im fine with tracer, pharah and mercy. And Im looking for some dps mains preferably, or whatever. senn#2796sennx2 8h
8h new friend hey im cole am 13 and i play alot i live in canada im 2100sr i love to play comp add me Exo#11634Exo2 8h
8h Need a team in 1600-2000+ Hi guys , I m playing with a friend and we kindda need 4 more guys (microphone prefered) so we can rank up ... cause most of the guys in silver-gold are so bad sometimes... btw massage me so we can play if u want deVID1#21127deVID13 8h
8h Mercy Main currently Bronze Hey I am decent mercy main start playing comp currently sitting in bronze what a team to comp with and climb with I am on eu servers.Furkessar2 8h
17h Looking For New Best Friend. Basically ive played PC for a while now but never had any friends to play with. I now want to find someone i can play with everyday and become internet best friends with. i play alot of games like h1z1, battlefield, dead by daylight, rainbow six siege and much more but at the moment i play Overwatch mostly. (im in silver and want to level up) Im also open to get any other games to play :) Im 17 years old just finished school and am in uk time zone so thats GMT. I play everyday so want to find someone who will preferably play everyday. And i also speak only English, but im going to start to learn Japanese in the near future. It doesn't matter if were in different time zones as im on frequently everyday for many hours of the day. when im not playing pc, im playing basketball or doing skateboarding. So yeah, thank you, really hope i can find a new best friend :)Jenson8 17h
20h comp looking for a team 2000sr+Exo0 20h
20h LFG, get out of gold. Hi, Looking for players, Duo/trio rank up.DodGe9 20h
22h dd main LF non toxic group, SR 2200-2300 currently dd main ( pharah, reaper mostly ) looking for non toxic group that wants to play for improvement. i am at round 2200 elo with 2306 peak. Mic preferedJeruTD3 22h
1d LF pocket mercy for duo(1200+) Hey there. Looking for pocket mercy for my alt account where I'm gold(2100rn). Preferably if you will be about 1200-2000sr. I play on EU server and every day. Add me if you are interested ImNotSmurf#21235Abhai5 1d
1d I'm top 100 for Mei (link in description). https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/Soomro-1576?mode=competitive Looking for a reliable, consistent team to practice and play with. I also main Rein and MercySoomro5 1d
1d I'm top 100 for Mei (link in description), LFT https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/Soomro-1576?mode=competitive Looking for a reliable, consistent team to practice and play with. I also main Rein and MercySoomro1 1d
1d Looking for team Tank/healer main looking for team 2000 srvolkan0 1d
1d Looking for team 1970 sr tank/healer main looking for team to play withvolkan0 1d
1d looking for buddies to play with! silvers 1600-2000 ! looking for buddies to play with! silvers 1600-2000 ! i need to rank up and you guys surly need too! come over!RainCloudv63 1d
1d Smurf looking for other smurfs to do comp with. Hi I am Max my other account is placed in high diamond looking for someon to duo queue with. I am currently level 10.ShadowStorm3 1d
1d Bulgarian players Hey, guys/gals, I am looking for players from Bulgaria to play with. forregs #2569forregs13 1d
1d Looking for (EU) comp people(Gold) Hi. From Norway. novaflipps#2627. Im gold atm, rs1928-2076. Want to comp. Main is Lucio. play some d'va, orisa and zenyatta. Mic is a must, discord,ts whatever. Teamplay is the key!Novaflipps3 1d
1d My goal: Master (Yeah right, a man need a dream) Hey there, You are tired of trolls/leavers/toxic people in competitive? You don't tilt easily? You are a flexible player that can play more than one heroe? You are confident in your mechanical skill and game awareness to believe you should be higher than plat? You speak english enough to communicate in game via voice chat? You are hell tired of Blizzard not doing anything to clean-up the comp mess that we currently are in? You don't have 50hours per week to grind your way through ranks? Then you are most likely like me. What do you say we team up to get out of here and see until where we can go up? I'm not trying to build a team or anything, I am looking for people that play competitive to have good matches and win more than loose obviously. If you think the same, let's meet up for some quick play to see if we have similar view of the game, and if it works, let's get some SR back from this broken competitive mode. Leave your battletag I will add you ingame. About me: Battletag: Eharion#2456 Availability: I mainly play from 7pm to 11pm GMT+1 during weeks days and sometimes on week-ends Main: DPS but I can easily support or tank Heroes: Any heroe but Sombra/Genji/Rein/Symmetra Com: Ingame voice chat/Battlenet/Discord Cheers.Eharion1 1d
1d [EU] 2200-2600 SR Looking for support Hey there, Argonaut here. My friends and I are looking for a support main out there to help us in ranked. We are determined to climb the ranks. If you want to play with us add me: Argonaut#21230. You need to know english well and have a mic, willingness to cooperate and climb.Argonaut7 1d
1d LOOKING FOR 2 HEALERS AND 2 TANKS Hey, I already have a friend in this team and our SR is 1100. I've lost 500+ SR from an endless losing streak. I hope to change that now. My friend and I can honestly play anything but we play DPS a lot. savageoni#1583savageoni1 1d
1d Looking for 2 tanks + 2 DPS [EU] SR: Platinum Hello, trying to keep it brief. Objective: Get us plat people to diamond. What we have: me as ana main One is healer main, knows healers only (was diamond) One is Dva/winston main One is genji/dvaLooking for (*please don't tell me you know everything#): 2 competent tanks that are able to cover all the tank roles 1 competent hitscan DPS 1 competent hitscan DPSWe will take more so if some of us are not here, you guys can play together, also you must have discord, so we can organise together. Just add me and we will have a talk and play together. If we work together well, we good and I want to emphasise "work", because you could be really good, but our playstyle does not match. Blizzard name: noodlegod#21611 PS: just add me, don't bother posting, because I might not see it. Good luck!noodlegod5 1d
1d Ana main [2300 SR, Gold, lvl 270] EU Hey guys, Ana main here looking for partner(s). EU, stuck between 2270-2370 SR, looking for a group (team size flexible, from duo, to a full premade group) -About Me: Ana main, 38 hours with her. 2nd main Mccre, 18 hours. i can play Mercy and Lucio aw if needed (Symmetra on maps where shes good). From tanks im comfortable with Rein, Winston and Orisa, maybe even Zarya -person/people im looking for: Mainly: Genji, Reinhardt mains, maybe even Winston and Soldier Good with: Reaper and Mccre Can go with: if u play it really well, maybe even Bastion. -Goals: minimal goal is to reach Platinum, optimal is Diamond, of course if we could reach diamond i would like to try to go for the GM. Looking forward for responses...MamaAmari11 1d
1d Looking for a solid team (microphone preferred) I am looking for a team to play competitive with and climb out of silver, I am currently at 1200SR Hit me up! Baconorama#1934Baconorama19 1d