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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
45m Master searching for players ♥ Heya i am getting tired of solo-queuing. xx I main Ana & Zarya and all supports, I also play Tank sometimes. (3500 sr) And ofc Mercy cus every Girl does it right ? ;) I love to play DPS in qp but i am to shy to try it in ranked >-< So if you are Master and want to rank up like me feel free to add me Linchen#22347 ! I also have a mic so you can communicate with me. :D (I am using Ts³, Discord and ingame voice chat) Bye ♥Linchen11 45m
46m [EU][PC] 2200 SR, looking for Mercy main (mostly) 2200 SR, level 344, I'm the best at Pharah and looking for a strong Pharmercy combo but I'm flex and I can play anyone. xTrapped#2692, sick of solo que, hit me upxTrapped3 46m
1h Average Players Wanted Quickplay times Sun., Mon, and Tues. 7:00 est. Not ready for competition. I'm a Reinhardt main. I also play Mercy, Junkrat and Genji. Adults only. Must have common sense. If interested, add me - Reckless#12604Reckless0 1h
3h 3.8 FLEX LF DUO/TRIO TO PUSH GM LF players around 3.7+ k Need zarya main and 1 with sick Aim Write your b-tag and role if intrested in comments belowShadez1 3h
3h Need a team 3v3 PC Hello im looking for a team to play 3v3s just be decent no mic needed i just want to have fun and win XD! wanna play? add me! CloudPlaysYT PCCloudPlaysYT1 3h
3h [Current: 3.3k][S3: 3.7k] LF 2s/3s partners! Hello, I'm looking for 2s or 3s partners to play with since soloq became boring for me. My mains: Rein/Ana - GM level Off hero's: Mcree, Soldier, Genji, Mercy - Master level Requirements: 1. Must have a working mic 2. 18+ Add me: Perversion#2358Perversion6 3h
4h Looking For people to make full team Hello! Me and my friends are looking for some people to play with as team of 6, maybe in future we will head to tournaments :D. Now we have tank, dps and support :) - I am godlike Tracer If You feel like You are playing very good and can't go higher cos of weak team, join us :D. Tier Gold - Diamond. Don't wait and PM me ingame! We are playing almoast each night :) PunkBuster#21303PunkBuster4 4h
4h From Zero to Hero group 2.4k high session. Playing with ransoms has me going down a lot. My main friends stopped playing cause of real life opportunities. Starting to look here. Going to pick players. Please be at least 2k exp minimum. My mains is Ana soldier and Winston. I'm very flexable This will be a grinding group. Please be on a lot. 4 out of 7 days Let's have some good clean chill compitative fun. No hot heads allowed Find me in game MthGoat#11590 MtnGoat1 4h
6h [NA/EU] Coldfire Gaming | Looking for Comp and Casual. Coldfire is looking to expand its Overwatch division as well as get into Esports and build a team. We are looking for competitive players but would like to have casual players as well. Coldfire is an International Gaming and Esports Community. We are looking for like minded Gamers who want to play on a Competitive Level. If you just want to play the game casually that is ok with us as well, we don't discriminate. We are a mature and very outgoing so if your not at least 16+ then we are most likely not a good fit for you. How to Join Come can join us on Discord and message Paige, Unit or Blessed and Devils. After this, fill out the following http://coldfiregaming.com/apply Discord: https://discord.gg/gnWxCSA Platform: PC Recruitment is open to all new and old players We require you to apply on the website and join our Discord, Voice chat is not required but it's appreciated. Be able to act mature and respect other Community members. English Speaking No Drama Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColdfireGCUnit0 6h
6h LF casual QuickPlay group - Tank main I play Overwatch fairly regularly but I'm a bit microphone awkward and sometimes have to be away on and off work so can't commit regularly :) I play a D.VA main although I would like to be able to learn how to get better at other characters and I'm trying to increase my confidence with online gaming, if anyone wants to play?minihaido1 6h
6h [Eu] [Plat] Main Dps LFG 2.7k Looking for people that use mic,best heroes mccree/tracer/soldier currently 2.7k SR Tag: Giian#2580Giian1 6h
6h Looking for a large community I'am looking for a (World wide) community with or without a high ranking will not matter. But I'm also looking for a community with communication (Teamspeak/Discord... ect..), I am just looking for pure fun and laugh. I have played with communities before ( I know the drill ) -20 years old -I do have a working mic -Pleanty of free time(For now) However, I am just getting back to overwatch after playing pleanty of Archegae, Titanfall 2, Team Fortres 2, Killing Floor 2 and For Honor, so I'm very rusty at the minute. Highest ranking so far was Diamond (For Competitive Communities / Rank 3144) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/YeeiZ/ Blizzard: YeeiZ#2140YeeiZ1 6h
6h Low Levels Looking for low levels to help me be able to play comp. I am 3200 are on Xbox one. Add me: King#112625King0 6h
6h ~3100SR Diamond Lucio Main looking for Comp Group Hi everyone. I'm a Diamond (former Masters T.T) Lucio main looking to tag along in any group that needs me. I'm really struggling with climbing this season. Toxic and uncooperative players make solo queue'ing essentially unplayable. I'm level 521, and I'm stuck in the 3000-3200SR range right now. If Overbuff is to be believed I'm consistently in the top 1% of Lucio players every comp season, and in QP. I have and use a mic. The other comp-viable heroes I can play well are Mercy, Zenyatta, and Zarya. If needed I will play that role, but expect me to insta-lock Lucio in almost every scenario. If you're a DPS/Tank heavy group and need someone to fill the healer role I'm the person for you. I would love a group to play regularly with if possible. Please queue up with me!!! You can add me on BNet, I'm SubwayWolf#1494SubwayWolf0 6h
7h 2.6 - 2.7 Rein Main Looking for a 6stack to queue with. Main: Rein Other good heroes: Zarya, Ana, Hog, Winston Comment And I'll pick 5 players :)WafflesSE13 7h
7h Plat/Diamond Looking for 6 Stack My name is Dave and I am looking for 5 players to grind and practice with on a relatively daily basis. I can flex on pretty much any character and i'm looking for 5 other people that can do the same. I don't want anyone that blames others for losing. No toxicity. If we lose we figure out what we did wrong to get better next time. Looking for a team that we can win and have fun with. If you think you are somebody that can handle this send me a friend request and message me at my battletag or reply to this thread. BattleTag - AeroRobin#1750AeroRobin0 7h
7h [EU] - Do you have what it takes? Hello Community! So After a 20 horrible Competitive matches and a dozen hours overall, i have found competitive to be completely horrible to play with randoms. as most of you may know, you sometimes meet these random people who up and decides to go example tracer, hanzo or any hero for that matter without even trying it outside of competitive, which for me makes it hard because if you're not a natural born talent (by a miracle you were born a genji...yeah right) - you end up having to do the extra heavy lifting. So today me and my friend who play a lot together decided to create a team - just for fun, to gain some serious rating. I main usually: Phara, Mercy, Reinhart and sometimes genji on attack points thats efficient to get to fast with genji. My friend's main is: Roadhog, Mercy & soldier. we are looking for 4 other decent people to join us - Basically to get more rating and avoid all the toxicness the community unfortunately has to offer. We decided to make some hours for us to play so we try to making daily and from around 6pm - 9pm We require you to have around 2000 rating. bit below, bit above doesn't matter much as long as you can carry your own weight. MICROPHONE & DISCORD IS REQUIRED, Communication is the key! if this sparks your interest please feel free to add me on: Battletag: Taho93#2966 or join discord whenever you see us on: https://discord.gg/dG9W7Xd or Type rating, Main & battle tag below in a comment and i'll add you! :-) Cheers people, hope to see some friendly OW players who wanna make the game a little better, got to start somewhere! :-)Taho938 7h
7h Looking for Comp Looking for someone to group with in Comp. Only started playing in the back end of Season 3 got up to 2719 being placed in mid Gold. Then started playing with friends in 6v6's just for giggles and dropped to 1979 =O. For Honor came out and most of them abandoned us for that (traitors). Current Season High 2118 Current 1890 (3 Games with multiple leavers so I've just left aswell hence the massive drop). I Main Roadhog/Mei but do play a selection of other champs when required. I'm not interested in joining a clan or signing up on a website if you want to play with no hassle and just have fun and try to rank up then hit me up Dendrophilia#2343Dendrophilia0 7h
8h Quickplay Smurf leveling! Need a few friends for some quick play leveling! I would greatly appreciate it. i'm 3000 sr on main! just add my tag Panic#22172Panic0 8h
8h [OCE] Watchpoint: Oceania ... Original Thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/17612261278Kothe5 8h
8h LFG EU| GOLD 2135 | Lucio Main Support. Looking for a group who know how2play. UK PLAYER Returning back after 8 months of not playing and find myself solo queing to end up with players who don't understand the concept of OW. I main Lucio always have and always will. Hit me up #Fury2217Fury0 8h
9h 2070SR Jack of all Trades LFP Hey all! Hope you're all having a good day! Im looking for some lads to play with. Just some calm after work/school games. UK only I'm afraid. Any time differences really messes up my day so if I can stick to the UK and Ireland that would be great. I'm currently 2070SR but got up to 2493 in season 2. I'm typically a full time Mercy main but can play a wide range of heroes. I've recently lost a lot of friends simply due to them not talking to me anymore and I need some company. I've come across some hard times recently but I know that a good few mates and a few games of Overwatch will fix me right up. See you guys in game! :DIspharel0 9h
9h LF Friends Heya, I'm a support main. I don't mind playing casual or comp. Looking for non-toxic players. I would prefer playing with girls but I really don't mind I'm silver in comp. US DeathCallerz#4203DeathCallerz1 9h
9h looking for player just below gold Looking for players that are just below 2000 sr to join my group if you want to join add scrubby#2236scrubby2 9h
9h 2700 Mercy / Support looking for group / team Hey guys! i play a lot of mercy and im practicing all the other supports but I can also play tanks and dps because i've played / mained everything in the past Add me if interested: MrDefi#21908MrDefi2 9h
9h Looking for a team for Insomnia 60 & more! (EU) LFT for i60 - Flex Support / Tank player - Have over 200h in scrim experience against Top 500 teams and Pros - Based in UK (London) - Can shotcall if required - Main heroes I play: Zen / Ana (was #35 Zen in EU in S3) Lucio, Rein, Zarya and Roadhog / DVA - Overwatch experience since Alpha - Play 40hours minimum a week - https://www.overbuff.com/search?q=Mrtrikss is my overbuff stats - Also looking for a team for online tournaments - Own my own time - Was semi - pro in CoD (I got paid to play by an amateur organisation), looking to take Overwatch as far as possible - Hit me up on here or battlenet if interested (serious offers only please!)MrTrikss1 9h
9h Push for platinum Hey guys, I'm looking for a team that is looking for a mature player who wants to push out of gold into plat and beyond...I would prefer a team that has been playing together for a while already and has good synergy, most importantly good at communication. So i'm 31yro guy from the uk so english is a must I'm lvl 452 and currently 2.2k rating im stuck around 2k as a solo quer and notice i only win the games that people actually communicate in which are few and far between the trolls. A good group of 3-4 or more can boost a team and that is exactly what i am looking for. I have mained Reaper,Rein,Road,Dva,Mei....this season i am mostly playing phara and doing very well when i find some one willing to play zarya ( Those ulti combos ) That being said i am willing to fit into any role needed. Anyway if there is any more info you need or if ya want a chat let me know. Mookowtree#2398 PS. almost forgot to say... No whiney rage quiting elitists!!! although i want to climb and take it serious at the end of the day it is just a game and its meant to be fun. toxic players get tilted and tilt others.mookowtree1 9h
9h Looking for team for ranked - PC !! Looking for team for ranked!!Geedum1 9h
9h [PC] Season 4 (and future ones) team Hey guys, I`m looking for nice people to team up with to play ranked and make friends. It would be awesome if you don`t mind me being a girl and not a native english speaker. I`m almost fluent in English and native in German. I really hope to find someone :DPǶrǶkǶJǶsǶl2 9h
9h [EU] 2900 LFG or just people, tracer/winston main Looking for people at around 2700+ to play with that can play most roles. Im from the UK, use a mic and play alot. If you want to know more add my BT BT: cHao#21385cHAo1 9h
9h Come Join Konvict Gaming Are you tired of playing by yourself? Want to play with equal minded people? Are you looking for a 6 man team? Some casuals, or just some people to play through a few games with after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We are a multi-gaming community with an unlimited Teamspeak server, with 400+ members online at times. Come join us! www.konvictgaming.comDevCakes325 9h
9h Looking for a team for Season 4 !! Please come and join us at KonvictGaming ! were looking for more players to fill our ranked teams Bronze to GrandMaster ! if you want to be set up in a team please fill in an application on our website www.KonvictGaming.com Then join us on comms/teamspeak - ts.konvictgaming.com Look forward to seeing you soon Nobby KGKGnobsoc12 9h
9h [EU] LFG group to comp with, 2150sr Looking for a group/people to play comp with, my mains in comp are Zarya, Roadhog, Lucio, and Soldier, but I can play Junk fairly well, and working on my pharah, mccree atm. I have a mic which I'm actively using, and around 5 years of cs competitive experience, plus around 500 hours in tf2 comp. Top sr: 2413 Current: 2146 Add me! :) sen#2364sen3 9h
10h [EU] - looking for a team to play on a daily basis Hello, I'm Swiss, 23 years old and i'm looking for a team to play with on a daily basis. I don't want a friendlist full of people to play with "sometimes". I'm looking for a team to play with every day, or at least 3-5 days a week. what can you expect: - ambitious player - great team player ^_^ - experienced cup player - friendly and considerate player - advanced skill level - flexible in character selection (prefered: Zarya, Roadhog or Soldier76) what i expect: - fighting spirit - frequent play days (3-5 / week) - ambitious team You think my rank is to "low"? Just invite me to a game and i show you my skill in teamplay. After that you can make your decision. A bad ranking in overwatch comes from not playing in a team and that is what i am going to change ;) how to contact me? - add SwissSh0ck#2181 - send me a discord invite or teamspeak address. Greetings SwissSh0ckSwissSh0ck3 10h
11h EU player looking for group Hi all, I'm looking for a relaxt group of players to improve my game. I'm a 39 year old dutch gamer who plays Overwatch on a regular basis. I've dropped too arrond a 1000 a the moment and would like to rasie that to a higher lvl. Most of my games i either played with: Soldier76 Pharah Reinhart Roadhog Mercy Mei But i'm willing to take on and learn any role thats needed. Greetz KillercoKillerco1 11h
11h [LFG] Tracer main looking for zarya main Title says it all. Here is a game that i recorded yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUhGLrI3iZ4 *EDIT* I am 2500 and rising atm. looking to go for diamond!BotoXXXXXXXX1 11h
11h Competitive Us East, looking for friends to play competitive. I manly play healers and dps. I love positive and If you read this I hope you have a great day....... ALSO ADD ME I NEED FRIENDS.Majestic2 11h
11h [EU/NA] TAW is Recruiting! [EU/NA] Looking for new Members! Hiya! I am Sparkyz and I am one of the many recruiters for the amazing gaming community The Art of Warfare. The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a global gaming community that has separate Overwatch teams for EU & NA regions. TAW formed in 2001 and currently fields 30+ games like War Thunder, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, and even Hearthstone. Today, over 2500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home. Our Overwatch team focuses on: -Specialized training to improve your skills -Fellowship and diversity --- we are a large organization from all times zones, there are always games being played -Opportunities to play against and compete with other competitive teams or clans -Developing communications and teamwork. -Having a good time with players that enjoy gaming as much as you. We're looking for players that simply want to play, or lead teams without being concerned with running a website, a voice server, or other administrative tasks. We especially want those who want to be an integral part of our success. Our focus on accountability, teamwork, and communication is key to our past and current success. We are a diverse team that treats all players with respect and we expect all members to uphold these standards. To be a member you need to: -Be a PC player -Be mature and accountable -Have a working microphone or headset -Have TeamSpeak -Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week (To attend our fun events) Please visit our main website http://taw.net to learn more. For our direct application link visit https://taw.net/themes/taw/user/application.aspx For further issues or questions please send me a message on Discord at Sp4rKyZz#4520 or add me on Battle.net under Sp4rKyZz#2203 and I clear up any of the questions you may have. Thanks!Sp4rKyZz21 11h
11h EU - Fun Teamplay and Experimentation. ~2400SR Hi. I'm looking for friendly mature people, who are playing for fun and enjoy learning more than winning. Mature doesn't mean that you have to be 21+, just be self-aware and be able to keep positive/neutral mindset. First of all, I want someone to have relaxed fun in Quick Play with and coordinate with each other in voicechat. To try different hero combinations, ults, callouts, focus fire, and just to try different stuff. Second, having someone to practice 1v1 encounters (like Tracer vs Roadhog) is very nice. Finally, competitive. It is last priority, I usually play comp only ~15 hours per season, but if we will feel like a good team in QP, then I see no reason not try it in the environment more appropriate for teamplay. If you feel like you are looking for the same and have skill around gold-plat - whisper me or leave a msg below. Tag: Persevere#21553. I've got bored and am trying different heros atm, but usually I enjoy Tracer, Pharah, Ana. lvl 210, max SR - 2460. My first language is Russian and my spoken English sucks a bit, but it should be more than enough for teamplay.Persevere1 11h
11h 1944 LUCIO/SUPPORT/TANK MAIN COMP I'm Looking for people to group up and rank up with. I always seem to rank up quicker with someone or a group. I am really struggling as a Lucio main to get out of to get out of this evil place xD. BigMurrz#1931BigMurrz5 11h
12h Looking for people to play with and create friendship :) Hello everybody. So... a few words about myself then:) Nobody of my several friends plays overwatch (and anything at all) so its starts to feel really lonely. Looking for a person (or maybe a couple of them) to play with. Can even try to play in a full stack but really not sure about it because I am pretty average player, so I am afraid to let down so many people at once. I am 25 old, fairly calm person. As you can read, English is not my native languale, but I probably can speak on it well enough so you can understand me. Was playing solo mostly. My cap ranks by seasons: 1s - 56 2s - 2805 3s - so far finished placements on 2672, didn't play comp since then. My heroes pool is a little bit small. I am feeling comfortly on Mercy, Soldier, Zarya and Widow (don't get it wrong, I can't hit a !@#$ with her, but I still like playing her, dunno why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). Sometimes I can play Reaper with less success. Tracer or Zen with even less success. With the rest of them I can't do anything, even if enemy is 1 meter away from me. I'd like to learn a couple of them but, well, It will almost certainly put me in silver :) More information about me you can find here: http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Merovtino-2333 Not sure are those stats are good enough or I was carried, but whatever. Searching for kind people who could understand attemp to learn something new, and will not rage on anything. Oh, if it will be possible to become friends, it will be very nice :) Here is my battletag - Merovtino#2333 P.S Tried to find on discord, but was't lucky enough. So many rage ant other things :(. UPDATE: It really must appear in the topic, considering all responses. I live in +02:00 time zone. CONSIDER IT before answering! Like really, how we are supposed to play if in time when I just returning from the job, it is a bed time for you (or reverse)? I am using mic! We live in 2017! Jet we still have a couple of people from 2000-2004 when people was not sure how to use it. I'm not good in writing stuff in chat, so if you can't speak, then we wouldn't be able to communicate. UPDATE 2: I think I also need to include some examples of my ingame decision making. Just in case, so you will be able to see what your potential group member is capable of. So, examples: On DPS: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/131120924 On Supports: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129772089Merovtino22 12h
12h Support main LF duo around 2.5 -3k SR A solid support main looking for duo partner, preferably a tank main at around 2.4 to 3k SR to rank up together. Feel free to throw a message below if you're interestedNoMercy4u2 12h
12h SEARCHING LOW LVL PLAYERS hi, im searching for players in low lvl im currently lvl 5 :) Zypher#21228Zypher0 12h
12h EU 2600 SR road to diamond EU clan looking players willing to go up to diamond, minimum sr needed is 2600. post your balltetag and post character you are willing to play.donnaimon7 12h
13h [NA]Flex player [SR] 2835 looking for people to play with Im looking for people around high plat that want to get diamond with me. I dont like playing rein unless I have too so a rein main would be great! If you have a little team and you're looking for another person I wouldnt mind joining! Everyone just needs mics :)d4rk1220 13h
13h 4100 Tank/Support main LF Duo Partners Looking for a few competent DPS to duo queue with on a regular basis.Lanaii2 13h
14h [NA]Coaching Clan A24 Growing! Coaching clan looking for members who want to improve! We're also looking for Dia+ coaches. Find people to Q with and participate in scrims. More info: alpha24.infodignitasCrow0 14h
14h (NA) The Chaos Vanguard wants you! Hey Everyone! My name is Pink and I am from The Chaos Vanguard gaming community. I would like to tell you all why we are the right place to be! We have one of the most diverse sections you could come across. Ranging from 1700 SR to 3500+ SR and people that love playing quick-play all the time. We offer almost daily in-houses where you can get to know other members of the section and also offer a wide range of other games you can participate in as well! Requirements? - You have to be at least 16 years old - Working microphone - Teamspeak, if you don't have it, dont worry! You can download it for free. If you are interested, check out our website: http://thechaosvanguard.co.uk/ Feel free to message me on BNET with any questions! Pink#11475Pink15 14h
14h =ENG= Clan looking for New Players =ENG= Clan is a Mature group of like-minded gamers established in 2006. We are primarily a Battlefield clan but have several members who play a mixture of other games. With Overwatch being released we are looking for more players to come and join us for some fun games in a fun community. All newcomers are welcome so why not check out our website (england-clan.co.uk) or jump on our Teamspeak and join us for a game or two while we all share some fun banter. For more info, just post below :)Noobie431 14h