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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
24s wubwub eu/na friends kill me now plz, oh wait i mean.... add a potato today plz Potato#21906Potato4 24s
4m Welcome to Mantis Devils We are a growing community on Discord for the PC, and we welcome people of all creeds and walks of life! Maybe you are looking for people to play Overwatch with? We got a large group of people/players all at different skill levels! So there is someone for you! Competitive? Quick-play/casual? Arcade? Fun weekly events? Custom games? General fun-times? We got all of that!! You lookin for some people to chat with when your out at school/work/bored at home/just want more friends to chat with? Come join us! We have people who love to just chat, all from all over the world! We have plenty of EU and NA, so don't be afraid - there's someone from where you're from!! We play Overwatch the most currently within our community, however we have tons of people with tons of different games, so don't be afraid to join and ask if someone wants to play with you! DISCORD SERVER LINK: https://discord.gg/pYKJne7 DISCORD PERSONALIZED SERVER LINK: https://discord.io/mantis-devils/ Thank you and Welcome to your new home :) . . . . . . . . . . TL;DR: JOIN US HERE ON DISCORD FOR FUN AND GAMES https://discord.gg/pYKJne7 / https://discord.io/mantis-devils/abbe0 4m
13m We need +2-4 for Season 4 (Dia-Master) Hello guys! We're actually building up a team for Season 4. We want to play together a few times per week, to get better as a Team. We want to build strategies in scrims, so we can Play rankeds & tournaments at least. If you are a motivated, ambitious, friendly, and not a rager who wont leave after lots of loses (i think this is normally in the beginning) you can contact me. We want to take this seriously! About us: Flex: Fouine: Soldier, Zarya, Roadhog, D.Va (Season High: 3010) DPS: MnHmL: Pharah, McCree, Genji (Season High: 3338) Sup: Suralia: Mercy, Lucio, D.Va (Season High: 3332) Sup: Dash : Lucio (Main), Zarya, Soldier (Season High: 3833) What we Need? - 1x Main Reinhardt - 1x Main Dps (Hitscan prefered) - 2x Reserves (Flex,Support) You need to speak english, have teamspeak 3 & fulfill our requirements! Just leave me a small application and your battletag below! * sorry for some grammar fails, more Information in the teamspeak!Fouine13 13m
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1h Let's create fun memories! Random Swedish teenager looking to play with some or someone who likes to have fun while playing and maybe share some rage moments from time to time. P.s Mains Zenyatta, Reaper and Hanzo. P.s.s Don't except a pro player :P. And I'll see you on the battlefield!Willecool0 1h
1h Looking for ~3000 elo team Hello, I'm looking for a ranked team. I main: -tanks (Rainhardt, D. Va) -Ana (other supps too) -Reaper/Soldier/Mccree (if needed)Eiron1 1h
1h Main support +-1800sr LF serious players to play se4 Hi, As the title says, i'm a main support player mostly Ana or Mercy. And I'm looking for more players that are sick of trolls and solo q. Adult patient people that have some game sense. Maybe want to try a strategy,... you know take it a step up. Now I'm a working dad so I don't have many hours to spare. But the ones I have I want to sped siriously.I play nearly every weekday from 20h00 to 22h00 CEST. So if you are in a similar situation looking for some more, message me! CanardBizar#2923 CheersCanardBizar0 1h
1h UK Unranked looking for players Hi there, So I've been playing for a couple of weeks and really enjoying it. Didn't get enough levels to make it into comp but hoping to get S4 on the go with decent people. I'm 26, like to think I'm pretty chilled and yes, I do in fact have a microphone. Only done quick plays (obviously) and used Rein, Mercy, Lucio and some other bits and bobs. Mostly been picking to fill gaps so I'm easy on. Oh and tag is Xynok#2132Xynok4 1h
1h Looking to have some fun Just looking for some people to play with. No real focus on competitive although a team would be fun. Does not matter what rank you are. I play a lot of Soldier and Junkrat but I am up to playing anyone really. Have Discord. Add Hollow#2451 if interested.Hollow0 1h
2h Searching for players I'm looking for players that would like to play for fun. And maybe start playing ranked games. I haven't played single one of ranked. I play for fun for now because i can't play constantly every single day. Because i have Job. But if possible then i would like to join a team to learn play even better.AngelPhantom3 2h
2h hi so hello i myself can play any role and i dont have a problem with playing any role that my team need and thats the kind of peaple im looking for only thing i ask for is talk english i myself am from georgia but ill talk english always too and the other thing is just change the hero when asked or when you see your not doing as well as always if you wanna join me wright the battletag and ill add you :)Amo2 2h
2h [EU] Looking for Team around 3000sr (Competitetiv) hiya!~ I come from Switzerland and right now i often play tank or if needed also healer. I can understand/Speak English. I really doesn't use the microphone but i'll try to use it more often to maxi out the skill potential that i have. I'm searching for a group that plays ranked/competitive and that also speaks English. Feel free to add me if the whole team is interested in me. Skycookie#21433 What I'm good with: Support ------------- Lucio Zen Tank ------------- Zarya(is my main right now) D.va Reinhardt(if needed) Dps ------------- MeiSkycookie0 2h
2h LF Team to climb out of Bronze As much fun as I'm currently having in solo queue, I think I would rather play this as part of a team especially with as the amount of support I play. If anyone wants people to play with feel free to add me #rebel#2509. I use a mic and I'm currently at 1227 SR.Rebel1 2h
2h Looking to build a team and have fun !!! Hey overwatch community i am looking to build a team of like minded individuals i want to have fun and laugh liking wining to haha i don't care what rank u are if your down for some fun always down to play so just message me anytime. Couple of things about me. military year leave working part time at the moment really enjoy overwatch Sam's my name got discord would really like u to join talking is the key to wining Mains junkrat mercy lucio pharah zarya :)JTX00025 2h
3h LF GOLD TO PLAT PLAYERS FOR S4 [EU] Hi guys/girls, I am looking for people to group with for the next competitive season (season 4). People anywhere around gold to platinum is perfect. Just reply to this post or add me and speak to me on Overwatch. Battlenet ID- IDGAF#21796 I'm not that bothered about the 'Meta' teams. Just Hit me up and we will talk further. Who i can play - Support - Ana, Mercy, Lucio Tank - Reinhardt, Zarya, D.VA Defence - Mei, Widow(some times), Hanzo (Some times) Offence - Genji, Tracer, Soldier, Sombra, Pharah I am willing to co-operate with people when in game since i am flexible with my heroes. Must have a Mic for communication. Nobody under the age of 16 And From the EU that can speak clear English Join my discord and speak to me :) ---- https://discord.gg/pCNUVxRIDGAF6 3h
4h [EU/NA] The Raven Nest Gaming Community - Join Today The Raven Nest Gaming Community is activily looking for overwatch players of all skill ranges to become apart of our overwatch gaming community. We have weekly events and competitions where you could get yourself a free game on steam! We also represent a large number of other competitive and non competitve games for example - Cs:GO, Minecraft, Rocket League and many more. It doesnt matter if you are in bronze or grandmaster all players are more than welcome to join. We have our own teamspeak server which can be accessed without a password at ts.RavenNestGaming.com The Teamspeak has over 150+ channels and is still ever growing. With Free to use Public channels too for those who would like to give it a try first or just a place to chat with there friends!!! We are currently Rank 1st on the TOPg Teamspeak serverlist And we can only grow more! So if your interested hopfully you will get the courage to jump in to our teamspeak and say hi! - Raven Founder of the Raven Nest Gaming CommunityRaven11 4h
5h Pro Pharah Streamer/Content Creator Hey people! I started a youtube channel this year dedicated to overwatch (at the moment until the last of us 2!!!!). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcRKNoZYCaWPgLvCJkS0Jg I'm a god with Pharah and play on Xbox One! Add me Llama juices Check out my content I only have two videos at the minute ones a rage the other a compilation! I stream a lot of the time too! :) I hope you like it! Van Damme appreciators will :D Thanks :)Fercote0 5h
6h 2 Streamers LF team to Climb 2 Master/GM Whatsup Party People?! Me: SneakyOne#1932 – Zarya/Soldier/Genji Main/DPS – S3 High 3490 – Twitch.tv/Sn3aky1ne Him: Kamuletoe#1625 – Lucio Main/Support – S3 High 3045 – Twitch.tv/Kamuletoe We are a badass duo, looking to join a team, or create a competitive team of our own. We are small-time streamers looking to stream going into Season 4. My Zarya/Soldier are ranked top 2-3% on Overbuff. His Lucio is ranked top 2%. (Over 100 hours on Lucio - Best Lucio I've seen besides DSPStanky) We have no doubt in our minds that we will climb to Master, but want a cool competitive group to join us along the way and grow together. We DO NOT get salty, but its competitive, constructive criticism is key. If you can’t handle advice or suggestions then don’t join. Must be mature adults, we have a discord server, but prefer in-game chat. Bonus points if you are a Grill Support main <3 NA server - Central Time Zone (UTC-6:00) Weekdays and weekends roughly 7-11PM or midnight. Add one of us in game and send us a message, or respond back here!SneakyOne0 6h
6h Team of 2 looking for new friends for season 4 last season i finished in low gold from soloq and lately i was helping my friend who came to pc from console get to level 25. he missed season 3 but we are aiming to do well on season 4, currently i main reinhart,mercy,sombra and junkrat. my friend mains D.va,mercy but we can play any hero. we are both in our 20s we have mics and discord. both from UK so preferably people from same area would be nice. please no ragers or people that quit after 1 loss. we are doing this as a team if we lose we lose simple as that. no blaming each other as its a team effort. if you are interested add me playerxero#2569 or leave your gamertag in the commentsplayerxero1 6h
7h Wanted! New friends to play with Hello! If you clicked to read, then I assume you are looking for friendly fella to play with, correct? I am mid 20's, I am casual gamer. I do enjoy some competitive. Was ranked gold last season. Highest sr of 2199 and lowest 1991. But still gold! I am flex player, I usually wait for people to pick first, and I fill in on whatever is needed. I do occasionally take greed pick, but will change if no one else will. Now, some of the heroes I like to play Offense: Soldier, McCree Defence: Junkrat, Mei Tank: Roadhog, Zarya Healer: Mercy, Zenyatta I do not mind your rank or rating. We can always play quick play and arcade. If we happen to be at similar skill level, then why not, can play some competitive. Bottom line, I want to make new friends, friendly people to play the game with. Got mic. If I got your attention and made you feel like we could be play match or two together, hit me up at Way2fat#2425Way2fat0 7h
8h Serious Competetives group tank/support 2500 ranked LF people to form a solid group - playing today. Add me: prandent#2921 -18+ -mic required -know your role and the gameprandent0 8h
9h West coast player looking for people for evening I'm looking for people to play with in the evenings on the west coast of the US or in the same time. I am tired of solo queing. I started playing Overwatch a month ago and didn't really play this season due to just not being ready to. I am ready now and I'm looking for some people to play with this season and going forward. I'm playing Ana mainly right now, but play Soldier, Dva, Ana, Mercy, Lucio, zen fairly well. I'm not the best, but I am getting much better quickly. I was a top 5% player of Destiny before I quit, but I've had to get used to keyboard and mouse again, so it took me a bit to get used to it again. I'm a very laid back person and don't get mad about losing, but I really like to win. I'm in my mid 20's with a career, so there are times that I will have to work instead of play, and most of the time I mainly play games with people in their 20's through 40's. No offense to teenagers, but I can't keep up with their play schedule. I have a mic ect. so just respond on here and I will talk to you about grouping up.wtfjim1 9h
20h Anyone looking for a friend ? KreedZ#2924 add me and let's do some quick play gamesKreedZ5 20h
20h Diamond DPS Main/Looking for Serious Team I want to play with people that want to play in tournaments and to practice playing as a team. I am willing to Flex, but I specialize in DPS role. My S3 season high was 3233, but I ended the season at 3083. If anyone is interested in recruiting me or joining me, let me know. My Battletag is Chidori#11539Chidori0 20h
20h Suomi team Rank; plat to diamond.Arrtttuurri0 20h
20h team looking for 3 more players hello i recently made a post about that i was making a team but we still need 3 more players 2 tanks and a dps the rank of the current people is bronze to silver as tanks i prefer a rein and zarya on my team dps dps doesnt matter rein because he is a "must pick" and i like a zarya because you can combo ults really good with her as a team i want to have fun and improve together if you are interested and have a mic you can add me stefanblizz#2276stefanblizz1 20h
1d Looking for team for next season hey guys. im looking for people to form a team with or if a team is lf1 for season 3. very briefly played last season.. always willing to learn and get better. so reply to this or add Nex#21492Nex5 1d
1d =ENG= Clan looking for New Players =ENG= Clan is a Mature group of like-minded gamers established in 2006. We are primarily a Battlefield clan but have several members who play a mixture of other games. With Overwatch being released we are looking for more players to come and join us for some fun games in a fun community. All newcomers are welcome so why not check out our website (england-clan.co.uk) or jump on our Teamspeak and join us for a game or two while we all share some fun banter. For more info, just post below :)Noobie409 1d
1d PC EU player Platinum, looking to climb. Hi guys, Looking for more people to add me on Battlenet. I don't really have people to play competitive with, and I can't see myself climbing much higher as a solo player. Happy playing Tank/Healer (mostly Lucio, can play Zen & Ana if necessary). Also happy to play DPS, but I'm alright with other people going DPS if they prefer. My battlenet tag: Pricey#11514Pricey1 1d
1d PUSHING GM S4! LFM Hey flex player pref supp/off tank or genji but will always fill. Want to push grandmaster Need 2 players around 3.5 k to push for Grand master in s4 Write your b-tag if intrestedShadez0 1d
1d From XB1 To PC - Competitive Leveling - Anyone Welcome Need some PC friends that want to play some fund games and have a good time.Qalo3 1d
1d Forming 6STACK for S4 - Grandmaster Hello everyone, I've enjoyed Season 3 alot, climbed from 3k to 4k, playing with my mate who is also 4k at the moment. We would like to start playing as an fixed 6man team in Season 4, mainly cause it's just more fun. I play DPS/Tank, my mate plays Support. So what are the requirements? -Have a mic (preferably Discord) -Play often -Be 4k SR or higher I hope there are some people out there who are excited about being in an Overwatch team too, and are willing to join us next season.z1Lv1nHø1 1d
1d Come Join Konvict Gaming Are you tired of playing by yourself? Want to play with equal minded people? Are you looking for a 6 man team? Some casuals, or just some people to play through a few games with after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We are a multi-gaming community with an unlimited Teamspeak server, with 400+ members online at times. Come join us! www.konvictgaming.comDevCakes300 1d
1d Greek team-pc psaxnw gia atoma na arxisoume ena team opoios endiaferetaiCiryon0 1d
1d High Plat -FLEX Sup/DPS LF Group reach Diamond+ Hey guys i'm looking for a semi Hardcore EU TZ Mature group to get a good start for S4 and reach Diamond or hopefully more. Also a Group who do Scrims to work out strats are wellcome to add me aswell. You can find my stats in the link and check it ingame via my name aswell. STAT LINK http://imgur.com/a/2kwlx Bnet Name: Zagobabo#2241 I start S3 low plat got up to 2978 with a 4 man group where i play most of the time Zen, but we split up later :( I got a pretty bad loose streak last 2 days of the season where i drop very hard (toxic leavers, lack of tank or support) I know the Mechanics, Counterpicks, Fundamentals and willing to improve myself If you'r intersted add me ingame or comment below VOICE CHAT IS A MUST HAVE And players who leave the group after loosing some games .... stay away plsZagobabo0 1d
1d 2920 Tank Main Going For Diamond Hey im LF a duo or trio to tryhard to reach diamond before the season ends. I play tank mostly. Lf mainly SUPPORT and flex players who are -Similar to my Sr -Trying to reach Diamond -Nice human beings :D Thx.Seyton10 1d
1d 2800 support LFG 2800 rated support player looking for players to grind up to 3000 b4 season end! freak#2185freak1 1d
1d LFG quick play New to PC overwatch, looking to power level for comp. Only lvl 16, anyone interested in playing? Add meJSsupersonic2 1d
1d LF group I am good with soldier,widow,ana,tracer,hanzo,d.va,etc etc. Loking for group for competitive plays.I am bored with play stupit players or kids.Eriniy3 1d
1d looking for people to play with UK Looing for people to play with was high SR on ps4 but switched to pc now im good my level does not represent my skill at all. UKBrekan0074 1d
1d 60% Win Rate MEI LFG Mains: Soldier/Zarya/MeiPatchwerk1 1d
1d [EU] LF people for S4 (pref morning/afternoon) I am looking for players to play with in the next season. I am personally not a tryhard, all I ask for is basic stuff like a mic (or at least listen), positive attitude and the will to improve (well that really sounds a bit "tryhardy"...). I have added a bunch of folks from the forums in the past and it almost always crashed due to the inability to learn from own mistakes, lack of communication (when someone says go right to avoid Symm turrets it doesn´t mean you keep getting rekt in mid) or sticking to one hero even though it was obvious the hero will not help the team at all. I am playing mostly Rein - can play pretty much any tank and heals too. S3 highest rating was around 2.4k ended up at around 2.2k. Quite a big problem is my playing time. I am available mostly in the morning and afternoon after that it becomes quite difficult for me to play with a mic and focus properly. If these times do not fit you you can still add me, pigs can fly sometimes and maybe I will be up for some games in the evening. So if you are a fine person, have some basic knowledge of the game and just want to group up sometimes feel free to add me. Nuxus#21105Nuxus1 1d
1d Looking for friends to play with (EU) Hey there, i'm looking for people to play with in Quick Play/Arcade. I main Lucio and Junkrat but i'm good in almost every hero. Sometimes, my ping turns from 60 to 450+ out of nowhere, sorry if this happens. Battletag: Lydon#21712 Feel free to ask me whenever you want to play with me!Lydon2 1d
1d Searching Teammates for Season 4 I was a Gold player who started at 2050 SR,reached max ~2200 and ended up with ~1700. I main Ana,Zen,Mccree.I wanna climb ranks up a bit but per week i can just be online for 2-3 days. If we can make a 6-man team,i'll try my best.(Sorry for my bad english if i wrote something unclear or wrong) ID: mumtasd#2497mumtasd3 1d
1d need some serious Bronze players to play with Add me Mrfiolipa#2815MrFiolipa6 1d
1d LF Friendly PC players to push with!(Bronze/NA) Hey Guys! Level 65 Player looking for friends to play with consistently, I got this game a couple weeks ago so I believe I'm pretty adept at it, looking to play some comp (Didn't do well in placements because of lack of a group) so I'm looking for a few friendly folks who wanna have fun while also push outta bronze into silver/gold. B-tag : Korr#1377Korr5 1d
1d Looking for some friends Heya, i'm from Hungary. My rank is 258, and in competitive, my personal best was in s3 with 2962. Mostly i play with Mercy, atm i have 133h with her, but i can play other healers, or Pharah as well. I have mic, but i'm not that talkative, because my english is not fluently yet. Otherwise, feel free to add me: Garf#2926 PeaceGarf2 1d
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