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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
55m competitive looking for players to join me, im 2160 srthejohn0012 55m
1h {{{EU Comp Team Wants You!!!!!}}} Hi mate I am the captain of the EU competitive overwatch team Insane. We are recruiting new members into the team, we are a friendly and fun filled team who like to play hard and laugh harder. You can check out our team at www.youtube.com/InsaneInc If interested please let me know. We have discord message me at Guardianwolf#21534Guardianwolf0 1h
1h Eu Comp team needs you Hi mate I am the captain of the EU competitive overwatch team Insane. We are recruiting new members into the team, we have lots of laughs and great friendly team mates. You can check out our team at www.youtube.com/InsaneInc If interested please let me know. We have discord channelGuardianwolf0 1h
1h Rein main lf team or team mates Main rein 1700Cr lf few active peeps EU all day long 2.2k 2.4k seasonsregani1 1h
1h Looking for players Hi I am a new player and I have recently begun playing comp. I am a support main and my SR is currently 2171. I would like some people to regularly play comp with and maybe climb. I have a mic and I like to use discord. Please message me !Loop11 1h
1h D.va main lf people to push sr (around 2200) I’m looking for people to group up and push some rating while having fun. Currently i’m around 2000/2200 sr. Playing d.va mainlyjefwol0 1h
1h Want a 6 stack with all different players 2000sr Want a 6 stack with all roles 2 Healers 2 Tanks 2 DPS Me myself play Soldier,Mccree, Rein and Dva Im looking for people with a mic and people who is using callouts and working as a team. Ghostcube15#2508GhostCube157 1h
1h [TG] Tactical Gaming Looking for a clan/community? TG was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics. With our Warfare and Sports franchises, we have over 2000+ active members. Whether you'd like to join as a casual or competitive player, at Tactical Gaming we have mixture of both. Don't be afraid thinking you won't fit, we have a place for all type of players! Our Overwatch Division alone has 14 active squads with 100+ active members. We provide a friendly environment on all our platforms where individuals can create new relationships with one another, attend monthly events, earn achievements and much more. Tactical Gaming has a military type structure giving you the opportunity to join or create a squad with others, allowing you to progress together and challenge others within the community! Feel free to message me for any further questions. Requirements are: 16 years of age or above. Working microphone. We have weekly scheduled training practices: Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00 CET. Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 CET. If you wish to become a member, simply visit our site and register at http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/index.php?app=referrals&reff=41028 (Add NightCrawler as referral). Useful links: Head Quarters: http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/ About us: http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/news/tactical-gaming-history Why TG?: http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/news/about-tactical-gamingNightCrawler11 1h
2h Main Tank Looking for a Team [EU/M+/GM] Hello there, My Name is Sören (Soeren) 18 years old and I am from Germany. I would prefer to join an German Team, but Im also willing to try and communicate/play with an English Speaking Team. Some Information to me: - Team-minded, calm & communicative - Stable Internet, competent PC, Microphone & Enough Time - My Heroes as Main Tank are Reinhardt & Winston (also Roadhog/Orisa) - S1 74, S2 3914, S3 4003, S4 4091, S6 4001 - You can look into my stats at: https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Abysswalker-2245 or https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/career/pc/eu/Abysswalker-2245 I am Looking for: - A Team for FaceIt/eSports/ESL/Tournaments etc. - Players with an age of 18+ - Players with an average Skill Rating similar to mine (Master+/4000+) I am NOT looking for: - a (Multigaming) Clan - Pure Competitive/Quickplay I also have an Teamspeak Server to offer if needed. I prefer to not use Discord to communicate, but its not an no-go. If you have any Questions or Suggestions, feel free to contact me through battle.net or the Forums. Abysswalker#2245 Thank you for reading, have a nice day. Greetings - Sören/AbyssAbysswalker0 2h
4h Looking for people to play with 1936SR Looking for people to play with, im 1936sr just looking for people to have fun with and actually talk and dont throw games. add me - Ommy#21839Ommy4 4h
4h A place to gather, discuss, and play Overwatch with friends We are a happy bunch of like-minded people, playing daily Quick Plays, organizing amazing fun Custom Games, and growing together in Competitive Games on Overwatch [EU/PC]. We are opening the door for new people/ideas/skills: You are positive in spirit and kind to others? You speak English? You have a microphone? You don't mind installing Discord? You enjoy winning, yet don't mind loosing? You reflect after a loss how to improve the team? You love to play in team with friendly people? If you are interested, go to: https://discord.gg/YfcG5Rs (preferably after you installed Discord "https://discordapp.com/") Let's build a community where everybody has a voice, where we all can enjoy, have fun and play with amazing people. Looking forward to meet you!Linefeed82 4h
4h im willing to coach any players hello, im a GM player that has a discord that is used to coach lower tier players. we have multiple coaches, and help everyone that wants it. I also have a server that i use for putting together in different ranks, but thats still in the starting phase. if anyone is interested, you can add my discord; Glatz01#6875Glatz0124 4h
5h Looking for a group/players to make a group to play QP Add me (ThisGuyAgain#2824) if you're interested. No tryhard, just more team-based casual gaming experience, instead of just running around alone without any purpose. Better if you're available at evenings, we're gonna get more people if we play at the same time. Like 6-10 pm.ThisGuyAgain1 5h
6h Gold-Plat Looking for Group! Hey Guys, I'm looking for a group of players to push into plat and possibly higher! I'm an ex mercy main but can play DVA, Ana, Zen, Junkrat and Pharah competitively! I'm 2300 sr! 65%+ win rate with Dva and Mercy this season! Battle Tag: Vee#21775 I have a partner who is 2400sr and mains Lucio, Winston, Torb, but is also a good Reaper! Battle Tag: Gillton#2963Vee0 6h
7h =ENG= Clan Are Recruiting!! Competitive And Casual Players England Clan is a Mature group of like-minded gamer's established in 2006. Well established in competitive gaming for many years. We are Actively recruiting for Overwatch for social and competitive play. We currently have 2 active comp Teams. One placed at 2800+ Second placed 2500+ Another placed 3600+ Would like to add a forth.......... We have players from 1000SR - 4200SR. ENG also welcomes all players and casual Quick players alike to join us in the call for heroes!! We have around 50 - 60 members that play Overwatch and we are looking for more players to come and join us for some fun games in a fun community. All newcomers are welcome so why not check out our website (www.england-clan.co.uk) or jump on our Teamspeak and join us for a game or two while we all share some fun and banter. Discord : https://discord.gg/xFa8jmy (please message any admin when you join) Website : www.england-clan.co.uk/overwatch Contact : ReefsRevenge#2325 or ENGxKittyKat#2211 or Jubbster#1691 We also have members playing other games such as BF1, Battlegrounds, GTA 5 and many more. Just join our Team speak or answer this post so we can add you. Most of our players are in there late 20's 30's and 40's . Over 18's only. As we prefer a mature, positive and fun community.ReefsRevenge30 7h
7h Looking for some older player to group with Currently ranked gold looking to try to push to plat and beyond this season.. Looking for players to have fun with, play hard and have good banter and can take a bit of !@#$ talking to each other! I am 32 and looking for players around the same sort of age male or female to come play some fun but serious comp with! Please reply to this thread with your details if this interests you! Many thanks, have a wonderful day!!zeb00n0 7h
8h i NEED friends Like it's an actual NEED at this point. Almost none of my psn friends play on PC. I play on EU. add me: sheebs#2558Sheebs4 8h
9h Join KonvictGaming (KG) European Multigaming Community http://konvictgaming.com/ Are you tired of playing by yourself? Are you looking for a ranked 6 team? A duo queue partner, or just some people to play through a few quickplays after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We host, in-house games and Free Mentoring for all of our members. About our Overwatch section We have been active in the Overwatch community since early launch, and from humble beginnings, have grown to have more than 150 active people playing with us every day, all making use of our unlimited Teamspeak server. We have all sorts of players from the duoqueing tryhards trying to improve themselves, to the more casual Qucik plays for fun people, and everything in between. Requirements:"> Be 16 or older Teamspeak and working microphone Be respectful of other individuals How do I join? Jump over to www.Konvictgaming.com Sign up Log in Press The Overwatch icon and submit your application Join our teamspeak @ ts.konvictgaming.com In-house: In-houses are what makes communities a great place, and Konvict is the best at them. It’s a custom game made up entirely of Konvict members, that’s 100% more Konvict members than you’ll find in any other game mode! Game modes vary, Confused? Come find out more! It’s a banter fuelled fun experience for everyone involved. With both pre and post-game talks. Mentoring: We offer free mentoring and coaching from our higher ranked players who want to teach the arcane mysteries of Overwatch to those looking to improve upon every aspect of their game. Our mentors focus on teaching essential skills like: Decision-making, Champion select choices, How to close out games, and how to keep a level head. Some of our mentors even have experiences mentoring high level teams! The Community and its history* Konvict gaming is a multi-gaming community with over 2,500 active gamers, spread over major titles such as: League of legends, Cs:GO, Hots, Final fantasy and more! Konvict gaming was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the biggest communities in Europe. What are our aims as a community? As a community we believe in creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. A place both the casual and the hardcore can play together and still feel like they are welcome, because they are! We are already one of the largest communities in Europe, but we aren’t going to stop there, we aim to become one of the biggest communities in the world. So everyone is welcome to join no matter what nationality. We only have a few requirements as to join! But Konvict is more than just a place for Overwatchs we have other sections such as: CS:GO - One of our largest sections, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is for casual and competitive players alike, all members are encouraged to join and meet some likeminded souls while pawning mid. Create teams and participate in a community that offers countless hours of fun. We also host a lot of fun servers that can be viewed at: http://konvictgaming.com/servers/ Heroes of the storm - As the game has taken the world by storm (excuse the pun), Konvict has taken the players by storm (this one, we don’t apologise for). We have one of the largest hots section in the world, and as always, the more the merrier! Diablo 3 - Currently we are running Rift's on every torment from T1 to T13, split farming bounties and players pushing towards the very top of the greater rift leaderboards!. Making and gearing up all our character for season 7. Come and join us now! The new Season Leader boards needs to be filled! Other games we also play are: World of Warcraft FFXIV The Division Minecraft Rocket League Simple as that, so get over to the site now! Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community, we are always happy to help and want to have an open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun. See you on soon! // Konvictgaming.comKGnobsoc169 9h
14h PC.US. Gold team Looking to form a team of serious players that want to rank up. Add me at MrRanger#11172MrRanger0 14h
20h Chaos Vanguard Platinum Team 1 and 2 LFM Hello! I am the team captain of the Platstones and we are looking to recruit more people into the team. In addition, I and the rest of the staff from the Overwatch division are looking to build a second team of platinum in the community. 1st team is full, but we are always looking for competitive members and we need: - 1 tank which can play: Dva, Zarya and the rest of the tanks it’s a plus. - 1 dps which ca play: Tracer, Soldier, Reaper, Mcree(the more heroes you know to play the more chances are for you to get in the team. - 1 dps and support which can play: all the dps mentioned above and Mercy, Ana, Moira, Zen 2nd team what we need: - Dps all - Tanks all - Supports: Lucio, Zen, Moira and Ana Our aim for this season: - Build a team chemistry - Reach Diamond team rank - Do scrims once a week - Build a fun and competitive environment What we need from you: - Be able to play Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:00 PM Dk/Ger time - Have TS - Have Discord in order to keep in touch with the team training schedule, changes or cancelling - Have patience to develop team chemistry - 18+ age - Be within the platinum SR In addition, you can also join the community as casual player or comp for our lower ranked teams (silver or gold) https://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/index.php If you want to have a chat before joining the community or team, feel free to add me Stonehelm#2137.Stonehelm2 20h
20h play quick play im looking for people to play quick play with message me battle.net TaperSumo2470TaperSumo1 20h
20h Looking for people to Play Quick matches/Chill Hello i'm looking for people that would want to play with me overwatch and chill I'm okay with people inviting me to a discord My battleTag:LookItsHaku#2742LookItsHaku2 20h
20h looking for players currently 1950 freindly english 23 have mic looking for a group to rank up with add chefbicheno#2814ChefBicheno1 20h
20h Hi, I’m new I’m just looking for chill and friendly people to play qp and maybe even comp in the future with. Could also give me some tips and stuff! Add me any time CheChe#21210CheChe0 20h
21h [EU] 2000 Reinhardt Main Looking for Team I'm looking for a team to group up with in competitive. I predominantly play tank with Reinhardt but can also play Roadhog, D.Va and Orisa. Other hero's I can play include Mei, Lucio, Pharah and Reaper. I began the season strong at 2225 but seem to have entered a losing streak mostly due to the regular issues with solo queuing. My BT is RoguePanda#21671 ThanksRoguePanda4 21h
22h Overwatch Group Finding Discord! Hey guys, I thought, since there's no good, reliable and quick way to build/find a team or even get a good duo, I thought I'd make a Discord so we can find people much easier! In future, this Discord will be full of players looking to group up and there'll always be someone on. From the occasional causal duo to the hardcore 6 man premades, chances are there'll always be people online. Not only that, but you'll end up learning people by name and learning how they play. All ranks welcome, the only rule is, basically, don't be a !@#$. The Server: https://discord.gg/HkzF8dG I will be adding and updating the server as we go.Swinwappy14 22h
22h [EU] DPS main Looking for comp team/group 2.5k+ As the title says I'm a DPS main looking for a group of people to play with. Just finished qualifying and got placed at 2600 SR my most played DPS heroes right now are Pharah, Soldier and Junkrat but I will also play Tracer and Genji occasionally. Sheo#21593 Might be interested in joining a GuildSheo3 22h
22h Looking for future comp teammates Looking for a DPS, 2 supports and Tank mains for a 6 man team. I'm a mccree/widow main my buddy is a rein and tracer/zen main Let me know if interested. No toxic players... must have a mic and willing to grind the game outDsellpower0 22h
23h need 4 to start comp team (Serious grinders) looking for a gold ranked genji main/ mercy/lucio, tank main and soldier 76 main. I need 4 people that are committed to these roles and willing to play about 3-4 hours a night (some weekends) and are willing to learn the game more than they do now. Team oriented and are able to take advice. I'm a shotcaller/strategist that mains mccree/widow/zenyatta (dps flex) and my buddy is a reinhardt/tracer main (flex).Dsellpower0 23h
23h Need friends to play rank with I would love to find friends to play rank with because i'm just tired of playing rank by my self i can't get out of bronze i really want to find a group to play and have fun and chill i'm really good with mercy,dva,hanzo,etc add me if you are down bodybvoladk#1204bodybvoladk1 23h
1d 4100- 4200 sup looking for a comp group hello. i a gm mercy main that that goes from 4000 too 4200 i am very shy but looking for a competitive group. I have a mic so i can communicate with you. looking for team that doesn't scream their heads off every game. thanks spamSPAMDEX1 1d
1d Relaxed gaming and discord Hi! Swedish female 24 looking for someone to play with on a casual level. I´m not that good, only looking for a fun time and someone to talk to while playing! Please add me Btag - AlmightyM#21715 Discord - https://discord.gg/4JEybVZ (Updated)AlmightyM3 1d
1d Chill out and have fun Anyone wanna just chill out and play qp i wont join any discord communities due to me being very quiet and i wont normally use themRoseGamer8 1d
1d [EU] Looking for good DPS player to reach diamond Hello, I'm tired of playing solo so I'm looking for friendly person (Dps) who can help me reach diamond. I can play tanks (D.Va main),supports and spam dps :) If you wanna help me or play with me in qp add me BlueBerry#22801BlueBerry0 1d
1d Looking for a Group of Like-Minded Players! I want to build a decent size group of people to play Overwatch with. Improve at the game and play has a real team! -If you know the basics of pushing with the team -You wanna become very good at the game -And you wanna play with nice people you can trust Feel free to invite me! I honestly don't care what mode we play. The ultimate goals are to have fun playing with other people that have a good mentality, improve and learn to play has a team! Please be flexible! I don't like DPS one tricks for example. And be Over 16 years old. I'm 18, my Friends usually call me Fire. Also, it would be nice if you could use a mic just for competitive at least. But if you are a quiet person, has long has you know your job that's fine to me. The hole point of making this post is that: I'm really tired of how the current Overwatch community treats the game. Very Few people care about others and "the team". And the few good friends I have aren't online that often, so I need to find more people like me to enjoy the game and have fun. That's all, Thanks! FireClocks#2765FireClocks1 1d
1d Looking for friends EU Hi there everyone as the title say i'm looking for people to play OW since none of my friends plays actively anymore . I'm from Serbia , age 27 so preferably looking for more mature audience at least 18+ . Don't expect nothing to serious tho since i don't bother much with Comp with rewards being garbage , if i'm utterly bored out of my mind i sometimes do placement matches but that's about it . That got me in Gold so far so i do know form which side of the gun bullets comes out at least , for those who care about that stuff . But if quick play , arcade , customs and all that fun and jazz is your thing hit me up and let the games begin :p Add me on Zeref#2891 EU server and ill catch ya ppl in game , cheers. Also once you do be bloody social i don't need people that just add and never talk or even wana play after one game , i can play like that with randos :pZeref3 1d
1d Plat EU player looking for a friends to climb diamond Hi, i'm a spanish player and i'm looking for PLAT players to climb diamond rank. I have a bit of problems in the language because I'm Spanish, but I'm serious and I always give 100% in the games. Here I leave my statistics for this season. https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/j0selu-2797 If you are interested, just contact me on battlenet: j0selu#2797 See you guys!j0selu0 1d
1d Need help for plat Im a very able player whos having some difficulty with incompetant players, so im looking for a good team to try to eliminate that occurance I play Lucio as my main but am comfortable with playing mercy, mccree and reinhardt, probally alot more but these are the ones im comfortable with. Im 2350 at the moment and my dream is to get into plat so if anyone can help me on my journey i would appriciate it greatly. thanks!!Zarya0 1d
1d LF Support/Tank Main GM +4K SR GM 4,1k-4,2k Dps Main looking for support/tank mains to duo or trio. Aiming to get top 500 this seasonSina2 1d
1d looking for comp duo around gold tank heal flex player looking for duo partner around gold to climb plat on EU server add me simar#2398simar0 1d
1d EichenWatch - EU/US - Looking for active members! Hello there! I am Nomadic, Project Manager and Global Administrator of EichenWatch! I am inviting YOU to come join our community. Now from the name of the Community, you think that we are Reindhardt enthusiasts, that or you think we are hardcore german ravers. But this is not the case, we are looking for players of all kinds! DPS Mains, Healers, Tanks, whatever! We like to be organised, that is why we have our very own Discord server, which is maintained by Nomadic, which is the reason for it looking like it had been made by someone with a severe case of OCD. Our Forums is fairly new and will still be in minor development for the time being but you can still use it! Now, time for what you must know: EichenWatch is a fairly old community, but the heart has gone cold and has no pulse, but in an attempt, the founder and myself have tried to revive the community that once thrived. There are currently 5 Staff members. We currently have 64 members in total. We are recruiting both members and Staff but people will only be able to achieve the Staff rank if they are dedicated and have been with EichenWatch for a little while. Now, OwenJD (the Founder of EichenWatch), used to be the Founder of a very large and successful Smite community...called SmiteCommunity. It was very successful, reaching over 6000 followers on Twitter, gaining 1000+ members in their Facebook group and 7000 followers on Twitch! The community was so popular, they even managed to get an icon in Smite and were partnered with The Chaos Vanguard which is one of the most popular Multi-Gaming communities out there. Now to stop boasting about Owens past, we want to get EichenWatch to a similar level of popularity or even much much more! Before you join, you must know some rules and requirements which can also be found on the Discord Server. If you want to join you must join the Discord and must have signed up to the EichenWatch Forums. Here are the requirements: • Be over the age of 13. • Have a working mic. • Have Discord, if you do not have it, it's free so download it. • Have Overwatch. If you match all of these requirements, you can proceed to read the rules: • Be respectful. • No hate speech, sexism or discrimination of any kind. • Do not ask for Moderator or any Staff linked ranks. • Get involved with the community! Being in-active is the worst. Please, be social :) We hope to see you soon! http://eichenwatch.proboards.com/ https://discord.gg/859XtTdNomadic0 1d
1d Diamond Main Tank LF EU Team (Over 200hr experience) SR:3220 166hr On Rein - 66hr on Winston (working on my Orisa) BID: HiddenSnake#21277 Looking for a team that takes part in tournaments and active in e-sports, i don't mind being a substitute Have an experience with teamwork and can play daily (with mic)HiddenSnake1 1d
1d Gold flex Need one more for a 6 stack gold eu servers must flexSutd203 1d
1d Carry me Comp EU Sr1945 Pls carry me XD Biscuit#21605Biscuit1 1d
1d LFG team EU Hi . Before u throw your !@#$ at me, yes I "main" hanzo but i flex to pretty much anything except torb and sym. I am looking for a team to play with preferably in competitve but qp is also fine. I am sick of the RNG matchmaking system and of all the games I ever had the ones where people work together were the best, regardless of win or lose. I am around 3.1k -ish sr My "mains" : Hanzo > Ana > Mcree > Reinhardt >Zen >Zarya > Orisa >Reaper> Doomfist > Bastion :) Add me if u feel I could bring something to your team. ID : UtherDoul#2720 CheersUtherDoul1 1d
1d looking for comp partner looking for a mate to play comp with, im at 1700 but i should be around 1900, i play support/tankRadspace2 1d
1d 2900 Tank Main looking for a team 2900 Main Tank main (Rein,Winston) who can also play orisa and zen decently and is learning DVA zarya currently looking for a team to Q and play with. Have a mic etc. 22 years old. Have a good one :)Shady323 1d
1d silver/gold team looking for opponents hello there is a silver/gold team thats looking for another team around the same sr to play against. scrims. anyone up for that?Glatz010 1d
1d [EU] Looking for casual players Hi there, I'm looking for some people from the EU to play casually with every now and then. I'm 22 and from England. I'd most likely be using text chat. I mostly play QP and Arcade occasionally. Would probably be up for competitive in the future though. My tag is Paddon#2903 - Cheers!Paddon1 1d