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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
11m nexus challenge Hey, I'm looking for a friend to do the nexus challenge 2.0 with in Heroes of the Storm, for the genji oni skin. So if you're interested , just message me :) Note : Not good at heroes :)Keemstar5 11m
52m NEED HELP TO GET OUT OF BRONZE Looking for group / player to play with me to get out of silverMickeyMouse9 52m
1h LFP for nexus challenge 2.0 for all 4 weeks You must complete first quest to obtain D.Va skin? Link to Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge 2.0: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes20/nexuschallenge20/masandra1710 1h
2h LF Gold/Platinum Hi, I was doing well at the beginning of this season by solo queuing, but now I'm slowly dropping SR because it's difficult to play with toxicity within a team. I mainly play Genji, Hanzo, Soldier and Lucio. My SR is currently around 2300, I'm from New Zealand, play in Americas Region. Looking for a group or person to duo queue or group queue in order to get out of this !@#$ty place I'm currently at in competitive. I know I'm a decent player it's just difficult to play solo anymore. Gamertag: Moid#11409Moid0 2h
3h LF Bronze/Silver players Hello , i'am looking for players to play with to get out of bronze/silver. I can play pretty much any role . my mic and brains works fine. . If you are interested add me: S1st#2489S1st2 3h
4h I am looking to build a serious Competitive Team I'm interested in building a 6 person Competitive team, people I can play with regularly and improve with, my current SR is exactly 3000, my season high was 3103. The Requirements to join this team are listed below. A very good grasp of the English Language. Being very active within Overwatch. (Above Level 100 at least) A Discord Account. Having a Skill Rating between 2800 and 3100. A chill personalty, no raging or any stuff like that, just taking the loss and improving from it. A sense of humour, joking around is seriously needed in a game like OW to lighten the mood. If you feel you fit this then feel free to message me via Discord at: Athe#3369 We can discuss the building of a team further there! :)Athe2 4h
4h Looking for UK players to climb the ladder with Hey there I'm currently stuck at gold and is very tired of always solo queuing with idiots. I am confident at playing with every character and really just want to get platinum so I can sleep haha. DryBoness#21818DryBones0 4h
4h +/- 2900 filler LFT Looking for a team around 2900-3100 I can fill any role, i do like to switch it around every now and then in each role i have 2-3 characters i do well with. I prefer good comunication. If some1 is looking for players or just some1 who wants to play competitive every now and then add me :)MeDidStinky2 4h
4h Plat/Diamond Players Looking for players to team with in comp. Must be in plat or diamond Mature Pretty flexible when it comes to hero picking Mic required for communication. If you are interested please join my Discord server. Thanks https://discord.gg/wW5ktFaithfulSoul6 4h
4h Competitive help - 2914Sr Hi Everyone. So currently i'm stuck in 2900 and i really want to try and get close to master (If i can get master before the event ends i'll be able to get a Golden gun without having to suffer another season.) So is there anyone looking for a Support/Tank main who might be able to help me get close to me goal? I'm 2914sr at the moment. Thank you in advanced! my Battle net is: BlazeWolf945#2551BlazeWolf9451 4h
4h Team to climb up from platinum. Looking for someone to help me deal with retarded people in platinum. Plat/Diamond.BrandiLove2 4h
5h 3250 phara 3250sr phara but I can flex if needed comfortable in tank and heals too I've got a mic too so communication is there EU player Ryanwils97#2349Ryanwils971 5h
5h Looking for people to climb SR 2750+ Me and my friend (also 2700 SR) looking for people to climb back up to Diamond with. Sick of 4 people playing DPS in one game and people trolling. I can play Lucio, Winston, Orisa, Sym and Soldier pretty well. Add me up NoBots#21833 or post BT below.NoBots1 5h
5h Looking for Diamond people EU Hello, after my 10 matches I've been placed rank 3000 ( Diamond), but I've been slowly deranking and now I'm 2824, I'm looking for people to team up because SoloQ is really hard in here, there are sometimes people I can communicate with and the game goes really smooth, but sometimes no. Feel free to add me, xD.Defalt1 5h
5h [EU] LF people in my team about 3000sr Hello there. I'm Abhai, 20yo and I'm looking for people for creation team. I main pharah/soldier and have about 2900-3000sr now but my sh is 3343. I'm tired from idiots and trolls in my team thanks to which I lose games. I wanna get master and create team basically for competitive mode so I hope you wouldn't mind if we won't play scrims and tournaments because I don't have much time for organizations these things so I'm not sure about it and for training our teamplay at first we will play in qp for example and then try comp. So, I want to see in my team these heroes: - tanks (first tank - rein/winston, second - zarya/roadhog) - dps (first dps - me, second - flex dps) - healers (first healer - mercy/lucio, second - ana/zen) Now about pick heroes: I need flex dps which can play soldier or mcree when I play pharah and flanker like genji, tracer or reaper when I play soldier. Alsto would be better if you can pick symmetra in defence. About healers preferably main mercy and main ana but would be cool if you also can play lucio/zen respectively. And about tanks I hope you already understood that we need main rein which can play winston and main zarya which can play roadhog as well. I gonna create regular team so I need regular and active players who can play almost every day in my time. I can play every day except wednesday for example. I usually play from 9 to 11 o'clock in my time and my timezone is UTC+3. So now you probably got it why I'm not gonna play in scrims and tournaments because I have just a few hours in day but almost every day. So, what do you need: - don't be toxic - ability to play almost every day in the same time with me - be regular and active player - have microphone for communication - have sr about 3000(+- 300) but not less 2700 please cos I want to create team about diamond - and main heroes which I wrote before So, if you are interested and fit all my conditions then just let me know below in this post. Write your battletag, main heroes and I'll add you ;) And if we will collect 6 stack regular people then we will play like team and climb up together. Cheers!Abhai7 5h
5h 3050SR Dive Tank/Builder Main. I mostly play D.Va, though I can play Winston, Symmetra and Torbjörn well, the last one doesn't get much use though lol. I'm looking for chill people who know how to communicate and adapt to situations within the game. Also I am looking for someone who is chill and laid back and doesn't get tilted over a single lose or a leaver within Competitive. I have a small group who I play with regularly (in 3 stacks usually) within Discord and it would be great to see some new faces! Please head to the link below if you're interested in joining us for some gr8 comp games! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mCSMzgF (Ask for Athe!)Athe1 5h
5h Duo needs a third Player!(DPS) Voice,active,16+ Hi my name is FrozenKing Im support main and my friend is a versatile Tank player. We are at around 2,5k but were both close to 3k often,but never managed to get there completely. Now we are looking for YOU! Are you active,16+ years old? Do you enjoy playing DPS when you have reliable teammates that got your back? Do you use your microphone? If you can answer these questions with YES Then you are the right teammate for us! We are aiming to play with maximum 3 or 4 people each time. If you want to reach 3k with us and celebrate together with us,come join us! I play since Beta and I'd like to welcome you to our Team. Add FrozenKing#2548 Thx!FrozenKing3 5h
5h The Art of Warfare-TAW About Us... The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 30 games of all genres. Today, over 2500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home. Our Overwatch division hosts a variety of seasoned TAW members and people who are new to TAW. We accept all players regardless of what your interests are: casual, competitive, or somewhere in between. Our players are looking forward to joining the competitive environment and forming multiple teams of differing skill levels. When playing with our members you can expect: *A large, active teamspeak server and website. *Structured and organized community. *Coaching and mentorship for all skill levels. *Coordinated teams and future in-house tournaments. *Casual play, socialization and unique fun events. Requirements... We ask little of our members, the most important thing is that you are bringing a winning attitude to your games. Our code of ethics (located on the website) is the policy we live by. Please check it out on TAW.net When playing with our members we expect: *Teamspeak 3 and a microphone. *a mature attitude. *Complete an application and orientation. *Attend weekly events with our members To join us... Contact Goopy#11723 on Battle.net for more informationGoopy0 5h
6h Legendary classic achievement Looking for people to complete uprising on legendary. I main tracer and I have a friend who has already completed it. I've gotten every special achievement so far except for this one. I know the strategy of this PVE but I just need experienced teammates to do this with as going through randoms is tiresome. My team and I have gotten to the last 2 orisas multiple times. You must know the strategy of this PVE and know how to play your role. If you're interested in doing this with me any time, add me. Jam3sAP#1790Jam3sAP0 6h
6h Mercy/support, Platinum, looking for people climb with ♥ Title pretty much sums it up :)Fleur9 6h
7h LFG: gold trying to climb up to platina etc I have been playing this season and I realize how much rank for Gold became very toxic. It's either no teamwork, trolls/yolos, no respect (blaming others) or rage quitter who just leave during middle of competitiveness. It's very difficult to climb up to platina when this situations occurs so many times (previous seasons, you could reply on luck but this time solo queueing is just ... became a new nightmare)! So it would be great to team up with people who loves to play seriously but also to have fun :) of course we have a ups and downs but at least I know that I can count on my team!! *small info: Girl / EU-Belgium/ PC *Tktje6 7h
7h LFM bronze/silver Hello guys and girls, We are looking for more players to play with to get out of bronze/silver. I can play pretty much any role and my friend mainly plays soldier or dva. We both got a working mic and brains. Would be nice to find some more people to queue with that don't just yolo. If you are interested add me: Swanqueen#21309 & Heda#21704Swanqueen1 7h
7h Looking for players to form group to climb Looking for 5 players to climb the ranks im currently in 2100 SR (unfortunately fell from 2680) reason being is that its the easiest way to climb out. More coordination more teamwork and less toxicity. People say that its harder i think its the opposite, I never been on the longest win streaks in solo q as i been in a 6 man Q. Im talking about going from 2000 -2500 in one sitting (crazy right). Unfortunately the team i played with does not have same schedule or just stopped. Also everyone knows their roles and be able to have more synergy together. I play mostly DPS and Tank but im very flexible and confident in my own skills and game sense in the hero I choose. Add me TopTierZeus#1357 its much better improving as a unit then trying to bring up your Skill rating by yourself. I also have a discord as well Top Tier Zeus#5064. Serious players only! You dont have to be a shot caller just be able to communicate and coordinate well, be decent, and optimistic.TopTierZeus1 7h
7h Looking for players to derank to 1SR looking for team to derank from plat tot bronze 1 battletag is BnetPlayer#242657N1gN0g1 7h
7h LFG Gold/Plat Hi there! I just dropped from gold ~2.3k under 2k because of lack of information and kinda bad/unskilled team mates. tried to carry with friends but we have our main roles and can't do anything about it if people instalock their heroes. also I'm getting bored of argue with people why they shouldn't play a third tank if we desperately need a support. it also annoys me to see every second game a gold medal in eliminations/damage if I play as a tank. so in fact our dps is damn bad. I want a team i can count on. I want a team which communicates. I want mates who are good on their roles and care about team comps and not just playing what they want doesn't matter if that is a good idea or not. most likely it's not. maybe it sounds a bit strange but I think I'm actually a skilled player who can grow much with the right people on my site. so if you want to take competitive play seriously, add me: Mikesh#2181 my role: offtank (Zarya, Roadhog, Winston, maybe Orisa) // probably DPS like Soldier or the Cowboy but need to improve much more on that needed roles - front line tank --> Reinhardt MAIN!! - support --> Mercy, Lucio, Zen, (Ana) - DPS --> Soldier, Phara, Genji, Hanzo...something like that like I mentioned already it is really necessary that you main your role and not just play for example dps every third game or switch from a Lucio to McCree just because you think you will turn the tides on your own with it. personal informations: > male > 22 y/o > EU - Germany > PC CheersMikesh1 7h
8h -§m- Recruiting some Comp/Casual The best way to describe this group of members is a family. We play together. Argue together. Resolve issues together. But best of all we have a blast. Ultimately, when you decide to get on your computer, you know you got a good group to hangout with on a regular basis. We do get a bit restless and switch games alot depending on the day but we always have our mainstays. Anyone is welcome as long as the toxicity level remains in discord and not in game. We play all things casually, and some competively. We are moving slowly away from Guns of Icarus as our main game, however we are moving to Squad, Overwatch and essentially all Coop games in general. If interested join the group and well hit ya up shortly. We do want to remain small so everyone gets to know everyone well enough however we are currently recruiting. We currently are looking for one of each type (tanks, healers, dps, all arounders) in Overwatch to fill the holes in our teams throughout the day. EU/NA friendly. EU Currently has the dominating member count though NA is not far behind :) If interested join the steam group here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/st33lmeridian and you can add me or I will find you and add you to get you in with us. Or you can check us out here https://www.steelmeridian.com (must join steam group though) Little bit of a transition to new forum soon with paid for hosting.RedXiii10 8h
8h Looking for gold/platinum players for Comp. I am stuck in gold SR with Platinum rank, I want to reach diamond before the season finishes and for that I am looking for people to do that with. Add me @ Wrath#21684 if you're interested. EDIT: It's almost like people can't read. ^Wrath7 8h
9h Bronze Aus player looking for serious players First of all, if there is an existing thread where this topic is already covered then I'm sorry! Just point me in the right direction and i'll be on my merry way. I'm sure there's a lot of bronze players like myself who are decent and feel that they deserve to be at least silver. But reality hits us when we continuously get paired with players who lack basic game sense and insist on playing heroes that make no sense at all. To cut to the chase, I am looking for bronze players who are sick of losing games because of bad team work. I want to find players who: - Wants to play seriously and climb out of bronze - Group up - Has a wide hero pool - Has good game sense - Will change team comp to suit the match/react to the enemy team I know there's a lot of you guys out there, perhaps we can band together and carry ourselves out of bronze hell! I would describe myself as a tank main but I can also play support if necessary. My mains are Reinhardt and D.Va but I am increasingly getting accustomed to Zarya, Winston and Roadhog. My support main is Zenyatta but I can also play Mercy. I do know how to play 76 and Pharah but I would honestly prefer to find another player who is comfortable playing dps since I consider that role my weak point. If you are interested in helping myself and hopefully others in climbing out of bronze hell, then please express your interest! It would also be helpful if you list the characters that you main. I'll add my add details later if this thread gets enough attention.Crobatman2 9h
9h [PC][NA][EU]Coldfire Gaming|Overwatch Team! Tryouts We will be hosting Tryouts tonight! and more later. Coldfire Gaming is now recruiting for our NA and EU Overwatch Team. If you are interested and fall in the below and would like a Organization to play under. Please tryout. If you need any more information about us, visit our website; http://www.coldfiregaming.com. Join us on our Discord https://discord.gg/gnWxCSA or follow us on twitter http://www.twitter.com/coldfiregc We are currently looking for players 2.5SR rank and above to Try-out for our Coldfire Overwatch team. Region: NA and EU Division Leaders: GlitchedSouls(Lust#12135) and NaRa(NaRa#1997). Discord: https://discord.gg/gnWxCSA Age: 16+ Information about the tryouts will be posted on our Discord by the Division Leaders. If you are interested and feel like you have the determination and drive to competitive in tournaments with us, please fill out the below form: https://coldfiregaming.com/coldfire-gaming-recruiting-overwatch-team/Unit0 9h
9h GOLD-PLATINUM||COMPETITIVE Hi,I'm looking for people to play comp with i play all roles but i'm especially good at Genji. I'm at 2100+ SRImProGenji0 9h
9h [PC][NA/EU] The marauders are recruiting!! Hey there you !@#$%^- beautiful disaster! Have you grown tired of playing alone? Are random teammates constantly driving you nuts? Are you close to having the salt/water ratio of the Dead Sea? Boy, have I got news for you! The Marauders is an international, you heard it; international, multi-gaming clan that focuses on skill before fun. You may ask why skill first? Simply because we have a heartfelt belief that as you grow and gain skill in your game, fun is a byproduct of winning more often. Unlike most clans, we don’t expect the new applicants to already be extremely skilled at the game they want to main. We teach them. We coach them. Aye, you read it right, we coach. One of our chief goals is that our members maintain a high level of play and are skilled at their main game and for that we have coaches, who have shown exquisite talent and are willing to pass their knowledge onwards. For communication we use both TeamSpeak and Discord, so you're free to choose which option suits you better! Currently we're looking to build up competitive teams for this and all future seasons! Interested? Head over to our website at www.marauderclan.com/ and submit an application. Oh and make sure to say that Rebel sent ya! ;)Rebel1 9h
9h Looking for people to play with GOLD-PLATINUM Hi, i'm a Genji main currently in gold at 2100+ looking for people to play with.ImProGenji0 9h
10h Competitive team looking for 6th player (offtank) Hi! We are a newly formed competitive team who is looking for the 6th and final member, which happens to be an offtank main that mostly plays Winston and Zarya, but can adapt to playing Roadhog aswell. We would like to see a player that have experience in playing these heroes and actually MAIN offtank, not just randomly plays every single hero (we got loads of applicants that doesn't have a main, hence why we are still looking for the last spot). If you're a player that just plays everything, you're probably gonna be decent at everything, so don't even bother to add me/us if that's the case. It's crucial that you can communicate while playing and inform useful information to the team. When we decide to go for a dive comp (where you play Winston usually) it's really good if you can take over the shotcalling for that moment so we know what target you are going to jump on. Our current group sr is around 2500, we have a few ppl up in the 2900s and a few in the 2200s. We are practicing almost every night from CEST 19:30 to about 23:00 and we would like if the 6th could meet these times too (obv occasionally if you are not here we are not going to set on you on fire, just be around most of the time if possible :)), our biggest goal next to climbing is to improve as a team, we are constantly practicing in qp, learning new team comps, practicing ult combos, what are the best def positions, flanks etc. As this all require proper communications, you have to be able to speak and understand English fluently, be able to give info etc. We use discord for all of our communications. We do have a few ppl who are fillers so if someone is from the core team is not online they can fill in, but currently we are looking for the last core player, so you would have a guaranteed spot in the team if you fit :) Our average age is around 25-26, so we would prefer a player that is atleast 18 yrs old. If you think you are looking for a team like this, don't waste any time and hit me up on bnet: turbs#21128 sen#2364 Or just post a reply here with your battle tag. Looking forward to hear from you soon!TURBS1 10h
12h Forming serious competitive team - DELETED -turbofarfar42 12h
12h mercy main hey guys mercy main here, just switched to pc from ps4 overwatch. looking to form a team or just a few peeps for a stack qwertcee#2301qwertcee1 12h
12h LFG LEGENDARY UPRISING DIAMOND REIN/MERCY MAIN Hello, I am lfg to finish this achievement, I can do very well with reinhardt and mercy and I know the tactics.D4rkst3EL4 12h
13h Want to join a team / play with someone Searching for players to play with. PM If U have a team I could join! Hi. My name is theo. I am 14 soon to be 15. I play Soldier/mercy/genji I can play all caracters well. I have also been trying to find people to play with. It's hard to find players. I have a great team-work and understand other people pretty good. I have teamspeak,skype and discord. I play alot since I dont really do school. And I Think I am the right person to be here I had 1800 SR But I can really play with higher ranks that have around 2000-3000. I have friends that have that SR But I can't really get up there because I don't have the right teammates. I Think you should give me a chance IGN: Tevsii#2788Tevsii1 13h
13h From bronze to gold LF 6 players (bronze or silver) to team up with , u need to have Mic and pick the hero that your team ask you 2S1st1 13h
13h 3.3k (UK/EU) 3.3k eu looking for duo must speak good English must be 3.2k + add Troopaa#2755Troopaa0 13h
14h 3.3k (UK/EU) 3.3k eu looking for duo must speak good English must be 3.2k + add Troopaa#2755Troopaa0 14h
14h Competitive team looking for 6th (support) player [closed]sen5 14h
14h Final Respawn (Community) - Join Us Today! https://finalrespawn.com/ ABOUT FINAL RESPAWN: Final Respawn is a friendly, active and upcoming gaming community. We are mainly CS:GO based, but are now expanding into other games. Overwatch is one of these games. If you're sick and tired of playing with random PUGs and you wish to find friends to play with who are relaxed but competitive at the same time, our community is the place you want to be! We aim to create a friendly and enjoyable environment for all players so that no matter what game you play or your skill level in that game, you will always find a match that suits you. TO JOIN US Just hop on our forums, sign up and its as easy as that :-) Forums - https://finalrespawn.com/ Teamspeak IP - ts.finalrespawn.com OUR REQUIREMENTS: You need to be 16+ years old. You must speak English to some degree. You must be willing to use Teamspeak. You must follow our rules (located on our forums). If you are confused or have any other queries about the community, either join the teamspeak and ask about us, or message me or another member of staff, our battle.net IDs are below. Division Leader - Jackster#21382 Division Moderator - Freddie#21467Jackster9 14h
14h former 2050 stuck at 1000 looking for 1-2 voice teammates Hey im a former 2050 is season 3 stuck in hell at 1000 because of clueless teammates, i can play any hero just need someone to play with to get me out of this mess and help others rimor#21308rimor2 14h
14h Join KonvictGaming (KG) European Multigaming Community http://konvictgaming.com/ Are you tired of playing by yourself? Are you looking for a ranked 6 team? A duo queue partner, or just some people to play through a few quickplays after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We host, in-house games and Free Mentoring for all of our members. About our Overwatch section We have been active in the Overwatch community since early launch, and from humble beginnings, have grown to have more than 150 active people playing with us every day, all making use of our unlimited Teamspeak server. We have all sorts of players from the duoqueing tryhards trying to improve themselves, to the more casual Qucik plays for fun people, and everything in between. Requirements:"> Be 16 or older Teamspeak and working microphone Be respectful of other individuals How do I join? Jump over to www.Konvictgaming.com Sign up Log in Press The Overwatch icon and submit your application Join our teamspeak @ ts.konvictgaming.com In-house: In-houses are what makes communities a great place, and Konvict is the best at them. It’s a custom game made up entirely of Konvict members, that’s 100% more Konvict members than you’ll find in any other game mode! Game modes vary, Confused? Come find out more! It’s a banter fuelled fun experience for everyone involved. With both pre and post-game talks. Mentoring: We offer free mentoring and coaching from our higher ranked players who want to teach the arcane mysteries of Overwatch to those looking to improve upon every aspect of their game. Our mentors focus on teaching essential skills like: Decision-making, Champion select choices, How to close out games, and how to keep a level head. Some of our mentors even have experiences mentoring high level teams! The Community and its history* Konvict gaming is a multi-gaming community with over 2,500 active gamers, spread over major titles such as: League of legends, Cs:GO, Hots, Final fantasy and more! Konvict gaming was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the biggest communities in Europe. What are our aims as a community? As a community we believe in creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. A place both the casual and the hardcore can play together and still feel like they are welcome, because they are! We are already one of the largest communities in Europe, but we aren’t going to stop there, we aim to become one of the biggest communities in the world. So everyone is welcome to join no matter what nationality. We only have a few requirements as to join! But Konvict is more than just a place for Overwatchs we have other sections such as: CS:GO - One of our largest sections, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is for casual and competitive players alike, all members are encouraged to join and meet some likeminded souls while pawning mid. Create teams and participate in a community that offers countless hours of fun. We also host a lot of fun servers that can be viewed at: http://konvictgaming.com/servers/ Heroes of the storm - As the game has taken the world by storm (excuse the pun), Konvict has taken the players by storm (this one, we don’t apologise for). We have one of the largest hots section in the world, and as always, the more the merrier! Diablo 3 - Currently we are running Rift's on every torment from T1 to T13, split farming bounties and players pushing towards the very top of the greater rift leaderboards!. Making and gearing up all our character for season 7. Come and join us now! The new Season Leader boards needs to be filled! Other games we also play are: World of Warcraft FFXIV The Division Minecraft Rocket League Simple as that, so get over to the site now! Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community, we are always happy to help and want to have an open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun. See you on soon! // Konvictgaming.comKGnobsoc13 14h
15h around 2800 sr EU player 2800 sr plat and above lets play :D playing any role, usually dva, phara, rein and ana are my first picks. looking to climb into diamond finally. would be good if you have a mic :) Ryanwils97#2349Ryanwils974 15h
15h LF players high gold - low plat Looking for players to team up for competitive with. I'm support main but can play all roles. Mostly active night time - early morning. I'm at 2470 sr now. Eu-server. Looking to climb :) Other info: I have mic, and am 23 years old. Female gamer. Scandinavian. Add me: magicpanties#21651MagicPanties1 15h
16h Looking to level up and get loot boxes in competitive I'm trying to get all the uprising skins and i'm only missing the Mercy skin. So if you wanna help me out my battletag is JackVonWeird#2813JackVonWeird2 16h
16h 1655 Silver, Genji/Pharah/Zarya/Ana [Discord/TS3] Looking to climb with someone, add me if interested d0pe#21652d0pe0 16h
17h Uprising Legendary - Mercy Player I always lose in the Arena with the "bosses", and I'm looking for players that's played Legendary atleast 10 times AND delivered the payload, just for experience.penuskid0 17h