Looking for Players - PC

13 May 2018 NEED NA FRIENDS Hey guys. I want to find out some friends who often play comp and can teach me English! Im from Japan, and I am studying abroad now in the USA. I can use mic but my English is bad so maybe it bother you. If you dont mind it, pls be my friend! Btw I have 3 accounts and my rank is diamond and master. My main pick is support and dps. I can play together if ur rank is more than platinum. Pls dont hesitate to ask me. My Battle.net ID is wkp#11744 My Discord ID is waka#0769 #18+ #discord #friendly #pc #Competitive #Platinum #Diamond #Master #NAwkp3 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Support main LF comp around 1600 SR Hey. I swicthed from tank to support and I am really loving it. My favorite is by far Ana, which I have been practising. I also like Brigette and Moira. Looking for active and chill pleayers. 18+ of age. Add me Punkki#21587Punkki0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 LF plat player Hey, Im 14 years old and low Platinum in Overwatch, Im from Sweden and i use Discord for communication. My discord server: https://discord.gg/vRqBXE I play almost all characters but like DPS the most Add me: Toshi#21796Toshi0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Healer lf DPS players to group up with Hey all, I'm a support player, currently 3000 SR. My career high (season 5) was 4155 but I dropped due to inactivity (lost 500 ranking points when not playing for a week?). Anyway, I'm looking for good dps players to group up with casually. When I get online and I see you playing ranked, I'll ask whether you want to group up. I play mercy the most. My statts might be usefull... I never see anyone with higher healing than me. https://ibb.co/nu93Yy Top healing 33K ... avg healing... So looking for people who focus on playing dps. Feel free to leave your username. Cya in game!Butra1 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 silver 1500+ silver xD someone want to group up?Deadeye5 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Looking for new members Team Nex has decided to slip off into two new teams. However we are still looking for members for the second team. We require you to be ranks of gold or plat, also you must be 16+ years old Currently looking for all roles Also you must have a Discord account so message below your Discord and Blizzard account.Skygan1 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Discord servers Anyone know about some good discord servers to find ppl to q With for comp?Storm0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 comp group with mic europe Looking for active comp players with microphones to try and rank up with. I'm not the best player by far, I won't deny that, so some patience/training would be apreciated. Either English or Dutch speaking, age doesn't really matter I'm currently in Silver at 1876, after dropping from gold at 2290 Diobolito#21831Diobolito0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 [EU/Plat] Hanzo looking for Zarya to carry You must have a mic to callout your grav, if we combo properly it's easy win. Add me: enC0RE#21850enC0RE0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Help me get out from gold! ;) Hello! I'm looking for someone with high sr to help me get out from gold :)Missy3 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Gold Flex LF evening/weekend team Previously placed mid/high gold player looking for team mates - I am relatively new to the game and haven't really put much time into competitive but looking to gain experience and meet new people. Placed in mid to high gold in my first placement last season but found it difficult/infuriating to continue without communication in the team so carried on in quick play learning the ropes. Have a good PC/mic/connection and am a laid back constructive player :) I can play a variety of characters but some of my best include: Soldier 76 Reaper Junkrat Torbjorn Any tank (not much exp. as Zarya) Any support (not much exp. as Ana) Sibb#21138 Looking forward to hearing from you :)Sibb4 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Lf Support Main 1.5-2.5k+ Hey guys. Im looking for a Support main to play some Comp games.I got some Smurfs ranged from 2000-3000 Sr and just want to have some fun games while helping others out. Preferably Girl Games since they tend to tilt less out of personal experience. If u want to try some games just hit me up. Dad#21331Dad4 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Looking for ppl to play for xp Sup, I have been playing ow for a long time and my friends are all slowly stopping to play, which often ends up me playing alone. I'm level 1982 and i could use that extra xp boost ;). If your an active and nice player (rank does ofc not matter) who wants to group up for any kind of gamemode can reach me here: Discord server: YF2Jst2 Discord name: FTShadowZ#1000 Austrian / Gm / lvl. 1,9k / EU / PCFTShadow0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 PC NA Gold - Looking for Group I'm looking for a regular group to play comp with, especially nights (18+ preferably). I'm currently low gold, but I'm happy to queue with anyone that is higher or lower than that (within 1000 obviously). I main offhealer (Zen/Brigette) or dps (Widow/Junkrat/Pharah/Genji) and I'm a decent Reinhardt. I actually use my mic during games. I'm really looking for a group that plays regularly (at least a couple nights a week) and wants to git gud and rise up the ranks and, more importantly, farm golden weapons (obviously). Fury#12592Fury6 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Looking For People To Team With Im currently level 20 and was just wondering if people wanted to duo with me, i usually play tanks but i can play any role if needed. It would just be nice to play with someone around my level and eventually in competitive n such once i hit level 25.Mighty0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 All-Female Discord Server Hi there, For any girls looking for friends to play with in any game mode and any SR, I have created a discord server for chatting and organising games Invite : https://discord.gg/c6UEmF NOTE: Since this is a female only server, anyone who is not will be bannedSeyfaro32 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 looking for team to climb in competitive. My sr is really low but ive been in a really bad loosing streak, Im a flexible player can play all roles prefer support and tank, Im looking for some chill people to play comp and win some matches. add me Maurito#11674Maurito0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 HELP ME GET BACK TO PLAT PLZ Season 10 has rolled around and i started off quite well , peaked at 2500 SR but that was short lived to say the least , i need help climbing back up ! Any help would be appreciated , can no longer deal with solo comp :/ ADD ME ON PC - GentleNut#1582GentleNut0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Gold Tank Main Looking for Team I main Winston and Zarya I used to main dps with tracer, widow, mccree, and soldier, Looking for a team to climb the ranks with and enter tournaments. Add me at Shadowolf#1401Shadowolf0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Gold Tank Main Looking for Team I main Winston and Zarya I used to main dps with tracer, widow, mccree, and soldier, Looking for a team to climb the ranks with and enter tournaments.Shadowolf0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Gold Comp Team Looking for a group to play comp with. Im low gold at the moment. I play Dva, Pharah, Moira, Mercy mainly but Im pretty flexible. Demonsaurus#11281Demonsaurus0 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 LFG DPS DPS main high Plat looking for a competitive team I mainly play genji but I flex to other dps when neededEvade1 13 May 2018
13 May 2018 Need Zen or Mercy Pocket My main account is tracer/genji DPS 3800SR. However late at night when match making is bad, I just like to chill on a diamond account and practice other heroes and have fun.Coop0 13 May 2018
12 May 2018 boost me daddy any smurfs wanna help me get to plat, just came from console....duo que?EltrxUnicorn2 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Eximius 6 teams LFM + LF casters and streamers Eximius is a small competitive group of multiple teams only, from Low diamond to High master, which each them has their own schedule, captain and team strategy. We are always looking for more members to join our teams or the new teams, which we are building almost constantly. How to Join: - Add Stonehelm#2137 and contact him in order to have a small interview about the teams and group - You will be introduced to your new team and must follow the rules from the team/Eximius Team Unseen (Mid-Diamond) - Full Team H@ched (Mid-Diamond) - Full Team Nuka Quantum (Master) - Full Team Toxicity (Low-Diamond) - This team lost a few members due to not accepting the new changes, therefore we are looking for all roles Team Alpha (Mid-Diamond) - 1xdps(projectile) - 1xtank(OT) Team Checkmate (High Diamond/Low-Master) - Full Our Goals - To build a competitive and fun environment - Build team chemistry - Expand Eximius group up to 10 teams by the end of the year - Expand our coach members - Add casters and streamers in order to help grow the performance and show of our teams - Develop our social media(Twitter, youtube) What we need from you: - To follow the group and team rules - Keep a line of communication by announcing your team in case you cannot attend a specific night of comp/scrim/tournament - Have patience to develop team synergy - Show commitment - Be vocal in comms - Be able to learn multiple heroes from you role LF casters and streamers - In case you are a streamer and caster and you want to develop your skill, we can offer you a few times a week scrims within our group, which you can cast it and stream it - In addition, you will upload your recording on youtube, in order to help the teams to watch back at their performance - You will get quite a few more viewers on your channel and you can also use our discord server to advertise your twitch channel on #general text channelStonehelm0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Team Everlasting LF Coaches. What we're looking for Team Everlasting is searching for a minimum of 2 coaches, no matter the experience. Ideally, we would want 3 coaches, one for each role (DPS, Tank, Support), so that everyone can get valuable lessons from dedicated people. If we only manage to get 2 coaches, at least one of them should be a flex player, so that we can cover every role with only 2 coaches. About Us We're a 3200 - 3300 diamond, EU-based team, with multiple nationalities, so anybody is welcome to join us. The team currently has 6 starters and 4 subs. Practice days are usually Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday, starting 19:30 CEST - 20:00 CEST. We're scrimming at least 2 times/week and we have a dedicated vod review day, where we'll need you the most. Requirements To be a coach for the team, we need you to be at least 3500+ SR and have pretty good knowledge on at least 1 of the main roles specified above. Experience doesn't really matter, everybody has to start somewhere, but if you have past experience with coaching other teams, that's even better. Contact If you wanna apply, here's my contact details: Discord: BLURRY#0954 Battle.Net: BLURRY#21922BLURRY1 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Mid to high plat support looking for duo Support main looking for other supports or tanks in this toxic ocean of dps players. Played at low diamond for a season, currently mid to high plat.Coolnave0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking for Bronze/Silver to join queues with! Been queuing solo, but ended up dropping 300SR from Silver to Bronze, it's not easy nor fun trying to get back up solo, so if there's anyone around the 1355SR who is interested, can we team up! I seemed to have picked up the role of tank in my time soloing, although I do enjoy playing Junkrat, I don't get much chance. Cheers!ThreeOfSeven7 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking for a 6-stack comp team Hey I'm a EU Widowmaker main with 3531 SR currently. I've been in masters playing widow for 3 seasons now and my peak SR is 3.7k. I'm looking for a team that let's me play widow on the maps where I think she is good at, and possibly some other dps (McCree, Soldier, Hanzo, Junk, Reaper) on the maps where she isn't so good. I can also play Reinhardt, Zarya and Brigitte. I aim at getting gm, but I'm tired of random flamers, leavers and bad team comps. I use voice comms and don't rage at other people. Add me if I can join your group :) Battletag: Jimmy#21320Jimmy0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [PC][EU] [3700 SR+] Team looking for a support player We play together 4-5 times a week around 8PM-10PM CET. We play at least 3 days during the weekdays, as well as weekends. Our Team has been together for a few months, plays a lot of comp, as well as scrims for practice. We are currently in the Open Division, and will join other tournaments in the future. One of our support positions are about to be vacant, so we need someone who: plays every support hero at a good level (Lucio and Zen especially) is 3700 SR or above is looking to improve, individually and in a team setting is able to communicate during the match (working mic, be vocal) is able to take constructive criticism is 17+ If you're interested and we sound like a good fit for you then leave your battletag below or add either EnormousPeen#2373 or Støner#21244 on battlenetHowDoIHeal1 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [EU] [LFM] [3.5k+] [EU] [LFM] [3.5k+] Hi, we're trying to create a fresh team that can be active and compete in Open Division. It's a completely new venture so there's going to be bumps and bruises on the way while we're synergising. =============================================================== We're looking for: -Hitscan Dps - Open main/substitute roles -Flex Dps - Open substitute role -Main tank - Open substitute role -Off tank - Open main/substitute roles -Main healer - Open main/substitute roles -Flex healer - Open main/substitute roles =============================================================== Expectations before apply: -At least 18y/o and above -At least 3.5k skill rating last/current season -Ability to practise at least 3 times a week + Open Division matches =============================================================== DM for further information Discord: DoJu#2465DoJu0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking for Girl Gamers Helloooo I am looking for fellow gaming girls to play Overwatch with and also add to my Discord channel where we can all chat and mingle with fellow gamers and just have a massive girl gamers discord community. Post your discord below for an invite.Rabidpanda57 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 DPS LF 2700~/Plat Support/Tank Mains 2700~ dps (Genji, Hanzo, Tracer, Soldier, Junkrat, Widow) looking for support/tank mains. I'm flexing if needed (which is way too often). Can talk on discord. 17+ yo preffered. I'm 19 myself battletag: kuah#21533 discord: kuah#8664kuah0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Overwatch Central Community Discord! Hey fellow overwatchers! I just created my own discord server after being tired of using other discord servers where people spammed, were rude and without any active admins. This is a discord server for ANYONE, wether youre bronze, top500 or platinum you're welcome, we welcome all nationalities and everyone *over 16 yrs old*. Are you competitive? Do you just want to play arcade? Or do you want a little of both? Come join us then! So, if you're a Hanzo main, a symmetra one-trick, brigitte player or mercy main, you're all welcome! Hope to see you around! ƐPȌƘ https://discord.gg/bVqSpaaƐPȌƘ0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 low silver im trying too push out of silver i main hanzo ana and genji add me metsavillem#2491metsavillem2 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Players to climb - High silver/gold to plat Hello, looking for someone to play with who is serious. I used to be in 2376 but have lowered me because of solo players. So I want to climb 2500SR, and I think it's possible since I usually get very good points in the team. But alone is not strong. Mains: Roadhog, Zarya and Junkrat. Add me or dm # 2562 Nexone89 SincerelyNexone891 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking for people to level with! :) Hey there, I’m just looking for some people that would like to group up together in order to reach level 25, if anyone’s interested do let me know. I’d be keen to discord just to help pass the time by a little quicker and maybe have more fun that way as well. Hope you have a great day!Droolmule9 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Friends wanted! Hey. I am young man from Finland. Looking to meet new people maybe even make friends(?). I am looking for active players, I want to play with you and chat with you, as I am quite social. I have sense of humour but let's keep it tastefull. I am pretty chill guy myself. I understand passionate gaming, but if all you do is scream all day everyday, none that for me. I am mainly looking people for Quick play/Arcade. Let's get this show on the road! Punkki#21587Punkki1 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [EU] LF support main Hey! I wanna find a support main and preferably mercy/moira/ana for this game ;) I play almost in the all modes(qp, arcades, comp). I didn't do my placements because usually I don't play soloq and recently I don't have anyone to play with :/ I have just one important criteria except ur main heroes. I didn't play in the comp seriously like from s7 I guess and I got used to play mostly qp and tdm or ffa so I wanna that u wouldn't mind to play with me mostly in these modes at first and then if we will do fine we can start play comp again (: If to be more concrete, I wanna always play with healing whatever mode it will be(qp, arcade or comp) and it's usually an issue, because the most of people usually like to play just in the comp :/ But I hope that I can find someone who likes to play as support in all modes :) If u still read this post then be sure to check other criteria which I expect from u but it's not a necessary like my first one: - be talkative I use discord for the communication and like to chat with people and practice my English so I'm waiting it from u as well and I hope that we will keep our communication not just in the game ;) - activity and big online I can play almost every day in the different time but usually it's in the morning or evening, what will be more comfy for u (: In the morning about 10am-2pm and in the evening about 7pm-10pm in the +3 GMT timezone and I'm online the whole days in the discord so u can easily be in touch with me there. Here u can see my time - https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/gmt-plus-3/ Another criteria which I wanted to add about rank, but it's not important. I'm decent diamond with 3300+ sr in all seasons which I played so I got used to play with diamond people but I have another account with ~2400sr so if ur fit for all criteria above we can start play there and when we will get used to play together then move on this account ;) If more about me: I'm Abhai, 21yo, student, main pharah(360h)/soldier(350h), but can play reaper/bastion as well; started play in s3, my sh are s3-3100+sr, s4-3500+sr, s5-3300+sr, s6-3400+sr, s7-3400+sr and after this season I just was doing my placements so I finished s8-9 with 3000sr and wanna find someone to get back in the comp (: That' it! Thanks for the reading my post. I'm looking forward to play with you so feel free to add me but make sure to let me know that ur from this post or just write below ur battletag or discord and I'll add ya. My Battletag - Abhai#21529 My Discrod - Abhai#2153 Cheers!Abhai2 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking for group - Pref Gold + DONJUANX11 #1814 Healer / Tank Main - Gold 1990 Looking to group up and play some compDonJuanx112 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 The Wardens Multi-gaming community Hey there, and welcome to The Wardens! The Wardens is a Multi-gaming community based in EU that looks to provide a place for players of all games and ranks. (Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc) We are a relaxed, mature community with plenty of games and monthly events. Whether you want serious gaming or just want a laugh we'd love to have you! What we do: • Offer a relaxed, fun and friendly environment for people to come and play games of any kind • Monthly tournaments with various prizes up for grabs • Cards against humanity and Pictionary nights to chill down with on an evening • Ability to form teams for any of the multiplayer games you play • Most importantly; Have fun! You must: • Be at least 18 years old to join us • Have a working mic and be able to use Discord • Be able to visit us ~once a week at the least (being active helps gain your membership faster) • Have good understanding of English • Read and be willing to adhere to the rules of The Wardens • Prove yourself as a fun and friendly player How to join: Go to our discord ( https://discord.gg/pBbD4ZF ) and submit an application via our #submit-applications-here channel. Next, be an active, friendly team player on discord to secure your membership. We’ll notify you when you’re a fully-fledged Warden! Our recruitment staff: Basta / Basta#7911 (Discord)/ Basta#21248 (Battle.net) Dregre / Dregre#4411 (Discord)/ Dregre#2907 (Battle.net) Rhitard / Rhitard#4028 (Discord)/ RhiRhi#2370 (Battle.net) Cassie Mew / Cassie Mew#7573 (Discord)/ CassieMew#1743 (Battle.net) If you have any questions please contact any of the people above on discord or Battle.net!RhiRhi44 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Climb from bronze I'm right now stuck in bronze and since i have no one to play with, i have to solo queue, which many people know is annoying. I am looking for other people that are also stuck and want to climb. I'm not expecting professionals, just people with common sense. Pewety#2896 Thanks!Pewety11 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Nova-Crew.com Community Hello! Nova-Crew is a multigaming community which formed on Overwatch looking to expand with new members and potentially to some other games too. We are based in Europe and are currently sitting at around 50 active Overwatch players with both quick play and competitive games going throughout most of the day as well as night. On busy nights we host custom games to be able to bring as many of us into the action as possible, which make up for hilarious times. Both inexperienced as well as exprienced are welcome and we are an overal mature and anti-toxic bunch of peeps. If you'd like to find out more about us, message me on battle.net (Arrival#21180) or join our discord directly using this link: https://discord.gg/q3Sugyq See you there!Arrival0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 The Kraken's Den Community Discord sƐPȌƘ0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 Looking to make a small group of Overwatch players. Hello there, I have been playing Overwatch for a year and a bit now and I would like to find more people to play with. In the long term I would like to make a small group (around 10 or something players) to be able to log in and have people to play with! I have never done this kind of thing before but I think it could be fun and enjoyable for people who like to group up with others and play. I would prefer people who are laid back, chill and like to just have a good time playing. If you're interested please add me Horkie#21546 Hope to see you guys soon :)Horkie3 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 LFM-DAMAGEINC Hi my clan is recruiting (large and seriously clan) What you need know: Well, we are a gaming community with an overwatch division in it We are people from all around Europe And we have several teams with all kinds of SR We have daily events And we have several divisions that play overwatch, but most of them are from NA But when you become part of our division, you are also allowed to play with NA servers and with other games We do use Teamspeak for our main comms, because our community was formed before Discord existed If you wanna join leave the message More informations: https://dmg-inc.com/Frendli3 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [PC] [NA] [2800SR (Used to be 3600SR)] Main Healer and DPS Was Masters when I played much more seriously with team. Took a hiatus after team disbanded. I've since then moved, had a baby, and started a new career, but I'm ready to start playing seriously and get to Masters again with a team. Times I play are 12am - 4am EST.Cryptic3 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [EU][2302][LFT/OWL] Hi my name is Frost. I am 20 years old and I am playing Overwatch since it came out. I took a long break in between but now I am activly back. I am currently gold but had a peak in plat and willing to grow and get better. Tank is my most played role in Overwatch. I can play all of the tanks execpt Roadhog (Currently training with him). The most importand thing I am looking for is for people who want to play one day in the OWL. What I offer! - I offer a sponsore for the team if one is needed. - I am a team player. - I am very calm and not toxic. - I can take criticism and give advices. - I have a lot of time so i can attempt to meetings and matches. - I can garantie that I am not trolling. - I can flex. - I am willing to learn and grow together with the team. - I win and lose with the team. - I communicate. - I do speak Luxemburgish, German, English, Turkish and French What I expect! - Atleast a team who is 18+. - A team coach. - 2500 SR minimum. - A Discord or Teamspeak. - Team play. - Team communication. - None toxic envierment. - English, German or Luxemburgish only. I am looking forward to meet the teams who have interest to have me. I hope I fit your requirements, everything is discussable. Contact me on discord if you have interest in talking to me. Discord: Frost#8878 Have a nice day.Frost0 12 May 2018
12 May 2018 [EU][2400 SR] Looking for scrims/coaching/team Heya! :) I'm looking for scrims or people to rank up with. Been a player of Overwatch since Summer 2016, and have always been eager to climb the ranks and improve since competitive was launched in the game. I'm currently level 750+. I watch OWL and GM players on twitch religiously and always try to pick up what they do. Feel free to suggest some streamers I should check out! My current rank is high gold, but I'd say my skills fit more into the diamond elo. I've played in diamond with higher rank friends (the queue avg. was 3000) and I like it way more than where I am right now. I've started to really dislike games where no one is communicating. My peak is 3536 SR. I also have an alt account that is diamond at the moment. I am a support main, but I also flex off-tanks. The heroes I'm mostly comfortable with is: Supports: Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta (Need to learn Brigitte a bit more, and re-learn Lúcio) Tanks: D.Va, Roadhog (I really really want to practice Zarya) Hit me up at: DISCORD: Songbird#2452 BATTLE.NET: Songbird#21959 and feel free to say hey and get to know me a bit more! I'll make sure to be worth your time :) When I reach diamond/master and when I'm more experienced with my main heroes, my next goal would be to find a team :)Songbird1 12 May 2018
11 May 2018 Let's duo ourselves out of silver! Hey! I am tank main, mostly playing Zarya and Winston. I just finished my placements and placed in silver. I am looking for chill but serious partner to climb our butts to gold and beyond! Good attitude and high tilt resistance is a must. Let's climb! Not#22436Not2 11 May 2018