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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
8h Looking for Xbox One Season Four Group Hi guys! My name is Cayden. I am looking for a group to play Competitive Season Four. I am a flex player, though I prefer to play dps' such as Widowmaker or Genji. My Gamertag is Cayden2065, feel free to msg me. Mic or skype required. Looking for five people.thecrusher540 8h
10h PS4 LF people around 20 years of age Want to play with young people like me, around the age of 20. I have another post for competitive but I want more people to play with and have fun. (20 year old male from Sweden looking for people around the same age)Lotterx1 10h
10h [PS4] Looking for people to have fun with Hello, everyone! I played Overwatch some time ago and I reached level 159, also my highest rank in Competitive (and my last one) was Gold 2111. But, due to several reasons I had to start over again from the beginning, so right now I’m back to level 1. So now I’m looking for a group of people to synergize with, and if everything goes well, try luck in Competitive. But people that only want to play Quickplay or Arcade are welcome too! We could also do streaming or make a YouTube channel also just for fun. The only things I ask for is: -A very good sense of humor to laugh at our own mistakes -If we lose, or if we are losing you must have a good attitude towards it, even if we are on a streak of 10 defeats -You must have a mic, mostly to talk, laugh, and in general to have a good time -I would like to play with people around my age (17-25 years old), but if you don't get mad when you lose, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as our playing schedules match (I play mostly from Thursday to Sunday around 4-10 pm CST and on my free time the other days, but I can adapt). It also doesn’t matter if your level is low, everyone starts at level 1. So if you’re starting to play, it’s ok, we can grow together. If you’re interested in playing for fun and in making friends, leave your PSN in a comment, and if you want talk a little about yourself, what heroes do you play? What role do you like to play the most? What time do you play? etc. Thanks for reading this post, and sorry if it was too long, I’m waiting your message! :)tlayoli0 10h
13h Casual PS4 Players Hey guys, I'm looking to play with some people who play Overwatch for fun and loot boxes rather than the competitiveness. That doesn't mean we can't put in effort to win but I don't want anyone getting mad, or getting mad at each other. My timezone is Eastern and I'd rather play with people around my age range (16-20) but as long as you're not a squeaker that's all that really matters, must have a mic too. Feel free to add me on PSN if you're interested: Am_AlekAlek3 13h
15h PS4 Master Competitive Team Hey :) I'm currently looking for a serious competitve team to climb the ranks with next season - and the following if all goes well. I have two accounts and both are sitting around 3600. I used to play with a team, but since I hit Masters, I can't play with half of them now, since they are low diamond and high platinum. This is forcing me to Solo Que most of the time. I mainly play Mercy, Pharah and Symmetra, but can also play Ana or Zarya if needed. The reason I am looking for a team is that I'm sick of people not communicating in Solo Q. A team needs to communicate to win, in my opinion. For that reason, I must ask that you have a mic, and use it regularly throughout the game :) Just a little about myself; I'm currently 16, though age is irrevelevant to me, but I know it matters to some. I only care about your skill, not your age. I'm in Ireland, so current timezone is GMT. I'm not too fussy about time zones, though it helps if we have similar times. I'm on everyday from around 8:00PM until the entire night. So, if you're interested in playing together, please post in this thread, or send me a message on PSN. GamerTag: PoisonousGamerX Link to Overbuff: https://www.overbuff.com/players/psn/PoisonousGamerX?mode=competitive Feel free to scrutinize my profile, because I can assure you, I will be scrutinizing yours :)Jordan0 15h
18h Starting a serious competitive team - PS4 So, I'm here to begin a competitive team for Overwatch (PS4) that has a great sense of game knowledge, knows their way around a team composition (and the difference between solo queue and 6-stack comps), as well as communicates well and is willing to give their best effort. We will be communicating on Discord, (something that can be downloaded on your computer or your phone), as well as in parties when we play games. Discord is there so that we can talk outside of the PS4. The SR requirement is very loose. I'm floating around 2300, and will be heading to plat hopefully. The team will 6 stack often, and regarding who you "main" you need at least 3 heroes you're confident with. I'm not going to recruit based on who you play. I hope to have around 3-5 more people join us (we have 6 total members right now), and I am excited to get it started. Contact me on PSN (Antlo906), or reply to the thread. See ya soon.Antlo27 18h
18h [PS4] Team recruiting We have a small amount of members already. The team is still growing however and are looking for members in Gold (or just below or above is also fine) with a positive attitude willing to play for fun. Asking for membership won't get you in immediately we will vote amongst those already in the team but should you join us successfully we promise to treat you as a friend and as family. (We also play other games don't worry about that) Add me on PSN if interested and send me a message asking for a meeting. PSN:Zerojr999ZEROJR9999 18h
18h PS4 NEED HELP PS4 OMG 3+ GOLD MEDALS BUT LOSING EVER GAME SOLO Q I'm stuck in hell, I'm dropping 3 gold medals every game, teammates leave every game almost. I just need some good teammates. Ldeath-incarnate psn add meDEATHiNCARN4 18h
18h Competitive Group Looking for 2 to 4 players to help with some comp matches. Trying to get to diamond, been on the fringe the past few seasons. Was 64 in season 1 and current season high was 2982 after placement. la1ocheziia on psn. Thanks!lalochezia1 18h
18h PS4 Looking for people to play competitive with SR 2875 Hi! Looking for others to play competitive with, want to play with chill people but at the same time playing matches seriously. I have mic and would prefer to play with those who have mic. Currently I'm at 2547 and season high is 2925. I prefer if you have a mic. My PSN is Wastingshious (time zone is central european time) Edit: Rank is now 2875 after playing for the past few daysLotterx6 18h
20h Comp team[ps4] I solo Qd from 2000-2490 and went on a losing streak down to 2260due to people leaving. l want to make a competitive team that will 6 stack and climb through the rankings. If you want to play/group up with others trying to do the same just add me on psn and leave your 3 mains below or comment below. Ps: have game knowledge exp. team comp, ultimate combos. Etc My psn: Mecky-Mecky12 20h
20h PS4 Hey guys, Looking for people to play Overwatch with on a regular basis so we can get high in season 4 of comp! Currently a Platinum player and play alot of characters (Prefer Zarya, Soldier, Mercy, Zen) Looking for people around the same level! Add me PSN NoodleRichBT1606011 20h
20h PS4 looking for competitive Team looking for competitive team for season 4 my main is roadhog PSN:TheCow0overlord1 20h
21h Ps4 healer looking for players/Group Looking for players or a group to play normal modes and season i am new to overwatch have SR of 2239 would like to find similar players to group up with have a mic and from uk Psn:Boom_Boy82Anguskhan0 21h
22h Posts always deleted I made two posts asking to find players and it keeps being deleted i wanna know why i not said anything to break the rules please answerAnguskhan0 22h
1d PS4-Tank main I have a group of 5 people between 2300-3200 SR. Looking for anyone around there for the placement matches for season 4. We need 1 more tank main.SuperNinja4 1d
1d (PS4) Group of 5 looking for lvl 150+ players Good day We are a group of 4-5 that plays quite a bit. We have a youtube channel so if you looking to feature, please leave your PSN names. Looking for players above lvl 150+, as when you are at this level you would at least know how the game works. You would have already found your ''mains'' and be able to play any character. If you choose hanzo and windowmaker in competitive, please skip this post and move on to the next post. We are seeking good offence players as our defence are our strongest aspect in our clan. We are friendly and passionate about this game. We are looking to push to top 500 in season 4. Lets do this guys! PSN names of captains: iky069 warrenjansen14 Thanks everyone and lets get the ball rolling on this...iky0695 1d
1d PS4 achievement hunting I'm looking for people to achievement hunt with on PS4 my PSN ID is broken1bones Its exactly how it appears with all lower cases and the number 1. We'll work together and trade off one after the other on achievements we don't have. just send me a message and ill put you in a group that'll be labeled as a favorite called overwatch achievement hunters. just send me a friend request and a message saying overwatch achievement hunting. thank youbroken1bones0 1d
1d Competitve Diamond and Master Looking for a duo queue partner to grind out of a few days before the competitive season ends on Tuesday. Currently at 3360 and play Zarya and soldier. Add me @ XxMattyQxX on PlayStation 4. Only looking for experienced high diamond to low master players to queue with.XxMattyQxX1 1d
1d Xbox one Need comp players just for fun play only on weekends message me Huntandkill456BT1606220 1d
1d XB1 Comp Squad looking for 2-3 adults (2200-2600) I run a squad that has 3 Fulltime and 3 part time players, we need to find folks who play 4+ nights a week like we do on Xbox. We play 830-1am EST at least 4 times a week. We are all placed at 2500-2600, but because of randoms, were down to 2200-2300. Looking for adults, chill, organized, can take orders and bring new ideas, techniques and routes to the table. We do all our com through our FB group and Xbox club. you must join both. Requirements: -Over 21 y/o -Must be active on OW -Mic -Plays 4+ nights a week normally -Has Facebook and joins our FB group. take 2 minutes and answer these quick questions.| https://goo.gl/forms/gJQliakYJixZKQu93 Msg me here and/or on XBL@ Choras DenChorasDen15 1d
1d Ps4 players Looking for chill and fun people to play with , have a sence of humor , i play all heros , Add me : karebare15DirePants19 1d
1d XBOX ONE (Add Me) LF Team Players with Mics GT:xXMobPsychoXx Flexible Team Player with Mic and decent with all heroesBT1606268 1d
1d Looking for 6 stack for comp please be 3000+ Add me Constipated_Rams Message me who you are best with Thank younate8570 1d
2d Xbox One - Diamond Looking for a few players, want to climb as high as possible before Tuesday. Ideally one tank and one dps. Support main, stats here https://www.overbuff.com/players/xbl/xTGMx%20INF3RNO Looking for 2900SR + Add xTGMx INF3RNOxTGMxINF3RNO0 2d
2d Society of Gamers looking for members Hey there! I’m part of a gaming community called “Society of Gamers” or SoG in short. We are looking for new, enthusiastic gamers who would like to join us and help us expand our community even further. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out as a gamer, or was born with a controller in your hands; you are more than welcome to take a look in our server and get a taste of how a community should be. We have a few basic rules: -There is no room for any negative judgement based on ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, skill level, religious beliefs etc. -Raging; sure, it sucks to have to restart something time and time again, and of course it’s understandable that it might tick you off, but raging is unacceptable in our community. -People who are stuck in their ways and will not listen to any advice or request from the people they play with and are thus basically unable to play in a group setting are unfortunately on their own. We expect our gamers to be flexible and to be able to adjust where necessary. -Drama. We are not in high school anymore and we expect a certain level of maturity. -People who harass the other members of the community. Whether this is about something that happened in-game, on the server or what kind of system you use to play games with, we want nothing to do with that. Now that that’s out of the way, let me get to the things we do like and are looking for in a gamer! -Willingness to help people understand the game and being able to wait until less experienced players get to grips with the game. We encourage people to help each other and take the time. -Humour. We love a good dose of sarcasm, self-mockery and overall humour. -Communication! How do you beat a certain boss together, what is the best tactic to defeat the other team or where can you find that one rare item? Communication during gaming comes in handy sometimes, and generally makes it a better experience for everyone involved. You get to know each other, crack jokes together and help each other all at the same time. Some of the games we play are: Overwatch, Destiny, ESO, Battlefield, Rainbow 6 Siege. We are a cross-platform community, which means that this community is for everyone, whether you are playing on a PlayStation, XBOX, PC or Nintendo console, you are welcome to join us! We have a website and a discord server. If you want to join, just PM me.bademeistAr0 2d
2d Xbox one LF 3+ 2700sr or higher would like a mercy main message- sSLaystaFear2 2d
3d Xb1 team 3000+ Looking to start a comp team for S4 Message me on xb1 Gt is oO xPARKx Oo 3000sr and above only mic prefereredBT1606060 3d
3d 1925 Crew- Interested? (Ps4)SR 1925-(SH was 2200+) Looking for 5 others who have mics And are at least 16+ to play comp and occasional QP/Arcade. Please be interested in improving and climbing as Id like to go to the 3000+ at some point. I personally can dedicate a few hours into this game every day and would enjoy if you could too. My timezone is Central My play schedule is Mon: 1am-3am Tue:1am-3am Wed:1am-3am Thu: 1am-3am Fri: 1am-3am - I do not play genji, Tracer, Reaper, Zarya, Rein, Zen Tell me who you play with psnHalowjii0 3d
3d FBG Community We run a community on Xbox and are always looking for new gamers to join! If you are after a chilled place where you can set up games or generally chat stop by the discord server - https://discord.gg/qDXztYP We are just building a PS4 and PC side to it but its still a few days off being ready!! Cheers FBG NuNuNuNuDGC0 3d
3d Looking for some people to hang with [PS4] Hey there, I'm just gonna post this on the community. Gotta look out for the low leveled so here I am, offering someone to hang with on Overwatch. Skill doesn't matter, we all start somewhere. Just come say hi and post your name on PSN if interested. I'm not a creep, I promise. :)Krazzie0 3d
3d [PS4] LFG comp Hi I'm a lvl 383, SR 2907 Rein/support main looking for a good team. Preferably diamonds/high plats with mics. Also please dont be tilty lol. Add me. PSN: whiskeybird911MangoPain0 3d
3d Ps4 Laid Back and Mature Guys/Gals I'm 35 and been gaming since I was a little one. I would like to find a few ladies and gents to chill with and play games. No BS...No perverted Convos...just laid back fun. Reply with your PSN ID if you are.... -18+ -Have a clear Headset -A laid back Guy or Gal -Wanna a play a few games and try to WIN (But if we lose...you still had fun) -Have fun without being a perv or making a laugh at others expenseCmdm8285 3d
3d PS4 - Silver 1750, looking to get to gold I'm a silver. looking for a group of players around the same rank to play. My time zone is GMT and I come from the UK My PSN - Bartholomew33Babel0 3d
3d Dps main diamond Soldier/tracer main won 8 placement matches, tied once, lost once. Placed 3196 Looking for players to play competitive with PS4 battletag: BahFelicaCANARY0 3d
3d XB1 team 2800-3499 Xb1 looking to join a group or create one 2800-3499 I want to get into masters before Tuesday My Gt is oO xPARKx Oo send me a messageBT1606060 3d
3d Looking For a Casual/Competitive team Looking For a Casual/Competitive team: Hi, I'm from the UK so would idelly like a team from here (time zones and such :)) I'm looking for a team to play casually and competitively. I can't play every evening but have good session most Saturdays and Sundays. Tend to play Tracer as Main but also Torbjorn in defence and Zenyatta in support. Think it's important to communicate so think it's best to have a mic. I'm a pretty easy to get a long with and my mantra is fun first! :) If you're interested message me on PSN: jo-dell Look forward to hearing from you :DJodell2 3d
4d Rank: 3914 (max 3992) PS4 Hola, I m looking for Masters who wants to get to GM. I played on the NA server and EU, and never had any connection problems. ID: Emanuel_06_Arg. ByeCETORRES061 4d
4d PS4 High Masters Hey, if you're a high masters player (3700+), add me. Preferably a dps main since I play all healers besides mercy, and tanks. I'm on 2/3 times a week, so not too often, just looking to get more people on my friends list for duo/trio queue when i play comp. I'm in EU fwiw, but i queue with NA players frequently so it doesn't matter what region.TinyBen1 4d
4d Looking for chill people to play with. (PS4) 3900 SR I don't mind what you play or what SR you are but I would prefer if you had a mic. If you want to play comp then I play tanks and I'm currently sitting at 3900 SR. PS. im 15 years old PSN: BlackBloodDuck Timezone: GMT I'm on almost all day :/Shade1 4d
4d Competive partner 4000 + Hi, I'm sitting at 4100SR and looking for a partner. I'm mostly playing 76 and Roadhog when playing competive. PSN: DarkorinoDarkorino2 4d
4d Glitched Masters in top 500???? Okay this is extremly annoying but this is the second time i've seen a 3800 and 3888 in top 500 when the lowest you can be is 4177 around there I have multiple screenshots of a guys gamertag but i dont know if its against the rules to expose him but blizzard fix your game on console btw he was rank 1 but yeah 3888Fast2 4d
4d PSN 1750 healer looking for team honey4122 Play Mery/Lucio can play rein but mainly want to heal. Looking for serious teamDanielB0 4d
4d Looking for a duo queue buddy in high masters/GM (PS4 EU) I've been top 500 every season. I usually solo queue, but I feel the best results are wielded when a really good DPS and a really good tank or support main queue together. I play pretty much every DPS and Road to a high level. If you're a Rein/Zarya or a support main that was 3700+ in S2 and is somewhere between 3500 and 4200 right now, let's group up and climb easy. :P Just drop me your PSN.Vanilla6 4d
4d XB1 Diamond Hey guys, I reached diamond rank last season playing more competitively, but have been playing with a lot of friends from real life and doing a lot of QP & arcade. I'm looking for people on XB1 to play together with to try and make a push up the ranks here. I currently am floating around 2700-2800. I am down to play whatever role is necessary. All I'm really looking for is two things. People to have a good attitude & people who know the game and good comps pretty well. Lately, I have been running a lot of Ana and Zarya. I would say those are my two best, but I can also run Lucio or Soldier. I'm the type that really just wants to do whatever the team needs to win. If you have a pretty good, positive attitude and are teetering on that diamond range please post on here or DM and we can group up. Gamertag on XBL is PatrickSwayze87SodaPopinski1 4d
4d PS4 Competitive Need experienced players that are in low to high diamond. Looking for a good Ana or dps player. I play road hog Zarya and soldierXxMattyQxX3 4d
4d Overwatch youtube content - Llama juices Hey people, I've started a youtube channel dedicated to gaming; pure overwatch at the moment as it's all I play. I'd appreciate it if you guys could sub and watch my content if it appeals to you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcRKNoZYCaWPgLvCJkS0Jg I appreciate feedback and thanks for reading!Fercote1 4d
4d HELP Guys im stuck on 1400 and im a Gold. Can you guys help meBouncyKnight0 4d