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25m (PS4) Looking for 2 players for Comp S5(Diamond to Master) I'm looking for 2 players to play comp with in season 5. I'm a good Zarya, Pharah, Tracer, and Zen, but I can fill anything needed. I have a mic. I'm a Diamond/ Master player. My current rank is 3409. Highest is 3700+. I just need 2 players to que with that I can communicate with and we'll climb up the ranks! =) Add me if you're interested Tag is: OneWingedDevil7 (PS4)WingedDevil70 25m
3h competitive team for season 5 - plats only please Hi guys, posted before on this for players but didn't work out so trying again Looking for currently ranked platinum players only so we get evenly matched teams when matchmaking started this season at 1700 sr and now 2612- wanting to get diamond next season please leave your psn only if you are serious about playing and climbing and I will add you With this season ending now we can practice on quick play and then do placements together I am from uk so need people from europe, I also have a mic. Thanksadeel70 3h
4h Looking for coach Looking for someone to help me improve in gold sr 2300 If someone could coach me that would be good On console psn id: Iron_Warrior12 Will be on 9th JuneIronWarrior60 4h
5h Looking for Team Hi, i'm looking for team or players to play with, right now i'm at silver (1800-1900 sr ish) i want to find a team that plays competitive mode but playing some casuale won't hurt either. PSN: denirofc Zone: Asia Can Play: Mcree, Soldier 76, Lucio and ZenyattaPointerz1 5h
5h LF ps4 player around 3K LF active relaxed players with a mic and who are active on PS4. Tired of solo-q. I'm a good Rein, mercy, zenya, zarya, hog, winston, soldier, junk Im Dutch, 30, psn: InkedbeardInkedbeard0 5h
6h PS4 - Looking for Players Casual Play I've been playing this game for a while and I dont got any friends that play this game. You dont have to be good so feel free to add me PSN - SnIpEzz--TCREWSSamIam2310 6h
13h [C-1685sr, SH-2028sr] looking for competent players on ps4 Goal: I am looking to find good players to group up with during season 4. Description of self: I am flexible when it comes to characters, and to my knowledge I can work well with a good team. I have somewhat of a sense of humor, and do not care what you say as long as it does not fully relate to politics. I have a mic, and am willing to use it. However I prefer not to due to a tendency to comment on too many things and complain, as well as a possible echo, and a total hatred of hearing my own voice, etc. Requirements: I would consider myself a very honorable person, who would rather accept a loss than rig it to my favor. If you have a tendency to leave and throw games, do not add me Information: PSN ID: poxy100, Age:21, Male (if that even matters)Poxy0 13h
20h Xbox play Xbox play, anyone is welcome on the weekends.MountEverest0 20h
20h Looking for a comp-team Ik kom uit nederland en zoek een comp-team Mensen moeten actief spelen Als een team kunnen spelen zich kunnen aanpassen Hoop iets van jullie te horen Playstation 4 ( ccianom)Cciano1 20h
21h Xbox One - Group for Casual Play Hey all, I've been playing OW for a while now but seeing as I don't have many friends who play this game I'm looking for more! Feel free to add me! GT: Sir DinklebotBT1606184 21h
21h Setting up team (Xbox one) im a flexible player of overwatch, who needs a team for off season and season 5. If your interested please put your gamer tag in replys. My gamer tag is Lord Mlup and role. (Needs mic )LordMlup4 21h
21h Ps4 competitive group Looking for ps4 players Im in the UK don't necessarily need mic but have sense if there are no tanks or healers pick one! I'm ok as d.va and orisa passable as winston or Reinhardt. Can play lucio. I play mostly unconventional people I suppose junkrat symmetra and tracer but will fill gaps to rank up! Current rank 1790 Add sparkes44BT1605033 21h
21h Competetive 2000 k sr ps4 Ps4 200k sr player looking for group.. desperate to find a normal team to play with... Inv SaPpiOOr got mic can play many roles if neededSaPpiOOr1 21h
21h Looking for PS4 Competitive Team Hi, I'm looking to form a team for Season 5 of competitive play. Though I am looking to play competitive and grind through the tiers, I'm most importantly looking for players that are wanting to have fun. I would like a team that is willing to try new things, form strategies, take a lose without being miserable, participate in any tournaments that may be made, and like I stated, have fun playing Overwatch. My gamertag is: JAB_PHANO (if you would like to look up my stats: https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/psn/global/JAB_PHANO ), but I'm a Junkrat main, who also enjoys playing D.Va, McCree, Lucio, and Hanzo. I have learned how to use every character pretty well which allows me to be flexible, but in all honesty, I will be whatever is nessecary to increase our odds of winning. Overall, I'm looking to create a group of friends that are looking to enjoy Overwatch, kick-!@#, have a laugh with, and become a team that enemies will fear! Drop a comment or send me a message on PlayStation about yourself!NightKnight1 21h
21h PS4 Season 5 teammembers english speaking with mic. Me and a friend are looking for players for season 5. Myself i'm at 1800 and my friend is around 2200. We are looking for players who can speak english with a mic. We are looking for people who can fill up the team. No specifics around class as we are both somewhat flex players (although he has the most hours on tanks and dps and I on healers). Just let me now down below if you are interested and your name and we will add you. Thanks.Nightraven0 21h
22h LFG Competitive Overwatch Hey heroes of overwatch, Currently looking for a competitive players/team. Unfortunatly my old ps4 account got hacked so basicly starting from scratch again. Current rating is 1913. Info about me Name: Patrick Age : 28 Country : The Netherlands Region : Europe Main characters : Mercy, Ana , Lucio , Farah , Sombra Platform : Playstation 4 You can add me on PSN : Snippet-88 Regardszumrax1 22h
1d Need players that will help me get out of Plat. I'm at 2650 and i need some players that will help me climb out of platinum. I mainly play Mercy, zen,road, lucio,soldier, and mccree. For the most part i pick mercy since no one wants to be support. 21yrs old and on america servers, i also have a headset as well.Sekiryuutei7 1d
1d Need a group? XB1 Hello all! I'm part of a social overwatch group on an app called GroupMe. We are always looking to recruit more people to our ever growing team and I am looking for anyone interested in joining. We currently have over 60 active members, with 5 admins looking after this group 24/7. We have a mixture of people from all over the world so eveyone is welcome! We usually have about 2 teams running each day for comp There a few rules we live by which are: - Ages 18+ - No toxicity - Ranks Bronze - Platinum please (Non ranks also), higher ranks are welcome also but will be dicussed in more detail before joining - Xbox one only! - Most importantly have fun! If anyone is intested please let me know , post your gamertag and I will send you an invite via Xbox message. Thanks for you time Harley :)TheOneLeafed41 1d
1d XB1 Esports team recruiting players Hey I'm currently building an esports team on xbox we will participate in tournaments and scrims so I'm looking for passionate and committed players we are currently looking for : -Dps main with good aim -main support -secondary support -off tank player -flex player Plz reply with ur gamertag and what role/hero you are best at and you will be proceeded tp try outEnderLord4 1d
1d (Xbox One) Looking for teammates [Plat] I can play any role well. Looking to get a strong group together before placements. Reply or message GT: x8x3x1xyamsquad690 1d
1d LOOKING FOR PS4 TEAM I can play whatever is needed. Im especially good at healers and DPS. I am friendly and have a mic. Im 2300 SR and my psn is ShowMamaDeezNuts. <3Squiddy0 1d
1d Looking for players Hello, i'm looking for players to team up with on ps4 eu: -must have mic/communicate minimaly(group up and comb ult) -I dont care whats your sr, if your aim is decent and you want to climb like I do and you communicate- we can play. My sr is 2602. Currently playing. I main zarya but I play whatever hero is needed per fight.Ofush16 1d
1d Looking for 5 or 6 Man Im 2300 SR and im looking for a group/ duo partner to chill with and likes to grind. I play on Playstation 4. Add Me IGN: ShowMamaDeezNutsSquiddy0 1d
1d Looking for plat players to reach diamond with Looking for people to play comp with, Sr: 2565 Psn: trickshot711 Hey guys XD, I'm looking for people I can have fun with and still do well, I main zen and genji and rein. If you are platinum and trying to get out just hit me up. 18+trickshot7110 1d
1d Looking for ppl to chill with Aye boys. Im new to console overwatch. Cant say i suck balls at the game. Mainly looking for ppl with a mic to have some fun with after a long work day. When i hit 25 Im open for comp as well ofc. Add me! Ps4: TheToxexMrToxex0 1d
1d LF Season 5/Quickplay/Arcade Ps4 Friends Looking for friends on PS4 for next season comp. Also looking for peeps who just wanna !@#$ around on QP and arcade. Gold Ana Sym Rein player. Holyshoxx is psn.Holyshox2 1d
1d PS4 - Looking for 3 People Now!! Hi my name is zak and i'm looking for 3 more players to make up a comp group right now, must at least have 2500sr, we have a DPS main, a Mercy Main and a Flex. Message me if you want to join - racer13zakEnlightened4 1d
2d Get me out of gold Xbox1 Looking for a good team that can get me out of gold I'm 2207 I know how to use many heroes of each type :) XBOX 1CafeDelOxxo0 2d
2d LFG to Comp. My SR is 2535 .. looking for team to play some comp and really cant afford one single loss so if you can really make the time worth add me KillerSpear91 on PS4FunkyMonk0 2d
2d LFG to Comp. My SR is 2535 .. looking for team to play some comp and really cant afford one single loss so if you can really make the time worth add me KillerSpear91 on PS4FunkyMonk0 2d
2d Ps4 Friend Search Search for Friends on ps4 PSN:Glados_099Glados0 2d
2d Xbox one team Hello there I am part of a team called TG we are a competitive gaming community and we offer players the chance to be part of this competitive team, if you are interested in learning callout, making new friends, and overall becoming a better overwatch player then sign up at this website http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register for a referenceput TG DragonLord we are after both EU players and also AmericanDragonWolf980 2d
2d Building a team on PS4 Heya, I'm tryna find myself some lgbtq-friendly players to help build a comp team for next season (and for casual play)! I'm currently level 445 and Platinum SR 2484. My best players are Mei, Zarya, and Symmetra but I am flexible. Mic is prefered for communication, and I'll play any mode as I search for members~ Add me if interested: moonchildislitLuckyTiger6 2d
2d PS4 Looking for group Hello, I am currently at 2406 sr and my highest is 2514. I am started this season at 1680. I am looking for a group for Season5. I prefer high gold/plat players. Also please have a mic (i dont care if youre a 'speaker', as long as youre good). Add my psn, blazergaming24, if you are interested ;)KadynZG0 2d
2d ps4 competitive team to climb :) Hi guys, So i started this season at 1700 sr, and currently at 2494 so need some players to make sure I hit platinum and we as a group can climb further I play DVA a lot and my win percentage with her is 59% but I can play a lot of other heroes too it would be good if you have a mic and on european server, I am from the uk and will be playing mornings or afternoon so if you want to join, just message below. Thanksadeel717 2d
2d PS4 Hello guys. I am at 1900 SR. dropped down from 2450 ish. Usually I play solo. In need of a good positive team to play with and hopefully rank up to diamond before the season ends. I play (Zen,tracer,soldier) I can play some other heroes as well. If you interested message me PSN Os-nlySuperMage7 2d
2d LOOKING FOR TEAM Hi 'm looking for team i main Tracer Pharah and Lucio i want to climb stuck on gold 2004srHakim2 2d
2d Strict Mercy Main May play as Symmetra or Rein, but I'm an amazing Mercy, so why bother? 2427Sr high this season, solo queuing only. Currently sitting at 1960Sr Lvl239. Need team members who will listen to what I'm saying, protect me, and give constructive criticism. Play nice. Upahs_Keywork PS4Juturna21130 2d
2d comp ps4 I am looking to build a team to get to platinum the season I am 1998 srWildPants0 2d
3d XBOX, Looking for players 18+ Hi all, looking for people to gather up and play some games. Got this game recently but was around lvl 60 on ps4 just lvl 5 so need some help to get me in competitive games. Reply here with your GT and i'll add youShroomPanda2 3d
3d Looking for people - Overwatch Playstation league I'm looking for some people to make a tournament team with. Not looking for any rank in particular but skill level and experience. Rank has to be 2350 or higher, you have to speak ok english and use voice chat. European timezones would be appreciated. Here is the adress to making an account and applying (because i couldnt figure out how to make a link) : https://www.playstationplusleague.fr/en/ Send a friend invite to Tidemanno both on Playstation and the Playstation league homepage if you want to give it a shot. Hope you come :D Ps, just thought it'd be cool to throw a team together and try to win a competition, make a name for ourselves.Tidemanno0 3d
3d Looking for season 5 players PS4 SR 2449. looking to team up for season 5. UK/English speakers. Play most of the time on weekends and during the week late evenings 8.30pm onwards. Need people with microphones to run plays with. I main road hog and soldier but learning zen and tracer Add me on psn if interested, username: yusuoYusuo4 3d
3d 20% xp bonus hey. if your looking for someone to team up with for QP or arcade for the 20% xp bonus from being a group, add me :) ps4 name: bodhi1995holley i dont use mic but im always up for a game if im on and not at work :Dbodhiholley0 3d
3d I'm looking a team (Master and old T500 ) Hello, I'm french and I'm looking a team to improve my experience. I main DPS but I can play offtank if you want. I've a bad english accent but I undersand. So, I let my presentation and add me on "MenoProse". Bye Id: MenoProse Rank: first account-3600 second account-3850 Top Rank: 4250 Main: Soldier 76, Tracer, Pharrah, RoadogMenoProse0 3d
3d SR/SH 2750/3084 Looking for competitive players. Ps4 Hey so im looking for players to team up for competitive. Im from Finland and 23 years old. I would prefer you speak decent english. I really wanna try to get to atleast +3300 next season and i need help, soloing is terrible. Main heros i use are; S76, Zarya, Reaper, Mei & Roadhog. Add "DismalDiety" on Ps4, if interested.DiETY0 3d
3d Looking for casual players ps4 Hi i am looking for some players that plays alot of Qp and arcade on ps4 (i have mic) Ps4 name:RiSam72BullDog7560 3d
3d looking for team looking for team ps4 to climb rank current rank : 2493 highest rank: 2737 main : winston/junkrat/mcree user name : gazzar_Gazzar19022 3d
3d [PS4] PLAYERS FOR COMP Looking for 4 good players in platinum to diamond PS4 FROM UKTheRealRyan2 3d
3d (PS4)Looking for 4 players ~Masters~ to climb T500 My friend and I are looking for a serious 6 stack trying to climb to Grandmaster and possibly top 500. We just got back into Overwatch current skill rating is 3400 decayed from 4000 -Mics would be preferable (possibly even discord) -High Diamond/Masters~ -Looking for a variety of roles -Willing to grind as a team -Add "LyQu" on PSNLyQu0 3d