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36m Looking for teammates to push to diamond - PS4 I have been stuck at 2600 with garbage players because I have to solo queue. I can play any character required, although my top four are reaper, zarya, soldier, and mercy. I'm looking for high level players with mics, who actually understand team comp. hmu on psnNydnic1 36m
37m Looking for Players to play Competitive-PS4 (Platinum) (PSN-BRANDON7651) My friend and I are looking for some players to play with on ps4 competitive we are looking for an "Ana" "Zarya" "Winston" or any flexible players.Brandon76513 37m
3h Looking for xbone comp (high plat) want diamond G'day im a aussie i high plat looking to get into diamond before the season ends Xbox GT: TVTTheRealTVT0 3h
3h Europe/Ps4 back to diamond Hi I'm looking for chill teammates on ps4 to climb back to diamond. I'm currently stuck at 2850. Mic is not necessary. I usually play Pharah or Tracer and Mercy. Add Koyle_IDKoyle0 3h
3h Looking for chill/competitive/friendly players! Hi my names Allie and I just want to play together with some chill people who like a bit of competition. i used to play older call of duty competitively but kinda fell out of competitive online multiplayer and now want to get back into it. I have a mic as well! I am a trans female so if your not down with that than thats okay lol I just want to play :D oh and I play on PS4AllieGat0r14 3h
4h PS4- looking for group current sr = 1718 Psn = Animelover36544 Would like people with micAnimelover2 4h
6h Let's have fun Looking for 4 more people to play with! I main sombra and my buddy mains bastion and junkrat try to be above 2100 also! Add bigduff325 if interestedNiran1 6h
7h XBL Diamond Duo Required Not bothered what you main. Just hit diamond and fluctuating around here, apparently it's quite hard without some consistent team mates. I main DPS/Tanks mostly, or strong Symmetra on defence. Really bad at healers. XBL FlamboyentGoatTurtle0 7h
9h Looking for Xbox comp Looking for a group to play comp with. I would like to progress to diamond. I started off around 2100 sr and have climbed to 2600 solo. I main soldier but I also play reaper and tracer. I can flex Winston Lucio and Ana.Ntwadumela0 9h
16h Looking for teammates 2000+ I need to get to platinum. I get close but playing solo and getting bad uncoordinated players brings me back down. I need some people that could just bring me a few hundred sr up. I main roadhog/junkrat my sr is currently 2017 if you wanna team up and help me out my psn is "Axiyx" send me a messageTrickyHunter11 16h
17h Looking for Xbox Comp Team Looking for some chill yet serious players to start a comp team on Xbox. My Sr is at 1881 (was 2081 but ive been on a losing streak). I'm placed in Gold and want to get to plat. I main Lucio, Zen, Junk, and sometimes 76. My gt: TheOliveDragon My age: 17 Mic?: Yes I have a micDeadlyPants1 17h
18h [PS4][EU]Team of 4 3700-4k looking for Tank and DPS players I'm putting together a competitive team looking to compete in scrims and eventually ladder matches. We currently have 2 support players and 2 flex players, need a main tank and DPS, ideally Genji/Tracer/Pharah player, preferably not a one-trick. Must have a mic and speak English fairly well. We are all English speakers and pretty chilled guys but are wanting to get into some more serious play. All players are between 3700 and 4000 SR. (Not a player myself, I act as coach and manager for the team.) If you're interested message The_Greylensman or omarcool12345 on PSNGreylensman0 18h
19h PS4 diamond players Need players for comp im at 3219 I'm a flex playergoldenmods72 19h
22h Looking for a Xbox Comp Team Looking for some chill yet serious players to start a comp team on Xbox. My Sr is at 1881 (was 2081 but ive been on a losing streak). I'm placed in Gold and want to get to plat. I main Lucio, Zen, Junk, and sometimes 76. My gt: TheOliveDragon My age: 17 Mic?: Yes I have a mic Just message me your mains. Please know how to use callouts and know how to work as a team.DeadlyPants0 22h
1d Need PS4 Team Im sick to death of being paired with players who don't know what the f**k they're doing, ive been stuck in a win/lose cycle for the past 5 seasons and I seriously cant do this anymore, I no im a Plat/Diamond player, I find myself carrying most games im in but I want to play with people my level, I main Mercy, Zen and D.Va Add meCattMolvin0 1d
1d LOOKING FOR DUO TO CLIMB TO DIAMOND! I am currently 2733sr with a 57% wr and am looking for a partner to climb to diamond with. I have a mic I main lucio but can also play zenyatta and any tank (no rein tho) If interested hmu on PS4 @ QsR_NoVa_SWiFtz I play 9:00 to 2:30 uk time (BST)qsrnova0 1d
1d ps4 overwatch looking for 2300+ players, I'm down to chill and play quickplay I just wanna get plat backkinfint3s0 1d
1d Looking for comp people Doing comp, my SR is 3125 and I'm looking for good players, I can flex, and I've got a mic, if anyone need an extra member to they're team or wants to queue, send me an invite or message meDazbrown492 1d
1d Masters lvl player looking for team PS4 Hey I'm a consistant mid to high level player (3750+) and I hit GM both last season and this season but I can't break the 4100 barrier. I'm looking for some person(s) that want to group so we can hit GM/Top 500 together.awood1231 1d
1d PS4 Pharah main, looking for team mates. Alright people, I'm a Pharah one trick. If that bothers you then don't add me. I can play a very good pharah (Even against double hit scan) If the team is cooperative with each other and can play good tanks. I can also play a good zarya if the team cooperates and stick together. Currently at 2800 SR, looking to get back into masters. My username is A_MillionRosesSterben1 1d
1d Looking for players - PS4 Hey, 2 of us looking for a full stack on PS4, we have a soldier main and I usually fill but enjoy playing tank if I can! We'd love a good Mercy player but will take anything...were around the 2500 mark but have been hit hard by people leaving. We both live in the UK and play in the evenings mostly. Add me and drop me a message if interested, BoomTuck96 is my PSN name. Cheers, JakeBT1605270 1d
1d {PS4} Diamond Tracer Looking for Competitive Team Hi my name is Joe, I am 21 and I am looking for a competitive/seasons team to play with. I LOVE to play Tracer however she is not all I play. I took some time off Overwatch, but before that I used to main Lucio, Soldier, and McCree. Some characters I am comfortable playing as but don't specialize with are Pharah, Sombra, D.Va, Winston, Zen and Ana. My time played won't show it as this is a new account I made recently (which I am now going to be using as my main account). My previous account had a much higher balance in time played between about half of the heroes. I would like to play a few quick plays as a team first to see if we all work well together. I have a competitive Call of Duty background and it is no fun to play on a team you don't like and don't mesh with. I don't want to waste everyone's SR just to find out we don't work well. My PSN is iAmtr4CR. Thanks for reading and I hope you consider me for your team!NotoriousJOE0 1d
1d UK PS4 Support main I'm a support main that's on 2570 SR looking to climb the ranks please be in the UK PSN: SinCara-_-FrostyDog2 1d
1d Ps4 looking for people with mics to play comp with I'm at 1313 sr but that is because of a lack of communication I will play with any one (just speak English) I main pharah but also play mercy honzo and roadhog my (psn is gundog455) just looking to climbGundog4557 1d
1d Let's play and have fun Looking for 4 more 2300+ pleaseNiran1 1d
1d [PS4] LF Dutch teammates for 3k Looking for dutch team mates! Ahoy toekomstige teamgenoten en ps4 makkers! De titel geeft het al aan ik ben opzoek naar Nederlandse spelers die een aantal uur per week willen spelen voornamelijk om naar 3k te farmen Ikzelf zit rond de 2930 op het moment. Ben je 2500+ en denk je van verrek ik heb een microfoon die ik altijd gebruik maar ik hoor nooit iemand in chat? Ik heb zon gunstige stembanden maar kan het aan niemand laten horen? Dan is dit je kans! Ik wil graag die soepele stembanden horen! Lijkt het je leuk om mee te spelen? Laat je psn achter dan voeg ik je toe. Ik ben een flex speler :) alles is welkomColinThor0 1d
1d Ps4 Mercy main 1600 sr hoping to rank up Looking for players to play with to rank up sr with, my PSN is XDudeRyan805X, please bring mic.DudeRyan8052 1d
1d Healer Sr 2862 Looking For Group/Players Ps4 Hi i am currently at 2862 i normally solo Que and it can be a nightmare for me i am looking for people with 2800+ SR to play or make a group so we can try climb up to masters+ and play normal modes to if you are interested please feel free to add me i am from the UK and i would prefer if people had a mic so we can communicate with each other :) Cant stress this enough if you are a crybaby or rage to much dnt even bother adding me as i will just remove you if i hear it i understand people can be stressed it happens but not all time i after serious but an nice pleasant place to game :) i play mercy/dva/solider/tracer(sometimes) Psn:Boom_Boy82BoomBoy10 1d
1d Platinum looking for team or teamates on PS4 Hi, Im a decent platinum player, pretty fed up with mindless teamates, would like to experience serious games with serious gamers. Add me on ps: Rudusinka PS: I speak fluently english so there is no problem for me to also communicate via mic.Mansinthe0 1d
2d ps4 player looking for people who play in korea (english) As title says. PSN Storm2679Storm0 2d
2d Searching for Tank, competitive on XBL Hello, I'm Mercy main and searching for a good Tank who can watch over me in competitive. I'm ranked 2160 Gamertag: LiqWeeD xTc You want 2 play with me? Let us play a quick match so we're able to see if we're harmonize.rodschaaa0 2d
2d Looking for a team! Hey guys! Just looking for 4 players to play with, I am a Mercy main and my buddy is a Junkrat and Bastion main, we are looking for a couple of well rounded, fun, and cool guys to play with. We are playing currently on PlayStation 4, and looking for a team to play with! Add Bigduff325 if you would like to be apart of it!!Niran1 2d
2d Looking for players 2300+ for platinum on xbox one I'm looking for players of 2300+ sr to become platinum, I'm currently at 2400. I'm good with almost every hero and a good teammate, i have a mic, my gamertag is josz12, send me a message. I live in Mexico so time zones, anyway I'm free mondays to thursdays and weekends in the afternoon.TheH0osst0 2d
2d I'm 2100 looking to play as team Play in team now but looking to play with other team/teams. Looking to learn improve comp and skill. Would like to get to plat also. Adult UK, mainly play uk eveings. I am on PS4. I main reaper, Symetra, 76 & Bastion. Would liket to play more tank and healer.BT1606035 2d
2d PS4 DUO QUEUE GOING FOR DIAMOND I am currently 2731sr and I play mostly Lucio and Zenyatta, I have a mic and am looking for a partner to get to diamond with. If interested message me on ps4 @QsR_NoVa_SWiFtz I play uk times(BST) 8:30am to 2:30 pmqsrnova0 2d
2d Looking for a few mates to play with So I've been playing OW since release and peaked at high plat, but due to reasons out of my control I stopped playing from around January - June ish, anyways I just got back in the game and I'd say I'm a decent player. Now that I'm back I'm just looking for a few mates to do quick play and competitive with, just people to chill with in general, message me if you're interested because my aim for this season is high diamond. PSN: B2K-Baby-KnightB2Knight1 2d
3d Looking for substitutes for Overwatch League's Hey I have a group that plays for an organization and plays in leauges at the time we are losing 2 of our substitutes looking for anyone above 2800+ but anyone 1500-2799 SR can still try out we currently are 7 and like winning plz only apply if your willing to sub but we play often and everyone normally play 1-3 games out of 6 if your a subTacoNinja3 3d
3d Looking for comp teammates on PS4 I've been stuck in low silver all this season, the main reason being my teammates not joining voice chat to play out a solid stategy. I was hoping that someone on this forum that uses voice chat would like to play with me and help me rise on comp. My PSN is KCFGaming if you are interested. (sorry if my english is broken, I am a native spanish speaker)MentalOso0 3d
3d LF People To Play Comp On Xbox Looking For People To Play Comp With On Xbox - Gamertag: ItzDylanP - I am silver but decent for my level!ItzDylanP1 3d
3d Add hardwired696969 LF Comp unranked have been solo Queing and its gone Badley help ladsHardwired0 3d
3d Xbox one add hardwired696969 Unranked need help been solo Queing preferred plat need 3Hardwired0 3d
3d Serious Comp Team (Xbox One) Looking to put together a serious team. I personally am a reaper/sym main but i play situational DPS. I currently rank at ~1800 but that's due to throwers and people without mics that can't play. I mainly play between 6-11 pm during the week (Florida). Looking for serious players only looking to put a team of 2 tanks 2 healers 1 DPS or a 2 tank 1 healer 2 DPS mix. whichever would work better as a team. If you're interested add and message me! GT- WavyPancakesWavyPancakes3 3d
3d XBOX - looking for low diamond or platinum players I'm looking for low diamond players or platinum players. I am in platinum and looking to climb with good players. I have no mic but if your interested add me BluePlayzz on Xbox.BlueMonster0 3d
3d Teammates My friend and I are looking for 4 players or more than just us two. I am gold and he is platinum. Be willing to play as a team and have a mic. If interested please message me on psn- LifeHacker0899.LifeHacker342 3d
3d {Dutch Team} 5 SPELERS GEZOCHT (SR 2200+) PS4 Hallo iedereen! Ik ben van plan om nu een vast team op te stellen voor competitive SR 2200+ en hopelijk stijgend naar Platinum. Dit wil ik graag doen, omdat het tegenwoordig lastig is om in je eentje omhoog te klimmen. Wie ben ik? - PSN = Mashing_Up. - Leeftijd: 15 - Geslacht: Man/jongen :) - Mains: Mercy, D.va en eventueel Tracer en Mei. Wat voor spelers zoek ik? - Spelers van minimaal 15 tot GEEN MAXIMALE LEEFTIJD. - Minimaal SR van 2200, maar niet hoger dan 2400. - MICROFOON! - Spraakzaam en goed communicerend. Het liefst een berichtje hier achter laten en misschien tot gauw!Mashingup0 3d
3d Looking for m8s for comp Hello there, im looking for fellow players who wish to group up with me. Im currently 2208 SR, so anybody is welcome. You can be whatever hero you want, im not gonna judge you. Im principally main Zen and sometimes Lucio, so, im more a support player, but i can be whatever the team needs most. Add me if u like, PSN: revilol1705. Im not toxic, im just want to find other playets to play some comp and have fun at the same time. Thx and i hope to see you in the battlefield!revilol1700 3d
3d XBOW FS Competitive Teamup * XBOW - Xbox Overwatch * FS - Full Squad Looking for like-minded flex players. 1Trick roles welcomed. No smurfs only mains. I am creating a late season 5 squad on Xbox, with the intentions to move to PC for season 6 and running dual seasons on both platforms. I will be leading this squad to glory, so check my career profile and if you can fill the missing pieces. I am flexible, but will be running a tank or healer for the rest of the season. Comment in the comments section, so I can review your career profile. Then hit me up on XBL for an invite. 8PM CST.EseNinoFao0 3d
3d Looking for 2-4 stack team I'm at 3300 sr at TE moment I made it to 3700 this season but dropped do to throwers and toxic players. I main McCree , Lucio , Winston. I still can play all the other heros very very well. Message me on PSN at coldninjaBREATH. I have a mic and I would like you to have a mic as well. I'm chill and I'm j trying chill and reach my way back up to high masters .BT1609053 3d
3d Polite Group of 3-4 seeking 1-2. Hello everyone. I have a group of 4 give or take one any given day and we are looking to round out our comp on xbox one. Intent is to reach 3k - 3500. Group is comprised primarily of these players Myself - I'm newish (2 months) to overwatch. Former very highly rated player in Halo 1-5 making the switch to overwatch in my old age. :). Im rated fairly low as I did the placements solo and its my first season so no worries. Main is Genji Secondary Mei /Rein/Soldier/Lucio as well. Player 2 - former 3800 ranked player on PS4, and my room mate. Main D.va Secondary most tanks Player 3 - new player as well, former highly rated Halo player Main Lucio Tracer / Soldier secondary Player 4 - been playing for quite some time Main Zarya / Tanks Looking for primarily healer / support player(s). Mercy/Lucio primary - or someone who is very effective as Zen/Ana. Would be nice if player has experience with others obviously but looking for at least one healer main. Group is calm and mature, values communication and don't care if you're "pro gamer elite" but rather open to constructive criticism back and forth and wanting to have fun. If you start getting verbally crappy we'll just drop you, it's too annoying. So if any mature players want a fun group message Azazel The Fox on xbl. We don't care about age/sex/accent etc just please have a mic. Thanks!Azazel5 3d