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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
10h My friend was unfairly banned Hey Jeff or one of the devs,I need help my friend was unfairly banned his name is Lukedoonhamer onlineFirestarter0 10h
19h Xbox team looking for a one or two new players high gold - high plat rank good communication is mandatory and we do not allow anyone who is toxic looking for DPS or support players kind people are welcomed and nobody is outcast We have a very diverse group and hope you'll consider joining -Console Militia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWgYKRXq3yQThistle3 19h
19h XBOX small group of female players looking for teammates Hey everyone. My two friends and I are looking for some teammates for pre-scheduled comp runs and/or impromptu casual arcade games, mostly in the evenings (we're all central time). We're mostly looking for other females because one of our group is a little nervous about men, though there are a couple guys that make appearances in our sessions sometimes. We range from mid gold to low platinum, we have mics, and we all flex at least a little but have our preferences. I mostly tank, especially D.va and Orisa, and we've got a support main and a flex player that can play most anything. (I have some gameplay footage reels if you'd like to see them.) We love overwatch but lately we've been feeling fed up with teammates who either don't understand how to play effectively or don't care to do so. We want to emphasize "pro" play, such as shot calling, focus fire, etc, but more importantly we're looking for good communication and good attitudes! We're never toxic or angry with each other; there is some cursing but not an excessive amount. Between games we usually chat about random things. If you have any specific concerns or questions please feel free to ask. If you're interested in joining us, please reply with some information about yourself and I'll be in touch. Thanks! P.S. We're all in our 20's, in case that matters to you.Syllfael17 19h
19h [PS4] Looking for a flex support Hey there, My group is currently looking for another support player between 2500-3200. We have more than enough tank and other flex player - but our supportive branch is lacking ^^’ You should be able to play Lucio, Moira and Zen (Bonus points for Ana and Mercy}. But dont worry, if you struggle with one of them- we are learning as a group. Quick information about my group: We are 9 people from different places in europe and the USA. We are playing almost every day and try to get better by working on our weaknesses. Having a mic and being serious in comp and silly in quick play is mandatory, so add me on ps4 for further information : MiikumonMiikumon0 19h
20h PS4 - Looking for a group. I’m looking for a fun group to play pretty much everything, not just comp, with. I’m a support main with 70 hours on mercy and my SR is around 1700+Springylion6 20h
20h Any Tank Mains Looking for a Group? PS4 We are a group of three (1 Offense/Defense, 1 Healer/Tank Flex, 1 Defense/Offense) looking for a solid tank/flex player. We aren't toxic, just looking for others to group up with in QP and Comp. We play around 9pm central most nights. Mic is a must. Send in invite if your interested. PSN VinylveganpunkVinylPunk12 20h
1d Please make new server for ksa people!!! We are playing from Turkey.Whenever we want to play always one Ksa player come to our team.And they always play hanzo,genji or widow.They are always using epic skin and gold weapon.And they mostly toxic player.Please make them for new server area !!!!!!gorkem4140 1d
1d Looking for friends to play with - PS4 Hi! I would like to play with friends instead of playing solo. ADD me on PS4: swaggy_duckBoomboxx168 1d
2d PS4 (Europe) Community Recruiting (: Hi you :) We are looking for some players to join our Overwatch competitive/fun group. At the moment we are with 22 players and we are still recruiting. Info: - Playstation - Most players are in the 20 and older. - English speaking - We play almost everyday together. - Average rank is Mid gold (Mid Silver - Diamond) - Mic is not required but appreciated. Communication is important in COMP ^^ - European/UK Timezone ;) Wanne be part of our community? Just keep in mind that this community is not just 1 competitive team, we are just a bunch of active European players who don't like to play alone. Add: Bakermat21 See ya! Josh ^-^JoshCore11 2d
3d [USA] Looking for members Xbox one only [USA]Hey everyone, I’m currently running 5 stack. 3 in est and 2 in cst. We’re ranked between gold-platinum. 2 flexibles, one mccree and lucio, one tank main and zenyatta, and one mercy dva and sombra. Age between 14-21, boy or girl because we’re a young team. If you’re interested, please sent me a message. My gt is ShadowSkyNinjaShadowninja0 3d
3d [XBOX][EU ONLY] - Team Riot recruiting! Team riot is a newly formed team looking to fill out their roster in order to compete in the overguard league. We are all mostly plat players, however we will accept high golds, and of course anything higher if you're looking to take the step down. We will compete in weekly fixtures, that may be broadcasted occasionally. If you have further enquiries, add my discord luke#8254 - I am active there. Thank you.lojic1 3d
4d Xbox Comp Players Wanted Hello, if you are on Xbox then Shockwave Gaming will be the place for you. We are a community of gamers that play all different titles, whether casually or competitively. We are all laid back, easy going individuals who can have fun no matter what or we can be serious and go hard on games. Being led by two former cod pros we have a system which allows gamers to get better with little adjustments and coaching. We also try to help all of our members if they are having a problem whether on a game or in their life. Shockwave is a brotherhood of some of the best gamers on Xbox and we would love to add more members that share our same values and interests. If you are interested please take the first step and sign up and apply on our website Shockwave-Gaming.boards.net. You can also message Sw Vybe and/or Sw l Boston l when you do so they can review your application and give you the next step. We will be the biggest and best community on Xbox but we need people who share our interests to help us grow. Do not wait to join, this will be a great opportunity in many respects, not just gaming related. I look forward to possibly meeting you in the near future. Myself and a few of the guys are looking to go from plat into the higher tiers, we play at least every weekend for hours and never seem to move up too much due to 3-4 dps players on our team.SwBoston13 4d
4d XB1 - Need a group? All regions welcome. If you are looking for a friendly, laid back group to play comp with and do a bit of quick play, arcade, custom game events with and even just chat with, this is the group for you. We have a tonne of easy to get along with members with Sr tier ranging from bronze to master, all Sr tiers welcome. We have members in many different timezones so it is likely you could find a group of people to team up with. All ages are welcome. If you are interested leave a comment with your GT and I will get you on board! Note: if you are uncomfortable with occasional strong language, this probably is not the right chat for you. Also, we do not tolerate members being toxic/salty to another member. Happy Overwatching!TheOneLeafed126 4d
5d Bronze PS4 players Anyone have a bronze account (on ps4) they want boosted. I want to play in bronze but I can't be bothered to throw alot of games. I was mid gold and I threw to high silver then gave up PSN: Xx69ways_louisxXlhesketh0 5d
5d Looking for Silver Players for Comp [PS4] Hi all, I'm currently at 1559 SR and am looking for other silver players to play comp regularly. Ideally you would have a mic and please, no toxicity. I'm all about that positivity. PSN: jaywaddy I can play a few different characters. Attack: Usually Soldier or Sombra Defence: Widow/Hanzo/Junkrat and Torb on Hollywood Defence Tank: Winston and D.Va. Just started messing with Zarya recently and I’m enjoying it. Support: Basically all except Ana, but I’m down to learn her. Peace and Love everybody.JayWaddy1 5d
5d Need players to climb out of silver I am a offence defence main who is at 1900 and needs a teammate to help climb out of silver and move up the ranksSolenya6 5d
5d PS4 comp Yo, I made a new account and am still trying to get to level 25 to play comp. Im level 20 right now. Add me: MacerCatMacer1 5d
5d Looking for casual friends! My girlfriend is new to FPS games. She just bought Overwatch for the Xbox One and is looking for some friends to run quickplay with her and possibly kinda mentor her in the game. She is very willing to get better, and is very desperate for friends. If you would like to play with her, her gamertag is fairlylocaleri. She is on almost every night (we live in Central Standard Time.) She plays Bastion, D. Va, Widowmaker, and Orisa all at beginner level. Shoot her a message if you want to be friends and play some quickplay together!splatmatt0 5d
5d XB1 Quickplay chill games for XP Want to group up for that extra 20 percent bonus and just some chill quickplay games? My GT is DovahNahkriin PS I'll usually play Moira/Mercy/SymShadowStorm1 5d
5d XB1 carry to diamond Please help me. Solo q ing got me 200 sr but i cant make it the last 100 sr to get to diamond. Please help if you are 3500+ dps main or something. I got my smurf into diamond by placements but fo some reason my main calibrated at 2750 and it took me forever to gain back my lost sr. So please, if you are a good person, help me out of this hell that is platinum. I will achieveiment hunt or do custom games, just name it and ill do it. Just dm me: Dragonfire486 Ps dont bother replying to this post because i hardly acknoledge these (unless you are a dev lol). Anyway theres 7 days left. Ill be on around 17:00 GMT so just leave me a message then. Seeya!Dragonfire0 5d
5d I'm looking for a team I'm looking for people with Xbox One that can team up with me and my cousin. We always end up with the team that has either, bad player choices or someone who leaves. So peace help us! Me: AdamLee513 My Cousin: BLANKOMAN3 League: Bronze AdamLee513 Main's- Junkrat, Tracer, Reaper, Zenyatta BLANKOMAN3 Main's- Soilder 76, Reinhardt, Mccree, OrisaWeeabooAl2 5d
5d Plat Flex DPS I'm a Low Plat Flex DPS and mains Genji, Tracer and Mccree. I'm looking for a tank (preferably a Zarya, Winston or Orisa) and a support (preferably an Ana and Zen Gamertag: ILUVITWENIKILL on Xbox only Hit me up!GrumpyKitten1 5d
5d Need PS4 players to help me out of silver Need PS4 players to help me out of silver you can add me my ps4 name is GREGSTER777GREGSTER7773 5d
5d needing a suport I am gold 2399 looking 4 suport .mihael2 5d
5d looking for tracer main ps4 looking for tracer main PS4 hey i would love to find a tracer who i can team up with, i main zarya and the pulsebomb+graviton is just sick. just react your PSN and tell me your mainzaryamain0 5d
5d Please help me Hi I'm looking for a high diamond or above main tank main (Winston, Reinhardt, Orisa) who would be willing to help me improve on those heroes. I was formerly diamond but dropped out this season and I'm hoping to improve so I can stay in there consistently. I'm part of a team but I'm the only main tank so I find it hard to find my mistakes and would like someone more insightful instead of dps and support players helping me (we also have no coach I can turn to for help with this). I want to improve for myself but mainly so I don't let them down. I'm eager to learn if you are willing to teach. If you are willing to help me send me a message on PSN: AVENGER7165 Thank you for your time.Avengers71650 5d
6d PS4 DIAMOND and MASTER players Currently recruiting for my clan Tactical Gaming Honestly looking for more Diamond and up players as we are lacking in that department, especially in the masters. We practice twice a Week on Sunday and Wednesday from 8-10pm EST. During Practices we either run scrims against other teams or squad/team training which the captain will decide ex(aim training, running quick play) http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/index.php?app=referrals&reff=40056 Thats the forum to join If you have any questions message me on here or my psn kajomc.KaJoMc0 6d
6d need players hey, me and my friend are descent overwatch players but are stuck in gold because we tilt quite a lot because of stupid teammates. we are looking for a good player to queue with and help us out with some sick combos. our hero info: i can play moira, tracer and d.va pretty good, i am learning zarya (love her ultimate) my friend plays junkrat and lucio. please comment your PSN name and some info about you if you are interested. we are dutch so if you are dutch !@# well we could communicate the best. hope you reactzaryamain1 6d
6d Healer/Tank Flex Mid Diamond-Masters [PS4] Healer/Tank flex player looking for players bobbing around the same sr. I've only barely breached masters, keep going in and out, and don't consider myself anything more than a mid-high diamond player. I'm easy going, don't like ragers, can take a joke and mostly play Moira. Always been good with hog, but recently I discovered a newfound love for d.va and Zaria as well. Mercy, Ana, Rein and Orisa I am still working on, but am able to fill if it is absolutely necessary, same goes for most dps. Would like to fill my friendslist up with more players who also both enjoy comp as well as some casual play every now and again. PSN: Dj_Kebjabb Smurf: SenpaiHasselhoff Hmu :)Senpai2 6d
6d Mature players PS4 Hi fellow Overwatchers, I've been lurking around the forums for awhile now and wanting to start taking ranked a bit more seriously or just to avoid solo-queuing, so here I am. An oldie with tons of experience in first person shooters, looking for others with a mature and laid back mindset. Although I haven't really experienced any issues, I know there's an issue with toxicity. If your idea of a good time is screaming at randoms over a mic because you couldn't pull off a jumping headshot then I'm really not interested. Winning is important, but enjoying yourself is more so. I do have a Mic, currently gold and I like using most characters so changing for the good of the team won't be a problem. Psn: Obo-kenobi. Hope to hear from you.SuperNinja25 6d
17 Feb Looking for some people to play with on Ps4 Hey, I am trying to get back into Overwatch and looking for some people to grind/have some fun games with. I played a fair amount a year ago on Xbox One but have since switched to PS4. Currently only lvl 15 so looking for some people around my level or close-ish. I'm in my 20's and work nights, so I have lots of time to play during the afternoon and evenings. PSN is "PiercedNotDead" feel free and add me if you wanna play. I won't yell at anybody :) Ohh and I live in Eastern Canada if you are wondering about time zones and suchPiercedNot0 17 Feb
16 Feb PS4 Need people to grind with Hey guys I am looking for people on ps4 to play with because none of my friends play OW. I haven't done much competitive because solo queuing is such a hit or miss, typically the latter. I play all sorts of roles, but I am best with D.Va and Zenyatta. I am a 19 year old college student so some days I can play ridiculous hours and some not so much. US Central Time Zone PSN: Primetime349 add me!Primetime3492 16 Feb
16 Feb Xbox LFT Masters Looking for people to play consistently with on Xbox. My SR is around 3300-35 and I play support and tank. Add/message me if interested Gamertag- Trice HPTriceee0 16 Feb
16 Feb Looking for PS4 Overwatch team for Competitive Hey guys! I'm a silver in competitive and I'm looking for a team to play with. My two friends don't play comp as much so I usually end up doing a solo-queue and that's just a game of chance at that point haha. I main as Junkrat, D.Va, and Lucio but can play other heroes as needed. Would prefer if you have/are: -a Mic -20+ age (I'm 22) -Serious about playing but also wants to have fun (no toxic players) Add me and send me a message if you're interested! PSN: RaspberryCupcake Also, I am in MT and I usually play after 4PM. :]Nurtennekin6 16 Feb
16 Feb PS4 Team looking for members I'm starting a team with a couple of my friends and we are looking for more players to join. We are serious about trying to win and we hope to one day be able to compete in a ps4 Overwatch tournament. We know we have a long way to go but we are willing to put in the effort and we hope you are too. Please be somewhere between mid plat and low diamond as that is where most of us are or have been. Roles filled: Main tank, a support, and a hitscan/flex We need 3 more people to fill a projectile hero spot, another support (hopefully be able to play Lúcio and Zen), and an off-tank/Flex. We are also fine with adding up to 9 members and having similar roles as it means we can learn from one another and become even better. It is fine if we main the same heroes as long as we are able to play other heroes as well. We also ask that you download the discord app as that is mainly the way we communicate with each other when we're not in-game. Please message me here, on PS4 (AVENGER7165), or message me on discord Avenger7165#2914 Also please no 1 tricksAvengers71651 16 Feb
16 Feb LF people to climb (reasonably casual) Console: PS4 Languages: English/Russian Time: GMT/UK, normally after 20:00, more flexible on weekends, no commitments to certain hours (not interested in pro teams, clans, etc.) Age: 20+ Role: Supp/Tank in ranked Mic: Yes Exp: tons of exp in mobas (so understand strategy and team comps well) After 10 solo random placings games with no team communication got assigned into gold Feel free to get in touch for some quality matches.ULTIMO0 16 Feb
16 Feb LF people to climb (reasonably casual) Languages: English/Russian Time: GMT/UK, normally after 20:00, more flexible on weekends, no commitments to certain hours (not interested in pro teams, clans, etc.) Age: 20+ Role: Supp/Tank in ranked Mic: Yes Exp: tons of exp in mobas (so understand strategy and team comps well) After 10 solo random placings games with no team communication got assigned into gold Feel free to get in touch for some quality matches.ULTIMO0 16 Feb
15 Feb XB1 Looking for players to add 4 add Hey console players. I'm looking to pad out my friends list with current season competitive players in order to find future teammates and queue partners! Info about me Current Sr 2873 Season High 2876 Career High 3033 Play Region EU Given the choice of what to play I'll typically lock into Zenyatta, Moira, Winston, Orisa or Soldier. I can also flex pick Reinhardt, Zarya, Lucio, Roadhog, Mccree aswell as a bit of Tracer. I used to strictly 6 stack during my first few seasons. Now I tend to Duo or Solo queue. My golden rule in comp is to stick to what you're queuing with if you're winning games. I don't tend to get toxic however I can't stand players who demand you play certain "meta" heroes when they refuse to switch, though I understand the difference between demanding a switch and suggesting a switch. Feel free to add me and send me a message if I'm the kind of player you'd like to queue with sometime. Xbox Gamertag: Upriser14/Resirpu Thanks in advance, UpriserUpriser146 15 Feb
15 Feb PS4 - EU player looking for others 2 play with Hey, I'm Eve/P and I'm from Sweden (CET). I'm mainly looking for chill players for quick play games to just hang and have fun + I recently started playing comp and solo queuing pretty much killed all the fun. So maybe ppl to play comp with as well ;) Iike playing support and Tank heroes, and my SR is right now 2106! Usually I play evenings and nights (pretty flexible). It would be fun to find other lgbt+ ppl to play with, but it's in no way a requirement! As long as u are cool I would love to play with u :) PSN: allfemmefightclu Discord: phish#5942phish3 15 Feb
15 Feb Looking for someone to play with? Ps4 Hey! I've been looking to play with someone as my in-game friends have quit playing. If you are interested to play with chill player to have fun with add me, I’m super friendly btw so no need to be afraid of talking to me.I use mic add Wastingshious :)Lotterx1 15 Feb
15 Feb PS4 Players in Diamond or Masters Looking for players in Diamond-Masters on PS4 :-) I've been on a losing streak so I'm pretty low diamond right now. I'm also a Mercy main but I can flex whatever works. My GT is ExtaxKitten if you're interested, just add me and message me that you're from the forums.melibunny2 15 Feb
15 Feb Match Making Discord Its a new discord but with enough people joining, it will make finding a group easy and simple. We support all units of playing. Ps4, PC and Xbox. We don't require you to use a mic but when it comes to grouping or doing comp, will make it easy for those if you did use a mic. We just want to make an easy and fast way for everyone to find what they need and to have fun. We also support a variety of games. So limit is not a factor. Please join and invite all your friends! https://discord.gg/bjYsf6uKhaotics2 15 Feb
14 Feb LFM - Xbox One 3000 SR+ Competitive Team I'm Lexi, co-captain of a new team that is looking for a tank main Zarya, Winston, and/or D.Va around 3000+ SR. SR range is flexible. Interested in both comp and tournaments. Hours and servers are flexible, as we have members from both the US and UK currently. DPS mains are also welcome. This is much more lax in terms of hero pool, Tracer/Genji are preferred but let me know and we'll talk regardless. The team is composed of people from many different backgrounds looking to have fun and improve themselves and each other. We play almost every day after 12pm PST. Once our team is more concrete, I will be creating a discord server for the team to chat on. Good luck in your future matches ❤️Echo1 14 Feb
14 Feb Gold Going To Plat looking for people that are trying to get to plat my sr is 2307 i flex but mainly play rein and winstonRobbyzhee6 14 Feb
13 Feb Anyone Wanna Run Quad Tank (Silver/Gold)? PS4 I think a nice coordinated quad tank/two Heals group with mics could run Silver/Gold comp pretty well. I'm looking for a few more tanks and healers to try this out with. I can play tank or heals, so we can swap out once in awhile. I'm on most every night around 8:30/9pm central. If you are interested, send me an invite on PSN. VinylveganpunkVinylPunk0 13 Feb
12 Feb Fun console or pc players Looking for a chill group...who can just chill and hang out and play matches...basically for fun. The crazier the cooler. Battle tag:Excalibur#22995 Psn: EricStormwielderExcalibur0 12 Feb
12 Feb Gold/silver comp xb1 My friend and I are in gold and looking for cooperative players to climb the ranks with. I am normally a fill player and play whatever is needed. But the heros I am proficient at are Anna, dva, doomfist, genji, junkrat, Lucio, orisa, reaper, reinhardt, roadhog, torbjorn, Winston and zenyatta. My friend playes Soldier, bastion, dva, Lucio, mccree, roadhog, symmetry, tracer, widowmaker, and zenyatta. I say cooperative players because my friend is a really good shot called and when the team listens to him we win 90% of the time. But we all know how hard it is to get your team to listen and cooperate in comp. You can message me on my gamer tag S5dolarfootlong. I am normally on xbox often since I recently broke my ankle.s5dolar1 12 Feb
12 Feb Philly players or anyone Xbox One: Dawkfan6 Under 1000 (season 8) High: 1428 (season 4) Main: Mercy and Sombra Help me!NoVasStrike0 12 Feb
11 Feb PS4 USA LFM: MT/(OT-DPS)/Heal for Comp 3k+ to push Masters Hey guys and gals, Looking to pick up some teammates to push into masters this season. I've been mostly maining D.Va, but otherwise usually flex off-tank. Current season high of 3363. My two other friends that I play with pretty regularly are: A Mercy/Moira main (Career High 3400+) A Soldier/McCree/Flex DPS main (Career High 3800+) We are all ages 21-30. Specifically looking for: A main tank that essentially mains Reinhardt/Orisa/Winston An off-tank that can flex DPS including Junkrat and Pharah (not a DPS main only) An Ana/Lucio/Zen/flex healer (preferably can play any support) We play between the hours of 6PM-1AM EST, but usually centered around 10PM EST. Days of the week vary. You must have a career high of 3000+, but preferably be 3200+ currently. You must have a microphone, and be mature enough to not drive us insane. Please PS4 message me at Ghost_R870 with: Your age Confirmation that you have a mic and the hours you're normally on Your Career High/Season High/Current SR Which one of the above 3 roles you fit A list of all the characters you can play effectively at a Diamond-Masters skill level ThanksGhost0 11 Feb