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46m [PS4]Comp Season Team Looking for a serious group of Gold Players to join up for the season and climb ranks. I'm aiming my goals high and would love like-minded people to team up with!sSKiiLLZz6 46m
1h PS4 Looking for friends to play QP and Comp with :) A little information about me: I used to have friends I usually play Quick Play and Competitive with. It was a good group of friends until a few of them stopped playing because of work and school, so the group got separated leaving me and other two people. As times goes by, they also stopped playing (one of them had a girlfriend who is very clingy and not letting him play with the group) leaving me to solo queue and I've been solo queuing ever since especially in Comp. I guess I kind of miss having a small circle of friends to play with and I would like that to happen again. My main character is Mercy but I can play other Support characters very well. I am currently at 4000+ SR and may drop or increase a bit. I have a mic so we can communicate through our matches. Also, I am not looking for people who are salty and toxic because it's not good for the group and I am intolerant with those kinds of people. I am looking for people to play and have fun with and work our SR up as our Comp matches goes by. My PSN is Herzalea and please message me there :)QueenHazel5 1h
1h [XBOX] I'll heal you - Lets be friends Hello guys!, I am looking for some fun people to play overwatch with. I am a MERCY main but I also play Soldier, Symmetra, and Tracer too. I am tired of losing competitive games because of bad team coordination, and I can be pretty funny when I get mad too! I live in California but I play throughout the week and weekends. No offensive kids, but I am looking for old potatoes only (18+) to play with. Don't take it personally, you'll understand when you're older. Currently in gold (2000-2200 CP) and trying to get to platinum at least... who doesn't want to make it to diamond though. Xbox Gamertag: Mihm TL;DR? - Mercy main - I am currently between 2000-2200 CP - I live in California - I'm of the female gender if that matters - Excellent sense of humor - Please be decent or at least have a good personality - Have a mic please! - 18+ please Xbox Gamertag: MihmMihm7 1h
8h UK based Mature players needed SR 2000-3000 Looking for UK based players to put together something special. PM me or add me on PSN (Geo-The-Brave). Please be 18+ The team that gets together from this will hopefully push together all the way to GM and maybe go on to further horizons. Many thanks Geo.GeoTheBrave5 8h
9h [PS4] Wall riding lucio LFG I hate self-promoting myself, but I'm an experienced lucio who is very experienced with aura switching (to get all teammates on objectives quickly), wall riding, and getting enemies off the objectives. When I started maining lucio I was obsessed with wall riding and practiced it like a mad man. I'm now capable of getting to literally any point on the map efficiently. On Lijiang tower I can stay airborne on the objectives for minutes at a time without touching the ground, contesting the point, healing allies, and being nearly impossible to target. I'm level 127, but only SR 1900. I started the season 2500+, but made the mistake of solo queueing a few times. Got paired against what I can only assume were groups (amazing teamwork, vs a mostly silent team). I have a mic and will help guide the team to objectives and around enemies. I'm just sick of solo queueing, so I've been exclusively playing QP. I need to find a group to queue comp with. My PS4 username is gangstagaret, I live in EST and work from home (so I can usually squeeze in some game time during the day as well as at night).eMpire4 9h
15h Competitive (Xbox one) I'm just trying to look for a full team that actually knows what they're doing and won't scream. I need my group to communicate (with a mic) so that we know that's going on and if your interested, message me your mains (Clevergirl123)MagicPants2 15h
1d Beginner to pro players who are in it to win it PS4 Beginner to pro players who are in it to win it PS4 If you looking for a team Beginner go8ng for pro status lets team up Psn KeitaroNatsuDizzyDwarf1 1d
1d Looking for gold/plat players Looking for people I play Healers (Mercy and Lucio) and got to 2243 but fallen to 2000 by playing solo as healrr :(. Add me if you want to team up: Truite_SolitaireLabrutie1 1d
1d [PS4] Competitive masters / high diamond [PS4] - Looking for very good players to play comp with , high diamond/masters (I dropped out of masters) I am a Zarya main / soldier main / tracer main / flex Psn: FinetixZ Mic: Must have.LuckyOwl2 1d
1d PS4 3600+ (I can play most heroes) Comp I am 12 years old, I can speak English(Yes i can, I am from England). My PSN is: Himayocat. I am not a squeaker, and i don't get toxic. Message me on PS4 if you want to play comp. I play Overwatch 99% of the timeHimayocatYT0 1d
1d PS4 3600+ (I can play most heroes) I am 12yrs old, I am from England and looking to play with a few people, Im not a squeaker, i promise, message me on ps4 (PSN- Himayocat) if you want to play comp.HimayocatYT0 1d
1d Competitive ps4 platinum rank Looking for people to join in some comp games add - rydanirywy0 1d
1d Beginner looking for teammates I've got overwatch about two weeks ago so I don't have a skill rating yet, but I'm actually looking for some people to play with, since Solowatch isn't actually that much fun. I'm an 18 years old student from germany (my english might not be top notch, but I think it's not too shabby), have experience playing in a competitive team (played League of legends for 6 seasons and reached Diamond in Teamrankeds 3 seasons in a row) and main support with a casual Zarya and sometimes Roadhog thrown in. PSN: EatyQTEatyQT0 1d
1d lf players around 3.5k+ XB1 me and a friend are duo queue primarily dps/zen and looking for some good people to play with. hmu gt DidzoloDidzolo0 1d
1d Need Gold/Platinum Players for PS4 Looking for primarily gold (and maybe some platinum) players to group up with and play comp on PS4. Gamertag: spikekuznakAwesomer13 1d
1d PS4 comp aus Hey overwatchers, looking preferably for over 18 year old mature people, that are team players, and don't mind having a bit of fun whilst competing... must use mics... I'm in gold, but honestly believe it's because of the unreliability of the solo que... I pretty much have a good understanding of all characters, and usually work with what other players have chosen, to make a good comp... if keen, my psn is lucan_84, and I do live in Australia, so I'm not sure how that works out with overseas players... peace out :)Lucan840 1d
1d Friends for PS4 so recently I got a PS4 and i really have nobody to play OW with, I mained Xbox with a rank of 101 and main DVa on both consoles. just look at my profile and youll see my ps4 data there, not yet available for comp but will be doing comp once i get to lvl 25. ( last season on xbox i was gold/platinum ranking which was solo/team)TGSicarius3 1d
1d Platinum-Diamond Tracer I main Tracer but can competently play Genji, Anna, D.va and at a push Hanzo. Xbox One GT: Lysdexia RuelsSparkyy1 1d
1d Xbox OW Friends Hey! Currently, I don't have friends on overwatch except one. They main D.va and bastion. Personally, I play Soldier, Tracer, D.va, Mercy, Zenyatta and Zarya if needed, some others too. Solo queue has been killing me, I solo queued to gold from bronze, and have learned a lot and got better along the way, and playing in gold has been a much better experience. But I went on a losing streak, and you know the rest. Back to 1.8. Most people in silver won't switch, and I can't be tank AND healer, as my friend hasn't been online much. I'm looking for competent individuals, as I think team work and composition is more important than individual skill, but good knowledge of what we need and what works would be great. (2 healers, 2 tanks, optimally) So if you main healer, tank, or are decently flexible, feel free to add me, message me! We can play quick play or even competitive. I'm 17, from the UK, and play almost every day. Xbox gamer tag: Space163 Thanks for readingWildPants1 1d
1d Sr1952 Sr 1952 LFG looking to rank up, can't keep playig solo with people that don't communicate and work togetherChuyy2 1d
1d Xbox One Comp Only Need a another player for comp? Current composition Most Played 1. JunkRat 2. D.VA 3. Healer Xbox One Had a bad run yesterday down to 1500s...MoistAdven1 1d
2d Xbox one team finder Comp I am looking for a competitive team with experienced players. my rank is only 1900 but this is because of people leaving during the match and because of players who doesn't know how to play the game. For example to have 5 attackers in 1 team and leaving me as the only tank in the team. If you like join just send an message on xbox one to the gamertag at the top of this topic and if you want to see details of my stats just click on my gamertagBT1605245 2d
2d [XB1] lvl 264, Gold, Mic, 31yo, looking for comp players Hi, I'm looking for serious, friendly players looking to climb ranks together. I play requently, usually the following times (PST US Westcoast): 1-3 PM 5-7 PM 10-11PM I main Mercy, junkrat, symmetra, Dva, Solider76. Comfortable playing any other characters. Please have a mic for team coordination, thanks!Ashyre4 2d
2d Xbox1 Comp I'm looking for players that are trying to get the SR up, I can't keep playing solo, it's frustrating. Add me on xbox gt Ranger danger1hItsmeKutabi5 2d
2d Looking for peeps on ps4 Sooo yeah title says it all really, but im looking for a group or just some like minded people who like to play for fun (and preferably have mics for chat parties) my psn is : MirrorTheDragon, an im a eu player.GrumpyKitten0 2d
2d 4000rate+ PSN: Pandulya 4000 rate. Lucio Main, Rain Main LFG to get 4500 an higher America region can play everyday from 6-12 PM.Jonikxx0 2d
2d Looking for friends to play with - PS4 Hi! I would like to play with friends instead of playing solo. ADD me on PS4: swaggy_duckBoomboxx161 2d
2d Looking for Friends. :) (PS4) Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I haven't played Overwatch in a few months but I am wanting to get back into it, so I would probably be playing like a new player at first but hopefully I will get back into my groove. I am honestly not trying to brag whatsoever, I was diamond for Season 3 and ranked #66 on PS4 for Reaper at one point, just so people know MY skill level, I am not the worst, I am not the best, but this post is to find friends and get me back into the game. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to talking with and playing with you! Have a good day! :) PSN: KeishiiDunsho Time Zone: CentralKeishiiRoku6 2d
2d Looking for team If anyone has a team on Xbox one around master-gm than message me and tell me my GT is i Lutriix iLutriix0 2d
2d Looking for players (Competitive - 3500+) PS4 Hey Guys, like you see in the title. I'm looking for people to play in ranked. I'm Master, it's getting hard to get to GM. I'm looking for serious people that cares about winning. We can make a full team, who knows. I'm main Ana, Lucio and Zen (Healer Role), I play it 95% of the time. But I can play dps (Mcree, Soldier, Genji, Pharah) and tank (Dva). If somebody wanna team up, you can message me in the Ps.XRedHood17X2 2d
3d [PS4]Looking for comp (~2600) Hello :) I am looking for competitive-oriented players that are willing to team up. I am varying between 2600-2700 rating, 20+ years old, have mic and can be a shotcaller. Please send a message to PSN: Emanuil_Nk if you are within a similar rating and looking for teammates. Toxic/childish people are a no-go !!Emanuil0 3d
3d Need playwrs for comp matchin mercy main Need players for comp matchin, 1820 mercy main ps4 Br0s11D0Nminibeas2340 3d
3d 3k+ PS4 seeking competitive players. I play nearly every day. I play most characters, but I'm best with Mcree, Tracer, Soldier, Zarya, d.va, Zen, Symmetra, and Ana. My sr is approx 3k. It fluctuates dependent upon solo queue(it goes up) or playing with friends(usually goes down). I am an excellent shot caller when I play support. I take it fairly seriously, I have a few friends who are also serious. I'm looking to create a legitimate squad. Message me on psn if interested. My psn is muffinbaby. I'm 22 years.Yosathr0 3d
3d I need Team Players. I'm looking for a team to join. My current rank in this season is 1899. This is due to the fact that when comp started this season, Bastion was released at the same time and this wrecked most of my chances of ranking high in placement. My highest rank overall was from last season, Gold 2373. You can find all my stats on MasterOverwatch under the username "Romchenry". I play on PS4. My mains are Zarya, Sombra, and Lucio. I usually switch to around these three depending on the situation posed but, on my last team, my job was "very close back up" and "target elimination". Basically, I've got your back. I have a mic and I usually play Overwatch in the evenings. I'm free every weekend and when my college semester ends, May 5th, I will be free to play indefinetly.Robin0 3d
3d Ps4 Competitive Group I am looking for a team to help me Rank back up to 1800+ SR. I have been on a massive looking streak, but thanks to some friends I got back up to 1800. But recenetly, it seems as if OverWwatch has been purposely placing me in losing teams because as of right now, I am at 1200 SR. I need help with ranking back up since I know that my skill is not at near bronze, but at a high silver at most. Of you could help me, I would appreciate it. PSN: Vocaloid_lover16.ZanyDruid0 3d
4d Overwatch on Xbox one S .HogieCookie3 4d
4d looking for platinum/diamond players Hey there! I'm looking for others to play comp with. I'm actually a diamond player, I solo queued more and more after reaching my season high and dropped down to 2800...If you're interested in playing together add my PSN: MadenGames with a little message so i know you're from here :)MadenGames0 4d
4d PS4 Looking for diamonds to play with Hello! Looking for people around the age range of 20 to play comp with. Be friendly and don't get too salty or too angry, I play consistently every day (Central European time) and would love to meet other players! :) (Please have mic it's easier to communicate that way) My psn is Wastingshious send me a friend request and tell you're from the Overwatch forum. I don't check the forums regularly lolLotterx0 4d
4d Looking for a comp team PS4 I've had enough of solo queuing on competitive, being teamed up with people that have not good knowledge of the game. I'd say i'm a decently good player, I will listen and co-operate. I play well with Zarya, Reaper, D.Va and Mercy I can play okay with Rein, Pharah and Zenyatta. I am currently in rank silver, Gold last season. If you want to team up and climb the ranks add my PSN: jjxheim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDMDUiw-H6s (a clip I managed to record)JJXHEIM9 4d
4d I'm the soldier 76 you're looking for psn- Names-Rodney Anyone that considers themselves decent at the game add me, currently in gold but dodgy match ups and no mics are keeping me down. I play pretty much everyday and consider myself a good player. I main soldier and know how to use him.RodBaa0 4d
4d Need a team! Looking for players to go through the ranks with. Done 2 placement matches so far this season and need a team to talk to. SR last season was around 2300 feel as though I could do much better with a team. Gamertag: Slimyelephant66, Xbox oneCuddlyFish4 4d
5d [Xbox]Shine bright like a diamond? Right kiddos, last season i was one game away from hitting the diamond rank, and i was only one win away from achieving it. I wish to join a team, as i have so far only played mostly solo, and i got a little tired of being put in with mute people that thought staring at the empty objective from a distance would win them the game, or the people that charge in solo and think they'd kill all 6 enemies by themselves. i mean, its OK to dream, but chill... Anyway i play best as the following: Soldier 76 Phara junkrat Reinhardt Zarya D.Va Mercy Lucio Symmetra & Reaper (apparently, according to my statistics). But i play most characters well enough,except widowmaker: "6 shots 1 kill" I do have a Mic, and i politely request that you do as well, as i like to warn people Before they get shot in the back of the head So if you have a thing for British accents, please send me a friend request and invite me to a game. my name is: Christophki_1 CheersMegalord179 5d
5d Looking for team ps4 Hi . For everyone who wanna to play as a team add me in ps4 : cr7-3zoooz No mic required I'm now at silver and wanna move to more than goldAzoozGamer0 5d
5d XBOX Offering High Gold / Plat Carrier To anybody bronze / Silver that want some carrying, Add me. Ideally 18+ with mics is also important, but at the very least can hear me and able to use the automated messages (ultimate charging e.t.c.) XBL FlamboyentGoat, hovering around 2300, Only started the game end of last season and peaked at 2600. I can play at least 1 character from any category. Will best help if there's a party of 4-5 in lower leagues. I can offer assistance with strong compositions, strategies and overall game-play.Turtle0 5d
5d Xbox one competitive Hey guys, I'm looking for people that can help me out of silver. My current SR is 1774, I main reinhardt but I can play healers or DPS. I can't seem to consistently get good teammates so I came here to look for some.CrazyCat1 5d
5d ps4 comp Looking for high plat(2800+) to low diamond players to form a comp team for regular play. My psn is dalish-mage.Dalishmage0 5d
5d LFG Xbox1 Hi, I'm looking for a competitive team on overwatch to join. I am an objective player. My main character is Diva, but I can play several other characters no matter which mode: please send me a message if interested I am level 160+ Gamer Tag: MRUNGREATFUL. Thxs and have a great day.BT1605243 5d
5d Looking for XB1 Players I am looking for players to either playing for fun or play competitive (2005 gold) :) I currently main Zarya, Mercy and D.VA but all round flexible. I'm on overwatch in the afternoons so free most days to play :) Feel free to add me: Sola SicariusTheOneLeafed2 5d
5d Xbox one comp, silver+ Playing competitive with 2 others, will need mic and be aged 14+ Message me for invite: Undead Huntrz best if from UKBT1607163 5d