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23 May Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May
34m Need some Xbox players for competitive I need some people on xbox to play some competitive. My SR is 2319 Gamertag- ChknWngzNFrzChknWngzNFrz1 34m
35m Xbox One Comp Team Looking for a comp team to join. Currently I have 2246 comp points. I main Bastion, Roadhog, and Solider. But I'm versitile. Add me if you will GT: Your Not SkinnyDemonSmoker1 35m
39m Looking for Gold team on Xbox 1 Looking for a team (XB1) to get out of gold. Solo queing is killing my rank and I would love to have a constant six person team. I am level 154 with a SR 2211. I "main" Lucio, Ana, Zarya, Zenyatta, and Soldier. But can play most characters pretty well for quick changes. Send me a message on Xbox at FancyD0ng.AngelsDong1 39m
1h [Xbox One] Looking For comp players! I have been playing a decent amount of comp lately and I have hit diamond rank. Now I know that I can reach masters, but I am looking For people who are also looking to do the same! My GT is: Funkfoul and I play on European servers.Zepp0 1h
2h PS4 Overwatch competitive o/ Hello everyone, im looking for good team to play overwatch competitive together.. im good at playing Bastion, D.va, junkrat, mercy, pharah, soldier 76, tracer and zenyatta.. everytime i play competitive players keep choose any character they want to play not what the team need.. if u want to play with me my psn: yaziax_ add me if u want and i can play any character.. Thanks and have a nice day <3STARLIGHT0 2h
3h Looking for Dutch players (PS4) Hi, I'm looking for Dutch players to play competitive. I play most of the time with 2 other guys and our SR is between 2000-2300. Anyone who wants to play can add me : DwizzyGDwizzy0201 3h
3h Looking for competitive team members (PS4) I've been hovering around mid plat but have gotten tired of slowly losing rank and playing solo. So I'm looking for some plat or higher players out there who are looking to win and start moving up with me. It doesn't really matter to me who your main is because I'm pretty flexible myself and am open to anyone joining up. If interested, just your PSN below and I'll shoot you a message and look forward to playing with you!Shadow4 3h
3h Soldier LFG 2892 Beast soldier main, can play lucio or mercy if needed. SR: 2892 X1Tag: Brad7ucKbrad23bone0 3h
5h PS4 competitive Lucio (Main), Soldier, Junkrat SR ~ 2300 Hello, my name is Luci. My timezone is GMT+2. I mostly play Lucio, Soldier 76 and Junkrat. My highest was 2410, but considering I did a lot of solo queing lately, my SR dropped a bit. I have played along platinum and diamond players and i could handle the situation quite good. I feel that I am limited by the random people I get from playing competitive and I feel I can do things properly even in a team with a higher SR. I am basically looking for talented players that want to join me and raise our SR as much as possible, while also having fun doing this. I am also interested in joining an already formed team. Feel free to add me or contact me on my PSN: luciyanmihai91Luciyan0 5h
8h PS4 Adult Players - Casual & Competitive Play Community Hello heroes (and villains) of Overwatch. My name is Miguel, Sirmigsalot on playstation 4 and battle.net . Many of you are in need of a community of gamers online you can play with and befriend on PS4. Many of you need a a really good sniper or a tank to help balance your team. Check these two communities out. ' Overwatch World - Adults Only ' with over 375 members. This is for casual adult gamers. It is also a hub for news, patches, release dates, opinions, etc. A hangout for all things Overwatch. ' Overwatch - Competitive Play MLG ' is for hardcore adult players. I will be recruiting top world talent onto this community. I am the owner of both communities. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you! Happy Independence Day Weekend and Canada Day Weekend to everyone in North America! Regards, MiguelSirMigsalot12 8h
15h Xbox One - Looking for gamers or a team Hi, I'm just really trying to find new friends to get along with and maybe create a team. I've never tried it and I main Genji and I'm pretty good with him :) Just hoping for friends or team thanks. I can also main Ana.Cytist12 15h
15h Looking to start team [NA][PS4] I wanna put together a consistent team to play comp with that have their own roles, it's usually just me and my brother who play together. My season high is 3367 and I'm currently at 3057, my brother's season high is 2982 and he's currently at 2770. Both of us are very flexible in what we can play but to narrow it down he said he would like to go either in Offense or Tank. For me I would like to be in Offense or Support. He's 28 and I'm 22, we both have mics, we communicate, we're both calm and even though we play comp to win and love the comp scene we are also trying to have fun so no "toxics" or raging or anything if you are interested. We're in NA Eastern Time. If you are interested please message me or him your rank and who you'd prefer to main with a team. My PSN: Jeuc-the-God His PSN: RoyalCrisisBT1605233 15h
17h [PS4] 3200 Tank Main LFT : Late Night EST King here looking for a consistent squad to run with at night. Hover between 3200 and 3400 on two accounts. Mainly run Reinhardt and Winston for defensive and push lineups. I play around 11EST onward into the night. Looking for a squad that runs around this time. Would like to get some real practice in that does not involve a Widowmaker main. If you are interested, comment below or add KingnotixDarknotical17 17h
19h Legit comp team that likes to win (PS4) Short and simple. My main is Soldier, but I can play just about any hero and still kick !@#. My friend's main is Phara, Mei, and Semetra. He can also play Lucio, D.VA, and The grim reaper. Looking for a legitimate healer and tank players. Serious winners only! You will be kicked if you suck. Drop your main and gamertag here. Thanks!ColomboKing9 19h
21h Ps4 Competitve In desperate need of good players to group up with in comp. I myself am a good Zarya and can play any dps. I need people in mid to low diamond who have a good amount of experience in the game and are good with any character. Add me at XxMattyQxXXxMattyQxX0 21h
21h (PS4) Looking for 3 other UK players (2500-2900) Hi I am looking to find 3 other teamates. I have 2 of my friends wnating a 6 man aswell. I am 2658 and my friend is 2533 and my other friend is 2740. The 2533 one can play Ana, Zarya and Tracer. The 2740 one can play Rienhardt, Ana, Roadhog and Mei. I can play Luico, Zenyatta , Soldier 76 ,Mercy and Roadhog If you want add me my PSN is AntonFTW12HappyFeet0 21h
23h Starting a serious competitive team - PS4 So, I'm here to begin a competitive team for Overwatch (PS4) that has a great sense of game knowledge, knows their way around a team composition (and the difference between solo queue and 6-stack comps), as well as communicates well and is willing to give their best effort. We will be communicating on Discord, (something that can be downloaded on your computer or your phone), as well as in parties when we play games. Discord is there so that we can talk outside of the PS4. The SR requirement is very loose. I'm floating around 2100, and will be heading to plat hopefully. The team will 6 stack often, and regarding who you "main" you need at least 3 heroes you're confident with. I'm not going to recruit based on who you play. I hope to have around 3-5 more people join us (we have 3 total members right now), and I am excited to get it started. Contact me on PSN (Antlo906), or reply to the thread. See ya soon.Antlo8 23h
1d Xbox One - Seeking Players - High Plat/Diamond Hey guys, Looking for some mature players & a regular team which can switch roles well and play other roles great. Fed up of getting teams which refuse to switch and help when the time is needed and the little to no communication with the teams. (plus rl friends suck at the game so playing comp with them just drags me down) I'm a 23 year old British male, for any Americans considering playing. Skill Rating: 2700-3200 (looking to climb) I play at around 5:30pm-11:30pm GMT (12:30 EST-6:30EST) Weekends I tend to play longer. If you fit the skill rating in the title please feel free to add me on Xbox one, preferably noone with a high pitch voice, I can't concentrate with that in my ear. Gamertag: SWMSmorfett7 1d
1d [Ps4 Eu] Gold/plat looking for duo/trio partners Im dps/off tank main, I have a mic and from EU. Im looking for a duo/trio partners (or a team) who is from EU, plays tank/heal (because most people play dps even though they cant). Mic is prefered but not required. psn: NussinkoiraaSwankyOrc3 1d
1d Looking for group [PS4-Gold] SR 2110, season high is 2298. I did my placement matches for S3 when I was level 25 (144 now) so I know I've made enough progress to place me in a much higher tier. Stuck in elo hell due to randoms. I main Ana, but I can play just about anyone. Proficient with Ana, Mei, Zenny, Roadhog, Winston, and Tracer. Looking for a full group to play with, gold is fine but I would love to get a few plat+ I have a mic and I live in the states, but I play in the early AM so an EU team is perfect.BT1609100 1d
1d 2400+ Mic required. Duckface5000 2 British lads looking for a 6 man for compet. Season highs of 3050 and 2888 currently 2880 and 2550. Looking for 2400+, must have mic. PS4 add me at Duckface5000.Sup3rmanzzz0 1d
1d Looking for competitive (NA) team. Looking for a team to play competitive with, highest rank is 3019 as a solo que. I'm a flexible player but I'd prefer to focus on tank or support. add me on PSN; IAmTheOneIronMan Looking for a team that has a mic to communicate with, a team that for the time being is diamond rank but looking to move upwards in the coming seasons. Send me a message over PSN with the role you prefer to play and with your rank and I'll reply via PSN. As soon as I have 5 other people we'll see how we work together at first with quickplay and then move on from there.IAmTheOne0 1d
1d PS4 Support LF High Diamond team to get to master with Mostly play supports, season high 3475 and im around 3300 atm . Just looking for dependable tanks and dps peeps that can carry my awesome healz to master finally xD the struggle is real. Irish , mid 20's , mic etc , nice guy in general . Psn addy is peaches444BT1605242 1d
2d Ps4- Need players SR 2800+ Yo I'm looking for players around 2800 SR who are willing to rank up. I'm looking for due or trio queue, no 6 stack team. I main Tracer, and I have ranked up from 2035 to 2810 only playing Tracer. But I can also play other heroes such as, Zarya, Ana, Meccree, Genji and soldier. Add me if you are interested: Bachabazlogari99 - SR 2810 Specterr_97 - SR 2648Specter0 2d
2d LF club or team (Xbox One) Hey guys and gals, I'm an Ana main and I am looking for a permanent team or club to climb ranks with. I'm ranked 2055 but I know the game well enough to earn a higher rank in the future. I've played games most of my life and I love to learn and progress, especially with others of which I can build a friendship with! Thanks all, my gamertag is: lSilvaerisl (the lines are lower-case Ls)wakeofchaos3 2d
2d PS4 - Looking for UK Teammates Just looking for a few other UK teammates to play Overwatch with. I'm a 16 year old British player in gold (2204 SR at the moment) Add me on PS4 if you're a similar age and SR ^^ PSN: LiamBombastic_Liam0 2d
2d PS4 - looking for achievements Can anyone help me get a few PS4 achievements. Maybe a group?Evan4 2d
2d Need teammates I need a team that don't die in purpose for ps4 2900+DeedAsAssin3 2d
2d PS4 Regular Group (EU) Looking to find several other people to play Overwatch with on the regular, already have 2 mates I play with, but looking for a few more to play competetive with. We are currently all around 2700 and are looking for similarly rated players to help increase that. We're all 16 year-old Brits, always trying to talk strategy to win, but not taking things too seriously when things go wrong. If anyone in a similair time-zone is interested, we mostly play from 3pm-6pm during the week. Add me at Duckface5000 (PS4 only) if you want in.Sup3rmanzzz4 2d
2d Ps4 Overwatch friends to play with in UK PSN - Twotti90 Been playing solo since launch which is getting pretty tough and boring so just looking for people to play with on quick play or competitive. Just looking to have fun. I mainly play support, but play most others as well depending on what the team needs. Add me if you want to join up. I'm online nearly every evening.mdale0 2d
2d Looking for friends to play with - PS4 Hi! I would like to play with friends instead of playing solo. ADD me on PS4: swaggy_duckBoomboxx128 2d
2d PS4: Drop your PSN -Vol. 2 The original post reached its limit so I thought I would create another so we can keep it going. For the original list search for PS4: Drop your PSN. - PSN : danzilla__ - UK (GMT) - Age 26 - Happy to play anyone except Mercy, Widowmaker or Hanzo - Been playing solo since launch, looking to find a group for competitive and quick play - Rank 2550danzilla11 2d
2d Looking for people to play competitive with! (PS4) New to Overwatch and reached gold, went from 2100's to well 1600's. Might not be the best but any advice would be appreciated but overall mainly play as tanks and supports. Anyone that is good as an offensive would be great or anyone who would like to win on competitive. PSN: Cptneku would really appreciate it, thank you.TonTon1 2d
2d Season 3 PS4 players Hello everyone, I am on EU time GMT +2. I usually play Lucio, ocasionally DVA or soldier. I consider Lucio to be the best character I can handle in the game and help the team as much as I possibly can. My current and highest SR this season is 2410. I have also played with platinum and diamond players and honestly my healing was going pretty good. With a proper setup and good communication, I think I can help my team quite a lot. Usually in around 70-80 % of the matches that I play, I end up doing the highest amount of heal from both teams. My current aim is to reach platinum then go for even higher, while also enjoying the game as much as I can. I am looking for platinum and diamond players. If you have the same objectives as I do in this game, please add me on PSN: luciyanmihai91Luciyan0 2d
2d Looking for XB1 teammates Just looking for anyone in the 2200~+ range. I'm 21, have a mic. Just looking for other mature players that want to take the game serious for once lol. My season high is 2433. Don't judge me by my current SR when you add me, I'm just on an insane losing streak. Lowest I've ever been right now. GT : Scotty3point0Torrqz0 2d
2d Need xbox players for competitive SR- 2319 Gamertag- ChknWngzNFrz Only join if you have a mic.ChknWngzNFrz0 2d
2d Xbox One Competitive - Seeking Players Looking for people to play Overwatch Competitive. I've been getting pretty bad teams during Solo queue. Hoping to find people who like to communicate. Gamertag: kikin81 Season 3 SR: 1500 (Max was 2000)kikin1 2d
3d Xbox one team for Muselk esque fun Other uk based players would be cool but anyone welcome. just want some people to chat to and have a laugh while playing mix of causal matches, competitive and then just some random silly fun like Muselk and crew :)Kasesaft8 3d
3d XB1 Comp Squad looking for 2-3 adults (2200-2600) I run a squad that has 3 Fulltime and 3 part time players, we need to find folks who play 4+ nights a week like we do on Xbox. We play 830-1am EST at least 4 times a week. We are all placed at 2500-2600, but because of randoms, were down to 2200-2300. Looking for adults, chill, organized, can take orders and bring new ideas, techniques and routes to the table. We do all our com through our FB group and Xbox club. you must join both. Requirements: -Over 18 y/o -Must be active on OW -Mic -Plays 4+ nights a week normally -Has Facebook and joins our FB group. Msg me here and/or on XBL@ Choras DenChorasDen6 3d
3d (Comp) NA // Looking for diamond players to rank with! PSN: Missxtc101 Rank atm: 3010 Rank SR: 3054 Hello, I'm looking for players who are 2900 - Diamond to do competitive with! I prefer teammate who can play *edit* (Reinhardt + DPS) I haven't been doing much Competitive, don't want to do solo queue at all. I also have group members I will list their roles. My group have 4 players including myself mains support roles 2 players inc myself main tank and 1 player main DPS. We really need an Reinhardt player or any DPS would help :) You can send me FR and leave a message if you want. I mostly get online around 8pm PDT during weekends-Tuesday and 10:30pm PDT on Wed-Friday. :D My SR right now is 2951 / My SH is 3007* I main both tank Zarya & D.va and 3 healers Lucio, Zenyatta and Mercy. I prefer to play Zarya more I've been put in support role in a lot of my matches. The only problem with me as a teammate, yes I have a mic I only get on when I'm playing healer. I will do call outs, and let you know if you're getting healed also. Sometimes I get toxic players screaming at my ear/or spam I need healing for not healing them when they have an orb already. As for mic with Zarya, when I play Zarya and get on mic, I find it difficult to concentrate and I end up playing poorly :/ I also have teammates in my group, we all group up together, we all work as a team :) we don't trickle in, and do stupid things. They all mic also! We also follow the meta of 2 Dps/ 2 tanks / 2 healers , and sometimes depending on the team we do 3 tanks / 2 healers / 1 dps.Missxtc5 3d
3d Let's become great! I don't care about skill level or play-time. I just want to create a team of that can become friends, learn each others play style and become a great team built on teamwork and mutual understanding. PSN: Darksasqwerty age: 19 mains: Tracer, Hanzo, Diva, Ana, ZenyattaSasqwerty1 3d
3d Player throwing games on ps4 comp please ban Is there a way i can report players on console? I have played with this one guy twice now and he purposely throws his games by emoting in spawn, jumping off cliffs, or just trying to team with the other team it is extremely annoying his gammer tag is Kyoto10101DaBosslvl1 3d
4d Xbox one tags Just looking to meet some new people and have a good time messing around in overwatch. Always happy to do quick or comp as long as there's a lootbox at the end of the grind. If you're interested slap your gamertag down, add me, add eachother, it'll be a good time. GT: SmoothMikeyMikeMikeyMike1 4d
4d PS4/EU/On mic/Casual Competitive Looking for players or a clan/group that like to win but aren't to serious I'm over 30 years old so I'm looking to play with other adults that can keep their cool, spit out ideas instead of complaining or blaming others in the team. I have no preference to playstyle with this game, it all depends on the map,mode and the general composition of the team But to give an idea of how I roll... I prefer offence mostly, but I am happy to swap to lucio at any moment for that mass push I don't want to play with people that only have one main, I find this puts you at a disadvantage and its the wrong way to play period. (imo) So if your in EU/UK and are on mic and are can relate with all of the above!! reply or PM PS4 ID: The-AcidweeTheAcidpiss2 4d
4d SEASON 3 PS4 COMPETITIVE Hello everyone, I am on EU time GMT +2. I usually play Lucio, ocasionally DVA or soldier. I consider Lucio to be the best character I can handle in the game and help the team as much as I possibly can. My current and highest SR this season is 2410. I have also played with platinum and diamond players and honestly my healing was going pretty good. With a proper setup and good communication, I think I can help my team quite a lot. Usually in around 70-80 % of the matches that I play, I end up doing the highest amount of heal from both teams. My current aim is to reach platinum then go for even higher, while also enjoying the game as much as I can. I am looking for platinum and diamond players. If you have the same objectives as I do in this game, don't hesitate to contact me on PSN: luciyanmihai91Luciyan0 4d
4d PS4: Drop your PSN Note: Took this idea from username Helium who did this for xbox players. Wouldn't it be useful to have somewhere where everyone would drop in their PSN PSN / Timezone / Age / Mains / Objective - PSN : obeythedohn - California UTC-08:00 - Age 24 - Tracer / Zen / Torb / Junkrat / Lucio - looking for more people to play with, feel free to add me!obeythedohn500 4d
4d Do you need some advice? I don't know if this is something people want, but here it is: I'm not really really really good. But I think i'm doing fine with Overwatch (Current SR 3700). And i'm open to help some people get better. Just to play a couple of games and I try to give you some tips and advice. So are you silver/gold/plat/diamond and would like some pointers? Hit me up. I can help you the best with getting better with Zen, Mercy, Rein, Torb, Sym. Other tanks i can help you to, but maybe not that much. P.S. I'm not good with offence heroes, cause i never play them (most of the times i just fill the slots). I'm on PS. PSN = DrWie. And you need a mic (or maybe not, but I think it works best). Just add me on PS (and maybe send a really short message, so I know you're from the forum). Most of the time i'm online in the evening (and weekends).DrWie0 4d
4d PS4: add me I need to be in a group, playing with randoms isn't getting me anywhere. my high is 3500 but gone down to 3000 and when ever I get it up it goes down again. I am good with mostly every character (expect Winston) so I can play any role. I'm silver so have many hours of play time with each character ;) If you need someone in your team please add my psn Leneda (if you're a kicker, don't bother) Thank youuu~Lenne0 4d
5d xbo one looking for a group needs a mic looking for a group to play quick play or arcade with message me im on xb1 XXdarksoulXX87BT1605050 5d