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23 May 2016 Welcome, Heroes - Please Read! Welcome to the Overwatch forum! We encourage you to use this forum to discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Posting GuidelinesUlvareth1 23 May 2016
1h Looking for players in my team! Hi, I have recently realised the lack of teams so i went ahead and made my own. If you would like to join you have to be (on PS4), 1900SR-2700SR. I myself am 2600SR. We need 2 healers, a dps and a tank. Please reply to this post or message me on Psn (Tag : Wallnutcake) to get a spot. You must be willing to play at least once a week, speak English, aren't toxic and are in the UTC timezone. Thanks!Nutcake2 1h
1h Ps4 Players Quickplay or Comp. Hello Hello Internet Peoples, I'm Looking for People to Group up with so we can share glorious combat! I'd Prefer that you were atleast 18 or Mature, And that you use your Mic. I Enjoy Playing Orisa, Soldier-76, Mei, Pharah, Sometimes Junkrat, Symmetra, and McCree. Not to Confident Playing with Mercy, or Lucio but I wouldn't care to play them and atleast try to get better using them! If you'd want to Play, Leave your GT below and i'll send you a Message. Take Care!EwChris5 1h
2h Looking for team. !!PS4!! Hello guys former pc player here. Just bought Overwatch on console and it seems like its full of kids and the rest of the community dont use mic. Looking for a team with voice communication. I am 25 yo from Hungary but can speak english ;). My ps id is : Phyxez hit me up if you are intrested. No kids pls.Phyxes4 2h
2h Any good players who want play with me and 3 others. title. PS4KaboomGaming3 2h
3h looking for a zarya main me and my group are looking for a zarya main (hight plat to low diam) im 3006sr (top 3091) genji main ( i can also play other dps / tank quite well) in my group there is a mercy (and other support) main and a dps/tank main u dont have to speak if ur not able to :) msg me to ionlytroll2 first to inv u :) (ps4)Ionlytroll34 3h
8h Looking for a coach on PC Hey I'm new to the game and have very little idea of what I'm doing. is there anyone out there that just wants to chill and guide me? please add me. Make sure to have a mic and be mature. officialNik#2981OfficialNik1 8h
15h LF players around 3500 (Ps4) Message here with SR and Favoured heroesPnz5 15h
17h Looking For Friendly Comp Team! Hey there! I'm looking for a group of friendly people on the PS4 to play with! Not some really serious try hard group, but some that really give it their all to win! I'm a Reaper main, but I'm forced to play Mercy a looooooottt in comp so I'm basically a Mercy main too. I can pretty much play any character pretty well. I haven't done my Season 6 placements yet, but right now I'm in the 1700s. I know I should be higher, I'm cooperative, I try hard, and I don't rage. I've had very bad luck, I've gotten more leavers and throwers on my teams than Tracer has event skins! I really do wish you have a mic, but if you can listen and cooperate, that's good enough for me. Message me, at Lumnox_Dragon. Hope to see you in game! :)DragonTiger6 17h
18h (Xbox one) Trying to climb from gold Just looking for Xbox one players in the gold/platinum range to help in comp solo qs are just recking my sr from bad team comps or simply trollers. I try my best to be a pretty flexible character and be able to play most roles when needed I will say though I am not great at all of them but if need be I should be able to fill the gapTheCochroach1 18h
23h Help needed!? https://youtu.be/g7GkJduDqfA Help?SilentStorm0 23h
1d looking for player Hi guys, I am looking for player rank between 3000-3500 Current rank 3034 Last season high was 3504 Decade so the season final 3134 I am support main <mercy main btw I have 50 hour on mercy on one of my accounts(comp) 30 hour as Ann(comp)on other account I can play any tank< not winston I can play phara as Dps< prtty good Feel free to contact me My Id is OveregineerFrostyDog0 1d
1d Uk players?! Recently getting really into this beautiful game but looking for serious players preferably in the uk?! Let me know, peace guys!HobnobLegend2 1d
1d Looking for Xbox One team. Would like to forge a competitive team on Xbox one. I'm gold right now looking to climb to platinum. Leavers and throwers are making it very difficult, as well as people just choosing bad team structure. If you like playing competitive and are in the gold/platinum range, message me on Xbox. GT: Rex faba Who I play: Junk, Reap, Road, Zeny, Genji, a little Mercy, Rein and Orisa. I will however bend if needed for team comp. Would prefer 18+ with age, and an actual desire to win. My girlfriend who is also gold is already part of the team. She mainly plays Diva and Mercy but occasionally Lucio, Tracer and Mei.imaboss2178 1d
1d Ps4 trying to get higher rank Overwatch Yo I'm trying to get a higher rank in comp I'm in gold right now, i have a mic, I'm on PS4 gamer tag: ManieShoT if you wanna contact meMiniNinja7 1d
2d Looking for Dutch players PS4 [18+ NL] Looking to group up with some Dutchies. Add me on psn: Teun_de_Dreun Would be nice if you have a MIC since teamwork is key.HighNesZ39 2d
2d [PS4]Plat/Diamond team~Recruiting~ Hello, I am Potato. I am looking to create a team for people in platinum- diamond looking to improve and climb through the ranks. I am currently recruiting all positions (meaning support/tank/dps). Requirements are : Must have an account between 2500-3499 Must be able to attend a practice once a week (Exceptions can be made if something comes up/ day and time to be decided) Must be willing to learn and work to improve on a a hero or role. Must have a mic to talk on ps4. Must have a discord so we can plan/ discuss things. Make sure to have fun, it is just a game after all, but this team will Be made for improving. So if you fit all of those feel free to add me on my discord @ Potato#2525, and send me your Sr, Main/ mains, PSN, and what you want to be called.Then we can get to scheduleing a tryout and go from there. One more thing just incase you were confused I wont be using this PlayStation account at first since it will usually be between masters and GM, so I'll be using my smurf which is currently around 2800.Potato10 2d
3d English Speaking Players in Europe I am in interested in GROUPING UP with other English speaking players in Europe! I think finding players using headsets to communicate and create strategy would improve all our game play! I play randomly.... but mostly mid day or late night. Would schedule time for cool and friendly players! Also streaming on Twitch! Let's connect! Cheers from Düsseldorf! KennNYCKennNYC0 3d
3d Wanna rank up? Hey guys, it's Mr. Soulo Dolo here. I'm a top 500 player that has multiple accounts in the masters/GM/500 area and I'm beginning to feel a bit bored playing at such a high level without having the fun I used to have! I made a post on Reddit explaining that I would be willing to rank up players that have been struggling to make it to he higher ranks. I am a pharah, tracer main, but honestly can play any character with ease, that means no matter the situation I can carry. Please, go ahead and feel free to contact me. Too good to be true? No, but there is something needed to be discussed on Xbox. Don't worry it's nothing to do with money. LulBEOWULF15 3d
3d PS4 : Looking for a team around plat. The title says it, I would be really happy if anyone could reply to my post if they have a team around plat/diamond.Nutcake1 3d
3d Need players for comp gold and platinum Hi looking for players WITH MIC all ages gold-platinum can't stand solo queueing lol. I am a soldier tracer zarya orisa main (and sym)tylerdembo0 3d
4d Xbox team. Push for masters Looking for Xbox players to push for high diamond/ master. I usually run tank / support but can play S76 and Junk/Torb. Message on Xbox if you wanna play. GT : KnifeworkKnifework0 4d
5d 3600+ mercy LF tank /dps / support I wanna run a trio que, too rank up. I normally run mercy / lucio as i play support. Im on ps4 Im 3600+ looking for people around my range that know what they're doing and dont mind if i stream. Im trying to make it too gm my highest atm is 3825 i made it yesterday but dropped back down unlucky.tinynymph0 5d
6d Batman looking for his batgirl Looking for female partner in crime on ps4! Journey to master! Mei is my main , pharah's are my pain Cypris0 6d
6d gm support looking to help others I am looking to help lower tiers. I have a few other accounts Message us on my main account which i will leave the name of below Preferably you have a mic or at least you can hear what i am saying. Also 18+ is preferred. psn name Kitty-Ken looking forward to hearing from youKittyken2 6d
6d ps4 looking for lgbt players im a 21 yo girl looking for other lgbt+ or just open minded people for quickplay (comps scary) i main dva/mercy and wanna play with people my age or older who wont throw slurs or disgusting remarks while playing. im in canada and play later in the evening around 6ish my psn is snackarie and i have a mic :DBT1606111 6d
19 Sep Looking for a duo I'm having a hard time in solo que as a Tank/Healer main. I was in diamond and fell to low plat, feelsbadman. I'm primarily looking for a partner to match my strengths, perhaps a good DPS main? I play the following: Zarya(My main), D.VA, Lucio, Zenyatta, Mercy. I play on Xbox. (I'm also looking for good communication.)JumpyWizard1 19 Sep
19 Sep Zarya/Pharah looking for Zarya/Pharah, PS4, SR 2600 Hey guys. I like playing Zarya and Pharah, and so I'm looking for a decent Zarya or Pharah player to complement my ulti. I don't have any preference on which character to play. Is there anyone out there, struggling to get out of Platinum, looking for the same thing? I'm at 2600 currently, maximum 2850 this season. I realise this disqualifies about 80% of Overwatch players, but here are a few criteria that would ideally be met. Please: * Be adult, preferably over 25 y.o.a. * Be willing to practice together to perfect the Zarya-Pharah comp * Play on PS4 * Have a mic - be willing to use it * Be pleasant and easy-going to play with * No "whining" - be attentive and constructive about learning from mistakes If you feel all these are ticked, please get in touch with me? My PSN ID is: AnthropognosiaSimsalabing0 19 Sep
19 Sep Pharah looking for a mercy main 3450sr ps4 I am a pharah main and am looking for a mercy main because pharmacy is so powerful now. If we need tank or healer I can flex to zarya and zen. I am a 3450sr PS4. English or Icelandic.Brimar6 19 Sep
19 Sep Looking for team ps4 3800 sr dps-tank flex looking for English speaking team with good coms and fun scrims fed up of solo queen Psn - YourNansBowl Hit me up :)FunkyGnome4 19 Sep
18 Sep XB1 - LGBT+ Players Hi, my name's Jack and I'm 19. I'm looking for chill LGBT+ Overwatch players for QP or Arcade and to chat with in a party, ideally at least 16 or older, just looking for people around my age or more mature just because its easier to talk to people who I can relate to more. My Gamertag is: kweebab, add me if you like and we can chat sometime, or leave your gamertag in a reply and I can add you, happy gaming lovelies kweebab0 18 Sep
18 Sep Need a group? XB1 Hello all! I'm part of an overwatch group on an app called GroupMe called the Meme Team (As you can tell we love the memes) We currently have over 80 active members, with 5 admins looking after this group 24/7. We have a mixture of people from all over the world so everyone is welcome! We are a social overwatch chat group, which is a safe non toxic environment for any one who wants to chat overwatch or find a group for QP or Comp. We also are currently starting up a streaming services and regular events for everyone to get involved. If anyone is interested please let me know , post your gamertag and I will send you an invite via Xbox message as soon as I can Or simply send me message to my gamertag GT: Sola Sicarius Thanks for you time Harley :)TheOneLeafed145 18 Sep
18 Sep Need 4 players Hi looking for 2dps one heal one tank I'm diamond and a buddy I play with is high gold been falling do to throwers looking for a solid 6stack to play with must have a Mic if Interested in it send a message on Xbox at PeakBearClawsPeakBearClaw0 18 Sep
18 Sep PS4 w/ Mic Still Looking for People to Play with, Tired of Solo queuing in Comp. My High was a little above 2400 Sr, and This season around 2270 now. If anyone around my SR level and has a mic, wants to Group up and Play that'd be Great.EwChris1 18 Sep
18 Sep Looking for motivated players on Xbox One! Gold/Platinum Hey there, I am currently looking for friends to play this game with. I am gold right now and trying to get to platinum. I wanted to forge a team of people that are motivated and trying to win. Have been playing a lot of games where players will throw or leave and it has totally spoiled competitive. So hopefully a team can be made so that we never have to worry about it again! If you are in the gold/platinum range and are interested in playing message me on Xbox GT: Rex Faba . I play with my GF who mains: Diva and Mercy particularly. I usually main: Junkrat, roadhog, reaper, zeny, and occasionally play Genji.imaboss2170 18 Sep
17 Sep PS4 2200sr trying to rank up to plat I am around 2200sr never managed to get above 2400sr but i really want some help just to get into plat to get my first gold gun. Psn: ppeessccyy any help from higher ranked players would be appreciated. I play all characters fairly well but main soldier, reaper, mercy and junkrat... Just never ask me to play pharah.OPF0 17 Sep
17 Sep --- --stayp0sitive1 17 Sep
17 Sep 3800 LFT to climb gm English dps-tank flex with over 400 comp hours looking for some chill people to climb with Psn - YourNansBowlFunkyGnome3 17 Sep
17 Sep LF Healers Hey everybody, Have a team of 5 already with 2 DPS, 2 tank, and 1 healer main. We are looking for another support/healer main. The team has a lot of people who can flex so you're not necessarily locked into healer on the team but we are looking for a healer main. Hit me up! My PSN is: Poppaslong Looking for someone in Gold or Silver. Thanks!Corkov0 17 Sep
17 Sep I am looking for a team! PS4 I am Bronze and i need other players for a team!Xplucasppqx4 17 Sep
16 Sep In need of mature gaming buddies UK Based PS4 player This is going to sound like a dating advert.... I'm 34year old male who lives in west yorkshire in the UK, I've been playing overwatch since launch and whilst it is fun to play on my own, I am feeling the need for a little bit more cooperation from my team. I don't have many friends on PSN and I have only dipped my toe into competitive play, but pulled away because the reception was quite icy! I am looking for like minded people of a more mature gaming perspective to play games with, have a laugh and not be bothered if I'm not online 24/7 I mainly play for an hour in the morning before work an hour over my lunch break an hour after work (before the wife gets home) and an hour or 2 in the evening. I mainly play D.va, Pharah, Mercy, Junk-rat and Bastion. I do have a pretty good grasp on all the heroes just dont ask me to play Hanzo, Genji or Tracer or Mcree as I truly do suck with them. Anyway if after all this you want to add me my PSN is Rabidzealot and its the same for my battle net for pc too.rabidzealot9 16 Sep
16 Sep Recruiting awesome people for S6. Looking for people to join our group! We are everywhere from high gold to high plat 2300-2950. When we actually all get on, we almost always get on some crazy win streaks. That's why I'm trying to get some more people together, so we can consistently have a great six stack. We are all friendly and like to crack jokes. We have all different ages 16+ and locations. We also all play at different times, so that's flexible. We're really a great group. Ranking up is always #1 though. Only rule, we do not need support mains at this time. Add me on PSN, and I'll add you to the group. Thanks for your consideration. Lets kick some a**. Brentlyxxbrentlyxx1 16 Sep
16 Sep PS4 / 2850-3499 / LF comp buddies Looking for buddies to play Competitive season 6. Still doing placements atm. Ended last season around 2850 but I have a career high of 3850. I prefer offensive or tank roles, but I'm playing anything flexible really. Have a mic. English speaking. Add or message me on PSN if you're interested. Tumb89Jason0 16 Sep
16 Sep Looking for a PS4 pharah main! [u]Hi, i'm a good mercy looking to climb up to plat ( 2200 sr at the moment ). I would like a good pharah main in plat to group with. My psn is mikeandkate1421 so if you want to climb up the ranks and join me, give me a friend request with your sr. Preferably, plat like I said but high gold is ok.DeadlyMouse1 16 Sep
16 Sep Trying to raise my SR (currently 2200) WittleWuv6 16 Sep
16 Sep US PS4 Gold Looking For Team with Mics I play support (The heals) and tank. Looking for some people to group up with and play comp. that have mics. Mostly play from 9pm central until whenever. PSM VinylveganpunkVinylPunk2 16 Sep
16 Sep Looking for Group - PSN Yeah the title says it all. I'm really looking for someone to play with. I'm in masters but I can play with my Smurf which is around mid plat. I'm not really looking for any kind of people. I'm just looking for people that can play with me. Although I'd prefer to play people in Oceanic/Australian servers (because of ping and time). I don't really care what you play just as long as you're confident with your character. I'm can play any role but prefer playing support. If you wanna team up feel free to hit me up. Duck_Jumper2250 My timezone is ACST (Australian Central Standard Time)DuckJumper1 16 Sep
16 Sep don't bother! Looking for high gold team. Was 2600 last season. Looking to get back and push higher. I can also play D.Va. I have a mic. Would prefer if you had one too and use it. Thanks.Amazing4Life4 16 Sep
16 Sep 3700sr LF group to climb with (PS4) 3700sr LF group to climb with (PS4)Pnz2 16 Sep
16 Sep High Gold: need people to queue with All ages welcome please be 2200 and higher looking to get back into platinum Im a soldier zarya and zenyatta maintylerdembo4 16 Sep