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1h Regular xbox players Looking for some xbox players, people to play regularly with preferably, usually a flex but preferances in tank and support add me if interested " R4D1OACTIVE 2 "ArothYeDrunk0 1h
14h (Ps4) looking for people to play comp! Hey guys! I’m a low gold, support main (mainly mercy), looking for people to play comp with! Really trying to find tank mains to group up with, but anyone is welcome to add me! My tag is xrenegade-queenx, feel free to add me!DeadlyKitten3 14h
21h [Xbox one] Looking for chill people to comp que with Hello friends, I would love to have some chill people I could duo, triple, or even 6-stack with on Xbox. As a flex player I play almost every hero but I really love me some dps. My SR varies from 3000 to above 3500 (currently 3266). Msg me on xbox at MrMayhem347 if your interested! :)MrMayhem0 21h
22h [PS4] Looking to make a weekly Comp climbing group LOKING FOR TEAMMATES IN MID GOLD-PLAT A friend and I are looking to gain some teammates in comp for some climbing. My goal would be to all get on once or twice a week and climb together. Have 2/6 right now. Currently have: Me (Baryllogan)- Tank Main (Rein, Winston, D.va) Friend (Ateryl)- Dps Main (Reaper, Soldier, Sometimes Junkrat other dps) We are looking for four others who may be willing to join up and try out some games. I would really like to have a Mercy main (until the nerf unless you're still comfortable playing mercy). Shoot me or my friend and in-game messageBlayst8 22h
23h PS4 Plat climb I am a flex player with a 2600 sr. I have mains, Such as Tracer, Hanzo, Lucio, Moira, but can pick up anyone. I do suggest having a mic and being able to practice before we hop straight into competitive since we do need a synergy.lMrCodeBlack4 23h
1d Looking for gold players (PS4) I am in mid-gold currently, and i need good gold players to get to plat. I can play any role except support. I main Junkrat and McCree, am also good with Hog, Soldier and Rein. I am mostly online everyday. Requirements: - Mic - Atleast above lvl 100 for knowledge about the game - NO ragequiting after 1/first loss - Dont scream in mic PSN: HypershadowXVJunkratMain3 1d
1d [Ps4] looking For Overwatch Friends My Psn: Juant969 I'm Looking for people near my Age, I'm 21 years old and main Mercy however, i do get bored of playing support role that i also play Soldier 76 D.va Winston or Junkrat I'm at 2954 Sr I'm also looking for Non Toxic Teamates, if we lose It is not the end of the world, I'm Trying to get to Master's that is my goal XDJuanSkysword8 1d
1d Ps4 comp silver/gold I'm in silver 1919 need a decent comp team cuz my teams recently have been filled with throwers and ppl who aren't that great so if you would like to add me my psn is canonsred and message me on PlayStation messages. I would like some support mains or atleast someone decent at support but if your a dps or tank that will do too, message me If you would like to play!kieranpatel1 1d
1d Looking for support PS4 Need a main support in mid diamond making us a 3stack. Dont be toxicMassdass0 1d
1d Looking for (nice) silver players on PS4 ! Heya ! I'm a girl looking for nice people to create a team since I'd like to take competitive more seriously. I'm ranked around 1500 (I have a hard time ranking up), I usually play on weekends, rarely during the week, and I main Tracer. I can also play Mercy, Pharah, D.Va and Soldier eventually. Mics are appreciated :) -> I have never used one to play actually but for communication purposes I'm ready to do so. If you are interested, just leave a message !Merigdiem27 1d
1d Ps4 ana/flex play lf gold teammates to climb! Anyone willing to team up with mic and try climb to plat and even higher? I prefer chill, non toxic teammates ;)detoxrehab4 1d
2d {PS4} Looking for Duo/Trio partner(s) Hi, I’m a support main in mid masters, my career high is around 4100 and I’m looking for a few people to queue with preferably tank/ dps mains within masters/ GM. Also I would like you to have a mic (Communication is key) add me on discord or reply if you are interested. My discord is Potato#2525Potato0 2d
2d {PS4} Looking for duo/ trio Hi, I’m a support main in mid masters and I’m looking for one or two people to queue with preferably tank/dps mains and within masters/Gm. Add me on discord or reply with your psn if you want to play. My discord is Potato#2525Potato0 2d
2d PS4 friendly player looking for a team. Greetings all! Ps4 user here and at the moment at Silver League and aiming high. Im playing mostly support ( Mercy mainly but also Lucio sometimes ). Love to playing as support but that doesnt mean i dont play other classes. If you need DPS i can do it as well as Reaper , Soldier76 or Pharah it depends according to team needs. Maybe you need a tank? Orisa will help you! Im a team player thats why im looking a full team to play together, having fun preferably English speakers. Im over 25 years old with good internet connection, headset for communication and European. Feel free to send me an PSN friend invitation if you are owner of a team or/and part of a team. Playstation ID: Philduke7 Thanks for you time. RegardsPhilduke71 2d
2d New streamer looking for a duo/squad Im about 2400-2800 all season (inc alt) i mostly play tanks. Got a decent hero pool. Soldier tracer junk rein dva winston hog zen lucio ana. Feel free to add SMHanleyx for collabs (streams) or just a squad of OW players on ps4.SMHANLEYX1 2d
2d Just getting a group together (Need a team) Must have mic any level and must be 18+ olderJagerBomb1 2d
2d PS4 - Looking for a group to climb past diamond. I am currently at 2661sr, season high is 2864sr. I mainly use Dva, Mercy, and Zarya. I am able to dps but seems like dps mains are a serious problem in comp, i hate even picking them. I play with whatever the team needs and thats tanks and healers. Im on PS4 @ xxJet__Lyfexx. Shoot me a message.HisStory1 2d
2d Xbox1 LFG Looking for casual play as im getting used to playing on xbox. I've played on both pc and ps4 previously. Tag is webshooter86Sorrowshadow0 2d
2d XB1 - Need a group? All regions welcome. If you are looking for a friendly, laid back group to play comp with and do a bit of quick play, arcade, custom game events with and even just chat with, this is the group for you. We have a tonne of easy to get along with members with Sr tier ranging from bronze to master, all Sr tiers welcome. We have members in many different timezones so it is likely you could find a group of people to team up with. All ages are welcome. If you are interested leave a comment with your GT and I will get you on board! Note: if you are uncomfortable with occasional strong language, this probably is not the right chat for you. Also, we do not tolerate members being toxic/salty to another member. Happy Overwatching!TheOneLeafed25 2d
2d Xbox Gold Support Main for Group 2352 SR support main (minus Ana) here looking for a group to play comp with. Either a one time thing or regularly would be even better. Gamertag is tyddler69imnottyty0 2d
3d Platinum Support Player I main Zen and Lucio, looking for a group to climb to Diamond and higherCattMolvin1 3d
3d Silver Ps4 group Hi all, I'm looking to make a new silver ps4 group. I was rank 2300 last season but the bad placement matches and bad luck with random groups has ranked me down to 1900. I main Tracer and can play soldier / zen if needed.FizzyElf5 3d
3d Need team for comp Any gold or silver players I'm at 1900 need healers or tank prepherably, and I can pretty much fill as any character, also I'm 14 and sound like a totally idiot so If you wanna add me my psn is canonsredkieranpatel0 3d
3d PS4 - LF gold/high silver wanting to climb Looking for a couple players with mics and good English to join a group I'm playing with. Have a good group with a mix of guys and girls all above 18. Mostly looking for main healers/tanks. But as long as you can perform and work well in a team then we can climb. Usually play evenings (GMT). Post your details and I'll add youHangman2TW2 3d
3d Xbox one I'm in low plat I know I'm good enough to get to diamond just solo que isn't working. Message me if you want to play I'm a symm and soldier main. Tank and healer mains needed most -huntandkill456ImModify5 3d
3d PS4 - Around 3000 SR High Platinum to Low Diamond, plays Mercy, Dva, Lucio, Winston, Roadhog. Looking for decent team members who will make competitive more bearable and fun. Flexing is a requirement. Karl_Hates_GT5. Chuck a message.Tfughost0 3d
3d 2200+ looking for overwatch friends :) 2200+ looking for people to play with on ps4. not looking for people who are overly serious, just looking to have some fun in competitive and gain some rank and skill out of it :) who knows, maybe we have other games in common we could have fun in. my psn is: kasperisbaked (i am 20 years old btw.) -have mics (preferably)lilgaykasper0 3d
4d Mercy main needed Looking for a mercy main if possible PSN - CadEofCrafTShadowStorm6 4d
5d 1900 need comp team I need a team I'm at roughly 1900 need to get to gold, if anyone would like to play I need healers and tanks and you need to be at least above LVL 50 Btw I main soldier, winston or genji, recently I be also been playing a lot of Reinhardt, Ana or mercykieranpatel3 5d
5d Looking for silver/gold friends to play in Comp! (with mic) Hey guys, my name is Bryan and I am a 20 years old college student. I am looking for silver or gold players with mics (friendly) to do competitive together. I am decent at most heros, but I main soldier, bastion, roadhog, and mercy.(one from each category cuz a lot of times I need to fill for bad team comp). I have winrates around 55-60%. Don't plan to stay in silver for long, so msg me if you also want to step up your comp game with great teammates :)DeadlyKitten6 5d
5d Lycan Gaming. We are recruting for xbox We at lycan are recruting a xbox team. Anyone is welcome with any SR rating leave your GT if your interested in joining a org. #wolfpackJibbin1 5d
6d group for platinum in ps4 Eu server Hey guys i am plat and i am looking for an ana main or a zarya main to combo with as genji or something like that but you actually have to be good with them alright.age does not really matter cuz i am a teen myself cough cough (12) sooo if you want to group in comp message me . my psn is the same as my username and i am in EU server.BTW you need to have a micphntomblade0 6d
6d LF Zenyatta / Mercy (Xbox) Greetings everyone! I am reaching out to the community in search for afew specific players that share in our mindset. A very good friend of mine and I are transitioning from Halo to Overwatch (as our primary competitive game). We have also played World of Warcraft competitively in the past (on and off). We have been in the Halo scene since the release of Halo 2 and have recently given up trying to continue competing, at least until Halo 6. We have been playing Overwatch for several months now (since the release of Sombra) and want to transition into ranked gameplay, but need some teammates to do this with (starting at Platinum SR 2500+). At the moment we are looking for a Zenyatta main that is comfortable running in a dive comp. Ideally, this person also off-mains Mercy. We are both located in EST timezone and play most evenings at 9:00pm EST. We are both in our late 20's and have jobs and are looking for similarly motivated teammates. A microphone is an absolute requirement, and so is an enthusiastic (but not complaining) personality. Please, send me a message on Xbox Live (gamertag: FalcoDrac) and let's chat and get some games in together. We are eager to find teammates, and are looking forward to hearing from you! Our gamertags are: - FalcoDrac - xBCx Redemption Our "main" characters are: FalcoDrac: Winston, Lucio, Ana, D.Va xBCx Redemption: Tracer, Zarya, 76Hellboy7 6d
6d [Xbox] 2600 Mercy Looking For Team 2600-3000 Mercy Main looking for a weekly competitive group. I pretty much play everyday and am tired of not having a team utilize their mercy especially with her nerf. I can flex when needed. My gamer tag is Symmetra SatyaMoondoggie0 6d
6d PS4 plat to diamond Looking for mid plat players that know how overwatch actually works unlike the randoms I come across clearly don’t... I am a dva player and my friend is a pharah player, looking to get back to diamond after a season break, we almost got there but got dragged down by throwers Message miniman1066 for detailsJackShaw3231 6d
17 Nov Looking for nice people to play comp with (ps4) Hii I’m a girl looking for nice people to play comp with sometime (preferably with mics) I’m in diamond but I don’t mind playing with plat players as well^^ I main mercy but I also occasionally play d.va as well! If anyone is intrested my psn is castawaytae:)BrightHammer0 17 Nov
17 Nov Looking for friends to play in Comp! (with mic) tonight my rank around 2400 i main mccree tanks supports psn : spring3313Leo0 17 Nov
17 Nov {XBOXONE} LFG Looking for competitors who know what they're doing - I don't care who you main as or SR rank, I just can't bear to keep losing matched the solo queue. I can play flex, whatever - just sick of this solo queue life! GT: danlombBT1607060 17 Nov
17 Nov {Xbox One} Looking for players Hey guys! Just wanted to throw an invite out there to like-minded players who are down to play anything. From quick play to arcade. For comp, just required to be high platinum player but I’ll work with people to try and help your SR. Send me a message or throw your gamer tag down below so we can play! :) ThanksDirePants6 17 Nov
17 Nov ps4 *Console carries ranging from bronze to gold Hello there overwatch player! We are a small group of friends that have had fun carrying a few people to higher ranks. we are offering our service to people that are tired of that toxic games and sweaty playing. we offer three types of service that are: -coaching for players that are in bronze to gold -be carried with one of the guys in the group -play along side your account (we provide one of our accounts) while we level yours we have carried a few people and found it to be quite a bast when we are helping those that need that coordinated team or at least have someone steam roll the other team and if you have ever experienced that its very fun! How to contact us for service -emails us at overwatchcarries@hotmail.com (recom) or message psn thrownownoob (inside joke with one of our team members)GhostDragon0 17 Nov
16 Nov 2900ch looking for regular comp players looking for main tank 2 supports and a dps to group with regular i have no mic but listen to strats well message if intrested thanks CON5P1RACYRoonaldo0 16 Nov
16 Nov Masters xbl Pls help. Need gud team. I like having friends.AnarchySprkl0 16 Nov
16 Nov (XBL) LF Group Climbing To Diamond I’m a 2600-2800 (Tracer/Soldier/DVA/Zen) Flex. Stuck in that SR range on my main account and can’t seem to get out alone. Currently working on leveling up my smurf. Let me know if anyone’s interested. Thanks.TheBlasian9 16 Nov
15 Nov streaming plat to gm streaming now https://www.twitch.tv/exoticsane plat to gm joingAnnihilator0 15 Nov
15 Nov XBOX Looking for comp teammates XBOX comp looking for team. I'm a flexible plat and have been in diamond in 2 recent seasons. I mostly play soldier/rien/mercy/junk at the moment. Looking for a team (preferably adults) to get back to diamond. Message me at makemyday075.Dawnhammer4 15 Nov
15 Nov Comp PS4 Hi, I am a female player looking for teammates to group up with. I am super friendly 18 year old girl, sweet just looking for good teammates. I am around 2900 with mic. (:ShadowPalkia3 15 Nov
15 Nov PS4 - Looking for a team for competitive I havent yet played this season, i'm looking for people who play often. Want to start practising as a team for competitive and learn the game and characters better. i can play quite well currently practising mcree. Message me and lets play have some games and get good ! PSN - ZangrestZangrest1 15 Nov
15 Nov (ps4) 2800 tank main looking to climb to diamond Looking for a team to climb to diamond. I can play rein, dva, winston, and zarya. Also can play soldier tracer and zen fairly well. Must have mic. Message me Psn: Somebody72somebody721 15 Nov
15 Nov Ps4 console let’s play^^ Hail_mrpickle is my psn. Let’s play comp for fun and also get high up in rank.Nesz3 15 Nov