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27 May CPU/GPU Utilization and Overheating Guidelines Overwatch is a heavily threaded game with fairly complex rendering features. It will use as much of your computer’s CPU and GPU resources as you allow. If your CPU or GPU is not sufficiently cooled to handle running at the options selected in the game (along with any other applications that are running), the CPU/GPU might downgrade its performance while it is overheated. This problem can be exacerbated by overclocking of the CPU/GPU. In the worst cases it can cause your PC to automatically shut down. So if you find yourself in this situation what can you do? The first recommendation is to ensure that you have cleaned out the interior of your computer and all exhaust fans and heat sinks. This will allow your system to cool more efficiently. Secondly you can try shutting down any other applications that are running. These applications can contribute to overall CPU/GPU utilization and introducing overheating. If that does not address your concerns you should ensure that you have enabled LIMIT FPS and VSYNC in the video options. If you set both of these options to OFF you are instructing Overwatch to use as much of the CPU/GPU as it can. This will almost always result in either 100% utilization of the CPU (if your system is CPU limited) or 100% utilization of the GPU (if GPU limited). Setting LIMIT FPS to DISPLAY-BASED will limit the FPS to slightly above the refresh rate of your monitor (60 FPS for most, though some monitors refresh at higher rates). Setting VSYNC to ON will ensure you see no tearing when the screen is refreshed. In some cases, such as older laptops or systems generally prone to running hot, setting the LIMIT FPS to 30FPS might be advisable. If the GPU and CPU in your system are capable of preparing frames faster than the refresh rate then they will have an opportunity to idle during a portion of the frame (and cool down). This should resolve any concern with heavy utilization and/or overheating.Hagut0 27 May
5d Patching Issues - 12/10 We are currently working on the issues related to patching errors when attempting to update Overwatch. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information on this issue. In the meantime we apologise for the disruption this is causing this morning. _____________________________________________________ Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey! 5d
17 Sep Crashes? Performance Issues? Read this! The future is now. Are you with us? We'll be using this thread to track known system and performance issues throughout launch. If you're encountering some problems check out the list below and give the steps a try before you create a new topic. Don't forget, the more bug-related issues can be found in the Bug Report Forum's Known Issues List. Crashes Crash - Intel Drivers, Laptops with Switchable Graphics Crash - I click Play, but Nothing Happens! Crash - Overclocked Memory Crash - No Compatible Graphics Hardware Was Found Crash - Mei's Left Click Causes a Crash In-Game and in Kill Cams Crash - D3DGear Causes Overwatch to Crash Crash - Unknown Error! Crash - Rendering Device Lost Performance Issues Performance - TV Displays Cutting Off Borders Performance - Running Slow While Multitasking (6-core CPUs or lower) Performance - Long Load Times, High Latency (Proxy/VPN/Network Optimizer) Performance - I Only Hear Sound Out of One Headphone Performance - Black Screen with only HUD Visible Performance - Troubleshooting Low Frame RatesTiogaradh19 17 Sep
02 Jul Console Connection Troubleshooting Hey folks, This thread will highlight the usual troubleshooting steps that you will want to try when experiencing connection issues on your Xbox One or PS4 console. 1. Completely close out the Overwatch application and restart it to see if the issue went away. Here's how to do that: ... ... 2. Run your console's built-in connection test (PlayStation 4) (Xbox One). 3. Shut down your console and reset the network devices. 4. If you're using a wireless connection, switch to a wired connection and try the game again. If the issue went away, there could be some signal interfering with the wireless connection that is making it unstable. 5. If your connection uses a modem and a router that are separate devices, bypass the router so that you are connected directly to the modem. If the issue persists, the issue could be that the router is not working as intended or is configured incorrectly. 6. If the above steps have not resolved the issue, we recommend following your console specific steps for PortForwarding your specific router. To do that, go to > Select your router's brand from the list > Select your router's model number > Select Overwatch for the console in question > Follow the steps provided ...Tiogaradh0 02 Jul
01 Jun Limited aspect ratios in Overwatch Many of you have inquired about the lack of certain aspect ratios being supported in Overwatch. The developers have provided the reasoning behind their decision on what to support in the game below. ‘By keeping the aspect ratio fairly limited we were able to allow the artists (primarily UI and animators of first person geometry, but also environment artists) to focus on creating the best experience for the vast majority of the player base. Beyond just framing preferences, currently there is also a lot of stuff that happens just off the edge of the screen which was not intended to be visible. Taking all of these into account, we decided to limit our aspect ratio to provide a better overall experience that represents the quality bar we would like for the game. However, we are continuing to examine the implications of loosening this limit for a future patch.’Xulkayci0 01 Jun
26 May Known and Common Issues ... Breaking Issues I am experiencing unnaturally high amounts of latency... This can be caused for a number of different reasons, some of which have already been documented on the Tech Support Forum. Please be sure to read the stickied posts in the Tech Support Forum for possible workarounds and follow the troubleshooting steps here. If none of the proposed solutions work for you, create a new thread and and copy there the results of your traceroute and pathping tests. All tests must be performed during a problematic moment or immediately after a disconnection! When I start a match sometimes people and weapons are invisible. It is possible for a player to load into the game before some assets have been fully loaded.. Upon trying to connect to a match, I get stuck loading for a long period of time and I am sent back the the lobby before I get in to the match... Substantially slow load times can prevent you from successfully entering a game. Try closing back ground applications, ensuring that your anti-virus software is up-to-date, and that there are no issues with your hard drive. If the problem persists, start a new thread on the Tech Support forum. I placed in the Top 500 but didn't get my rewards... External sites which display Overwatch statistics like seasonal rankings may incorrectly show players in the Top 500 who did not actually make it. Additionally there was a bug earlier in the season which could cause the Top 500 icon to show on player portraits when that player did not actually make the Top 500. I registered my key but get "No Overwatch License found" The physical box contains two keys: the game license key itself and the a key for the Widowmaker Noire skin. Please make sure that you have registered the game key and that you are logged in to the correct account. Bugs We keep a list of known active issues at the top of the Overwatch Bug Report Forum.If you encounter a bug which is not currently listed please report it on the Bug Report Forum making sure to follow the Bug Report Forum Guidelines. Note: The Bug Report Forums require a US account in order to post. To create this, log into The Americas game region once, you should then be able to post on this forum normally. For information on changing your game region, please see the Global Play FAQ. Common Issues & Workarounds For advice on the most common type of issues please click on the support category: Account & Security (Hacked/Can't login/Authenticator etc.) Installation & Patching (Stuck/Slow downloads/BLZXXXXX errors etc.) Connection & Latency (Lag/Disconnections/Unable to Connect etc.) Performance & Stability (Crashes/Low FPS etc.) If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the relevant article, please create a new thread describing your issue in as much detail as possible, include any error messages you are receiving as well as what trouble shooting steps you have taken to try resolve the issue.Hagut0 26 May
23 May Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Beta Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help: Ananda Cazzéh Celiby Danellos DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon Saneko ShammozHagut2 23 May
1h Failed to reconnect to server I'm playing competitive, we're doing fine. Round 1 ends. Round 2 is about to begin, and I get "failed to connect to server". When I tried to reconnect, it keeps throwing this error. Then I'm penalized because of it. One of my friends in the match kept telling me that it says i reconnect and disconnect.HanBrolo0 1h
4h Constantly low FPS on Blizzard games? Hi all, Kinda new to all this - especially PC gaming and specs. I bought Overwatch today - but playing on literally the lowest settings in a 1v1 private match I drop to anywhere between 15-23 FPS? Also happens massively on HotS too. The specs of my PC (that I know of) are below, please can anyone help with a fix / what I should be looking to upgrade and to what? Many Thanks for any help! Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 380 Series RAM: 16 GB OS: Win10 64 bit CPU: AMD A4-6300 APU w/ Radeon HD Graphics Storage: 500gb internal (practically clean) + 2tb External (Games are installed on the internal)Jinqxx0 4h
5h Mobile Authenticator crash ! Hello everyone and Support . So today i was annoying with my phone so that i couldnt connect to Authenticator App because it was crashed after logo appeared . So i tried eveything i can do : deleted App and dowloaded it again, reboot my phone,.. but nothing happend . So someone can be help me :'( P/S : Sorry my bad English :'(TweedaleN0 5h
5h High Ping only on Overwatch So i've had this problem for a while now, a couple months but only recently has it become this frequent. I am constantly stuck at 250 ping or something similar and it's only on overwatch, everything else seems fine. Every so often the game will run as if the ping is 50, completely smooth while the ping still claims to be 250. The type of lag is odd to me though, it's not rubberbanding were I fly everywhere or lag in the sense that I have difficulty doing anything. It's as if everyone in the server is moving at ridiculously low frames. It does not happen mid game or in spikes, it's when I join a game and only then I've heard that it might be a problem with what server I'm thrown into because this does not happen 100% of the time. I am sometimes put into a perfectly fine game with perfectly stable connection and it always stays that way Any ideas?XcRaZeD16 5h
6h Game crashes every match Hi. I've been absent for 2 weeks, and now after i started playing again i faced a problem: in almost every match game crashes. Error code: 3B44CEBB-C91A-40D2-A466-5938F712B90B I've already reinstalled direct and c++ packages and video drivers. Still have a problem. There is no overheat or stability issues, system easy runs AIDA stress test of all components for an hour. Please explain me the error code and/or help to solve the problem. Thanks.Sol0 6h
6h Suspended after 30 seconds game crash Is it normal to be suspended when : 1) the game crashes (at the end of a round, locked on "round complete" and nothing happens) 2) after maybe 15 seconds, I Alt+F4 the game, connection works perfectly, launch the game again, and find no "rejoin match" option, just suspended from competitive for 9minutes. The time between the round end and the game fully relaunched is maybe 30-40s. That never happened to me before, although in the past I've already been suspended once for internet disconnecting. Very weird, I'm pretty sure it's a bug (and somehow chaining into no-reconnect option and ban).worldbass2 6h
6h Game freezes but audio continues This seems to have only recently occurred since the last patch. When playing the game my screen will randomly freeze but the audio and game can still be heard continuing. This can occur at random times but usually isnt too long from when I boot the game up. I usually get as far as the main menu but it also occurs when the entering game screen appears or when loading into a map. It has made the game completely unplayable. Anyone know some solutions to this? ThanksRSKeogh21 6h
7h My friend and I lost 55 SR After server outage I find it ridiculous that blizzard don't find away to not take such massive amounts of SR away after a server failure. It wasn't our internet or client side since we were disconnected entirely from We also use different ISP's so the only explanation is the server DC happened by server causes, I'd like to also point out the vigorous amounts of grinding i had to do to achieve 55 SR that's like two full 15 minute games gone by one outage, resulting in an indirect benefit. I'd like blizzard to show a bit of initiative towards this and resolve the issue with losing a greater amount of SR than intended. Thanks.SlapTheNan2 7h
7h Lost Connection after almost every Game I have a problem with the connection to the game servers. My connection is always suddenly lost after the victory poses phase. I miss the play of the game and then the final score menu. thats very annoying. Can someone help me?Stormtrooper0 7h
8h Low fps after driver update I recently updated my driver on GeForce experience and proceeded to run overwatch. I noticed that my smooth 100fps on epic settings had turned into 40-50fps My specs are: gtx 1060 i7 16gb ram ddr4 250gb ssd It would be much appreciated if you guys could help me fix the problem. I tried uninstalling and installing overwatch but it made no difference. Thanksgilbert2 8h
9h High ping and lag On Overwatch Xbox One I have been getting very high ping and connection issues in Overwatch a lot. Mostly it is just lag back and being moving around whilst not touching the controller which makes the game un playable which is very annoying when it starts in a comp match. Also when this issue happens I cannot find any custom games and in my area and has even kicked me from a competitive match (could relate to latest update issues). This has never happened on none of my other games so I have no idea what to do, HELP!EddieNick1 9h
9h FPS Drops After Opening Browser/Initial PC Startup? Ok, so I've been playing Overwatch for awhile now (level 111) and I've been having this problem recently where if I open Firefox my fps in game will cap itself to 45 for whatever reason. I've been trying to find a fix and it seems I am the only person facing this problem. Not sure whether or not if it's something running in the background but I usually get at my 70 fps cap that I manually set, other wise I could max out to 120 stable. If anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it, do help as it does annoy me when I have to restart my computer multiple times before it starts to run properly. Thank you in advance. Specs: Processor: Intel i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz quad core 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GTX 460 On Windows 10OnlyRed8172 9h
11h Failed to connect to server. I have been having this problem for a while now when connecting to games on Overwatch. No matter which game mode it is. (Arcade, Custom games, etc.) I would try to connect and it would connect then it would reload the loading screen. Then the main menu music starts playing and then it just jumps back to the main menu and it says, "Failed to connect to server." in the chat. If I was in a game with one of my friends, I would try to reconnect and eventually I would be able to connect again, but someone else would of joined and took my place. From what I remember, I started to have this problem when the Custom games update rolled out on the main branch. I say that because I was playing custom games everyday on the PTR ever since the update first came out on the PTR. I have freshly reinstalled Windows twice and it still occurs. It is strange because, all my other games connect to servers fine and I am usually on Discord talking to someone. The only time I had this happen, was on TF2 and that only happened once. (Where it would get stuck at "Connecting to server..."). I am not sure if it's some program on my computer or my ISP being crap. But anyway, here is a video of it happening: Here is a speed test of my internet: And my specs: Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz 8 GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz XFX AMD Radeon R9 280x 3GB @ 1080MHz Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 Thanks.Leonic0 11h
11h Melee mousebutton attack issue - resolved noticed it just recently, but what has always worked as the extra mouse button for melee attack, stopped working, and when I try to click the same button now to rebind, it's called "left" for some reason, and still won't work even if rebind, and will sometimes bring up the windows actioncenter or something listing inkspace and other windows thing, or make all open applications visible on screen/adjust windows to fit all of them in view, or minimize all so it's clearly related to win10 somehow, but considering I'm used to using my mousebutton not v for melee, I really need help in figuring out how to stop windows from being weird and making it messed up?Rookie1 11h
11h Lost Connection From Game Sever I have been experiencing this problem since season 4 has came out. I tried to turn down to low graphics but I can't see the heroes for a most of the game. I checked with my internet provider but it is sending 40Mbps and still not working. During the middle of some games I get disconnected from the game. And even worse I get penalty for it. My friends don't que with me because of this. Can you help me and might help someone else with this problem to?Reaper0 11h
12h Fetching Encoding table looping I could play the game normally before the update. But as soon as it went live the battlenet client says "Fetching Encoding Table /44.12 mb". It goes through it normally, but once it reaches 44.12mb it restarts again from 0. I tried leaving it on but it kept looping forever. I tried restarting, running as admin, disabling antivirus, deleting indices, but nothing seems to work. I couldn't find specific help about this. Any help would be appreciated Update: Now every time it reaches 44.12 i get the message "oops something went wrong" and i get to retryRicapica42 12h
12h Suspended from Comp after disconnecting on Quick Play? Ok so just now I entered a quick play match but my internet restarted so I lost connection... When I logged back on it said I was suspended from competitive?!Cucas3603 12h
14h Many Framedrops/20 Fps with lowest settings Hello...I have a problem like some of you guys too...I have not the best computer but mine runs Csgo with 70 fps so i think mine is fine...But that's not what i want to talk about...I did many things with the settings_0 File that some people told me to do...But there was no difference...Now i TRYED to return those command's But i dont know the original file's...After this i only hit like 10-20 Fps with many 0Fps drops that made Overwatch not playable for me...I had an difference to 25-30 before with less framedrops, but playable...I hope somebody can help me out there...PreJazu1 14h
14h PS4 Game freeze/then crash in character select screen Happened 4 times in 1 day every few hours, i lost 200 sr and got suspended i tried another ps4 same problem this has started happening after orisa update i am deeply frustratedALUCARD2 14h
14h Performance regressions in recent patches Im just dropping my link to the US forum here. The support agents abandoned it and i really hope someone can help us all out here. Kind regards MartPwnSMartPwnS1 14h
14h Your rendering device has been lost My overwatch crashesand then i get this message. The chat told me to make a thread about it so here i am. Any ideas? I've already tried everything below: 14h
15h Competitive game froze - Got suspended anyway Hello, I would like to report a bug/issue that happened today. I joined a competitive game, like I often do, and the game stayed at the screen where you see both teams (intro) and wasn't able to access the character selection. I could chat in the game, and I was suggested to restart the game, which I did, and I got suspended from playing Competitive anyway. Why am I suspended if I cannot even play the game? Will this suspension be added to some kind of "exit list" and ban be if this happen again? How to avoid being suspended when it's the game that is crashing?Drayuu0 15h
16h Money balance not updated after selecting money box When selecting money as reward option from available boxes I have had several times that my money balance does not change. I think I have lost close to 1000 credits now because of that. Sometimes it works just fine and sometimes not. I spent quite much of my current balance to test if there was a limit but it doesn't seem to be the case. Example earlier received 50 credits just fine and now selected 150 credit box and balance did not change at all.Frobozz1 16h
18h Randomly Freeze and disconnect Hey, Ever since I started playing competetive, i've always had dc issues. It used to be mid game, just getting the "Lost connection to gameserver" screen, and I'd just login again and be back in no time. However, now its starting to freeze for a minute, sound stops, and after a while it gives me the dc screen again. I dont know what to do anymore, since I get disconnected almost every single match. When i play quickplay i dont have this issue and can play as much as I'd want. I run overwatch perfectly, without any issues at 130 fps with low graphics, but the disonnect is the only issue. :/ GPU: GTX 770 4GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K @3.40Ghz RAM: 8gb Any solutions?Crushingbee1 18h
19h friends list not showing in overwatch one day i logged in and randomly my friends were not showing in overwatch, it simply said my friends list was empty however i had friends online at the time and they showed in, but not in overwatch. so i couldnt invite them to groups but they could invite me because they could see me online in their friends list. It did not get fixed with the most recent maintenance (June 15th 2016) to, and noone else seems to have this problem.Jeff15 19h
22h Error when I try to switch servers when I try switching servers I simply cant connect the only server I can connect to is EU , it says the following : "sorry were unable to log you in disconnected"zeusonie5010 22h
1d high latency within blizzards network My traceroute [v0.86] OpenWrt ( Sat Mar 25 02:54:34 2017 Keys: Help Display mode Restart statistics Order of fields quit Packets Pings Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 1. 0.0% 24 0.4 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.0 2. 0.0% 24 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.5 0.0 3. 0.0% 24 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.4 0.0 4. 0.0% 24 0.5 3.7 0.5 38.7 10.6 5. 0.0% 24 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.1 0.0 6. 0.0% 24 1.5 1.5 1.4 1.6 0.0 7. 0.0% 23 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.5 0.0 8. 0.0% 23 2.0 2.0 1.6 2.2 0.0 9. 0.0% 23 16.3 16.2 16.0 16.3 0.0 10. 0.0% 23 16.6 16.5 16.4 16.9 0.0 11. 0.0% 23 104.3 117.4 104.3 127.9 6.8 12. 0.0% 23 111.2 117.9 96.7 127.6 7.7 13. 0.0% 23 117.2 119.0 97.6 128.0 7.4 14. 4.3% 23 120.2 119.2 103.8 127.7 6.9 15. ???Gigdk0 1d
1d Server connection failed and voice chat doesn´t work I cant connect to voice chat nor get to join a game with my friends. As soon as we go into competitive i get dropped out instead of being connected to the hero selection screen and get a ˝failed to connect to server˝.MoonLight1 1d
1d Unprovoked Connection Loss To The Game Server OK for the past 12 hours I have randomly lost connection to BNet and I have no idea why it is happening. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection but ever since the changes to the launcher I have had issues both left and right. I don't know what's causing the random connection loss to the game server but its becoming annoying. Just lost 50 SR because of this timeout (happened before the match started).Zombi3Man0 1d
1d Forum post dissapeared? I just typed up a long(ish) post on Overwatch General I created the topic at the end and it took me to the forum, but the post never appeared, not on the forum or my profiles post history? Any ideas what could have happened?Rek0 1d
1d Lag spikes since season 4 Hey, as the title says i am experiencing annoying and "game breaking" lag spikes since season 4 started, this doesn't happen only in Overwatch but in Heroes of the storm too. So using the net graph in Overwatch i started playing and had the following results: -series of 5-7 almost top high spikes on Rtt every 40-80 seconds. when the spikes happen the Rtt jumps from 48/50/52 to 50+/80+/190+ -Some spikes not as often as Rtt on latency -series of spikes on Loss Out this spikes are at the same time as the RTT ones and the same number. Thanks for your time i hope this helps you help me fix my problem since i want to play Overwatch but since is so annoying cause i can't do anything but die due to lag i don't play it.Neth0 1d
1d DC/freezing upon entering competive So I have this problem often when I try to play competive where the game either freezes on the screen where both teams appear, kinda being stuck loading and resulting in me having to restart game and reciving a loss. Or just as I get a match I DC which is not a result of bad internet connection because I never lose connection with teamspeak or discord. Sometimes I manage to log back in and join the game but often I don't have the time to rejoin resulting in loss. It has happen more and more frequently lately. - Date/time it started: has been happening for a while now, can't remember when it started - City/Country: Norway, Tromsø - Internet Provider: Canal digital Here's a traceroute and pathping: TRACEROUTE: traceroute to (, 15 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 Blizzard (Blizzard) 2.412 ms 2.440 ms 2.439 ms 2 * * * 3 ( 0.642 ms 0.690 ms 0.743 ms 4 ( 8.542 ms 8.737 ms 8.913 ms 5 ( 8.482 ms 8.622 ms 8.634 ms 6 ( 9.005 ms 9.028 ms 9.027 ms 7 ( 70.376 ms 70.321 ms 70.333 ms 8 ( 66.900 ms 66.979 ms 66.933 ms 9 ( 70.636 ms 70.653 ms 70.641 ms 10 ( 66.248 ms 66.265 ms 66.253 ms 11 ( 66.746 ms 66.773 ms 66.747 ms 12 ( 67.360 ms 67.360 ms 66.661 ms 13 ( 66.192 ms 66.210 ms 66.212 ms 14 ( 70.218 ms 70.223 ms 70.232 ms 15 * * * 23/03/2017 17:44:33 UTC -------------------- PING: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. --- ping statistics --- 4 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4999ms 23/03/2017 17:44:33 UTC -------------------- MTR: HOST: Blizzard Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 1. Blizzard 0.0% 10 0.4 0.5 0.4 0.8 0.1 2. ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 3. 0.0% 10 0.6 0.7 0.6 0.9 0.1 4. 0.0% 10 10.8 9.9 8.6 10.9 1.1 5. 0.0% 10 11.5 10.4 8.4 12.1 1.4 6. 0.0% 10 10.8 11.6 9.0 20.8 3.3 7. 0.0% 10 59.3 60.9 59.2 70.4 3.5 8. 0.0% 10 59.4 61.5 59.4 67.7 3.0 9. 0.0% 10 62.7 64.6 62.6 76.6 4.3 10. 0.0% 10 58.9 59.3 58.8 62.0 1.0 11. 0.0% 10 59.4 59.9 59.3 65.0 1.8 12. 0.0% 10 60.7 59.5 58.9 61.9 1.0 13. 0.0% 10 58.7 64.8 58.7 81.2 8.3 14. 0.0% 10 62.8 62.8 62.7 63.0 0.1 15. ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 23/03/2017 17:44:33 UTC --------------------Pripster6 1d
1d FPS Issues on other Internets? So I play on a laptop and I have recently started noticing something that really is bugging me. I can play just fine at my house with okay but not fantastic FPS, getting around 60. For me this is fairly normal so I don't mind it, but for some reason when I go to other places I drop frames. Every 15 or so seconds I will drop to single digits FPS for a few seconds and then pop back to normal. The thing is it has literally never happened at my house. This is with my internet being fairly bad too, ranging between 50-200 ping, but always around 60 FPS. I go to somewhere with 20 ping and will play with friends who can play fine, but I will get those annoying FPS drops. Is there any information on why this is happening? Can someone please explain it to me because it makes no sense and makes playing with friends in person impossible.Secrets0 1d
1d Update crashed Blizzard Client 2814F00D-2534-47DE-9B20-D8705DB777FF Report id. The system crashes all the time when I start the app on the desktop. The only it said was Blizzard error. This was after an update. It said I needed to restart the software before installing it. And I did the following: - Restarted the app - "Error" - Restarted computer - "Error" again Don't know that to do. Would be helpfull if I could get any advice. PS it didn't work to temporarily disable my security programs! :/PotatoAim0 1d
1d Connection issue (whole network) Dear Support & Devs, since I came back to overwatch a week ago and playing like 20ish competitive games, I got disconnected 3 times at the start of the match ... and are now banned for 2 hours! This is what happened exactly: I am using the internet 10h a day, playing random games, surfing etc. Once I am looking for a competitive game and overwatch found one, my internet completly shuts down for around 2 minutes and I am not able to search any websites on any device in my network. The first 2 times I thought it was just bad luck ... but beeing the 3rd time within 2 days and after using the internet for more then 10 hours before without any errors, I started thinking what could cause the issue ... Either an error with my connection (i am currently looking into that) or something really really messed up overwatch-servers. If someone else has the same type of problems, please let me know. My specs: MSINFO DXDIAG I will keep you up to date if my network caused the issue.Thylomer0 1d
1d black lines flashing problem heres my problem ill be glad if you could help:when i play overwatch the background has black lines flshing very fast its very anoying when i play same happens when i go to options everything is fine its seems like it happens only on "moving pictures" so i tried to take a screanshot and when i did everything was fine and no black lines showed on the photo beacaus probably the game freezes when you take a screanshot lowering the graphics just makes it worse for some reason. i tried to play with the options sometims the flashing was faster sometime slower sometimes they looked like they are going down the screan like falling if you know what i mean i got 2 radeon rx 480(each one got 8G storage) and they are crossfired all my drivers are updated like i got this new computer just yesterday with windows 10 and everything brand new there shouldnt be any problem i tried playing GTA V on maximum settings i got very smoth 50 fps and it never got below 45 fps i tried another game both games dont have thet problem wich overwatch has. maby the crossfire isnt working properly?altho as i saied othergames work perfectly fine and the crossfier is working on them. please help me overwatch is my favourite game and i cant wait to play it om my new computer if you need my email to contact me: <edit never post e-mails or personal details on a public forum> if you know how to fix it please help me!fishman6 1d
1d Disconnected at the beginning of comp matches I get a screen that says "lost connection to game server" in red at the beginning of some comp matches.pudi1 1d
1d Cannot connect to server. This error has been having me getting kicked out of matches since beta phase 2. I've had chats with GMs lately because I didn't see this issue being going since I first start to have it. How this looks for me when I get the issue is I get in a loading screen for the game, I get stuck in the loading screen until i hear my teammates trough voice and see them type in the chat. I have no clue if they can see me aswell. About ~16:10 (CET) I had this issue again wich caused me to reopen my ticket and I got told to post about it here. I've done pretty much everything I could find to try and stop it. I'm living in the Netherlands in the city of Woerden and my ISP is telfort. I can provide other information if needed, just not really sure what is needed right now. Hope I could get this issue fixed :) Greetings, AaronAaron4 1d
1d Game crashing, not sure if Overwatch or Battlenet Error code: 3AB6A139-BCB3-4F1A-B22A-23FC24A04AC6 Recurrent crashes where I'm given a message about an unexpected error. Not sure if this is a graphics driver issue, an Overwatch issue or a Battlenet issue. Crashes are irregular in timing, I've had one immediately upon launching the game and a couple outside the game, but most in-game. Sometimes game runs for 20 minutes, no problems, other times I am lucky to get 3 min. If I click "Play" after getting kicked, I usually end up rejoining the same game as if I was just AFK. I have tried reinstalling both Overwatch and Battlenet. I was advised to disable any programs that filter/ban internet content. I disabled Windows Defender as well as firewalls and K-9 internet filter, the problem still continues with the following errors arising: 930EBB55-5F9D-4F89-A592-7BF939F28EDE B2389D66-5882-4564-BBF9-17F97F0F09D0 Please assist with resolution, if possible. Thank you in advance. Your friend in Overwatchiness; GreyManGreyMan2 1d
1d Controller/Mouse hybrid makes UI freak out I know this isn't a bug so much as an oversight(?), but I really would not like to stick it in general discussion just that it get washed away in the deluge of rage and confusion. My current interfacing setup sees me hold the left half of an xb360 controller in my left hand and a mouse in my right. It is functionally sound in terms of character control; as far as I can tell, there is no latency as the server/client/whatever tries to handle both control options simultaneously (I can move and turn fluidly), but the UI flicks rapidly between controller and kb+m template whenever I turn with the mouse while in motion with the joystick—sound effects and all. I am met with the near-constant presence of this maddening mouseover noise as my game communicates to me its excitement that I am paying it digital attention. Atmos is lost on me as intelligent sound design is oppressed by the interface's rhythmic and noisy gesticulation. I can barely hear it anymore for familiarity but by extension so too is this true of those various audio nuances it dins. In terms of tangible gameplay influence, Hanzo is unable to hold his alternate arrow configurations while moving/turning, and chat sometimes gets stuck as the UI switches to controller mode. There are probably others evident within leaps of logic. I understand this problem is an unintended consequence of facilitating controller support for PC—perhaps even considerably overcompensation—and asking that my configuration be accommodated might be overstepping my due(????) but I am definitely experiencing mild-moderate detriment for my choice, which I do not believe needs to continue being the case since left half controller + mouse is SUPER legit and I am thankful without end it is possible to use at all. If this is not the right place for this thread to go (unclear due to the ambiguous nature of the problem), I'm sorry. I hope my given reasons are sufficient for explaining why this is where it landed.Cantplaythis6 1d
1d Sudden fps drop Hi, i used to have constant 144 fps, but since today i suddenly experience heavy fps drops (sometimes as low as 30fps) I've updated the video drivers, checked the game with the blizzard checker. Thank you for your helpGreyPhoenix4 1d
1d Lag Issues (15/1/2017) I'm having some lag issues in PC for the past 4 hours. Is Battle.Net doing a maintenance break or something. I do not have any internet issues. (Region: Europe).Tsanti6 1d
1d FPS drops, unstable FPS. So I'm looking to start playing overwatch competetively, and to do so I need the best performance I can get. I usually get around 150-200 FPS when I play my first match, however a few matches after I launch the game I start getting considerably lower fps (70-100), I would like to get 144 stable and I have tried many things to do so. The things I tried to do are: -Install newest drivers -Try different ingame settings (I seem to get the exact same fps on high and low) -Change minimum cpu speed to 95% in windows settings -Turn off / uninstall unnecessary programs -Clean PC (fans and all) -Overclock processor (had no effect, switched back to default clock) -Restart overwatch after every game (seems to work ok, very annoying tho) -Check temps while playing, overwatch seems to read my GPU temp as being 80c but HWmonitor puts it at low 60s with max temperature being 67, cpu is an AMD so runs pretty hot, however still only in the 60s, sometimes 70s. -Stare at my screen for 10 minutes hoping my FPS will eventually go up, but it just keeps going down. Speccs: gtx 970 fx 8350 8gb ram 250gb ssd (overwatch is installed here) 1gb HDD W7frums3 1d