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23 Jan Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Vaneras1 23 Jan
19 May Season 4 Ending Soon Hey, everyone. Season 4 of Competitive Play is coming to an end very soon, so we wanted to lay out a few key dates and important pieces of information regarding the upcoming season roll. DATE AND TIMES Season 4 will officially end on Monday, May 29 at 2:00 a.m. CEST (or Monday, May 29 at 1:00 a.m. BST). Season 5 is currently scheduled to launch three days later on Thursday, June 1 at 2:00 a.m. CEST (or Thursday, June 1 at 1:00 a.m. BST). For time zone assistance, and to see when the season will roll in your region, visit SEASON 4 REWARDS If you completed your placement matches during Season 4, you will be eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends. If you are placed within the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region) at the end of the season, you’ll receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards. Aside from sprays and icons, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season. Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 4: SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 100 CP SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 200 CP SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 400 CP SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 800 CP SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 1200 CP SR 3500-3999 (Master): 2000 CP SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 3000 CP THANKS FOR PLAYING! Thank you for joining us for Season 4 of Competitive Play! Whether you placed in the Top 500 or just completed your placement matches, we’re glad you’re a part of our community and hope to see you in Season 5. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes on, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest game news!Vaneras0 19 May
20 Mar PTR Competitive Play - Assault Objective Tiebreaking Hello everybody, The following information was posted by Scott Mercer for the purpose of providing some insights on the new Tie-breaking system on Assault and Assault/Escort maps: On PTR we're testing a change to victory conditions for maps that have capture objectives. This includes Assault maps such as Hanamura or Volskaya, and the first objective of Assault/Escort (aka Hybrid) maps such as Eichenwalde and King's Row. Currently on live, these maps result in a tie score more often then we would like. This is especially true for more defensible Assault maps such as Hanamura, which saw the most ties of any of our maps. We decided on trying a very aggressive method of tiebreaking on the PTR to create as few ties as possible. THE BASICS: A team no longer has to completely capture one more objective than their opponent to gain a win. If both teams have the same score and run out of time, we now compare the maximum capture% of each team on the last objective they were both trying to complete. The team with the highest capture% on that objective wins. This is not based on the progression points at every 33%, but is on a completely granular scale of 0-100%. The three "pie pieces" still function as before, so if attackers take 50% of a map but wipe out then the minimum capture% decays down to 33%. We show the maximum capture% with an orange triangle placed around the capture circle. Let's go through some examples on Assault maps. Example 1: Team A on offense takes the point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes point 1 but fails to take point 2. Team A wins with a score of 2-1. (This is unchanged change from live.) Example 2: Team A on offense takes point 1, doesn't take point 2, but in one hard push was able to reach 73% captured before the defenders wiped the offense and the capture progress returns back to the second tick mark at 67%. Team B is now on offense, and they take point 1. To win the game, team B now has to reach 74% captured on point 2 to win 2-1. Example 3: Team A on offense is completely shutdown on point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. Team B on offense is ALSO completely ineffective at taking point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. The score is 0-0 and this is still a tie. We expect this to happen WAY WAY less often than live, as it requires there to be NO time that either offense had a player uncontested on the capture objective. Example 4: Team A on offense takes point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes both points with 0:00 left, earning 2 points. Team A now has 3:00 minutes to try to earn just 1% capture progress on the first point. The instant Team A has a player on point 1 without a defender being there, they will win. While all these examples are on Assault maps, remember that this also affects the first objectives on maps such as Numbani and King's Row. So what does this all mean? Well, it means that defenders will need to make sure and contest the objective by having a player on it much more than before! Small differences in capture percentages now matter. Getting full held to 0% capture progress on a point is now a really big deal. Competitive play is available with both Hanamura and Eichenwalde, so when you play on PTR you'll definitely get a map where the new tiebreaker system could be the difference between winning and losing! We're looking forward to feedback on how it all works, from the feel of the new system to how the UI can be improved.Lliodelur0 20 Mar
16 Feb Insights on the Matchmaking System Hi everybody The following information was posted by Scott Mercer, Principal Designer on Overwatch, for the purpose of providing some insights about how SR and MMR work: The system does in fact try to place equal sized groups on opposite teams whenever possible. We do need to do a better job of not placing players into "unwinnable" matches. When the matchmaker creates a match, it determines the % chance for each team to win based on the match it made. The VAST majority of matches are usually near to 50% (especially if you're a player closer to median skill rating and you're not in a group), but I've definitely seen logs of matches where that's really not the case and my eyebrows raise. The unfortunate truth is that there is not always a "perfect" match for you, especially at very high (and very low!) skill ratings where there's fewer players of similar skill. Then you throw in the desire to match groups vs. groups, with everybody having low latency, and doing ALL of this as fast as possible even though it’s the 3AM offpeak... it can get tough. We've tried different tunings with regards to wait times, and the improvements were unfortunately modest as we increased the time to wait. Still, this is an area we're always looking to improve and tune better. Fortunately, when we do put you in a match that we know isn't a 50/50, we adjust your SR gain or loss based on your calculated change of winning. So if you did get placed into a match with only a 20% chance to win and then you lose, you shouldn't lose much SR. For matchmaking groups, there's actually two separate issues that we try to solve. The first issue is "How do we handle groups formed of players with different MMRs?". With season 2 we prevented players of REALLY disparate Skill Rating from grouping, but there's still some variance we need to handle. Over time we've tested different models to try and see what's best and are now using what tested most accurately. (Hint: it's not simply averaging the MMRs) The other issue is how do we model the synergistic effects of players being together in a group. As you noted, they have access to voice chat. Now here's where things get interesting. This "massive" advantage actually differs based upon the skill rating of the group members. Based upon the data we've seen groups of low to mid SR players don't see that much improvement to their win %. Higher SR players do see more notable improvements, but it's not as huge as you might think. Still, we do take this into account when we predict the win% for each team. Regardless of how the data looks, we do know there's a perception of a large advantage for groups. That's one of the reasons why we explicitly try to match similar sized groups together. So then why do points for losses and wins seem so random? Well, the amount of MMR (and SR) you go up or down isn't simply a matter of whether you won or lost, and what was your predicted chance of winning. There's a couple of other things at work. One is the matchmaker's confidence in what your MMR should be. Play a lot of games, it gets more certain. Don't play Overwatch for a while, it gets less certain. You go on a large win or loss streak, it gets less certain. The more certain the matchmaker is about your MMR, the less your MMR will change in either direction based on a win or loss. As a minor factor, we also do evaluate how well you played the heroes you used in a match. The comparison is largely based on historical data of people playing a specific hero (not medals, not pure damage done), and we've done a lot of work to this system based on the community's feedback. In fact, I've seen some people indicate that they don't think we're doing this anymore. We still are. While it's a minor factor compared to wins/losses (The best way to increase your SR is still to play together and win as a team!), doing so does help us determine your skill more accurately and faster. So take all that into account, the SR gain/loss after any single match can be a bit more "noisy" that it seems it should, but we're asking it to look at a lot of different factors to do the best job it can creating fair matches for you. As an aside to all of this... "Fair" matches doesn't always mean that every Ilios match goes 3-2 and 100-99 on the final point, or each team gets the payload to the end in overtime on Dorado, etc. Sometimes when two evenly matches teams play, the result can be one-sided. It just means that at that single moment in time the enemy team played better. It's not always the matchmaker's, your's, or your team's(!!!) fault that you got stomped.Vaneras0 16 Feb
14m Why is their a !@#$ty Hanzo and/or Junkrat in every game? Sick of all this cancer. This game has really gone downhill. Maybe it is just all the 12 year olds that are off for the summer? Need them to have bed times again to make this game playable.Noles0 14m
2h Reinhardt is super broken - fix him please! 1. His charge is incredibly broken (more than it was pre-uprising patch) it takes almost no effort for enemies to avoid being pinned now, and the Reinhardt player has to be PINPOINT ACCURATE with the crosshairs if he hopes to have an even remote chance of landing the pin. 2. His ultimate is broken. it seems completely random when and where targets are affected by the stun now, even in wide open areas people simply avoid the ult entirely at complete random (the ult simply doesn't "hit" them) - this happens on a regular basis and it has already cost me a few games, there is nothing more annoying than stunning the whole enemy team, only to see Ana as the only enemy player luckily being unaffected by the stun and then she sleep darts you as you're getting nanoboosted by your own Ana as you're getting ready to unleash hell... 3. his Hammer swings are broken (more than they used to be). he ghost-swings about as often as an ulting Genji does. so Blizzard, could you PLEASE bring consistency back to Earthshatter and Charge, and FIX the melee weapons of the game (Genji and Reinhardt) ?? That'd be awesome, thanks in advance.JaggSauce14 2h
3h from gold into GM soloq I want to find someone who can make it from gold into GM on playing 100% soloQ. So far I even watched GM streamers they never really seem to play soloq or only on alt accounts who are masters. I know it's a team game but I like the challange of tryhard getting from nothing to something. It might just be me or I have this feeling that I have only bad luck. Today I had from 5 games 4 with trolls which is not really "fun" to play at all. I doubt highly that it is possible to 100% soloq reach high rank. I'm just testing it out and so far I won with normal teams every game 9/10 best stats as always. But being put with a widow torb attack which both getting nothing done and your team starts raging is just gg. No need to mention more 3-4 dps which only one of them does something. I'm sure end of this season i'm gonna reach masters somehow but those trolls ruin it really not just for me for everyone. Any suggestions on how to handle those brains? I just practise my less played heroes when I have those 3-4 dps teams :-INoob7 3h
3h Matchmaking is broken beyond belief I encountered a very disturbing issue since the last patch: Match making in competitive play is behaving in really weird ways. In solo queue I am either in teams, which destroy their opponents most easily, or I am in teams, which are destroyed without resistance by their opponents. There is hardly any middle ground. About nine out of ten games are either ultimate domination of the enemy or utter and complete defeat. It does not seem to matter how well I play, the game decides for me in advance. I have no agency over the outcome of the game. Due to this and due to the new way the Ranked Points are calculated, I dropped from mid-Gold to mid-Silver. Still going down. And I don't have had a satisfying game for a week now, even when I win. Is anyone else experiencing this?cHaoS6 3h
7h 8w-2l placement matches, -70 SR? First of all, I'm a bad Overwatch player, but I enjoy it, especially on competitive. Last season I finished with an SR of 1074, bronze league, crap, I know. I practiced a lot, got somewhat better. I did my placement matches, 8 wins, 2 losses and got an SR of 1004. The maths are beyond me... Can anybody explain that to me?Myk0 7h
9h The 40/40/20 Rule to replace Winstreaks? Now, I've never studied in depth about ranked systems and how the deal with a players SR gains/losses, but I do know the good math and have an idea that will improve our current system. What is the 40/40/20 rule? the 40/40/20 rule comes from LOL and says that, statistically, with two equally skilled teams, you have influence over only 20% of your games. 40% will be wins as long as you aren't throwing and 40% will be losses. In LOL, you are 1/5th of your team, which is where the 20% comes from. In Overwatch, you're 16.7% (16.6666%, repeating of course) of your team. As a side note, if you ever felt like you're in ELO hell or something, this is probably why. Only 16.7% of your games are truly impacted by you. What this means in Overwatch Now, Let's say the average person has a 50:50 win rate. Of those 16.7% of games our average person wins 8.35% of them. If you are a no good at your rank, you will lose all 16.7%, leaving you at/below 42.5% win-rate. Vice-versa is true with 58.35% - IE if you are below 42.65%, or above 58.35% win-rate, there's a strong chance you don't belong at the rank. My main point: I've seen a few people in my games in my days of OW who are outside of these brackets... with the "42%" bracket being close to their SHs and the "58%" bracket being far enough away to alert suspicion. Of course, these guys could be outliers, but still. I've seen enough of them around to warrant me making this post. Blizzy, my idea is to add a check to your algorithm incorporating the 40/40/20 rule (16.7/41.55/41.55 for OW). If a player falls below 42.65% winrate or above 58.35%, it doesn't always mean that they don't belong at that rank, but it does strongly suggest it. If they remain at that winrate for enough games... say 20, their SR gains/losses are adjusted... The more drastic the winrate, the more drastic the change. Especially since raw numbers, whilst they do show insight, aren't as powerful at detecting true skill as winrate. Hand in hand, they could be a very powerful SR determining tool... In fact, this system could work to replace the old Win/loss streak system entirely... As it does the same thing, just more reliably; a secondary system to catch outliers that the main SR system misses. If this isn't your cup of tea though, you could add it into your magical Blizzard database and it might help keep track of potentially problematic heroes.Swinwappy4 9h
9h Premades 3-5 stacks The only thing that bugs me in this game is when I get paired with a 3-5 stack of premade parties. To be short, they always play bad, pick weird heroes and thinking they are the best while under performing like crazy, most of the time they are also toxic as hell. Please give us an option to go REAL solo Q. I'd rather wait 5 minutes to get a good game than 30 seconds and get a bad game. Otherwise the game is perfect :)Topcat1 9h
9h Why so much greifers and trollers Im playing in gold but cant rank to plat because of my greifing or trolling team its not possible to win a match when half of our team are afk and doing their dance emotes. Or my team is overplaced and dont know any strats at all or pick the hero they want to play but they dont know how to play. I have reported greifers and trollers very often the last time but i dont see any diffrence. Same greifer and trolllers all the time what is suposed to happen when you report a troller or greifer?PUDDEN0511 9h
13h how to fix leaver problem just make is so the leaver lose all the sr the 6 pepole would lose combined if all 6 pepole would lose 20sr make the leaver lose 120 sr and the rest of the team 0Gent1 13h
14h Best strat for comp below platinum. Have a baston and group up with a friend who can rien mercy or in general is good. For me it is quite effective as i have climber from bronze 2 times which was funny as all i needed to do was play baston or protect a baston to win. Hope u try it out! Its easy! And easy works for most of the time! Beware of genji and u r on fire 90% of the game!DEATHREAPER1 14h
14h Comp hurts Comp is legit painful af to play, most of the time i get matched up with teamates that switches heroes everytime they die, toxic players and people who dont communicate, and i keep getting matched up with good players on their team, my recent match on lijiang tower was why i made this post, it was so difficult, we won the first 2 rounds and we choked during the 3rd 4th and 5th because 3 of my teamates rushed the point without grouping up. i usually play dps, that game i got 73 eliminations and i was on fire for most of the match, i played very safely but my teamates didn't, the olny useful players in our team was probably our dva and lucio. on the other hand they had a decent team with 2 tanks and a very good mercy, a great pharah and one of the best hanzo i've seen. this happens on most of my matches, and i can't carry the team my placements are 6 loss 1 win 1 draw, kinda crap but i really went tryhard on these matches.GENJIv23 14h
15h Ranked is broken Right so I finished my placement matches and did pretty bad if I'm honest and I ranked high silver 1951 wich I know is bad don't judge. So I thought 2 wins then I'm gold so I play 5 matches Alf lose them all, all because my team left or I'm against people 5x my level and now I'm placed 1730!!! This is bs there's nothing I can do to try get gold or team up with my friends because even they get hammeredSombra4 15h
16h Is it worth taking SR serious anymore? Feeling very demotivated with the current system punishing players with SR loss if they played their absolute best but still lose. SR needs to stop being based ENTIRELY off wins and losses and starts being based of the PLAYERS PERFORMANCE ( Atleast have 80% impact ). People need a way to gain sr even for a loss if they played like a top500 player. Same for winning. If you win but you played like utter garbage ( Tons of deaths no medals etc.. ) you should get very little sr. What is the actual point anymore? There are GM players in bronze and bronze players in GM and I'm stuck at 2,900 - 3,100 getting loss after loss because someone joined competitive with an unstable internet and got dc'd. Or was just a troll intending to throw the match. This has GOT TO STOP.Ninetales11 16h
16h Dive meta and toxic enviroment I know this not the 1st time u read similar topic, but i just played 6 hours in a toxic enviroment Even the games i won, enemy team were trolling I think this dive meta you are pushing is so stressful for both sides. There is no enough counterplays other than having a pro player aim as if the pharah mercy combo was not enough. Now we have to deal with ninja's and monkeys while our hog is nerfed. People losing hope and start to throw so early in the game Please consider my thread as a feedback and review the meta you are pushing. I trust u have more comps to push other than dive. Thank youWeeZoo871 16h
16h Let's discuss Trolls and Smurfs Yeah I know, both are annoying as hell and can tilt yo !@# in matter of seconds. It's really frustrating when u Q up in a comp game, look at the enemy team and see that guy in the enemy team, who's the same rank as you, but ends up beating your whole damn team one by one as a damn Hanzo, when his profile says he's lvl 33 and a Zarya main. Or that damn attack Toeb on king's row, who has legit 0 win% with him, when also his Ana has a 75%, and he just goes straight in making every single one of you cry for mercy. Now alright, Trolls are usually smurf accounts, the people handling them wouldn't give less of a flying $%^- about their sr, banns etc, BC it's a smurf. Right? It's just an account which u play to fck around, it's an account thatyou'll let steam off on so you don't go full tilt on your main etc. Idk if there's anything we can do to trolls, bc if this guy trolls constantly and throws games for fun, he'd already been banned. I personally think it's "every now and then" or "not so often" this person decides that "u know what, I don't like this team, might just throw the game" or something else drives them to throw the game by trolling it. I've never understood it and for the love of god, papa Jeff, do something, help us. But Smurfs in the other hand, I don't think they're as "bad" as it is to play with a troll. Ofc again it sucks that this one particular player in the enemy team, that has gold icon and has almost no time played what so ever, whoops your butt so hard you want to just run home to mom's arms and cry yourself to sleep the next night. But what I think is "good" about smurfs is that when you're facing them, you're put up with a challenge. And it's a Do or Don't choise, you either A: Get your stuff together and work as a team to beat the higher rank smurf, because after all no matter what he's playing, if he's playing solo it's over. Or B: Run home and just give up, might as well throw the game. I enjoy playing against higher ranks because not only bc I'm a masochist and I like being killed constantly bc McCree has a damn X-ray vision and knows exactly where I am to flashbang me to death and come and shamelessly solo ult me, but because those players can actually teach you something valuable. I'm not talking about boosters here, I'm talking of just smurfs, remember. Idk about other people's motives when it comes to Overwatch, but I want to get better, and how do I get better? I play the game. I personally do analyze my gameplay after matches and I do indeed watch the killcams to see where did I go wrong in order for me to die, and if anyone's, it's my fault that I died, so facing a smurf who's like a Diamond or Master (at best has been a GM), I know that I'm not ready to face other people like them, yes I'm a *!@#in' filthy Gold-Plat playerl, but I don't complain of people being better than me but rather use it to my own advantage. Now what I want to hear from you guys is more of what do you think of smurfing, in general, not only in comp but in all modes and in the game in general? We all know we fckin hate Trolls, or who knows. Let me hear itFireSoldier3 16h
16h Forced to play on NA servers The EU trolling/throwing problem is HUGE. Will Blizzard take actions on this problem? Or are we forced to play on NA servers for the rest of this game's lifespan? Can any blueposter give us any answer to IF this problem's gonna get addressed? And when? Because it's ridicolous that EVERY game has a thrower. I can't play this game on 150 ping all the time because Blizzard is totally ignoring this stuff.Gomez5 16h
17h Issue with Shield Gen on Symmetra - SR Hello, I play a lot of Symmetra with a win rate of 70% but my SR is not going up. I've noticed that I use shield gen a far bit more often than most symmetra's and I think this possibly causes the SR issue. I've noticed Symm stats track TP up time and players teleported but nothing for using the shield gen. Thanks,iRoxUrSox1 17h
20h People leaving games People leaving games thinking that they will not lose any rating. This does not help the team, there should be some kind of bot system where a hard bot is added to the team so the teams are more fairDarkLordOfCC5 20h
20h Leavers shouldn't be able to screw over their team Leavers are my least favorite thing about comp. It's bad enough that you have to go through 5 v 6, but it really bothers me how when a team with a leaver loses, they still lose a good amount of sr. This always seemed a bit unfair to me. I feel that a team with a leaver should lose less sr if they lose, and gain more sr if they win.Callofduckie3 20h
22h Looking for Players Got a 2 man group. Lookin for players at about 2500 or higher. We need a good winston. Msg me. Must have micåriel0 22h
22h Payload 2-3 and then a 3 round?? I was playing competitive was on Numbani, We got to the end only got 2 points, and the other team got to the end got 3, we then got a 2nd attack. But they did not, i know it was 2 - 3, but why would there be a 2nd attack if the first attack/defence ended 2-3? This game could have potentially ended in a draw Has anyone else gotten this?Cobalt1 22h
22h Missclicking the competitive search So I woke up early, turned on my computer and thought to myself: "There's still time before school. Lets do a quickplay before i go." and then i accidentally pressed on competitive. because I'm a lower leveled player, the game found a match INSTANTLY which in most cases would have being great, but in my case I did not have enough time to play a full competitive match, because I had to go, forcing me to leave the match. so what I ask for is a message. So i wont ruin someone's day.EpicBanana693 22h
23h Competitve Troll pick ! Please solve this !@#$ , lost 200 points now cause of noobs playing Widow / Hanzo Please give us the option to leave without any bann early , save us the trouble and time .Binshams17 23h
1d SR broken I was playing a comp match when all of a sudden the power in my house went down when I went back on overwatch my sr from that day had been taken away it had gone from about 1958sr to 1907sr which was really annoying because you know how hard comp matches are and how long they take, then it alsogives me a ban from comp like seriously can blizzard please put back my srLazyTurtle2 1d
1d Something needs to change. Dear Blizzard, I did my research, I have a fair idea (or atleast think I do) on how the MMR system works. Something needs to change as I am getting fed up with this !@#$. I just did my 10 placement matches (Solo Queue), I went 2-8. Disgusting. ALL 10 of those games, yes every single one, I had THREE Or MORE players that either: 1- NEVER Played Competitive before 2- Level 40 or Below 3- Played comp for less than 2 hours in their gaming career In short, I was thrown in with noobs and was expected to just deal with it. I'm level 550, 2.5k SR last season (I hated competitive then, now I'm just considering quitting this broken game altogether). In ALL 10 games, NO One wanted to join team chat as they were just stupid noobs that had no clue how to play competitive, Occasionally I would get just ONE Person trying to communicate but when they realize how the team is just mindless zombies they stop. 3 of those games, we had sophisticated leavers that chose to leave and reconnect over and over again just to make sure we didn't just get a loss, but also get penalized for it (that 2 minute timer never hit 0). The 2 games I did win were the only 2 games where we had a proper 2-2-2 comp, the other games consisted of 1-4-1 or 1-5 where I was either solo tanking with 1 healer or solo healing with no tank. Consequently of course, I dropped in rank after my placement matches and here I am full of rage. I doubted myself plenty and checked my stats at master overwatch, I'm top 12% on my mains and top 25% on my others. I'm not the best, but I'm also not the worst. Why would you do this to me Blizzard? I am sick and tired of putting effort in when %^-* like this happens that is completely out of my control destroys my will to even try. What is the point? I don't know what the solution is.. but I know that something about competitive needs to change. There is a growing number of us that is getting frustrated with the MMR System Blizzard has in place, FIX IT JEFF. (People defending the system, take your heads out of your own !@# and get real. Its broken) A fed up soon to be X-Overwatch Fan.Stealth0 1d
1d Platinum is hell. Too many toxic players and trolls. Most of the games I've played, they had a Pharah and we had a Junkrat who refuses to switch. I told him they have a Pharah, you should switch, but he doesn't care and keeps going 1v6. I can't climb to diamond because of these players.How2Carry12 1d
1d How to calm down toxic players 1: Don't argue with them. 2: Keep the rest of your team calm. 3: Tell them their doing good and that if they want everyone else to pick it up to loose their attitude. What not to do: Telling them to shut their f#$!ing mouthEnratic10 1d
1d The EU problem I know the language barrier won't be fixed, since the only option for that (I think) is to implement a in game voice translation like the politics have on big meetings and I don't understand Blizzard in the first place why there is nothing done about yet. The major playerbase is 10-16~ and then you have those typical russian/french kiddos who can't even speak their own mother language fluenty and then Blizzard thinks they are able to speak english or at least some basic commands in voice like " Mercy top right " "Ana I have ult nano me now" etc. What is even a major problem than that, is that those kiddos going into a comp game with the "I don't give a flying (insert some weird scatology)" picking what they want and if they are in voice and they're able to speak somewhat of english the only thing they know and use are insults and then continue in their language and starting to mei spawn walling. What I've observed aswell is that reports are completetly useless unless you're a streamer and cheating while streaming I feel like Blizzard doesn't care about people beeing report 1000000 times for personally insulting people and trolling on purpose. PS: At least implement the avoid player button back in and to not abuse it by high GM/Top500 players who don't want to face certain people make it only available in your team and the prefer player button like the friend request for example " "Name" wants to play with you again in future would you too? Yes/No", since I got a guy 4 times in a row after winning against him once and then him beeing 4 times in a row in my team Mei walling the whole team and cliff teleports with Symmetra. And when the team asked him why he'd do that he said "Cause Rocktum defeated me" smh this community is literally pure evolved mutated space aids cancer.RocktumǶ1 1d
1d Overwatch Tournament Mode I think it'd be cool if there was a Tournament Mode on Overwatch. Basically the same as competitive, but you have to win 6 or 9 games in a row to win the tournament. If you lose, you start back at game 1. If you manage to do it you get awarded a certain amount of competitive points, and can only earn a certain amount per week. Kind of like Trials of Osiris in Destiny. So you'll only be playing with/against people who have the same amount of wins as you (so if you're on your 3rd win out of 9 then you'll face/team with other people on their 3rd / 9 win.) Also make it so it has to be 6 stack vs 6 stack, or, a 4 stack is mandatory, and then 2 solo randoms. I think it'd be a cool game mode.Taktikz1 1d
1d Training room for comp game ? Ok, i know the thing already exist in the form of custom game but hear me there... We have the training, which is to learn the very basic of heroes, like when you're really new or, at best, if you want to improve your aim. Then we have quickplay. To me, it is if you already know a bit about the kit of every heroes and want to learn more about them. Usually people go there to learn about new heroes, and practice them against real people. Let's face it, you'll very RARELY have a good team comp in quickplay. People play what they want and don't care about winning or losing, and i understand. Quickplay is here to learn and master a new hero without the risk of losing SR. But then, you go straight to comp. Like, straight to comp without any warning on what you have to do. You suddenly have to adapt, flex, know how to rely on a bunch of heroes, and work as a team. And let's face it, the first time ? You won't know about all this. My idea is to create sort of a training room for comp, which would display hints in game on what you have to do to ensure the best experience with your team. Of course, the rules would be the same as comp, except without the risk of losing SR. For an idea, the game could analyze the performance of the team in the end and see what the players played, and in case there was a Pharah against junkrat (just an example), it could tell the team that maybe next time, switching to one of her counter would be a good idea. Just a thought that crossed my mind, but i think it could be a really good idea. Both for new players, and both for those who wanna sharpen their skills. What do you think about it ?Naz0 1d
1d Blizzard HAS to do something about this trolling The way it's been going this past year, it seems like this entire trolling problem has been completely ignored. Blizzard really needs to start taking care of this problem that's infesting the entire Competitive gamemode. I'm already not playing Comp in weekends because thats when the problem is most noticable, and it's only getting worse and worse and to be honest I'm getting sick of it. I don't care if people have bad games or simply suck at the game, that's something I accept by queueing solo. But PURPOSELY throwing games, not playing with the team and simply making us waste time playing such matches? Something has to be done about this. We're in our 5th Competitive Season right now, surely Blizzard must notice that we're facing this problem on a daily basis right now. Still barely anything is being done about this. Since Overwatch launched I already started to play MUCH less because of how many matches are simply ruined by trolling kids and even now when I play just a few games a day I'm wondering where it went wrong...and why Blizzard is not even showing that they're trying to fight this.DFUZE9 1d
1d Suspended and Lost SR after Rejoining Hey fafa Jeff you !@#$ed my SR I got DC and was able to Rejoin the Game. We won the Game and you deduct 50 SR and not even giving me SR for that win and found out that you give me Suspension for that but I was able to Rejoin the Game....VoltureX13 1d
1d SR Impact when switching players Please explain SR when I play with different players on Offense & Defense. It seems that if I choose a defensive player such as Symmetra on defense and Winston on Attack, even though I get 2 or 3 golds, I don't get reward with SR or cards at the end of the game. I might get 15 or 16 SR for a victory. If I play with the same player Winston on offense and defense I will get 25 SR boost for a victory. Is this due to the way that Overwatch sums up damage, shields, etc...?Odysseus0 1d
1d Is comp XP BROKEN?! Normally in a game, I would get around 5-6k XP and now I'm getting around 2-3k...gunfire13 1d
1d Smurfs/boosters are really ruining Plat/Dia elo. Every second game I see a smurf, and I'm not exaggerating. My ELO seems to be a breeding ground for top tier players who want to go on a nice rampage. My heart sinks when I see a low level player on the other team. I think, "smurf?" And I check their profile... Lvl 30, genji only played. 80% winrate. I know then that I will probably lose. On rare occasions I can actually beat the smurf, but he usually stomps our team into the ground. Despite what Jeff said this is a real problem. I'm really not enjoying this game because these people are ruining matchmaking and blizz don't seem to care. Just before I wrote this thread I played a game vs a lvl 30 gold genji, he destroyed our team, rampaging through us and murdering us all. Eventually we got 2 ragequits and the game was lost. I still lost a !@#$-ton of SR, because that's fair, right? Feels like I can't play a fair game anymore because there is usually a smurf, either on my team or theirs. It ruins the experience for everyone. If Blizzard care about the integrity of their competitive mode (which they should) they will make this illegal. Competitive is the main part of my Overwatch experience. I play a bit of arcade and qp, but mainly competitive. I really hope Blizzard fixes this.Rixhack12 1d
1d Comp 3v3?? can we maybe get an competitive3v3?? i really like playing 3v3 especially when im with 2 other friends and thought it would maybe be cool if there came a competitive version of that?? just an idea and didnt knew where to post this hope u like the idea :D and if it's not on the right place where should this topic than??SecondBest4 1d
2d Apology I'd like to apologize to anyone I have played with recently. I have been taking my frustration out on the game, and as a result I have been toxic and I have left games. I have been penalized and it has opened my eyes. It might not seem like much but this is the first time I have been penalized in a video game and it helped me realize my actions. I'll try my best in the future to be more respectful and try and have nice fun and fair game. Good luck to all.Icarus6 2d
2d Struggling 4-500 SR below last season's plateau?? I spent the majority of last season between 3700 and 3800. After 40+ wins in season 5 I can't even break Masters and I'm currently sitting around 3270. I honestly feel like I'm playing pretty well. My soldier is always 50%+ accuracy with most damage and eliminations. I know how to position myself to get opportunistic picks without dying. When I tank I know how to get in, block damage, and get out without dying. My defense matrix management is fantastic, I use just enough to deny all the burst coming at whichever one of my teammates is getting focused but the rest of my team just doesn't clean up the mess in the meantime. Do I just suck now or is there such a thing as bad luck this severe and persistent?MagicBirch0 2d
2d Nothing being done about griefers? I've been noticing players reported for throwing matches and griefing are still playing days and weeks after being reported. Is there no ban or removal from Competition for this?Zenren3 2d
2d Skill rating loss, how to calculate the week limit? Help me to understand: Thursday evening I became Diamond again, after being Platinum for the whole week before. Since Thursday I've done only 3/4 competitive match, last one on Saturday. This morning, Monday, I've got the message saying my SR has been lowered because I haven't played enough matches, it dropped from 3022 to 3001. I'm quite new to the Diamond tier and I can't find satisfactory information. how to calculate the 7 days before the SR drops? Wouldn't the count start on Thursday? Shouldn't the SR drop to 3000 instead of 3001? Thanks in advance! Edit: this evening I've lost the final point, going to 3000.CB940 2d
2d SR per win/loss is completely random Few weeks ago I wrote a post about having weird luck with gaining a lot more points per win than losing per loss (this kept up for two seasons). Well, this season I am playing same heroes, have similar stats, medals and win/lose precentage and I gain less points than I lose.Grahu3 2d
2d divide competitive into level brackets bracket 1: lvl 25 > 600 bracket 2: 601 > 1200 bracket 3: 1201 > xxxx This will solve a lot of the current problems and makes portrait frames more meaningful. Then introduce level/xp penalties for leavers...Anonymous11 2d
2d Slide from 2,159 to 1,694 - help! Hey, First off, just for clarity, I don't have online friends playing OW so I always solo queue into competitive. This is just a bit of a rambling rant, but had to say something. After my placement matches (played only Soldier) this season, I placed around 1950 after 5 losses, 1 draw and 4 wins. In truth, I'm probably a mid-gold player but got some terrible teams in the placements. I then decided to main Ana as when you're soldier, if you can't insta-kill Phara you just get flamed and it becomes toxic so fancied a change and won around 90% of my matches up to a season high of 2,159 - I wasn't getting much SR per win! Since then I've gone on to play 9 hours of Ana and played her almost exclusively only changing when there were 3 healers and the other two refused to change. I've got much better at the character yet have lost almost every game down to 1,694 SR. If you look at my Oversumo, it shows my healing in Platinum, accuracy is GM, Defensive Assists are Master and Nano's applied are Platinum. I've had some terrible teams along the way (Genji, Widow, Ana - Me, Roadhog, Hanzo, Symmetra) and feel like at silver the game is a mess. no one groups up, everyone just does whatever they want. I use a mic, but sometimes I just perma-mute myself as no one else bothers listening if you try and shot call. It really is like herding cats. I'm not saying that I'm a great player, I'm not, but I feel like solo queueing means I have no way to improve and now I'm down in the bottom of Silver, how can I now rank up when I'm soloing - it's an absolute coin flip each game. If OW told me after every game how my SR gain / loss was calculated or pointed out what metrics are used I could at least understand what I need to improve, personally, in order to make smaller losses when my team loses and maximise my SR when my team wins. I firmly believe in concentrating on improving myself, after all I can only improve myself, everyone else will just do what they want anyway. Any thoughts or ideas on how to move up the ranks or what skills to improve? PS: Before you troll, yes, I'm well aware that I need to git gud....Scruffy7 2d
2d How do you combat uncooperative team mates? I lost all my competitive games yesterday, duo'd with my brother. The large part was peoples unwillingness to pick support/tank, or just horrible people in general (had a chap who refused to try because he didn't get solo ressed, he just kept running into the enemy team alone), majority of the games we were rolling 3, 4 DPS deep. I have a bad Rein, and I even played him it was that dire! I've been shying away from comp recently because of these reasons, with me finally getting into Diamond I've been trying to push more this season, but alas I've lost most of my gains and now in lower plat. Any advice other than gittin gud is appreciated :)EISMCSQ1 2d
2d When are Blizzard going to start banning derankers? 6 games in a row now with derankers resulting in a massive loss in SR - 3 with the same one! If I report someone for throwing comp games deliberately how is it fair to keep putting me with the same person over and over again? The report system in this game is a joke currently with no real punishments seemingly happening and it is ruining what used to be a fun experience.Starchild1 2d
3d Placements Didnt play ranked in s4 so i was wondering if the game is gonna rank me based on s3 rank or im gonna be ranked like a new playeriho0 3d