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23 Jan Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Vaneras1 23 Jan
5d PTR Competitive Play - Assault Objective Tiebreaking Hello everybody, The following information was posted by Scott Mercer for the purpose of providing some insights on the new Tie-breaking system on Assault and Assault/Escort maps: On PTR we're testing a change to victory conditions for maps that have capture objectives. This includes Assault maps such as Hanamura or Volskaya, and the first objective of Assault/Escort (aka Hybrid) maps such as Eichenwalde and King's Row. Currently on live, these maps result in a tie score more often then we would like. This is especially true for more defensible Assault maps such as Hanamura, which saw the most ties of any of our maps. We decided on trying a very aggressive method of tiebreaking on the PTR to create as few ties as possible. THE BASICS: A team no longer has to completely capture one more objective than their opponent to gain a win. If both teams have the same score and run out of time, we now compare the maximum capture% of each team on the last objective they were both trying to complete. The team with the highest capture% on that objective wins. This is not based on the progression points at every 33%, but is on a completely granular scale of 0-100%. The three "pie pieces" still function as before, so if attackers take 50% of a map but wipe out then the minimum capture% decays down to 33%. We show the maximum capture% with an orange triangle placed around the capture circle. Let's go through some examples on Assault maps. Example 1: Team A on offense takes the point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes point 1 but fails to take point 2. Team A wins with a score of 2-1. (This is unchanged change from live.) Example 2: Team A on offense takes point 1, doesn't take point 2, but in one hard push was able to reach 73% captured before the defenders wiped the offense and the capture progress returns back to the second tick mark at 67%. Team B is now on offense, and they take point 1. To win the game, team B now has to reach 74% captured on point 2 to win 2-1. Example 3: Team A on offense is completely shutdown on point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. Team B on offense is ALSO completely ineffective at taking point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. The score is 0-0 and this is still a tie. We expect this to happen WAY WAY less often than live, as it requires there to be NO time that either offense had a player uncontested on the capture objective. Example 4: Team A on offense takes point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes both points with 0:00 left, earning 2 points. Team A now has 3:00 minutes to try to earn just 1% capture progress on the first point. The instant Team A has a player on point 1 without a defender being there, they will win. While all these examples are on Assault maps, remember that this also affects the first objectives on maps such as Numbani and King's Row. So what does this all mean? Well, it means that defenders will need to make sure and contest the objective by having a player on it much more than before! Small differences in capture percentages now matter. Getting full held to 0% capture progress on a point is now a really big deal. Competitive play is available with both Hanamura and Eichenwalde, so when you play on PTR you'll definitely get a map where the new tiebreaker system could be the difference between winning and losing! We're looking forward to feedback on how it all works, from the feel of the new system to how the UI can be improved.Lliodelur0 5d
16 Mar Competitive Season 4 Blog - Follow Up In case you have not yet read the Competitive Season 4 Blog, you can do so here. The following information was posted by Scott Mercer, Principal Designer on Overwatch, for the purpose of providing some insights on matchmaking and the distribution of skill: Thanks for all the feedback about Season 4 of Competitive play and the changes we made. I wanted to first talk about how the distribution of skill rating looks across our competitive population. There’s always been a lot of speculation about this due to the lack of complete “official” data, and there are actually some very distinct differences between the perceived population based on third party sites and our complete data. The data below is based on season 3 data (season 4 is too new), and the maximum (not current) skill rating of the player during the season. The values below are also rounded, so that’s why it doesn’t quite add up to 100%. Bronze - 6% Silver - 22% Gold - 34% Platinum - 23% Diamond - 10% Master - 3% Grandmaster - <1% Some interesting notes: - Median maximum skill rating is not 2500, it’s actually a little above 2300. So if you have a maximum skill rating of 2350, you have a higher SR than 50% of the population! - If you do a breakdown based upon the more volatile current skill rating, there’s even fewer players above 3000 SR than listed above. Only around 8% of the population was above 3000 SR for season 3 at any one time. With this information in mind, let’s talk about skill decay. As mentioned in the competitive blog, only having to play 1 game per week didn’t make your current skill rating very accurate or meaningful. Current Skill Rating should reflect your skill rating as an active player. We also show your Season High Skill Rating in your profile, and that won’t change during a season due to inactivity decay. While you have to play 7 games in a week to avoid any decay, we wanted players to have flexibility within the week. Play in one long session on a weekend, or several smaller sessions during the week, as long as you play seven games it’s fine. We felt like 3000 Skill Rating was a good breakpoint for the decay rules, as it was around 10% of the competitive population (see above). If you do decay, it only affects your current displayed skill rating. This decay does not affect the internal matchmaking rating we use, so we can still place you in fair matches. When you do come back and actively play matches, you’ll also typically gain more SR from a win until your displayed skill rating and internal matchmaking rating have again reached “equilibrium”. If you’re curious about when you need to play a game to avoid decay, you can see that by looking on the on the right hand side of the information screen of the competitive play card. Behind the scenes, we’re going to be making another change to our matchmaking that deserves its own discussion. The simple and primary goal of our matchmaker is creating fair matches. To do that, it evaluates potential matches by synthesizing an expected win %. The matchmaker is normally really good about creating matches with a win % that is close to 50%, but if the participants in the match are either at very high or very low SRs then it gets quite a bit more difficult. There simply aren’t many players at the extremes of SR to find. This is especially true in our lower population regions AND they’re playing at off peak times such as 04:00 in the morning AND the players queue in a large group. Normally in these situations, we wait to try and find a good match, but eventually compromises have to be made so the players in question don’t wait forever in queue. Well, we’re not going to compromise as much anymore. The matchmaker will no longer create a match above a certain win percentage threshold, and we’re going to turn this new behavior on very soon. When we do, you could possibly wait a very long time or even not find a match at all in extreme cases. To find fair matches quickly, try to play during prime hours for your region. It also easier to match you if you’re solo or in a smaller group. In a future patch, when we think we can’t find a match based on the current matchmaking population then we’ll warn you that the wait might be a very long time. We didn’t want to overreact and create a strict rule such as “You can’t queue as a group above X Skill Rating.” There are some locations and times that can handle high skill groups and still find fair matches for them. We’ll start with this new threshold not being very aggressive, but we can adjust dynamically if needed. When we do add the UI, we’ll also make the check more aggressive. Moving forward, we are currently looking at our win/loss streak bonuses and SR volatility, tuning and improving our expected win % calculations, and other elements of the matchmaking system. Competitive Play and Matchmaking are two systems that we’re constantly working to refine over time, and as always your feedback helps us tremendously. Keep it coming, and good luck in season 4!Vaneras5 16 Mar
16 Feb Insights on the Matchmaking System Hi everybody The following information was posted by Scott Mercer, Principal Designer on Overwatch, for the purpose of providing some insights about how SR and MMR work: The system does in fact try to place equal sized groups on opposite teams whenever possible. We do need to do a better job of not placing players into "unwinnable" matches. When the matchmaker creates a match, it determines the % chance for each team to win based on the match it made. The VAST majority of matches are usually near to 50% (especially if you're a player closer to median skill rating and you're not in a group), but I've definitely seen logs of matches where that's really not the case and my eyebrows raise. The unfortunate truth is that there is not always a "perfect" match for you, especially at very high (and very low!) skill ratings where there's fewer players of similar skill. Then you throw in the desire to match groups vs. groups, with everybody having low latency, and doing ALL of this as fast as possible even though it’s the 3AM offpeak... it can get tough. We've tried different tunings with regards to wait times, and the improvements were unfortunately modest as we increased the time to wait. Still, this is an area we're always looking to improve and tune better. Fortunately, when we do put you in a match that we know isn't a 50/50, we adjust your SR gain or loss based on your calculated change of winning. So if you did get placed into a match with only a 20% chance to win and then you lose, you shouldn't lose much SR. For matchmaking groups, there's actually two separate issues that we try to solve. The first issue is "How do we handle groups formed of players with different MMRs?". With season 2 we prevented players of REALLY disparate Skill Rating from grouping, but there's still some variance we need to handle. Over time we've tested different models to try and see what's best and are now using what tested most accurately. (Hint: it's not simply averaging the MMRs) The other issue is how do we model the synergistic effects of players being together in a group. As you noted, they have access to voice chat. Now here's where things get interesting. This "massive" advantage actually differs based upon the skill rating of the group members. Based upon the data we've seen groups of low to mid SR players don't see that much improvement to their win %. Higher SR players do see more notable improvements, but it's not as huge as you might think. Still, we do take this into account when we predict the win% for each team. Regardless of how the data looks, we do know there's a perception of a large advantage for groups. That's one of the reasons why we explicitly try to match similar sized groups together. So then why do points for losses and wins seem so random? Well, the amount of MMR (and SR) you go up or down isn't simply a matter of whether you won or lost, and what was your predicted chance of winning. There's a couple of other things at work. One is the matchmaker's confidence in what your MMR should be. Play a lot of games, it gets more certain. Don't play Overwatch for a while, it gets less certain. You go on a large win or loss streak, it gets less certain. The more certain the matchmaker is about your MMR, the less your MMR will change in either direction based on a win or loss. As a minor factor, we also do evaluate how well you played the heroes you used in a match. The comparison is largely based on historical data of people playing a specific hero (not medals, not pure damage done), and we've done a lot of work to this system based on the community's feedback. In fact, I've seen some people indicate that they don't think we're doing this anymore. We still are. While it's a minor factor compared to wins/losses (The best way to increase your SR is still to play together and win as a team!), doing so does help us determine your skill more accurately and faster. So take all that into account, the SR gain/loss after any single match can be a bit more "noisy" that it seems it should, but we're asking it to look at a lot of different factors to do the best job it can creating fair matches for you. As an aside to all of this... "Fair" matches doesn't always mean that every Ilios match goes 3-2 and 100-99 on the final point, or each team gets the payload to the end in overtime on Dorado, etc. Sometimes when two evenly matches teams play, the result can be one-sided. It just means that at that single moment in time the enemy team played better. It's not always the matchmaker's, your's, or your team's(!!!) fault that you got stomped.Vaneras0 16 Feb
37m The system is... Blizzard, Last time I tried to post this it did not work, it seems you censor topics... I believe this post does not violate the code of conduct you have. I think many would agree with me that the reporting system in Overwatch is broken, useless and somewhat pointless. Too many players out there who grief destroy the competitive side and seem to not have the same intentions of all the others, which is to win and win as a team. You might say to me, 'Malone, yes our system works! We have Winston tinkering with it day and night to keep the OW servers a friendlier place'. Well I say shenanigans... The system might result in someone being penalised by its outcomes if enough players do report that individual, or who could be bothered to report them however it is pointless. The system needs to invoke a sense of appreciation to an extent that when you play Ranked it is a more serious side to the game. Yes it is a game and here to enjoy but that's why you have Quick Play Now as much as everyone wants a golden weapon I think this is one of the reasons I don't appreciate the competitive side. The points people are looking to collect does not incentivise them to play well. Yes you have to win to earn points faster but who cares about ranking then? If you can win games as they come its fine, but the attitude towards others who are playing for rank, it majorly sucks for them! It comes to a point where I ask, are you going to change the system or improve it to show direct results? It would be nice to play rank without the griefing or less of it if the system imposed some more obvious penalties! You seem to have harsher outcomes for someone who has left unintentionally than someone who griefs. I lost my connection the other day and had to wait 15 mins to get back into Ranked. I would rather a griefer received that and for a lot longer period to get them thinking that they have to change their mind set. Thanks Malone <3Malone6 37m
5h Help with Widowmaker Hello i am a huge Widowmaker fan but i just cant seem to get her right. I quit playing her in comp because i feel useless so i decided to get good at her in qp before taking her to comp. I got about 30 hours on her but i still see widows with maybe 1-5 hours still doing better than me. Anyone with the same issues or should i just continue playing. My sens is 6 tick in windows, 1800dpi, 3 in game and 35 scope sens.Zaoth5 5h
7h This is Cancer ! Give us a Looking for Group tool S1 never seen gold because of !@#$s not playing meta and playing Hanzo S2 same this S3 same You do not wanna bann certain characters from competitve ? then give us a Looking for Group system like WOW where we make groups and not allow people who join those groups from selecting characters who choice to keep out Example: I make a Group and not allow people to take Hanzo and genji , people joins , we are 6 , system ques us .... since leader banned those 2 characters no one will be able to choose them ... GG Easy solution No one can troll no moreBinshams4 7h
7h fix 2cp thanks why the !@#$ can you stall while being invulnerable %^-*ing dumb game design oh and then you force the !@#$ing 2cp maps into the mappool because you'd rather force people to play %^-* maps rather than fix them and put them in when they're fixed ggǶGOKU1 7h
7h Why do players like to mock others with bronze? Now, since a lot of people hate season 4 (For some reasons....) A lot of people like to mock these people with a low sr who are bronze. Which isn't really funny to me.... Actually.... It's like handicapped people are getting mocked... Now. Why do people actually find that it is funny? Why do they do that? And why is it not funny for other people?IndianDuck2 7h
10h Griefing competition game Dear Blizzards please do something with guy who named Valuados. We played with him at 22:12 25 march in competition game. On "King's Row" attack he picked Mei and separating us with wall every time we tryed to get in. On defence he picked Winston and jump right to enemy team with sit down emote... guy from enemy team, said he did same thing in previous games. Also ill make a ticked to supports with screen shot.Slashcare1 10h
16h trashville impossible to win, 1-4 trolls/ team hfMonkeyknot5 16h
17h People ruin my games because of my old score I am not a good player in heroes who require talent.I learned lessons from folks and I play Winston, Mercy, Lucio this season.Played Genji and Mcree in previous seasons.I finished the 1900 score in the previous season and I score 3260 this season.People think I boosted me, they troll my games and they do not listen to me. Blizzard is tired of this now You should give me an option to make my rank secret.Or you should punish such bad players.I like this game very much and I want to go up to high levels please help me blizzard. Please check the pictures 17h
17h Advice needed for winning games Hello everyone, Recently I've been playing quite some competitive Overwatch, I love overwatch and the concept. However when I play competitive it's just frustrating cause I seem to lose so much. I've watched videos on how to improve and how to be a proper teammate (communicating through voice, switching out heroes to counter the enemy, filling in roles you do not necessarily like... everything for the team) but even when I do that I can't seem to win. Currently I've won 15 matches and lost 35. I went from 2451 rating to 2100 ~ ish and slowly moving down even further. The lower I get the harder it seems to win games because when I hit 2,2k rating it just seemed that no one wanted to communicate and I regularly have games in which atleast 3 team mates are not willing to join the voice chat even if I ask them in chat, emphasizing that they do not need to talk but to atleast listen to the calls that are made. I'm aware that I'm probably not even good enough for this rating cause I've got a 30% win rate which can't be blamed on anything but my skill level, but even then I really want to improve. Is there anything that I'm missing apart from trying to stay positive / filling needed roles / use the voice chat (even when there are only 2 others ) ? Thank you all for reading and I'm hoping on some advice !Djieb3 17h
17h Mercy/Ana : SR Gains & Losses BUG The main post is from the US forum, so I suggest everyone to check this out for further information: Right now there is a "bug" with the Skill Rating in Competitive Mode where healers don't gain the right amount of of points. Healers (Mercy/Ana) are currently not gaining enough and loosing too much. It's estimated to loosing 10 more points that normal and gaining 10 less than normal for someone that would earn for example: Normally earning 28, now earning 18, normally loosing 20, now loosing 30. It is most likely affected by the new Damage Amplifier stat to Mercy, that was added the last patch, as from when the whole bug started. The bug is also confirmed by Blizzard, at 02:55 PM, 03/22/2017 and posted by Scott Mercer. This is what they said: ...We also believe that the bug is connected to the assist, that affects the fire meter. As mentioned before, I only made this post to spread the awareness till it is fixed, so for now, be aware in your competitive games that the SR is not the usual. A fix will hopefully come soon! _____________________________ Buff Mercy! ♥Sara4 17h
22h Overwatch League Hello, recently there was an update released regarding Overwatch League and how the composition of the teams could look like (each city having its own team) but so far I saw only citys form US and Asia. I'm from Europe, Slovakia to be exact and I'm wondering whether I have any chance at all getting in the Overwatch League from Europe? Thank you.masch1na2 22h
23h Silver Matchmaking System Guys, i always try my best but i get worst teams ever. Look at this pictures, if you want more, i can put. But the real problem is i get level 35-70 players on my team and enemy team get 100+ level players most of them. And always someone gonna afk without reason. Whats that?ŹMIN7 23h
1d Option to not join games with 3-4-5m team when solo q I dont want to play with 3m 4m or 5m team when solo q . Why do i get matched with 3-4-5m team all the time???????????Chare5 1d
1d Inactive issue Hello guys, so just 5 mins ago, i got match in competetive, where my opponents left after soulcrushing 1st round. All of them but one. I was running around, like everybody else, keep greeting my single opponent. Then I alt-tabed to text my friend, got kicked for inactive, and I couldn't even reconnect. There was like 60-30 secs on timer left to victory, but i lose twice SR as I could even get for that win. Completly unfair. And do not tell me, that I should have stay active, there was no game to play.apostol0 1d
1d Please rework PTS system. Dear Blizzard, there is a big issue with pts gain and loss for support role, specially healer. I strongly believe that 18-20 pts for win (both team same rating) and 24-28 for lose it is absurd. I (and many of my friends) expect this absurd system. Some ppl may say that i loss more because i'm bad healer, but here we go: Even i got +18 for win and 28 for lose I still climbing well, from 2500 to 3000 60-65% win-rate. So there is my point if I'm doing bad to deserve -26-28 for lose and only +18-20 for win should I have 60-65% win rate? P.S. I tried to play dd, got equal amount of pts for win-loss around 25-27. Why pts system is so bad? Why some classes and characters are more reworded than others? Why having 60+% win rate is very minimum for climbing very slow? I'm pretty sure your team made this system to complicated and it fail... I kindly ask you to think in the direction where all classes are not depended on how much you can earn or loss, I mean win is win loss is loss if both teams got same average rating why I should find a way how to perform in a different way to get equal win-loss amount of pts? Even if I figure out how to increase amount of pts for win playing support, like spam sleep darts to get more points for amount of ppl slept, but it still very wrong, sleeping dart in right time right person right place that how it works to change the fight in win. Please try to understand nothing meter but win or loss, not how many healing/boosting/damage you done or how many ppl you shoot with sleeping dart, no meter how u perform overall, and there is no artificial intellect which could understand what is your real impact. Please try to made just old working system based on average teams rating and win or loss, not on personal performance during the game, because sry for telling you that but it is impossible, no meter how smart your are you are. Or will you give 1st place on overwatch tournament to team who shows better performance in game based on your PTS system and not to team who actually won? P.P.S Playing solo for most of the game.Emperor7 1d
1d Season 4 matchmaking Well yeah it's !@#$ win 3 then lose 10 back to back. Blizzard can go %^-* themselves.DeathDealer1 1d
1d Support SR - please help! Hi, I don't want to be "that person" again as a lot of people have questioned this in the past, but I am getting seriously disheartened with the difference in points I am gaining/losing in competitive matches as a support main (mostly Mercy). I mostly duo queue with a good DPS, and the difference was extremely obvious in our point outcomes tonight. I begun at 2750, he started at 2730, we won roughly 6 or 7 games and 2 losses, and a draw. At the end, he had gained 100 (2830) points, I had gained just 45 (2795)- working out at less than 10 points per win. Personal performance wise, I do well as Mercy but it doesn't seem to matter if you do big res's, 26k healing, potg's, I'm still gaining roughly 13 ~ 20 points and losing roughly 30. I feel like climbing is impossible. Is it something to do with medals? I know this theory has been apparently debunked, but can someone explain why this might occur? (in our case, he gained more than 3 wins worth despite us playing the same games!). Is it time to give up Mercy? Would be a huge shame, as I love playing support but something seems very wrong here. Thanks.Katsu13 1d
1d Advice for Competitive play Howdy! I have been playing this game for just a little bit more than a month, and I'm interested in playing competitive and improving my knowledge and mechanical skills. Since Season 4 starting day I have climbed from 1492 SR I was placed at to ~2300 SR. The question is how to git gud if I mostly play solo or with couple of friends of similar skill & experience? I've been certainly improving over time, but right now I lose more SR for losing than I gain for winning, which means the game is punishing me for underperforming, right? I'm not maining healers (I fill in quite often, tho), so it's probably not caused by that SR-for-healers bug people are talking about. So I'd like to get some general advice from experienced players who climbed from Gold (that is, they managed to improve). Could you maybe highlight some typical Gold players mistakes for me? What should I be aware of to not throw/ruin games? I'm not toxic and I never tilt my teammates (even if they ruin/troll etc.), so this question is more about positioning/fighting/performing on certain heroes etc. I main Pharah and I also play a lot of Zarya, Lucio, Mercy, Soldier. I also like Winston and Ana, although my aiming skills are not yet sufficient to play the ol' lady.Puntero3 1d
1d Comp Ranking too unfair Why is it so unfair? Why do I absolutely lose more SR than winning? In a total of 60 games, I lose 25.8 SR at avg. while I only win 23 SR at avg. This is just like a fist in your face.Proxava6 1d
1d Season 4 - I'm at a loss for ideas. Hey everyone, I'm not here so much to complain, but rather to share my thoughts and experiences. I find that season 4 is filled with extremely toxic people, and any type of attitude towards them doesn't change anything. I can't seem to win games anymore. People are constantly lurking on other people's competitive profile, they see a winrate below 45% on a teammate's, say gg and go hanzo or whatever else they can't play to troll. I don't mind hanzo's, matter of fact I'd love to have a good hanzo on my team. I'm not a meta person. However they pick it to troll, and this is every single game, with the exception of some select few. I've tried various approaches, being very positive- saying it's fine and to give them a chance, I've tried to be more verbal and tell them to not judge and to just play the game, I've tried to isolate myself from voice and chat completely. Nothing works. I have several accounts (to practice my different hero roles like dps, support, tank). And on diamond, master & gm level it's all the same. The attitude doesn't change at any point in any rank. In season 3 all this was existent as well, but rarely. In season 4 I find it to be every game. I'm really at a loss for ideas, the only solution I see is to quit season 4 and come back when season 5 launches. But I really don't want to do that as I love this game. However constantly losing even if I'm performing much better than previous season and I feel like I've improved a lot.. is very frustrating. On my GM account I am losing 40-50 SR per match, whilst only gaining 15-20. When this happens fair and square, I don't really care.. however almost all of my losses at this point are due to people giving up early, trolling, lurking on other people's profiles to check their winrates.. and so forth. This is a big, and a real problem. Is a solution to add a privacy option to profiles? I don't know. Stricter bans? Probably not, seeing as reports currently do nothing, and the new report system will be abused to the point where it will be neglected by staff and once again do nothing all over again. Any words of advice, anyone? Thanks.Aimbot1 1d
1d MMR System broke? I was on a huge winstreak when i got like 50pts and then i lost like 4 games in a row and i lost 40points instantly. Everytime gold healing or silver/gold dmg/kills I feel like the MMR System needs a huge rework. You just need like 3 loses/wins to completely break your MMR in good or bad way. This is not how it should work. That's the reason for the unbalanced matchmaking atm. Am I the only one experiencing this?tim0cy0 1d
1d SR points for win/loss seem odd The reason I'm creating this topic is because I don't understand how the system works at the moment. At rank 2600 I have to win twice to regain points that I lost after one loss. If this is because of the rank, then it seems odd, because when you climb higher winning gets more difficult, and eventually even with 50% WR you're gonna lose points. I understand that this season nothing is going to be changed, but thinking ahead, why not make the system work like in Hearthstone? You always win and lose the same amount. But for Overwatch there can be added some modificators (since it's a team game). All in all, what I'm saying is, I don't think there should be such a big difference in the amounts of points you get or lose.Slay4Joy138 1d
1d Lost 100 points for not playing for 3 days As the title says My last game played was at Monday evening. As I entered the game today I saw the message saying that I haven't played for 7 days and I was like "wtf". Yet I don't care much about points lost ( I'll get them back in few games) but looks like blizzards new anti-smurf system !@#$ed up "inactive days" counter or something went poof on their servers. Also I would like to suggest to add counter for how many games you need to play this week( or system message when you log into game) to keep better track on current SR decay system.Lotus1 1d
1d Looking for Platinum & Diamond players! Hi, I'm looking to start streaming some non-pro comp games some time in the future, mainly for a bit of fun but you'll also have the chance to win some prize money. But for now, I just need to test some things out. Keep in mind, you don't need a full team to sign up, you can sign up solo and I'll let you know who your teammates are. I'll give you at least a few days in advance so you get the chance to play with them a little bit beforehand. If you're up for getting involved, here are the requirements: Between the ranks of 2700-3300. Available 3rd of April, 7:30-8:30 PM BST. To take part, comment below with: Your preferred role Current SR Your Btag I'll add you, and as soon as we have enough people I'll send you a message. I will also need your e-mail, as it will be much more convenient than relying on us both being on Bnet at the same time, however I can get that via bnet :) Thank you very much and I hope to be hearing from you soon!Swinwappy2 1d
1d What Causes Loss Streaks? I've got from 2217(ish) to 2005 in one day. It took me a week to climb from 2022(placement) to 2217. All of a sudden I'm losing every single comp game the last 2 days & I've dropped so much. Where does this come from?xIegitboss11 1d
2d For all Overwatch Lady's , I need Dating Advice So I want to impress this girl that plays overwatch and I don't really know what I should say. Should I talk about how I'm a great support and healer? That I often carry with DPS? That I have an almost fanatical addiction to I'm only a diamond ranked player so I feel like that won't really be that impressive. Especially with how everyone seems to be in Master, Grand Master and top 500 lol. Anyway, I'm kind of hopeing that she will at least start playing with me and kind of just move on from there. But I don't really know how to present myself in a way that will be interesting and make her pick me for playing with me over probably the hundreds of other guys that invite her to play. Any advice would be cool.Salt22 2d
2d Season 4 ending Hei all, I would just like to ask if anyone knows when Season 4 ends? Thanks :) ♥Sara6 2d
2d Promod initiative. Hello everyone! As custom games server browser has landed we're now able to experiment with various tweaks to heroes. And possibly fix what we feel needs fixing. What is promod? Ultimately the promod is a proposal of game settings/heroes tweaks to encourage more skillful play and raise skill ceiling of the game and make some heroes more viable. It's great that some heroes in this game are designed on purpose to have a low skill ceiling/ skill requirements to play with or against them. And it's cool that it helps to bring new players in! But at the same time it's a bit frustrating for those who seek to edge their skills. And ultimately promod strives to steer the game from the random-influenced into a more skill-influenced experience. (Or if you remember call of duty 4 promod, you know what I'm talking about...) I recommend naming the server with this settings as "Promod". Also I'd hardly recommend using the competitive ruleset as it's most fine tuned competitive experience to start off. Though if you don't have time to spend on playing mirror matches, then you can try using quick play ruleset. So here is custom game settings that I experimenting with: Ruleset: Competitive Heroes: *McCree: damage dealt 125% (ultimately this meant to roll back McCree damage falloff nerf, but hence we can't influence falloffs thru custom game tweaks this is there). *Widowmaker: grappling hook cooldown 80% (since she can't defend herself with quickscoping much she needs a bit more frequent escape now). *Reaper: wraith form cooldown 75% (ultimately reaper should be able to cancel wraith form otherwise it's too predictable escape, but since we can't tweak that the cooldown reduction should give him effective buff of at least giving him more frequent capability of somewhat escaping) Of course this is possibly not all heroes who need adjustements, so feel free to propose any. Also feel free to argue with me about current tweaks. I seek constructive argumentation on why really we need this or that tweak, so please refrain from commenting if you just would like your favorite hero overbuffed. The list of tweaks in this original post will be kept updated as more tweaks possibly come.Razzeeyy11 2d
2d Torbjörn ≠ Tåbjån *Swedish person getting triggerd by others pronouncing Torbjörn wrong* I face-palm when I heard that not even the voice actor to Tor (yes, Tor is a name, not Torb? Because Tor-Björn are 2 separate names in Swedish) could say his name right. In direct translation to English his name would be: Tor = Thor (the god) + Björn = Bear __________________________________ So my question is, why did Blizzard not pick a Swedish voice actor to the hero representing Sweden? Every other hero in the game has, except Torbjörn who doesn't have a single quote in its own language, not even the hello nor thank you lines. But what do I know, maybe Blizzard will reveal in the future that Torbjörn is just pretending to be from Sweden and is actually American, just like the original voice actor? Will we get a new "real" hero representing Sweden? I doubt it... *breaths out*Sara1 2d
2d not another flame thread. alright guys I've been thinking. Why do we need to do the placement matches ect when it does not effect our out come in what rank we get? ( just saying to me it seems dumb as, cause you get given what you got last season defeats the purpose. ) but also i thought why dont we all start at like 1500 sr like wow. BEFORE YOU MOAN, just please read this. it works amazing in wow an has done for a very long time, it could work in this game to. before i get the pro players would end up in the lower pool with scrubs speech. it does in wow no one moans about it there. people usually wait out the season a few days for the pros to leave the 1500 mmr. if you wanna join them your choice. it would also encourage people to play in mix skill level. what i mean by this is a player who is bronze might end up playing with a diamond. they can become friends and the bronze could get better by having tips of the diamond. there is plenty of plus sides to doing it this way with mainly only one down side to this n that is getting pro players at the start of any season. to me it seems so divided as a game at this point in time. masters stay with masters ect. you have created groups of people. to me there is nothing more fun than going against a decent player, could not care about getting my !@# handed to me. i met a gran master he is 4.3 atm n he let me add him as a friend i love duelling him n learning how he works as a team and solo. i only met in quick play out of season other wise i wouldn't of met him. hes a good bloke gives me tips. tis the reason i am making this thread n what could be done to increase mix up n make friends. after all isnt that what over watch is about making friends n working as a team? to enjoy the game. just a thought. thanks for reading have a good day.WinterKills2 2d
2d Vote to force class change I would like to see a voting system enabled for the competitive games that helps with players refusing to switch to a suitable class for the team. I.e. 4 votes needed for a player to be forced to change to 'x' character the next time they are in spawn (or immediately if in spawn already) I know this shouldn't be required but it happens enough that it is a problem and the above solution seems like it could work in a fair way. Thoughts?Dragunov8 2d
2d Insane losing streaks. This can't be normal I just played some competitive with my friend and this happened.... We are not trolls or anything like that and are trying to play as good as we can. we lost EVERY game in the last session. My Friends winrate and skill rating trend: My skill rating trend: or you can just check out ville672#2203 and peso96#2198 from MasterOverwatch or something. The matchmaking is 100% broken or something. I really hope this will be fixed someday... EDIT: the losing streak ended when I played 1 game without my friend. this is really wierd.ville6722 2d
2d Where are you from and whats your main? Questions above. Just a lil "survey" thank you for participatingVipaah18 2d
2d Comp Rank Demoting in lower ranks I have never seen the point in having the current rule for demoting in Diamond and lower, if i start at plat but drop to bronze, that doesn't mean i am a plat player right? Then why don't you have it like master and grandmaster demoting in these ranks? I can't really think of any negatives of having the demoting system in lower ranks, if someone can tell me any negatives below that would be great Thanks!James2 2d
2d Map ban/veto system ... Would be much appriciated. Probably has been discussed a lot before. Here are my two cents on it. - Some people just very much dislike a certain map. I see you want to make sure you can not only play one (1) map all the time to avoid grinding/farming and stuff, but a simple system to make you ban just one (1) map out of the competitive map pool could be a great idea. People get the oppertunity to remove their most disliked map, and you probably get some feedback on what is the most disliked maps, which could give you a good direction of what needs rework (looking at you 1st point Eichenwalde). Also to avoid the whole map veto / character selection time being very long, my suggestion would be that you are able to choose one map in the lobby to avoid. This way it takes no additional time in the competitive process, and everyone in the lobby can agree on one map they can avoid for their session.shaNk0 2d
2d Lost connection to the game servers i just hate when i enter the game and then it kicks me out and i lose 50 sr thats just stupid blizard please fix thatBrunoruru0 2d
2d How will you stop MEI Griefers? So I've just finished my competitive match, and surprisingly I've had my fourth MEI Griefer of the day. The issue in concern is at vital choke points where the match is tense, MEI griefers were using the Ice Wall barrage to block teammates going through; costing vital time to our team and giving the enemy an unfair advantage. I would like to ask Blizzard how they can address this issue. Please note: I have reported the various users within game and I will not provide a "Name and Shame" as I don't want to risk being banned from the forums.Iain12 2d
2d Leaver Record Permanent Each Season? The other day while playing comp, I internet went completely dead while loading a match. I couldn't rejoin and had to eat the -50SR. I'm okay with that, but I want to ask if that leave will eventually be scratched off my record if I complete enough games in the future (like the -75% XP on QP), or do I need to worry that a couple more outages across the coming weeks will result in my being banned for the season?Sasquesteve0 2d
3d Competitive Gameplay = Broke AF -_- The ranking system and entire gameplay of competitive play on Overwatch is broken. They need to figure it out. I don't know how they think it's fair to be playing with teams that are significantly worse than you in the silver matchup and hope and pray you can somehow try to rank up. It's impossible. Silver is a cesspool of players who should all stay where they are but it's IMPOSSIBLE for people who start there to go anywhere. Really wish your company would fix this because it makes gameplay not even remotely enjoyable when you're performing your tasks correctly but you get NO reward for individual performance when teams don't work. PLUS you get into matches where people will leave and then it's an immediate death sentence anyways for the match and there's NOTHING that is done to compensate the teams that are down. Please get back to me because I would love to hear what your team is trying to do if anything to try to fix these issues.JohnDoe7 3d
3d Red Banner on screen when someone leaves. When someone leaves in the middle of a competitive game you get a read banner across the top of the viewing area telling you, blocking out that part of the screen. Playing 5v6 is already hard enough but then they block a fair part of your view on top of this, which is quite the distraction when trying to play. My question is, is there a way to dismiss this banner quickly or do you just have to put up with it on top of already having a handicap?subsist1 3d
3d "UNABLE TO PLAY WHILE SUSPENDED OR BANNED." "UNABLE TO PLAY WHILE SUSPENDED OR BANNED." SOOO... I got banned from the competitive season for leaving 5-6 comps? all at the start of the games so I could lose points without wasting other players time and effort, after getting the "UNABLE TO PLAY WHILE SUSPENDED OR BANNED." i received no email confirming my ban or how to possibly get unbanned?! I have just wasted my time and they don't even feel the need to let me know why i got banned from season 4... P,S i left those games to drop out of masters to play with my friends.Limpz27 3d
3d New option idea for competitive When we want play competitive games many player wants to play with favorite heros.I lost many game just becoue of they.My team dont picked any tank or healer many times. Soo if we have options like if we chose we must pick 2-2-2 heros or game dont let us play?It can be very good for team players.You know some players want to play with genji,widow etc and never chance.Many of them is bad players.If we add this options in game and start with this to competitive games every one need to pick up correct heros for team. If they dont wants to pick up heros for team they just dont chose this option and play in other games.Soo what you thing?Eriniy1 3d
3d i can't rank up (won 2/3 games still lost sr) i have 70% winrate lucio this season over 15h. plat s2 peak, plat s3 peak but im overall high gold / low plat. but i can't rank up and its really simple why. i had a win streak from 2300 to 2400. i had 2401 to be exact. i stopped and logged back in 1 hour later. won 1st game, lost 2nd, won third. current rating: 2397. so since i logged in, i had 2401 and won 2 of 3 games. im now at 2397. just how am i supposed to rank up?babbrabush8 3d
3d Mercy in Focus This post is about Mercy and what changes could be made to improve her in-game mechanics and survivability in the current meta. I am very motivated about this since she is my main and I know shes not the most picked atm. For example when playing competitive, other players might sometimes tell me to switch to Ana etc. but I feel more comfortable and always want to perform my best for the team. So I rather play something I know and won't do bad on, even if it isn't in the meta. I posted this comment on the US Forums and thought I should spread my words on the European Forums too, since I originally play here. I think they should give her either an E ability or some similar buffs to current abilities and passives to increase her survivability. With out teammates Mercy has nothing but a gun... a gun that doesn't even match up against anyone else in a 1v1 assuming both players have good aim. 20 DMG is even less than the basic melee attack. She can neither use the staff nor her fly if she's alone. Mercy is really great with teammates, but without anyone to protect her she has a much harder time than other support hero. Please Blizzard take in the communities ideas of some sort of change. The current PTR buff for her ult I must say sounds awesome and I'm really looking forward as a Mercy main to try it out. But if Mercy is dead even before fight, it doesn't even matter. The problem lays in how Mercy always has to run away and hide before the battle just to now perhaps stay alive after resurrect.Sara15 3d
3d Meet Janea the troll Today I met this peculiar little piece of sh*t After sabotaging our game for two rounds (it was always a 5v6), see how Janea reacts to being called out on trolling. Footage in the youtube-link below. If you meet this guy, please do not forget to tell him that his mother never loved him. 3d
3d 4 days loss streak? It's been 4 days, haven't won a single game. Went all the way from 3300 to 2850. Any idea why this is happening? Any advice as well? I usually solo q with ana, but it's been pretty frustrating losing every game I play for 4 straight days. The streak is still going. Either draws or losses.Phoenix5 3d