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23 Jan Welcome to Competitive Discussion - Please Read! Welcome to the Competitive Discussion forum! We encourage you to use this forum to provide feedback and/or discuss your experiences while playing Overwatch competitively. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct Forum Guidelines For the latest Overwatch news, click here. For the latest Overwatch patch notes, click here.Vaneras1 23 Jan
19 May Season 4 Ending Soon Hey, everyone. Season 4 of Competitive Play is coming to an end very soon, so we wanted to lay out a few key dates and important pieces of information regarding the upcoming season roll. DATE AND TIMES Season 4 will officially end on Monday, May 29 at 2:00 a.m. CEST (or Monday, May 29 at 1:00 a.m. BST). Season 5 is currently scheduled to launch three days later on Thursday, June 1 at 2:00 a.m. CEST (or Thursday, June 1 at 1:00 a.m. BST). For time zone assistance, and to see when the season will roll in your region, visit SEASON 4 REWARDS If you completed your placement matches during Season 4, you will be eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. These will be unlocked automatically when you log into your account the first time after the season ends. If you are placed within the Top 500 players on your platform (and in your region) at the end of the season, you’ll receive an extra player icon and animated spray on top of the other seasonal rewards. Aside from sprays and icons, you’ll also receive a number of Competitive Points based on the maximum skill rating you achieved during the season. Here’s the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for Season 4: SR 1-1499 (Bronze): 100 CP SR 1500-1999 (Silver): 200 CP SR 2000-2499 (Gold): 400 CP SR 2500-2999 (Platinum): 800 CP SR 3000-3499 (Diamond): 1200 CP SR 3500-3999 (Master): 2000 CP SR 4000-5000 (Grandmaster): 3000 CP THANKS FOR PLAYING! Thank you for joining us for Season 4 of Competitive Play! Whether you placed in the Top 500 or just completed your placement matches, we’re glad you’re a part of our community and hope to see you in Season 5. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes on, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest game news!Vaneras0 19 May
20 Mar PTR Competitive Play - Assault Objective Tiebreaking Hello everybody, The following information was posted by Scott Mercer for the purpose of providing some insights on the new Tie-breaking system on Assault and Assault/Escort maps: On PTR we're testing a change to victory conditions for maps that have capture objectives. This includes Assault maps such as Hanamura or Volskaya, and the first objective of Assault/Escort (aka Hybrid) maps such as Eichenwalde and King's Row. Currently on live, these maps result in a tie score more often then we would like. This is especially true for more defensible Assault maps such as Hanamura, which saw the most ties of any of our maps. We decided on trying a very aggressive method of tiebreaking on the PTR to create as few ties as possible. THE BASICS: A team no longer has to completely capture one more objective than their opponent to gain a win. If both teams have the same score and run out of time, we now compare the maximum capture% of each team on the last objective they were both trying to complete. The team with the highest capture% on that objective wins. This is not based on the progression points at every 33%, but is on a completely granular scale of 0-100%. The three "pie pieces" still function as before, so if attackers take 50% of a map but wipe out then the minimum capture% decays down to 33%. We show the maximum capture% with an orange triangle placed around the capture circle. Let's go through some examples on Assault maps. Example 1: Team A on offense takes the point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes point 1 but fails to take point 2. Team A wins with a score of 2-1. (This is unchanged change from live.) Example 2: Team A on offense takes point 1, doesn't take point 2, but in one hard push was able to reach 73% captured before the defenders wiped the offense and the capture progress returns back to the second tick mark at 67%. Team B is now on offense, and they take point 1. To win the game, team B now has to reach 74% captured on point 2 to win 2-1. Example 3: Team A on offense is completely shutdown on point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. Team B on offense is ALSO completely ineffective at taking point 1, not even achieving 1% of capture progress. The score is 0-0 and this is still a tie. We expect this to happen WAY WAY less often than live, as it requires there to be NO time that either offense had a player uncontested on the capture objective. Example 4: Team A on offense takes point 1 and point 2 with 3:00 left, earning 2 points. Team B on offense takes both points with 0:00 left, earning 2 points. Team A now has 3:00 minutes to try to earn just 1% capture progress on the first point. The instant Team A has a player on point 1 without a defender being there, they will win. While all these examples are on Assault maps, remember that this also affects the first objectives on maps such as Numbani and King's Row. So what does this all mean? Well, it means that defenders will need to make sure and contest the objective by having a player on it much more than before! Small differences in capture percentages now matter. Getting full held to 0% capture progress on a point is now a really big deal. Competitive play is available with both Hanamura and Eichenwalde, so when you play on PTR you'll definitely get a map where the new tiebreaker system could be the difference between winning and losing! We're looking forward to feedback on how it all works, from the feel of the new system to how the UI can be improved.Lliodelur0 20 Mar
16 Feb Insights on the Matchmaking System Hi everybody The following information was posted by Scott Mercer, Principal Designer on Overwatch, for the purpose of providing some insights about how SR and MMR work: The system does in fact try to place equal sized groups on opposite teams whenever possible. We do need to do a better job of not placing players into "unwinnable" matches. When the matchmaker creates a match, it determines the % chance for each team to win based on the match it made. The VAST majority of matches are usually near to 50% (especially if you're a player closer to median skill rating and you're not in a group), but I've definitely seen logs of matches where that's really not the case and my eyebrows raise. The unfortunate truth is that there is not always a "perfect" match for you, especially at very high (and very low!) skill ratings where there's fewer players of similar skill. Then you throw in the desire to match groups vs. groups, with everybody having low latency, and doing ALL of this as fast as possible even though it’s the 3AM offpeak... it can get tough. We've tried different tunings with regards to wait times, and the improvements were unfortunately modest as we increased the time to wait. Still, this is an area we're always looking to improve and tune better. Fortunately, when we do put you in a match that we know isn't a 50/50, we adjust your SR gain or loss based on your calculated change of winning. So if you did get placed into a match with only a 20% chance to win and then you lose, you shouldn't lose much SR. For matchmaking groups, there's actually two separate issues that we try to solve. The first issue is "How do we handle groups formed of players with different MMRs?". With season 2 we prevented players of REALLY disparate Skill Rating from grouping, but there's still some variance we need to handle. Over time we've tested different models to try and see what's best and are now using what tested most accurately. (Hint: it's not simply averaging the MMRs) The other issue is how do we model the synergistic effects of players being together in a group. As you noted, they have access to voice chat. Now here's where things get interesting. This "massive" advantage actually differs based upon the skill rating of the group members. Based upon the data we've seen groups of low to mid SR players don't see that much improvement to their win %. Higher SR players do see more notable improvements, but it's not as huge as you might think. Still, we do take this into account when we predict the win% for each team. Regardless of how the data looks, we do know there's a perception of a large advantage for groups. That's one of the reasons why we explicitly try to match similar sized groups together. So then why do points for losses and wins seem so random? Well, the amount of MMR (and SR) you go up or down isn't simply a matter of whether you won or lost, and what was your predicted chance of winning. There's a couple of other things at work. One is the matchmaker's confidence in what your MMR should be. Play a lot of games, it gets more certain. Don't play Overwatch for a while, it gets less certain. You go on a large win or loss streak, it gets less certain. The more certain the matchmaker is about your MMR, the less your MMR will change in either direction based on a win or loss. As a minor factor, we also do evaluate how well you played the heroes you used in a match. The comparison is largely based on historical data of people playing a specific hero (not medals, not pure damage done), and we've done a lot of work to this system based on the community's feedback. In fact, I've seen some people indicate that they don't think we're doing this anymore. We still are. While it's a minor factor compared to wins/losses (The best way to increase your SR is still to play together and win as a team!), doing so does help us determine your skill more accurately and faster. So take all that into account, the SR gain/loss after any single match can be a bit more "noisy" that it seems it should, but we're asking it to look at a lot of different factors to do the best job it can creating fair matches for you. As an aside to all of this... "Fair" matches doesn't always mean that every Ilios match goes 3-2 and 100-99 on the final point, or each team gets the payload to the end in overtime on Dorado, etc. Sometimes when two evenly matches teams play, the result can be one-sided. It just means that at that single moment in time the enemy team played better. It's not always the matchmaker's, your's, or your team's(!!!) fault that you got stomped.Vaneras0 16 Feb
15m Season 6 = troll season? At the end of season 5 i had some very bad games because no one cared anymore and well that's kinda ok ... maybe. But actually things got even worse for me in season 6. Have i missed anything or is 4-5 dps really a thing now? Because that's what is happening nearly every game for me. I had 21 games in this season until now (would've been more but holy !@#$ this is no fun at all) and 15 losses with ~10 losses with 4-5 dps picks. The wins were facerolls against a comp of trolls which leaves me with not a single "competetive" game yet. Have you guys experienced anything similar or am i just the lucky 0,00001% guy with troll only games?ergee26 15m
31m Climb Out Of Silver Add me if you want to play comp toobad9989#2544 Or you can join here: 31m
1h Increase hero pool Hi all, I want to increase my hero pool. Currently I'm a soldier main with zen and lucio as second and third. I want to increase my hero pool to 7 heros. I thought of: Soldier/ Reaper as DPS, Orisa/ Zarya as Tank and Lucio/ Zen as support. I still need a seventh. I'm doubting between Mccree, Mei or junkrat. I'm more hitscan oriented....What would you choose? Also, do you think Reaper is a good choice for my hero pool or can I better choose some other dps? Thanks! Donlef.DonLef0 1h
1h You *need* to reset SR/MMR. It's do or die at this point. The system is broken in many ways so this is a quick fix, but it will at least help undo some of the damage that's accumulated over the seasons. People are increasingly unhappy with Ranked and without major changes it's not going to get better. People at all levels are unhappy, but particularly the lower level players who end up not sticking around because it feels futile to try and get better at the game. The current SR/MMR should be used for matchmaking for S7 Placement matches, and then discarded for ever in favour of new values formed from those matches. This is far less than ideal(as it's still based off games using an awful system) but it's the best solution for now. Ideally do the same thing every season. What we have now is not sustainable in the slightest.Roseweave10 1h
1h A helping hand to those left behind... Leavers in comp are still a major issue. Players can leave a comp match at the start (thus cancelling it) then immediately rejoin to avoid the leaver penalty. They are then in the very next match mere seconds later. Until Blizzard truly crack down on these players it seems that we are stuck with them. But I would appreciate your thoughts on the following ideas: Reduce the amount of time a player has to rejoin a match to one minute. Allow remaining players to leave after one minute without a penalty. Allow players to rejoin a match after leaving once only. If they leave a second time, lock them out of the match completely and issue them with a penalty. If any of the remaining players do choose to leave after the minute is up, adjust their SR loss to compensate for being abandoned by the initial leaver. If they are the second player to leave, their SR loss is reduced by 1/6. And so on up to the fifth and final player whose SR loss is reduced by 5/6. If a team gets abandoned by a leaver, the remaining five players receive a buff. Their damage dealt is increased by 1/6, and their damage taken is decreased by 1/6. Maybe their ultimate charge speed is increased by 1/6 as well? This may incentivise the remaining five players to stay and see the match through to the end. As with the above suggestion, each player that leaves causes the buff to increase for the ones remaining up to a maximum of 5/6 for the final player. These two changes could go some way to encouraging abandoned players to stay in the match, thus making the match more fun for the players of both teams. Would such a system work, do you think? Is it vulnerable to exploitation? I would appreciate your feedback. :)FatalGrief1 1h
1h 50% winchance.... more like 50% winrate every time I drop below 2k I get good teams, almost too good to be true. when i go above 2200 than i suddenly get 4dps mains, accidental golds who dont know anything, 0 coordination teams and drop right back to 2k to start all process right back, win to 2,2k -> drop to 2k. You cant carry whole team to win with just your skill only, so no "get better" is an option, whole team needs to play good. Its just really weird it happens at same time, both winning and loosing games. and its not time, i played my recent winning streak on weekend and have the drop on weekday 23-01 time It just conserves me on 2-2,2 rating, I never moved from there in all OW seasons 2-6NForce1 1h
2h Looking for advices - getting out of gold/plat Hi guys, im looking for some real advice to improve my skills and get out of a ranking that i believe does not fit me. In my long adventure between plat and gold the scenario is pretty the same every match: • Two player with SSD hard disk instapick their favorite dps heroes, and almost never change them for counter enemy comp • Third fastest player pick another dps hero and start toxic chat with the other twos • Then me and the other two try to adapt our picks for a balanced comp, and in this way im always tank or healer. These roles could be fine to me, but every time the other 5 players try a weird mass split flanking games that we can describe like "going to die one by one". Rage chatting go further and players stop even trying to win. I tryed mainly 3 tactic: 1) Pick the best hero that balance our comp and try to coordinate team. Failed. 2) Pick healer and babysitting the others. Usually go very bad cause they spread so much that im not effective and a easy target. 3) Pick DPS and does not care about composition. Chatting became so toxic that nobody even care about the game any more. I remind you guys that i've never been involved in trash talking and i'm always good mannered. So, can somebody help me to figure out how to get some point in order to climb a lil bit this ladder and find better teammates that at least try to teamplay? Thank you in advance!Echoe1 2h
3h Should you stop trying to win if your team is out-classed? I've noticed that if I'm in an obviously one-sided match and I keep getting gold medals and being on fire it keeps giving me really bad team mates, but if I'm on one-sided match and go Widowmaker (who I barely play) or attack Torbjorn then the next match up it gives me good team mates. Has anyone else experienced this?Recolor4 3h
8h i want tips from mercy main on master/gm/top500 rank heya -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- i want tips about how to play mercy on master rank i want it from mercy main master rank or above -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- is mercy good for solo q&without mic? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- how to survive from -tracer? -genji ? -winston? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- when should i use my ult ? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Best settings with their benefits? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- what is best sensitivity? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Average healing done per game? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- When I play Mercy I focus on healing more than boosting, is it correct? -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- thanksǂŜȄŘVȀMPǂ1 8h
14h The Matchmaking System is Gambling Let me give you an example: You are on a competitive game, got matched with a very good team, you get a victory (or maybe a draw). At the end, there are 2 options: Stay with the perfect team you got or leave them. If you stay with them you are might win some games, or lose. Maybe 2 or more people will leave the group later. Maybe you will found out that your perfect team is about throwers, trolls and toxic people. It's about luck to get the perfect team in the current matchmaking system and community. Or for short: Matchmaking System is Gambling in my opinion. Thoughts?EkoPlaysOW1 14h
15h -50SR for connection lost 3 points for plat, no big deal. Match found, Volskaya Industries, I pick tank. 3 seconds to start, 2 ..... 1......... Lost connection! I ALT+TAB for the Browser tabs and everythig is fine ,my internet is working. I reconnect to Overwatch and Im banned for 10 minutes and I lost 50SR. It already happened a lot of times that I cant even count. Blizard, I have two questions: How do you want to keep people playing the competitive on game while the basic system that gives the ranks are all broken and unfair? And why, why the fuc* do I lose points when you kick me from the server? People are leaving this game for a reason, you know. Toxic community, unbalanced heroes, this shi* with the ranks, etc... OBS: That happened a LOT to all my friends that I play with.NOS4A22 15h
15h So tired of this game I know it's towards the end of the season but Competitive just becomes a joke. I really enjoyed the 1st month but now it's UTTER GARBAGE. Every game has at LEAST 3/4 insta-pick DPS who will not switch no matter what or do it so late that the game is lost. Plus what makes it worse, is that you are punished for flexing because you have to play a hero you don't play as much and will always lose with 4/5 DPS vs a decent composition.Narxx7 15h
15h Blizz, please start listening to the player base My tup' penny worth on the mess that is this season. I'm stuck in Bronze and doing the often complained about win streak followed by lose streak. I win more than I lose but know that will mean I won't progress. I get the "Learn to play gud" reaction. No issues. It's why I've never bothered to post before. However, bored now. My take on this season: 1) Everyone has had enough. 2) Trolls are everywhere. You report them and yet low and behold, they appear again. Probably in your team. 3) Block button is equivalent to the button used on a pedestrian crossing. Hit the button as much as you like but it's not wired to anything. It's literally a stress relief for the terminally optimistic. Which is fine if you have to wait 20 seconds to cross a road. Not so good when it's months of trolls ruining games. 4) "I don't care I'm an awesome Hanzo/Widow/Sombra main" - anyone who says this you just know it's 6 vs 5. 5) And the Leavers/throwers. FFS Blizzard. Just ban them. I don't care if it's a disconnect or their gerbil suddenly got striken with diarrhoea. Ban them because they ruin it for 11 other people - no other reason needed! The rule of 2.30 minutes of their time whilst they wind everyone up DOES equates to 30 mins of everyone elses. These people are destroying 50% of the games at the moment. The end result is no-one loves this game any more. People are literally going through the motions. We know that because of 5 above it's a lottery. Is it your turn to play with the troll/leaver/thrower? Did you get one of these on your team? You can't ban them. There is literally a 50/50 chance of a win regardless of what you do. Or Blizz, don't fix it and just watch the player base leave. Seriously, your choice. Remember Diablo 3 when you refused to listen and so you destroyed a whole series. No-one will pre-order Diablo 4 afterwards. Overwatch II - no chance if you don't fix and do something. PS: I know. I need to "get gud". Thanks.Hekate0 15h
16h I'm done with this game. Im a girl. I try to play this game and communicate with my team and talk to people when Im playing support saying that im getting attacked, I try to play tank and initiate fights, Ive begun learning dps. I like it. I like playing tracer on an alternate account to practice so i can then bring it into comp. I WANT TO PLAY DPS. (a girl playing dps?wtf? stay on healer!) BUT EVERYTIME I TRY, ITS ALWAYS TAKEN. And i want to help the team and play with the team, and be coordinating, so i play heal. all the !@#$ing dps mains complaining about mercy mains, who never play support. its dumb. I admit i liked the mercy main jokes, they were funny, and some true. but i get bullied and bullied game after game, sexists saying im %^-* because im female when i want to win, and i want to communicate, but im scared to even !@#$ing say hi in a game. Im done with this game, I can't be bothered to put hours in when all i get is %^-* back for playing heroes i find enjoyable.Kiwi20 16h
16h Blizzard's mmr system strikes again Just casually queueing with friends, exactly 1000 mmr difference between lowest and highest. Now we're winning, for once because there is no leaver, and then we gain different amounts of mmr. So it turns out, I gain 3 mmr points more than my friend. Thus we can't queue anymore, unless I lose another match or he wins another.... This is a bad mmr design Blizzard... Hoping something happens in the next season..... something positive! Thanks!qArtman7 16h
17h Had leavers in nearly every game for past 2 days This is getting out of hand.Roseweave0 17h
17h Oh look another 3 man like us! Maybe now we won't have lots of DPS Insta lockers like all the solos we played with. They'll at least go another tank, maybe a sup- *team Insta-locks 3 DPS, which include two flankers and no front line* Like, this season is definitely worse, right? It's not just me being insane? In another game, I was fire as Ana... queue me being called trash by a guy called one trick torb. Does anyone have any theories as to why it's so bad? I think that QP has got so toxic/COD like, that even the people who cause the toxicity had to escape to comp, and have begun to drag that down too.Nereviar3 17h
18h Competitive not competitive anymore? Hello. I am not here to make a cry post (this is my first post ever, about anything) I have loved this game since before release, but the affection is beggining to fade. I'm here to tell you my experience in the previous days: Just got deranked in competitive because I had 7 games in a row where the group comp was either really bad balanced ( 4 dps 1 tank 1 healer etc. ) and people leaving and/or throwing the game, not joining voice, not using voice. At one point a group with 2 players left at the same time.. My Career highest at this point was 3138 and I suddenly plummeted down to below 3000 ( and since I lost 5 games in a row below my skill rank "3000" I lose that entirely. ( and probably even the points from the end of the season?): It's not like I can't just work my way back up, but it's so random if I get a good team where we can work together as a team as this game is supposed to? When does Competitive Overwatch become Competitive? To me, it looks like Competitive has become the "place where teams are a tiny bit better balanced out and people aren't practicing a hero for the first time" I don't mind the hanzo mains, the genji mains and so on, but they don't work that well when they're running around with 5 other dps heroes trying to get the most kills. This doesn't sound like competitive to me.. When competitive is about working as a team, completing the objective. I seriously would like a "role selection" of some kind, or even "preffered role" to make things a bit more balanced than having 5 genji mains on the same team, and I think some others out there agree with me. The "role selection" of some sort can't lock you to a role because sometimes you gotta flex and pick a counter or hurry to reach the point in the last second of "2CP" but atleast it could make you start off the game in a good position?FreakyTORRI0 18h
23h Sombra I am just going to ask the majority of "not Sombra player at all never touched her". Do you even know what she does like literally does every ability and that walking on a hacked pack gives her ult within not even 1 minute into the game or is it the 4-6 man hack ult where the whole team can't do anything but left clicking for 5 seconds and nobody dies. Perhaps it could be the language barrier what is "NOT A PROBLEM" according to blizzard, yet in let's say 100 matches I have maybe just maybe 10 games where everybody is in voice understands english and are even able to talk.RocktumǶ2 23h
1d Symmetra sr problem + suggestion about leavers Hey , the problem with symmetra sr is annoying , when you are winning , you will get around 20sr, but when you are losing , you lose about 30 sr , even if you got 3 gold medals 1 silver , its just not fair , but if i will play mercy , i will gain 30 and lose 20... I dont know if you can fix it but ty anyway. My other suggestion is when you got 2 leavers+ in your game, you will lose less sr , its sucks when you lose 30 for leavers with 4 gold medlas...ido7 1d
1d How to become a professional player? Hello everybody. I'm trying to become a professional player in a overwatch, but everyday I play only worse. Every day it is more difficult to keep motivation. How professional players train? What should I improve in my training program? mb u know any tips how to improve my game? I train 5 days a week: Almost 3 hours of training aim: 10 min "training ground" on tracer 30 min "training ground" on mccree 1 hour skirmish with bots (3 ana and 3 lucio) on mccree 1 hour skirmish with bots (3 ana and 3 lucio) on Soldier 76 30 min viewing vods 4 hours I play screams and after that, 2 hours competitiveYardbird24 1d
1d competitive end date? Hi all, on the competitive screen it says that competitive will end in 5 days. Does that mean it ends friday night or is it saturday night. So 5 days European time or 5 days American time? DonlefDonLef1 1d
1d Your typical comp team Just for fun, what is your typical comp team ? Here is mine : - one guy crying to have a 2-2-2 and will insult everybody if you don't take what he wants, but he'll generally don't play tank or healer himself - one Dva out of mech every 5 seconds and spamming "I need healing" - at least one sniper who can't aim, sometimes two ( because the solution to every problem is more snipers ) - one pro Genji ( spamming "I need healing" of course ) - one Lucio who thinks he can solo-kill 6 people ( gotta get this sweet boop POTG, y'know ) - one Mercy rezzing during an enemy ult so you die just after again ( like her ) - one toxic guy calling everyone "troll" and "noob" ( generally plays Soldier ) Also here is my favorite tactic : - only take low damage characters - don't take any ranged damage character to deal with Pharah, Widow, Torb, etc. - spread out, spawn camp, ignore your tank's shield and get insta-killed when the other team attacks - ignore the payload - run away from your healers and break line of sight so they can't join you or heal you - don't switch - don't group up and keep feeding their ults - blame your healers for the loss PS : Don't take this thread seriouslySakermasok7 1d
1d 10 months of platinum (HELP) As the title suggests I'm bordering on my 10th month of playing platinum. Only time I left it was a short drop into gold, which I managed to alleviate. Diamond has been my personal goal ever since I missed it in placement a few seasons ago. Since then it has been my single objective to make it into diamond tier. After all this time in platinum, however, I am primed for a thermonuclear detonation of apocalyptic scale. This goal has been my sole objective of Overwatch - 85-90% of my time on the game has been spent grinding competitive to the point of exhaustion. The trend of reaching high platinum then being launched onto a losing streak over 20 games long has been the creditor of many exasperated grasps at heroes I never dreamed of seeing myself playing. As a tank main, bordering into DPS and support was tough for me but alas I have tried to adapt for the benefit of the team. I remember the days when people picking snipers was a rare sight to behold. But that is not my arguement today. What began with a simple goal soon mutated into the obsession I experience today. Grinding constantly for 10 months has sapped all but the slightest enjoyment from the game. I can't remember the last time I solo-queued for a quickplay game. At this point I just want to be put out of my misery. So I finally, and I admit reluctantly, come to ask for help from you, the community. I need help to get into diamond. Whenever I've shared this with others in-game, I've been laughed at. Diamond is apparently an easy tier to reach, but I fail to see why that is so. Surely it must be different for me. I can't be this blind! Please throw your advice at me for reaching diamond! I feel I always play what is best for the team, not most enjoyable for me. I also make sure I focus on the objective and encourage tactical conversation wherever applicable. Primarily, I feel unrewarded for my constant effort as the game raises me up just to drop me further... Thanks in advance for any advice! I am perfectly aware that some may say I am simply not good enough for diamond tier. To that I must pose the question - if I can reach 2971sr, why is that small, 29sr leap so much to ask for? PanzerPAŊZER1 1d
1d The problem with SR Gain vs. Loss Aside from the rewards often feeling semi-random due to the black box nature of the system(and it rewarded stat farming rather than team play), it's generally too slow a system to get you to where you want to be. I can get 33 SR on a victory and under 20 on a loss, currently, after a ridiculous losing streak and multiple well documented bugs/crashes forcing me down in silver/down 500SR. Even the system recognises I should climb - but the problem is how long will it take me to climb? At a 50/50 winrate, I'm getting an average of maybe at most 15SR a game. That means it's going to take over 33 games for me to get back up! Previously they had a "streak bonus" to try and accelerate people to where they belong. The problem with this is that streaks aren't really related to performance so it was nonsensical in the first place - unless you're a masters level player in silver its'very hard to "Guarantee" any kind of successive win streak. It's the system itself that seems to create win/loss streaks, for whatever reason I don't fully understand. The most logical solution for this would be to have the placements actually count and wipe the MMR/SR every season, but they won't do that. Mainly because this encourages people to buy new accounts where they inevitably place much higher. Creating a system where you have to grind and stat farm *just to get back where you should be* or overcome the system's "gravity" that keeps you in lower ranks on older accounts is terrible design, and it really upsets me that Blizzard haven't addressed the fundamental flaws in the system. So, so much of this would go away with an MMR/SR reset each season.Roseweave6 1d
1d Symmetra is way too broke. As a Diamond player, I find Symmetra in every game in Quick Play, Competitive and Arcade. She's broken. Her range on her weapon is way too long and goes through walls. Her turrets have a long range and instakill. the slow is way too powerful aswell. What are your thoughts on her?Syahial3 1d
1d Whats so fun about the must pick dps mentalitie Olmost every game nowedays I'm stuck with people that are desperate to play the dps role. They dont talk, they hardly got impack in the game, they assume I can solo heal 5 people running around the map like headless chickens. What am I missing thats so fun about playing dps and costing your team the game? I'm used to flex picking, wich always end up in having to solo heal or sometimes(yay) duo heal. And "IF" I once pick a dps at the start of the game I'm getting told to play a support since I main healer in their eyes. Wich is not realy a choice, I just like to win every game no mather what I end up playing.......Jean2 1d
2d The Ranking System is Very Bad Hello, I wanted to share my experience with the overwatch ranking system currently implemented in the game. In my opinion, the current ranking system is very bad and un-polished and needs a huge fix and attention before it should have even been implemented to the game. The current system uses the ELO ranking system used in chess in order to determite the skill of a player and match him with opponents with similar skill. The "only" difference is that overwatch is a freaking team game and chess is a 1v1 game... It just makes me laugh when I hear the words "Team" and "ELO" together... How the hell can you determite my skill based on my team? ELO only works in chess because chess is a solo game, without any factor of "luck" or "chance"... It trully measures the skill of the player... And so, how can you measure my skill when I have a bad team?! I mean, this really buggs me, the fact that I have finished my placement matches, and won 6/10. The 4 others, I drawed 1 of them, and lost the other 3. The 3 losses were because of my stupid and useless teams which I've met. No communication, no team composition, no one listenes everyone does what they want, how can you even play like that?! The funny thing is I lost those games instantly, because our team didn't even try. I couldn't get any kills and we didn't even defend our points for more then 30 seconds... In all of those games I've got gold medal having only 5-6 eleminations?! I even got gold healing as mei once, this only shows how bad our team was... But true point, because of those matches I've got 2100 gold ranking... 400 less then last season only because of those matches, which btw didn't happen last season... And what's funny is that now I can't even play with my friends which play on a level close to me which got ranks close to 3000 because they were lucky with their placement matches, and now I'm trying to climb up but I just go down beacuse of again, bad teams. In the lower levels like the one I got, no one communicates and there is almost no team play... And all the teams I play against usually have grouped friends, which I cannot do, because my friends can't group up with me! And the placement matches are basically a matter of chance and luck. Because technically if you have good teams and you are really bad at the game in the placement you will simply get a high rank... This is what is really the problem. The current system is just bullsh*t and unless it is fixed or at least improved I have no point in continuing playing overwatch competetive. I just rage too much when I lose because of a stupid team. I just waste 20 minutes of my life knowing from the first 3 minutes of the game we are already going to lose. This makes me so angry that I litreally don't want to touch overwatch for a few good days. I hope this will get fixed or at least imrpoved so that all of the player base can really show their true skills and not be dependent on their teams. For now on, I'm not gonna play more competetive untill this is fixed due to the fact I only lose right now because of bad teams that don't know what team play is.MisterShadow22 2d
2d SR points for win/loss seem odd The reason I'm creating this topic is because I don't understand how the system works at the moment. At rank 2600 I have to win twice to regain points that I lost after one loss. If this is because of the rank, then it seems odd, because when you climb higher winning gets more difficult, and eventually even with 50% WR you're gonna lose points. I understand that this season nothing is going to be changed, but thinking ahead, why not make the system work like in Hearthstone? You always win and lose the same amount. But for Overwatch there can be added some modificators (since it's a team game). All in all, what I'm saying is, I don't think there should be such a big difference in the amounts of points you get or lose.Slay4Joy198 2d
2d competitive matchmaking is terrible! (for me, at least.) seriously, isn't there something in the system that logs how much people play as certain heroes and how good they are at them? I thought I was doing okay for a fairly new overwatch player this start of the comp season being placed in silver (im bad, okay?) yet one day I just couldn't win any matches. I dropped to bronze and cant get out no matter how much I practice. is this my problem? my teammates? is this possibly a bug? I don't know. I always switch when we need a specific hero, but this matchmaking system- it really is ruining my spirit in competitive. I don't feel like even playing it anymore. ._.Maximumbass3 2d
2d Bad math for current competitive season Bad math for current competitive season, you are losing around triple SR than you are winning, if the just 50 SR between teams are counting so much in the punishment, why this broken system isn't waiting any longer for a more balanced match!? Let alone that it cannot detect the higher MMR smurfs accounts. The past season it was a longer waiting time and way more fair match, you never were losing triple time than winning; this sixth season you aren't even waiting on a skirmish mode server, less than a minute you are thrown in an unfair match and punished (even this very system is the culprit) triple time for it.FearlessLove1 2d
2d SR in freefall again. Your system is a !@#$%^- joke. I placed Bronze this season(after having played since S3, so crappy placement) and made my way up to mid gold. I lost at least 150SR due to bugs, and ever since then the system has been forcing(and I do believe it more or less forces people, via the matchmaker) further down. The MMR/SR system is terrible because when it !@#$s up, it can tilt people or put people in situations where they can't perform well regardless - teams that won't group up, people that won't pick a second tank or second heal, etc. and that further counts against your MMR. I'mn not sure what exactly causes losing streaks(the matchmaker forcing a rough 50/50 ratio is part of it), but it's probably related to this. Plenty of people have made Smurfs and noted vast differences in SR between their accounts, often as much as 1000. NEw accounts have a massive advantage as they aren't weighed down by lost SR due to bugs/crashes, past performance etc. The entire system feels like a scam and it just inflicts misery on people. As toxic as gamer/FPS culture is, at least 50% of the FPS culture comes *directly* from stuff like this - the SR system and the matchmaker. Yet there's been no word on blizzard on if this will ever be even touched. During events it's even worse because people are desperately trying to grind for EXP and Arcade wins on top of that, and that aggression can carry over into comp. People in OW are toxic not because of the community, but because the game there are parts of the game that border on psychologically breaking people to the extent where I wonder if some left over code from Polybius in there somewhere.Roseweave7 2d
2d anyway to fix mercys broken mmr? so i Think we all know that mercys mmr is broken and i Think i know why the thing is that mercys mmr scales by rezzes for the most part and what is the diffrence betwen rezzing a player that died outside of the spawn door when u have won the team fight and not ressing and saving this 30 sec colldown to when sombady died in next team fight the answear is that in 1 u get 1 rez and the cd Begins again in the other u only get 1 re when the first 1 in the teamfight dies.but then the first mercy would have their rez u might say but no thats wrong she would prob have 7 or 8 sec left so shes gonna use it again but when not 1 but 3 are dead bassicly rezzing into a 4vs6 and if you dont rezz the junk that died outside the spawn door u would get a 6vs6 do you see what i mean? not all mercy mains are boosted but many of them are bad but they get rewarded for it and im gonna admit it im doing that right now im playing bad im doing bad rezzes bc im not gonna lose a !@#$ load of sr bc the game compares me to the mercys that are playing bad. the game not only reward being bad it punish pepole that play good by comparing them to the bad players and its %^-*edGent0 2d
2d Endless losing streak This game is rigged AS HELL ! I'm playing as usual, doing my very best, but I can't stop losing. I get the worst teammates again and again against premades, high level players, etc. STOP manipulating Matchmaking PLEASE ! I just want FAIR RANDOM MM, not winrate bull!@#$ !ROADR8GE1 2d
2d Diamond is trash? Supports not worth it? Hi, I'm Uncle! To start with, this is my most played season so far, and I've worked hard for my rank. My career/season high is about 3300 SR. I am a support main, at least in this season, but I can play almost any hero, if there's a need. Then, to the problem. As a support main, at least in the EU region, it feels like there's so many people in diamond, who shouldn't be there, at least in my opinion. Only 1-2 people actually speak in the voice chat, usually. Don't get me wrong, there are some rare matches where multiple people talk and make call-outs, like it's supposed to be. Usually I'm the only one who tells teammates who's where and what's happening in the backline. From what I've experienced, it's next to impossible to carry yourself to Masters playing solo queue as a support, but I might be wrong here. Now talking about these people "who shouldn't be in diamond." I'm ran into multiple people, who just pick Junkrat, even though it's their first match playing him, ever. Then there's the usual attack Torbjörn on Hanamura, the common 4 DPS and 1 healer and a tank. And the ultra-rare, 2 snipers, 2 DPS and 2 healers on attack in Temple of Anubis. As in the title, I don't know if this happens in other regions, since in the EU, there's a lot of different languages, and people might not communicate as well as in NA for example. Tell me, if you've had similar experiences, or am I just so bad at this game :D I'll be waiting for appropriate answers to this thread.Uncle7 2d
2d competitive is a joke - uninstalling yesterday me and my friend duo and we were on a 3 winning streak. Then he goes off so i solo q the first god damn bloody game we have a thrower cuz there was a tracer player in our team and he had some beef with him so hes gonna throw. 2nd game we get another thrower i dont remember why but he wasnt trying at all and going torb and !@#$. 3rd and 4th game was fine and i win and i get like 15-20 sr per win. Then 5th game we get another thrower dont remember why but i got so tilited nearly broke my keyboard. New day today lets hope i win some games, first bloody game we get 4 dps and 2 support and noone plays tank, i was still trying but after loosing the first fight this idiot says nothing and goes hanzo and throws, stays afk in spawn. We ask why are we throwing (plus all the toxic bs) he says at the end of the game cuz no hit scan to counter pharah. Like seriously what the %^-* am i suppose to do when u win games u get 15 sr and when u loose its like 30 sr. This game is rigged and bs im uninstalling fix ur fucjking game b4 its too lateiEatRaw1 2d
3d endless worst teammates in competitive I'm playing as , doing my very best but I can't stop losing.i get the worst teammates again and again against premades, high level players, etc.STOP manipulating Matchmaking PLEASE ! low level guys only is coming to competitive and they are not playing good and they not changing heroes they playing bad so my rs is going down first am in silver but now am in bronze pleace pleace pleace fix this qucik thats allSHADOWW0 3d
3d how do not even get tilted?? -when a mercy main pick genjii while having a 5% winrate on it -when torb say he dont need orisa shield because "he has his own spots" -when you wait around 5 min to dodge the guy that trew on your previous game while somehow managed to win, just to find it again on the next match i could carry on with more examples all day, but the obvius question is why is it even called competitive if the majority of people just play it for fun/troll/trowing and gets away with it?Vaillant0 3d
3d Odd FPS & Ping since Halloween Update Every since the start of the Halloween update, my ping went from a set 23, which I have always had whenever I use my ethernet, to a standard 43-70. I don't know what is wrong. I tried different cables, and its only in overwatch. Another thing is that for every gamemode, I get around 120 fps on low settings for everything, everything but competitive. I've run a lot of tests, I play a quickplay match with 120 fps right after getting on, every application but overwatch closed. I go into competitive and I drop to 50 to 55 FPS. I've tried all the methods that people use to increase FPS, and it increases it everywhere BUT competitive. And the saying that since a lot goes on in comp it makes it laggy makes no sense whatsoever, as some regular game-modes and custom games I play are a lot more graphically intense with a lot more going on. I'd like some help on this, and no, I can't get a new computer.BungardBooce0 3d
3d Fix your game before ...making it competitive.Frank6 3d
3d People leaving issue Feels like beating on a almost dead horse here, but here goes. I get the issue that It might be hard to balance things If someone leave halfway through a game. I can see why people on the losing side don't wanna lose SR because someone left the game, halfway through. But i can also see that the winning team wants some reward for their time invested aswell, obviously they don't wanna spend 10-15 minutes, only to have someone on the other team leave, and also get punished for It. I can understand to full extent that these issues are hard to balance. But yesterday we on our team had one person leaving right of the bat, twice in a row. As soon as the match started, one person left, not even 10 seconds in. And the MM system did not find a replacement. So we had to do a full game 5v6, needless to say, we did not win, even though one of those games came very close to us actually winning, whereas the other was a slaughter. So two games in a row, where we had to face an uphill battle right away. As mentioned, If the game has been on for awhile, i can understand If it's hard to do anything about It. But i think It should have some "failsafe" system in place. If the system detects a person leaving right of the bat, make It so you can take a timeout or something, If It were to happen within the first one or two minutes. That way no team has really invested any time in that particular match, yet It would give one team a little more time to find a replacement in the very least. I know this can slow the flow of things unfortunatly, but i'm fairly certain people would not mind If a quick timeout (somehow) or a quick restart (with a replacement) happened If someone were to leave straigth away. Might be tedious If someone from the opposing team left, and you're stuck with a quick timeout or reset. Yet would be a blessing If It occured in your team, else you'll might have to fight an uphill battle from start to finish. And get equally punished as the first guy leaving If you choose to do so, because you don't wanna spend to much time on a game your most likely gonna lose anyway. I know this is a delicate matter, and hard to get right/balanced. But i think It should be looked into some more though.Grahn0 3d
3d new comp matchmaking is bad after season 3 competetive matchmaking has begone more worse. Too much people are trolling and leaving if enemy gets 1 score.Juhop11 3d
3d Loss of SR through leavers Why do we still lose a huge chunk of SR when we have to play a 5v5 / 4v6 etc? We have already been damaged as a team by someone who has left the game. We are then having a much higher chance of loss yet being punished the same, sometimes it feels even worse. This especially sucks when you're borderline moving from on division to another. There should be a limit to the amount of SR you can lose from after someone has left the game and the person who left should gain the full loss of SR or possibly more for damaging the SR of others.Cateyes0 3d
4d Comp seasons 5&6 summary I've played OW Comp in seasons 5 and 6. For the most part it was a frustrating experience and I'm thinking about ending it. The whole problem of the Comp mode is matchmaking system. It is currently based on an idea of probable win rate of 50%. I don't know the exact details on what the system takes into account, these are general speculations due to constant frustration. If you start to think about it, it all seems fair. But the devil hides in plain sight. The fact, that the system uses probability to attempt to make an effective groups of people, turns your game experience into a casino with roulettes using dice, instead of balls. And there are only 3 ways to win at the casino: chance, cheat and psychology. Here are the reasons. Imagine, you join a match, and pick your main with steady win rate around 50%. And all of your teammates make the same choice - pick main with 50% win rate. And the team managed to take all necessary roles. And the enemy team made the same choices. Now we come to the situation of PROBABLE 50% WIN RATE. What if one of your RANDOMLY provided teammates picks a char with less than 50% win rate? This drops the probability of win for the whole team. If there are two teammates, stepping away from the safe choice, the probability drops even higher. This is a team game. In this settings, personal mechanical skill does not matter, period. You cannot solo carry, the game design prevents it. I'm not talking about smurfing, it is cheating in this particular casino, and this is why people do it to their own satisfaction. You have to rely on your teammates. And here comes psychology. People tend to be unreasonable under pressure, and a win or loss streak will make anyone frustrated. This explains the amount of aggression present in game. Passive-agressive behaviour is also the result of constant frustration, caused by (and this is completely against human nature) the REQUIREMENT TO TRUST A TOTAL STRANGER. So, to summarize, I see two ways out of the current situation. First (the easiest) - NEVER solo queue. Team up with people, whose play style and experience suits you. You gotta have synergy with people you team up with. So, the preferred scenario is a group of 6 people, occupuying all team roles and effective at them. This increases queue times (reasonable, since win rate of such group is HIGHER, than of random group, and matchmaking system makes effort to overcome the advantage), but improves impression about the game GREATLY. But it essentially turns the game into the social network tool, which is a very strange experience and role mixing. The second way is much, much harder. Blizzard, you gotta redesign the matchmaking system. SR is a very strange meter. It demonstrates not your skill, not your experince, but only the, IDK, probability mark, meaning you WON MORE THAN YOU LOST AND IT IS COMPLETELY RANDOM. Take win rate out of the equation - it is random and does not display anything. Or take into consideration only matches with balanced teams (they tend to be more predictable). Choose some solid skill markers: play time on several characters (not a single one), XP, individual character traits, like KD ratio, accuracy, etc. The way I see it, the game should use quick play as a basis for assessing a player's skill. Player should have some characters appear restricted for competitive, because of low play time or low stats in quick play. This will effectively prevent players to disrupt team performance by making inappropriate picks. And, please, make the ranking and matchmaking systems more transparent, so that people could effectively modify their playstyle and behaviour according to ranking system requirements, which are totally bizzare right now. Anyway, the current game design makes makes Comp a frustrating experience and a full time job, which does not make sence at all, since it's a GAME and it has to be fun.Des0 4d
4d Disconnecting So today I learned a very interesting fact about overwatch. While you're in queue for comp and your internet cuts out, you still lose SR and get suspended. Why is that even a thing? You're in queue not in a match. Trying to get gm and then lose 100 SR because of this stupid system. How does that make any sense?Striker1 4d
4d A competitive SR reset? I am not the first person to complain about season 5 and 6...and I will not be the last... -Hanzo main No.2,453 We have all spent 5 1/2 seasons pretty much at the same rank. GMs have been GM since they started, and bronzes have been stuck down in their rank too. The way the system works is that you only get SR from victories. Doesn't matter if you play an amazing game. You get gold elims and damage, or over 20,000 healing - you will only gain SR for victories. Sure, your performance dictates how much you gain/lose, but it's still a pain. What is my point? My point is, there are many players (myself included) who may have jumped into cp way to early in their Overwatch careers, getting a rank far below their rank should really be. And they can't rank up because the only way for them to do that would be to win so many games it would be unfeasable. Looking at my performance and using apps like Oversumo which track your in-game performance, I am a platinum player AT LEAST, but I can't reach that goal. Despite what you may think, just being better than the entire enemy team alone does not mean I will win. There is no chance I can carry whole team and basically 1V6. I'm not saying it's my team's fault I lose. I'm saying I wish I could be enjoying the game at the rank I should be, with players of similar skill. Many bronze and silvers will be happy where they are. I am not. I know I am much better and I just want to get out of the bottom of the pile without having to pay £30 on another account just to do this or install apps like Gamerlink to stack with other players (all my friends play OW on console and I'm a PC player. I am lonely). I have tried apps like Gamerlink and Discord but nothing works. I am one of many, and I honestly believe that one good way to sort this issue that lots of people have is to have a complete reset of competitive as a whole. I know that one may think "What about GM players? What if they can never get back to GM?" to which I say, if they really are that good, then they'll get there no issue. This will also resolve people being at a rank HIGHER than they should be, like old Mercy mains carried by master level dps players, or those swines who paid hundreds of dollars/pounds/whoevencares on those SR boosting websites to rank themselves up (and resetting their rank completely will just be a huge f**k you to those people and I find that thought extremely hilarious). I can see no downside in resetting the SR of all players. And if you, the devs, are unsure, then test it. Maybe try one week with all ranks reset, and see community response. I believe that doing this will make the game more balanced for all skill levels. It's essentially a fresh start, a fair chance, a second life, a retry. I implore you to consider this.Tsekrad9 4d