Competitive Discussion

11 May 2018 Avoid teammates PLEASE ADD MORE "AVOID AS TEAMMATES" SLOTS. 2 Players per week is NOT enough. I play competitive everyday for 7 hours. I face a lot of STUPID players who don't communicate and pick random heroes.Mesho9 11 May 2018
11 May 2018 Any tips for inconsistent performance? Hello, I've been playing competitive since the beginning, and for a while I always stayed in high plat and I've even managed to be in diamond for a season or two. But, lately everything just seems to be going wrong and I'm not playing nearly as well as I used to. I've just been losing and losing and now I've landed myself in mid-gold, trying to get up again but to no avail. Most days, I feel like my performance is way worse than it used to be, even though I'm trying my absolute best to be good. Only rarely I perform really well, but that never lasts too long. I don't know what's wrong with me nowadays, whether it is lack of confidence in my gameplay or just general fatigue or some other problem. But I'm not here to ask about the reason why, I'm asking how I can improve and get back up again maybe. Does anyone here have a simular problem with inconsistent performance? If so, do you have some tips to watch out for? I would greatly appreciate it.PurpleDragon1 11 May 2018
11 May 2018 I SR restored to my account This has happened quite a few times and I let it slide. This time I cannot. I've been playing in gold for majority of my time on this game. From Season 6 or so I fell into low silver. As of today I climbed out of Silver finishing a match at 1998 and climbing to 2026. I started another match shortly after and there was a power surge. I know this because the lights in my house flickered. The thing is I have an Uninterruptible power supply. So my internet was not disconnected nor did my PC shut off. However I was booted out of the match, I could not rejoin, and I was also logged out of Battle net. Thanks to that happening my SR has dropped to 1976. I would greatly appreciate it if someone in blizzard support returned my SR to what it was. I will not play again until this is corrected. Thank youIzThatit2 11 May 2018
11 May 2018 mb i was salty Ive heard it discussed before that the matchmaker has a predetermined bias for one team to win, effectively "stacking" that team with players on win streaks. I never really believed it, but recently i think comp has become unbearable. After winning two or three games in a row, ill get matched into a team of 5dps mains who all instalock, or a team of all low diamonds vs the other teams with high master and gm. I used to be able to just grind games and eventually id gain SR but for over a week ive been stuck at the same SR on a cycle of climbing 50 SR and losing 50SR. I know people might think its me getting tilted or not playing my best after so many games, but i know when im tilted or not playing well and stop, it feels like no matter how long i wait between games ill always be matched onto a team which is bound to lose.IcedDonut3 11 May 2018
11 May 2018 Bring it back! A long !@# post, hitting create topic, it disappears. Completely. $%^-ing really? Its been years and the same nasty forum bug still stays??? You cant even *!@#ing put save draft to avoid this crap? Other forums do but one of the biggest gaming companies cant be arsed to put a save draft feature? Blizzard, you are a disgrace not only when it comes to balancing but also when it comes to building websites.Bustar1 11 May 2018
11 May 2018 Fair play my !@# Your matchmaking system is bull!@#$ this game is %^-* and i will never play it again. Sonce when does a player loose 20 games in a !@#$ing row but still manage to be the best player on his team and that is from and objective standpoint because i always have 4 gold medals and play of the game.Bloodadict1 11 May 2018
10 May 2018 Brigitte Her cooldowns are too fast, she heals faster than she takes damage and has a stupid hitbox for her abilities. She wasn't ready to be put in comp and now she's ruining it.Kacper8 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 It's here folks Triple support. And boy is it cheesy.... we won the game against it but man I can see it being out right aids to face in upper leagues.polishpimp1 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 Can Blizzard do IP bans plz! I kept getting these players who no matter what I request from them they dont ever care about traying to win what so ever, so why can't we have those players instant IP banned for thorwing on perpos? Lost litteraly 2 games in a row withing 10 minnutes! 2 GAMES! IN 10 MINS! in litteraly almost every game between gold and platinum there is eather 1 or 2 throwers EVERY SINGEL TIME!! it's litteraly impossible to climb becasue of all these throwers!.. ahve been stuck at the end of Elo hell all for the same reason of a player or players who never cares to lisen to the team, grouping up or having common sense about how to work as a team.GBThor6 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 Server closed due to an unexpected error -50 SR Today, I played a comp game and just about 1 min after a round start it lagged out with message 'Server closed due to an unexpected error' and after another minut of lagged out game it put me back to menus just to find out I am now banned and lost 50 SR. Thank you, that's two wins. It was on my other account, here is a SS: 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 This season is boring Storm arrows and brigitte genuinely ruined my competetive experience. It is no longer making plays or out playing the enemy team. It's this. Junk Pharah (maybe mercy) and shields. Spam shields lads good luck have fun! Pharah is revived which is nice but genji tracer mccree (maybe soldier) are just dead. there is no point playing them as you will do better with junk spamming shields as you won't hit any nice shots as everyone is behind shield. Brigitte overheal also made it just unfun. You can outplay tracer predict her with flashbang or hit her with dragon blade and dash to insta kill her. oh but look she was overhealed. Hanzo is just this: oh someone isnt behind rein barrier, lets aim in the general direction of someone and im bound to hit at least 2 shots or even get a kill. Sp basically the meta is unfun. Once against its just spamming barriers and the only skill required in the meta is placing zarya bubbles at the right time and zarya tracking or playing pharah and hitting direct shots, skill has been killed and positioning is slowly dying as you just sit behind barrier. Please nerf something about brigitte and maybe storm arrows because i think they should reward fast reaction time and good aim to get a nice kill instead of spraying and praying with a 3 or 2 shot minigun. Some people might disagree with me but this is just my opinion and im sure people will just spam me with "you're just bad" but leave your suggestions below.JohnCalvin0 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 SR Sorry but im very annoyed the way i play amazing and then i win 1-10sr but then i loss 30sr like arghh. i was always 2.7k but now im 2.4k because the sr system and i am always getting put in games with lvl 25 that dont know how to do grap plz fix it.Mango0 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 Competitive Points Something NEW plz?! Can we have something new to spend our competitive points on instead of those 2016 golden gunZZZzzzZZ? plz plz ty plzsw2rve1 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 difference between leaver and internet disconnection Overwatch support team must make a clear distinction between someone leaving the game on purpose and someone having a connection issue, I have got a suspension from comp because of connection issues that rarely come up but when and if they do I always get a suspension from it. a solution that I can come up with is putting a time limit to people who get disconnected from a game like a 2-4 minutes and after that time is up you penalization them with a suspension. some people might abuse that system if they want to throw the game so setting a maximum 2 DC issues in one game and getting a suspension after they each that seems fair but getting a DC then returning and finishing the game and still getting a suspension seems unfair. Blizzard please fix this issue. Thanks for all of the support.o0JS0o3 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 "Have to join" Voice Chat - Competitive; Please add I know no one important will read this and it doenst bother most people anyway, because most people dont actually use voice chat... but PLEASE add a function for competitive for voice chat only, where you instantly have to join voice and no one goes around and tells me "why? i won all my comp games without voice i dont need it" and then just runns off alone and dies and then complains that we are bad... lol hahaha so please add a "voice chat " option where you can join a voice chat only team... (the enemy team dosesnt have to be a team with the same setup, because it is their fault if they dont use voice...) I also think people don't have to talk(of course it would be awesome) but I should be able to call out shots so we actually play as team... And that is what Overwatch should be. A team game. Am I right?SoloUltMe8 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 New Idea: Locked heroes I would love a system where you can only select the heroes you are good enough with, with the rank you are. You first need to open up heroes before you can play them by getting a high enough average stats. Each rank has higher average stats. And each hero have its own stats you need to get. The average stats are calculated by taking the last 30 games you have played in comp or QP. So for example widowmaker master: - Get average of 0.8 kill a minute or higher. - Get above 40% average scoped accuracy - Get above 15% average crit accuracy - Get more then 2.5/1 kill/dead ratio For gold rank this will be like: - Get average of 0.4 kill a minute or higher. - Get above 35% average scoped accuracy - Get above 8% average crit accuracy - Get more then 1.7/1 kill dead ratio I am not a widow main so i am not sure about the numbers, but i hope you get the idea. And for Winston gold: - Get average of 0.5 kill/minute or higher. - Get above 0.3 jump kill/minute or higher - Get above 500 damage/minute blocked - Get more then 1.7/1 kill dead ratio Or pharah: - Get average of 0.9 kill/minute or higher. - Get above 47% weapon accuracy - Get above 2.1 direct hits/minute - Get average kills during barrage higher then 2.5. - Get above 500 damage/minute - Get more then 2/1 kill dead ratio Of course the group create system also need to be adjusted so that 2 players who only have a mercy open cant be grouped together. But when a player who has both genji and soldier open select a genji, when another player in his team only can select genji. It is up to the first player to swap (of course you can report him if he doesn't, and you will play 5 vs 6). And of course it should be visible in the hero select screen who can play what.DutchAres4 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 False Reported. I've been falsereported alot lately, I got a warning that I have been reported for griefing and might get a suspension. This is ridiculous, I didn't throw any game, fix this stupid report system its all monkey just spamming reports when they see a hanzo.MagicTurkey7 10 May 2018
10 May 2018 Tell me your reason not to switch your Hero? I'd like to hear different reasons why not to switch your Hero when you're clearly either underperforming, playing poorly or just getting countered? And for few of you: Why do you get triggered if you're asked to switch from (example) Genji to S:76 or any DPS/Defense hero to Support/Tank hero? I see this happening way too often. And it's really ruining the competive experience, when there's ''only 1 hero guy'' -type player. I don't care if you want to play torb, wm, hanzo or any other hero. But i do care if you're not willing to switch from it if your pick doesnt work and personally that's trolling and reportable reason. (Not picking the hero, but not switching if your team needs you to do so).Vimpäri19 10 May 2018
09 May 2018 My last hope... Iv been playing this game since day one and it’s probably my favourite game of all time. Competitive was made for me, iv played competitive call of duty, rainbow six, destiny and I love watching the pros on csgo and overwatch. I’m diamond... iv been playing since day one, never made it past 3250. And I have to admit I prefer gold, play amazing every game and the people there are funny and chill, diamond is the worst competitive gaming iv ever seen. I play console, so no coms, no team comps, no nice people, just master players who like to throw because it’s on a smurf for fun, or people who don’t care. I’m not a bad player... I have the potential, being this low in ranked in a game is new to me, stressful. I’m guessing a lot of people post this, so I’m not gunna waste my time by spamming it. If it doesn’t change then I’m quiting overwatch, I hope things improve, it’s my favourite game.Bi1leh0 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 You leave 2 times = you get banned for the season The best solution to get rid of them forever.Bustar6 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 50/50 win rate is a myth atm.. So we are told that system kinda forces u to get the 50/50 win rate. Seems not to be that. At current state i'm getting like 1 team which is communicating and we win ,then 3 games with ppl who just plays the competitive like its a quick play. I have already dropped 500 sr during this season. After promo games I ended to diamond 3340 ( last season 3470), and now i have dropped all way down to platin. I'm a flex player and not a flamer. Instead i'm trying communicate and encourage ppl at games. But all i get is flamers, leavers, tilted players or "stubborn" dps players who just want to do what ever they want. And all i get for asking them to play as a part of the team a big FU to my head. This situation is getting really frustrating, it is not fun to play the competitive at all anymore. Is the new meta/brigitte driving ppl mad or something?Kapu3 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 Competitive Overwatch social ranking system With the introduction of the new Avoid as teammate feature in OW comp and the new reporting system, I have to admit, the general game climate in my recent comp experience has gotten better. However, it is still far far far away from being decent/tolerable. Because while these new features punish bad behaviour, at no point is good behaviour rewarded, and that is what I think makes comp such a toxic environment. We've all had these games where for a while your team is doing good but then you lose a team fight and all hell breaks loose from there: for the simple fact that gets snowballed against you from that point people will look for excuses and the blame game just explodes from this point. And once this happens not only is the round getting snowballed against you but the team moral just keep on deteriorating as people switch heroes frantically with no regard for team cohesion or strategy. Furthermore from this point on we just kinda accept the game is lost and we do nothing about it except for blaming the dps players for not getting picks or the healers for not enough healing or the tanks for not creating space and feeding and the team chat just turns into the wild west of accusations. With that said I am not saying that a number of players might be responsible for the team's poor performance, but the fact is when all hell breaks loose people just give up and start thinking about the next game with no regard for the actual one they are in right now. And that, in my opinion, is the problem with the current system. If I lose this game I just have to win the next one and it wouldn't matter so screw this I am not gonna perform. This mentality is the worst possible mentality you can have in a game where reverse sweeps no matter how bad the current circumstances are is possible. Which is why I am proposing a new sr gain/loss system that does not award or take away a fixed amount of sr but that the sr you gain or lose fluctuates depending on how your team rates you as a player in a given game after the end. That in my opinion will help the players who give their all in a lost game to not suffer as much and those who actively sabotage a won game to not gain as much. The team rating should be determined by a positive point or a negative point that a player attributes to each teammate at the end of the game, and depending on how many social points a given player gets in a game they lose/win sr accordingly. I think this system will reward players for good behaviour and punish them for bad behaviour, which should incentivize players to play in a decent manner with a game-winning mentality that will ultimately reward the more skilled and more cohesive teams and make even lost games that much more enjoyable and worth fighting for.Zayko1 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 What's all that toxic, troll and leavers? Never saw that much toxicity in comp, after all seasons... maybe ppl do not like that meta?Slash2 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 VOD review request - Gold Reinhardt on Kings Row Hi, I played overwatch since season 1 on PS4 and switched a couple of months ago to PC. I was high plat on ps4 and now im gold, so I thought that it might be time for someone to review a game of me, to lesser my mistakes! Thanks in advance, JortJortMans1 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 How are you dealing with report abuse Hi, Blizzard, you have a fundamentally flawed reporting system where players will systematically pick a scapegoat for a teams for performance, and then that player will receive multiple reports for "game play sabotage" due to a dysfunctional team. Seeing as your suspension and silence system is entirely automated, and appeals met with copy and paste responses, how are you dealing with this issue?Quadz10 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 "Understood" matchmaking. Playing bad on purpose. Where does my thread go? It dissapears? Here it is again, for the fourth time: First, I'm not very good at this game. So. I've realized that I'm very often on streaks, either win og losing ones. The losing ones always came "sudden", after a win streak. Like from a clear sky. I've noticed that when I'm on a winstreak I get matched with good players to fight on the same team with. The losing streaks always has someone who doesn't care or drop out. And no matter how good I'm able to play, the losing streak will not end, until I suddenly have good/decent overall teammates again, and one or two on the team which are really great. So. I googled this and found out I'm not alone about experiencing this. Blizzard has said that they collect data about your performance and create teams which has a 50% of winning each. So I'm guessing since I've been doing good during a win-streak, or good also at the start of a losing-streak, I'm one of the "good" players on a team, which get balanced out with quitters and less-good player to create the 50% chance to win. After realizing this (at least that's what I believe), it's not so very much fun to play the game anymore, since I "know" that the SR I've gained, will be lost again, no matter how much I try to contribute to the match. So I sort of just stopped caring that much and just play. I could play Quick-match, but that's even less fun, I like to compete. So. I've started playing to win, but playing as bad as I can, just good enough so we will not lose, even if that's happened too (lost), and I guess I'm at least one to blame for the loss. I start out with something I'm not very good at (just pick widow since it's fun to snipe). I can't carry a match as widow alone so it's a "good" and fun pick. There's been some matches where a loss could have been avoided if I "saw it coming" and switched to my main earlier. But I've just started doing this so I have to learn when to switch. When starting a new winning-streak at lower SR, I can literally do almost nothing, because the teammates are good enough to get the victory, so I just sit back and try to get some picks. My intent is to not end up being the "good" player which is balanced against the "bad" players after a few winning matches. I'm trying to end up as one of the the "bad" players. That way I guess I can try to bring my A-game to the table with my main if needed in later matches at higher SR. It's actually not so very fun not trying to do your best, but I'm gonna give this a try just for see what happens. I'm tired and a bit demoralized with my win/lose streaks due to matchmaking. It's taken a load of fun out of the game, but I'm curious to how it will end up by going this route, then prolly stop playing if the matchmaking doesn't get a revamp. Anyone else tried this?Smellyglove5 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 Whole Hog Timing Hey! So I've bought overwatch about 3 weeks ago and have been playing Roadhog and Reaper a lot. (I know the playstyle of a lot of heroes because I came from Paladins.) On Roadhog I usually stay alive for a very long time which makes me hold overtime for a while. However, whenever I use his Ult I die shortly after, I believe I'm not getting the timing right. I have been practicing Hog in QP for a few days but wanted to know what you think about it Thanks!BrightHammer2 09 May 2018
09 May 2018 Grouping I think the 1000 SR grouping in the lower ranks can be really frustrating when you in a game with a player who is 2600 grouping with someone who is 2000. It really should be 500 across the board not just higher tier imoLambo972 09 May 2018
08 May 2018 Top 500 Spray for 6V6 Eliminations Just wondering - does anyone know why this isn't animated like every other top 500 spray?ReeceyClone2 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 game getting frozen So.. Yesterday my friend and I were playing our last placement and my friend's game froze and he couldn't play so he had to restart his full pc. Today I had the same and I lost 50 sr. Is it our pc or is it because of the update that came out yesterday because it was all after the update and it's the first time it ever happened.Arokodus7 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 GAME Dc's every 1 every 1 is dcing in games people think they are throwing i saw 3 ppl dc at the same time fix ur serverAshcrow0 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 Broken placement match Hi! On my first placement match we were winning, but suddenly I lost connection to the game server, but I rejoined. My internet was fine, but I got kicked. After joining we won, but it counted as a loss for me. Before getting kicked I had 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal. The only time I win it counts as a loss... Why? 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 Kicked from Comp games not due to internet connection. I was recently kicked from 2 competitive games not due to my internet connection since everything was working fine except the game client. I was not even given the chance to rejoin. I have a pretty good computer so Im back in less than 30 sec if I DC even when its my own fault. How come Im not given the option to rejoin? Its very bad for the team if i cant even rejoin when I want to... Since my internet connection was fine after running tests I queued for another game after restarting everything just to be safe and the same thing happened. What is causing these game crashes? I feel fine getting a punishment if its my internet connection but When its obvious its the game servers if feels really bad not getting the option to rejoin. Is this a bug? Anyone else getting this problem?GrumpyKitten2 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 No rewards for comp Hello, I just realized that I didn't get spray, icon, nor points for 6v6 comp qualifications. I ended up in mid-silver with 5 wins and 5 defeats, but it doesn't matter, I played my games and didn't received competitor rewards for it, and that's why I'd like to ask, is it some sort of bug, or is it not usable yet for everyone?Croolik2 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 Lost more SR then I should have I lost more sr then I should have, I lost a game and lost some that was correct but then I noticed I lost more sr then it said I lost. Is this a bug?TheOgKelly1 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 How do I improve? I've logged 350 hours of Overwatch so far. I main Pharah, Moira and Rein/Hog. I can't seem to escape Bronze. The highest I've been in Silver about 1800. I don't really have any friends who play competitive mode. I do all the things that forums/reddit say to do to improve. Training/Comms (Usually no one else has a mic, and I'm stuck trying to call shots without reciprocity)/Playing around one-tricks. And yet, every season I get placed in Bronze (even when I went 8-2 placements) and I can never get out of the 1200-1400 bracket. I feel like a massive !@#$ing failure. I know I'm not the best player, but I feel that my skill level, at least with the champions I main, does not tend to be Silver (Gold is probably an adequate reflection). What else do I need to do to rise out of Bronze?Philosopher10 08 May 2018
08 May 2018 Im going to get silenced for playing genji So some 3 stacks and other people reported me for abusive chat because I was playing genji and they thought im bad as genji. After those games I got a warning from blizzard that if I continue being toxic I will lose my account privilages. Why is this a thing??Paradox3 08 May 2018
07 May 2018 SR system is a joke. Will you please fix these stupid SR calculations, or at least clarify why it's so unbalanced. Barely anything for hard fought wins and streaks and then massive drops for a loss. Lost more in one match than i gained over 3 wins, is just stupid now.MattMacabre17 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Can we not get a loss in competitive when losing connection? I just got DC'd because my router resets daily so I lost my internet access for literally 30 seconds. I then try to come back to an ongoing game and to my surprise see that I'm suspended for 10 minutes for leaving. Why oh why is this a thing?Dynosius4 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Silver with 7 wins I got Silver with 7 win 2 lose 1 tie and I had minimum 2 gold medal in every match I only picked lúcio and I had gold healing and obj time and sometimes silver/gold objective kills.LúcioMain8 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Why i win 2 sr per game??? Hi blizzard, First i want to apologise for my level of english, cause its not my native language. Im writting to u guys cause yesterday i was playing competitive in overwatch. I was in a lose streak and i won a game, 52 kills and 18k damage, pretty good match, the problem were the sr that i won... 5 sr.... after that game i lost... -24 sr, and then i won again +2 sr..... So u mean that, i found trols and boosted players in every single game in my team, and i have to litteraly carry the game if i want to win cause if i dont carry that "trash" players i cant get a single win, and now if i carry them after losing some matches cause that players i win 2 sr???? How im supposed to go back to master????? Its not the first time it happen to me....Coorarg0 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Rank decay comp 6v6 for top 500? Hey guys! I achieved top 500 in competitive 6v6. As you can imagine, by fear of losing my rank, I don't really want to play more matches anymore, but I am fearing the rank decay. It isn't written that there is any rank decay but I saw a post that said top 500 can decay! I am absolutely terrified and can someone tell me if this is true? If yes, I guess I will have to play lol Thanks!likabossV4 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 McCree state with new Hanzo Hello , so with new hanzo rework what do you think about McCree , i think hes kinda even more looser now because Hanzo is just more usefull and mobile and can still shred tanks. Yes i know MC is hitscan and still more precise but from what i played even as non hanzo player ever i did better with hanzo than with MC lately. Should Hanzo storm arrow be nerfed or McCree fan the hammer buffed back ??Aktymel2 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 How is competitive placing fair? I have two freinds that play overwatch with me now. The last time we played for real was in season 6. One was a high diamond to master player and the other was a platinum. After we had taken a break from overwatch bc of all the toxicity, we started playing comp again. My high diamond to master friend had skipped one or two seasons of comp and won 5 placements in season 10. My platinum friend had skipped FOUR seasons and also won 5 placements in season 10. In the end, my friend that was high diamond to master had gotten placed around 2750 and my platinum friend had gotten placed 3000. How does that make sense blizzard?OpsllThief1 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Fix Matchmaking damn it. Right it’s great that we get new characters & Maps for Overwatch, but Please Will you fix the matchmaking system you have. I’m sick and tired of being put in a team that’s 1, way less SR than myself (600SR-800SR) whereas I’m 1800+ & 2, teams that throw, or don’t know the meaning of team work. where as I’m trying my damn hardest to get to that GM rank. I’m at 1800+ not the best and not the worst either I’m trying and leaning to get there. The matchmaking system is bad, I’m sick and tired of it and I’m not alone. fix the games issues before you start giving new characters & maps. You have a great game here, don’t kill it.BT16061116 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Doomfist/Hanzo interaction I'm getting really triggered by the way Doomfist's uppercut interacts with hanzo's new leap, if a hanzo leaps directly after being uppercut, it completely cancels out the "anti gravity" effect it has where it carries your target upwards. Was this intended? Because I'm getting really bored of Hanzo's just leaping through me when I dive on them and getting 1 shot.Zamodius1 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Leaving early places you in a lobby with all the bad players Hi everybody. A friend told me that if you leave early you'll be placed in a lobby with all the bad players. Is this true? Sincerely "Ape"Appolyon1 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Crash in comp, rejoin(before start of match), banned? Crashed, tried to rejoin competitive instantly (before the match even started), got in the match and the match said someone left and ended. Got 8 hour ban. Wut?manofthelaw8 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Leave penalty at the start of the game is BS. So if your game crashes in loading I should just lose over 60 SR??? Truly a masterpiece...Mri6 07 May 2018
07 May 2018 Competitive isn't fun anymore. I have played so many hours over the past year playing overwatch competitive and i feel like it is going to a bad place. Competitive feels so unrewarding, i have before played 4 hours straight and ended where i started. Can you please add a report button for players who don't help the team out like if their playing mei and the enemy has a phara but our mei doesn't switch and just stays. Can we please be able to report players for that, i know what your saying like they bought the game so the can play whatever they want but this is comp your trying to win, not trying to play into your counter and end up costing you and your 5 team mates to lose. if you want to play a hero go play it in quick play not in comp. I want everyone to actually try in comp not go whatever they like. Also can we add a role que i have had multiple games where i have a 4 or more tank mains on 1 team. i am not even allowed to play the role i want (tank) because i have 3 other tank mains on the team. please consider my ideas, and dont get me wrong i love ow but its kinda getting boring and losing its fan base like when i go on a losing streak i switch to fortnite or another fun game that isn't going to make me mad.FatPiggyHD1 07 May 2018