Premades vs randoms? seriously - why?

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I have had a lot of fun in this game, but after the launch it seems theres a lot of premades running around in randoms games.

I am not against premading (I really want you to understand this, and this game is designed as a team game), but I am against the fact that random players face premades. That my friends is stupid as hell. For instance last game I had 4 player premade vs 6 player randoms.

It is mathematical fact that in this kind of scenario random player MOST OFTEN is on the opposing team of the premade, and thus can not enjoy the game as much as he would, if both of the team were equally consisted of random players.

So please can you stop queuing the random players against premades.

Everyone would benefit from it:
premade vs premade (both teams then have a solid team vs team game)
randoms vs randoms (both teams are on equal level on communication and cooperation wise, and it suits random games as it it)
They need to implement solo matchmaking so that you know you are playing with people who are also playing by themselves. This definitely needs to be implemented for ranked play other wise it will be a disaster like TF2s' matchmaking.
The game will always put groups against groups whenever possible.
Please let us know which players are grouped similarly to HOTS.
26/05/2016 20:39Posted by Lowland
The game will always put groups against groups whenever possible.

It's ALWAYS possible. The group can wait if they want to queue as 6.
I play both solo and 6 pre made. For me the biggest joke is that 6 premade guys even get a experience bonus when playing while the random players do not get any bonus despite the fact that they are facing an organized, coordinated enemy that is most likely way harder to beat...
Blizzard doesn't give a damn. There have been 100s of "don't let premade v solo" and "fix the tickrate/server issues" not one single reply. It's HoTS again.
Well I think there's a difference between queing with friends and being premade. Such as myself who play usually with 2 friends... not like we come up with any "proper" strats or anything. Just giving basic info such as if someone is flanking.. and telling if our ults are up and such. Since we play this game to have fun and not to tryhard.

And it seems like the in-game team voice chat is broken. Whenever I join it.. to see if any of the randoms are there .... it claims noone is there? :c Makes me cry every time.
Took Riot years to get this right, and it still doesn't work sometimes. Good luck my friend and stay frosty.
It's so pathetic that in RANKED we are teamed up against PREMADES. 3 games this morning, all 3 lost. Once the team had 3 premades of 2, the next 2 games there were 2 premades of 3 players. How is this fair?

We're all aware that being in a premade has the benefits of better communication, greater teamwork etc.

Things need to be looked at. Solo queue should be ONLY solo queuers
26/05/2016 20:39Posted by Lowland
The game will always put groups against groups whenever possible.

Wrong. You apparently havent played the game yet.
12/08/2016 18:36Posted by Jaffercake
Solo queue should be ONLY solo queuers

Make a separate ranking/queue for 6v6 or premades, this way we can rly see who worth ones salt.
Litterally ALL afternoon, premades of 2, 3, and 5 game after game. They hardly use voice chat so it's as if I'm playing alone. I HATE it. I've lost every single game this afternoon as opposed to the morning.
The matchmaking in this game has got to be the worst I've ever seen in any video-game. The second I see premades when I play solo in competitive I leave. And despite me having left within the first 30 seconds of a competitive match, I'm still getting punished with a loss for Blizzard's utter crap matchmaking. We've pretty much lost already, what's the point in wasting time by sticking around when I could have used that time to actually find a fair matchup instead. Like holy !@#$, what kind of backwards %^- logic is this even?
I straight up leave if I see more than 2 people in a premade. I often get XP penalties if I end up in an ongoing game, but my mental sanity is worth more than cosmetics
Competetive is littered with boosting where a person whos around maybe 10 ranks higher than you boosts himself for easy wins against your group who are suspstantially lower skill level by having these low rank people in the team.

I keep meeting them in nearly every game now 2-3 man groups where one is 7-10 ranks higher than anyone of us and he has these rank 30 to 40 people. one or two, usually one is enough to even out the level.

Whats worse is that id wager he gets about the same ammount of rankup points for this than he does from an actual proper game with similar skill rating. So why bother when you can have it easy.

This is !@#$ing terrible when you soloqueue
I play alone and I always play against 3-5 man premades. Yesterday I was playing against a 6 man twitch recording team, as a squad of randoms. First game ended with a lockdown because 4 people quit. Second game we won, they were mocking us the whole game. We mocked them back, they got mad and left.
Can I bring this thread back to life with the same topic but another angle of the problem? I think due to people in season 2 being placed higher than their actual rank is (partially because of the placement matches) and then taking over that rank to season 3 (placement matches put you in a rank near your last season 2 rank no matter if you win or lose, which is a really weird new system by Blizzard) they managed to widen the bell curve and player distribution on the ranking scale, but they also messed up the "purity" of player ranks.

For example, there are now people being put into diamond rank, when their actual skill level is gold. This happens quite often and you can tell in competitve when someone doesn't play as good as his rank suggests.

Now to the problem with premades. Some guys group up because they're friends or siblings or whatever and the system allows them to group even if their ranks are somewhat spread apart to a certain extend. So when I'm playing in platinum I can be put in a team where there is a premade group of 3, where one is plat and the other two are lower gold, or even silver because they can group within 1000 skill rating). That means the skill rating of my own team is not my own because this premade messes it up. My chances of winning have therefore decreased. When you play solo, and everyone in your team plays solo as well, the other people in your team will have a very similar level to you. When a premade joins though, chances are they actually are not up to your personal standards.

That's the first problem I have and the second is most premades I had don't join the team voice chat. They don't want to talk to the team and no communication means lower chances of winning. That's why I don't like premades and I wish I could go in solo with only solo people in my team. Lately 80% of my matches are so unbalanced that I'm going crazy and every so often I'm on a losing streak because matchmaking, skill ratings and balance are all over the place.

You started this thread with a different point of view and opinion of premades but the result is the same. They should include an option for solo only, or premade only. This would solve all my issues.
I have no issue with solo players being matched with premades in itself. Separate queues would probably dramatically increase queue times, to a point it becomes unbearable to play: if I have an hour free to play Overwatch, I want to play more than two or three games and not wait in line more than half of the time.

The real issue, in my opinion, is the fact that groups don't automatically join the team voice channel. In my experience, the worst people you can be grouped with are the 2- or 3-man teams who stay in their own group's channel. Every 6-man team immediately has an advantage because they're on the same voice chat - heck, even 6 solo queuers have more chance (provided they use voice chat). If you are all on the same voice channel and actually use it, you effectively become a 6-man team for that game.

I really don't understand why you don't join the team voice channel, at least in competitive mode it should be automatically.

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