Matchmaking is a terrible joke.

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Teamwork, the one thing the game is all about, and the one thing you find least of in Quick Play and even in competitive at times. Some times sure, the team doesn't click and you lose because of it. That's fine, now and then. But most of the time?

This is the reason I end up taking extended periods of time off Overwatch. Take per example a fight on Dorado right now on Quick Play. I first went as Orisa since we needed a tank, but that was a no-go, was killed too quickly due to enemies on the high point shooting over my shield. So I changed to Reinhardt, team moved to the payload, my idiotic team mates were anywhere but behind my shield, the couldn't even aim and get the Lucio that was all over the payload and no shielded by anything.

I end up leaving around 10+ matches now because I'm fed up with the quality of most matches in QP. Win or lose doesn't mean that much, but an even fight most of the time isn't that much to ask for. It's still a team based game and QP is no different than competitive on that front. But I don't see Blizzard doing anything about QP any time soon, they're in season 5 and still can't figure that mode out either, so what ever hope there is of a good MMR system in this game is all but gone now.
I agree with OP, and here is why.

Matchmaking in OW is one of the biggest flaws of the game and it may actually be one that turns people off. I personally went the first 25 levels not truly having this problem (although it did happen because for some reason sometimes I was placed into matches against people who were level 74 when i was level 12), but recently? I have honestly been infuriated with the matchmaking.

I thought at first the whole deal was that there were not alot of people who were at my level in Blizzard's local server (LA) so to compensate they would add a bunch of level 70 people simply because there is not enough. However, me researching this I have found that it afflicts almost everyone playing Overwatch.

Why put level 20 people against a overpowered level 90 person who probably has more experience, more knowledge of what hero works or does not work, who probably knows what to WIN, and who also is probably now using the matchmaking to score free experience points.

I mean, the only real thing I can find from this is that there is no one who is playing on the server and the algorithm (or something that decides the match) is like - uh, here is the closest level you can find, and put them with the level 20er or something. That's it.
The real issue with Quickplay matchmaking is putting players who reach Gold in competitive against players who reach Grandmaster, this tells me it doesn't factor in MMR!

Most of my Quickplay games are garbage. I get annihilated and inspect the opposing team, oh look, master, master, Grandmaster, oh I think that guys a top 500... I'm a f****** Plat/Diamond player. Thanks for ruining my games Blizzard with your pathetic matchmaking in Quickplay. Can I have a refund on my Overwatch game pls? How about it, I'll buy it again when you fix your matchmaking in Quickplay.
The real issue is this, if I have been driving for four hours, how am I expected to compete with someone who has been driving for 100-1000 hours? Factor in many have been playing one character for a good deal of that time, then you realize the new guy has ABSOLUTELY zero chance of competing. He doesn't know where the turns are, how to brake, etc.

The current matchmaking system consistently mismatches people, and it seems like it's based on reducing the time, not matching people evenly. I would rather wait five minutes and find a match where people are of even skill level, than wait 30 seconds and lose every match.
28/02/2017 15:14Posted by Miles
Just got 7 defeats in a row today, all matches were diamonds and platinums matched against premades of masters/grandmasters/top 500. What a totally not rigged matchmaking.

How is this even allowed to happen. Answer us Jeff... you should be held accountable for this. I get the same every damn game!
Matchmaking on this game is ridiculous. I'm a level 10, my friend who I grouped up with is lower than level 30, and the team we just had were lower than level 30.

Yet we got into a quick play game and instantly got matched against people who were around level 87, or 90+. My question is, how does that even happen? The game needs some Matchmaking overhaul and a limit to the levels that can join a lower levelled game. Seriously Blizzard, fix it.
Levels don't mean anything, though I have to say that my confidence in Blizzard's MMR system is below rock bottom at the moment, because it seems to be all over the place 90% of the time. It's like Blizzard's nerfing policy, swing the nerf hammer wildly around and hope that it connects to the nail eventually. Doesn't matter you ruined the plank of wood and everything around it, you finally hit the nail.
Here we are more than 1 year later ... and matchmaking still a !@#$ing joke. Nothing is going to change though...
What will happen is that Jeff will come out in an interview and said they've done "extensive testing" on the MM system, found it to be good and won't do anything about it. It's a rather typical Blizzard solution when they can't figure it out, claim it's working as intended and hope people stop pestering them about it.
Just played a comp where our teams stars (a player gains 1 star for each 100 levels) was 4, where the other team had 18. WHAT. THE. HECK.
I'm willing to wait longer queue times for competitive if it means balanced games. I think everyone would agree.
A level 100 should NEVER play against a level 600 in a competitive match. Clear problem, clear solution... Nothing more to say.
Ya matchmaking is a !@#$ing joke, JEFF is focusing on adding new maps and heroes when they should be trying to solve this %^-*ing problem. I literally have gone down 700 sr, with no wins, just straight losses cuz of unfair matchmaking the other teams just blows us out, and not to mention the !@#$ty teammates u get as well. Stop basing matchmaking of a rank and Sr, base it of hrs played, win loss ratio, cuz ur current system sucks COMPLETE %^-*ING !@#. thank u have a nice day. :)
I'm currently mid-gold for this comp season (2300). I don't know how I got matched into a game with 5 platinum and 1 diamond. I mean, I get it, I'm slowly inching toward platinum so I should be seeing a few of those skill levels now and probably all platinum once I'm a win from getting platinum. But a diamond? Come on!

How does this happen? Is the diamond coming from a long losing streak and the game is tossing him an easy one to challenge his rank?

My team consisted of 3 Platinum and 3 gold Just in case anyone would ask.
I've been playing since shortly after the game launched and I share the same opinion of everyone else. I feel like the game and balancing needs some tweaks here and there, but overall, It's a good game. However, I have always had issues with the matchmaking. People here are arguing about whether levels matter for the level of skill. In a Moba, experience is everything. a person that's only played for a few hours doesn't know how to counter a very annoying Pharah, Genji, etc. Even a "bad" player at 3 stars or higher has a general idea of what/what not to do.

The last 3 games I played today was at least 16 stars off balance. Not only that, but half the people on my team were below 1 star, so they don't have much experience. To take it a step even FURTHER, the enemy team had a gold frame, and silver framed player and every single player had at least 1-5 stars otherwise, while I had two people who had less than 4 hours of game time COMBINED. At the very best, that's a 4v6. At the worst, they're fodder and just charging ults and making it feel more like 2v6. Meanwhile, the enemy has literally thousands of hours of experience.

LoL had better matchmaking than this game. A free to play game. So called "matchmaking" makes you win two to absolutely get stomped in the next three. Unless you're iddqd and you can headhshot people from a kilometer get ready to stay in the same SR, forever. (We steamrolled them)
< goes to play two competitive matches. Gets destroyed completely on both. Closes the game. "**** that ****"
I have made a post like this yesterday too, and I feel like I can pitch in on this one.

I am a level 39 player, I frequently get matched up with silver enemies and 3-5 star enemies while I am not grouped with anyone I even get matched up against whole 6 stacks of 5 star players (in bronze), I have even been matched up against people that have been grandmaster last season and just thought "why not drop down to bronze for this one" which is very unfair.

I really hope that blizzard listens to this post (as they do many times when something blows up) and try to at least make it an option to only get ranked with people at your skill.
Yup , Matchmaking is terrible and last game we got 4 leavers and me and my friend couldnt even leave spawn , so we just ranted about the drunk matcmaking.

Awesome post
Jump into a game against other players of your skill level

I'm 92
I'm sorry, how is lvl 300/500+ my level again?


matchmaking is an utter travesty, and its the same matchmaker they use for their other games, like Heroes Of The Storm.

its all going to hell in both games due to throwers, leavers, trolls and straight up noobs and toxic people.

forget all about game balance at this point, blizzard has abandoned that concept in favor of balanced statistics - as long as the statistics look fine you can't argue with them, now can you?

do you think its a !@#$ing coincidence half the playerbase (formerly play/diamond) has been artificially dumbed into gold and silver? and on that same token, most master players have dropped into diamond/plat.

forced 50.

what a %^-*ing joke... even CNN couldn't make up fake news like that.

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