Looking for Competitive Squad (PS4)(EU)

Looking for Players - Console
Looking for a Competitive group of people to play with on PS4. We're looking for 6-10 players to regularly play with at a high level, whilst being fun.

Play most nights and weekends. Looking to build chemistry before the competitive lists go live.

Preferably looking for people from a Competitive gaming background at a high level as 3 of us played Call of duty and the Battlefield Series at an extremely high level in the past.

We're 25 Years+, Mature and have a good laugh with banter. Looking for like minded people to help us stomp publics and Competitive playlists. English is our primary language, but people from all over the EU are welcome to play with us if they speak basic english.

Add moO-VXR (I Have Overwatch on PC and PS4)
Add GunnerDee24

Ideally you'll be

18 years + (Helps with Chemistry)
Speak English to be able to run Strats
MUST use a Mic

Please quote Battle.net in the subject as we get a lot of friend requests. Look forward to playing with some of you.
This still open ? looking to rejoin the comp scene and avoid the dreaded rng teammate fest that is solo queue :')
Hey I’m 28 , your post in wanting good mature players is pretty much ideal I got around 5-6 people all pretty solid.
I’ll send invite
My PSN is

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