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Since I bought the game last week, I went through many issues.
Got at least 3 kinds of BSOD (irql_not_equal_or_less, memory_management, and even page_fault_in_nonpaged_area), and random PC crashes. It happens after 1-2 games, and it seems to be non-related to any IG settings because I tried mostly everything (from low to epic graphic settings, v-sync on/off, etc.).

I run the game on a pretty decent computer :

I7 3930K
MSI X79A-GD65 (8D)
G.Skill 12Gb DDR3
W10 64bits

My GPU runs around 75°C IG, so it doesn't look like an overheating issue. My CPU runs around 55-60°C also. No FPS drops of any kind, usually above 100 even in Epic (I play on a 144hz monitor).
Also, no overclocked component of any kind.

I tried a VERY clean GPU drivers install with Display Driver Uninstaller, tried without GeForce Experience, without MSI Afterburner, with compatibility mode set up on W7...

Well I'm lost. I don't know what to do, and because of all these issues, I'm not enjoying the game as much as I would in normal conditions.

If you have any way to solve this, please let me know. Thanks !
Hey BZH,

Does it only happen when playing Overwatch or also in other games? Have you tried checking the RAM's integrity using the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool or the MemTest RAM Tester, to ensure it's functioning correctly?

Using the Memory Diagnostic Tool

MemTest RAM Tester
Hi Deanx,

Thanks for your answer. It only happens in Overwatch, in fact that's the first BSOD/crash I faced in 5 years.
I already checked the RAM with the Windows tool and everything was fine.

That said, I've just ordered a new 4x RAM kit because one of my sticks died some monthes ago.
Overwatch likes disrupting my graphics card rendering device. I have a Crossfire Radeon R9 270X system running single card only - because Xfire works like crap right now.

Only Overwatch breaking it for me but I can live with it, it happens like once every other day or so. Will eventually fix itself.
11/06/2016 13:54Posted by viTTa
Only Overwatch breaking it for me but I can live with it, it happens like once every other day or so. Will eventually fix itself.

Not too bad indeed. My comp crashes every 20 minutes so it's a bit annoying. I'd play that game all day long if I could but the result is I don't play at all now.

I tried to play with only 1 monitor instead of 2 => crash at game #2.
Please do something about it. It is somehow related to the game, as it only happens while playing OW. TW3, FO4 and other recent games runs flawlessly.
I don't believe my comp is the only problem here.

Update: got a new BSOD saying kmod_exception_not_handled :|
yep , bsod regularly with me too. im running a fx6300 gtx760 and 16gb ram. only bsod on overwatch. so annoying because i love this game.
it's basically unplyable. im lucjy to get 2 matched in before bsod. hey blizzard any chance i can swap my pc copy for ps4? :P
Bump ^
Update :

I'm running Memtest right now. Even if the windows tool didn't detect anything wrong, it seems that my RAM is somehow faulty.

pic :

will update as soon as I get my new RAM kit.
I'm also facing this problem, only when playing Overwatch. I get random crashes maybe after 1-2 matches, sometimes the game just crashes and the bug report window appears and other times I get BSODS with the errors (irql_not_equal_or_less and memory_management), but mostly memory management.

I've run both the windows memory diagnostic tool and memtest and got 0 errors. These crashes/bsods never happened to me in the beta, only in the final release of the game. I played the beta with the Nvidia drivers 365.19 and had now problems, the problems started to appear after using the game ready drivers for Overwatch (368.22) and the latest version (368.39) What's happening with the game? I hope Blizzard releases patch to adress these kind of issues soon.
Same problem here, though the crashes only started a couple days ago. They are spares but very, very annoying. Same error every time, according to bluescreenview. My drivers are completely up to date and no errors were detected in regards to memory when I ran the diagnosis.
I have the exact same problem, Overwatch frequently crashes with those 3 blue screen of deaths, or simply freezing + crashing and having to restart the game. (I run on a pretty decent rig on a gtx 970, i5 4660k)

I tried ram testing, re-installing my nvidia drivers and the error still occurs. I'm glad I'm not the only one though, if someone has a solution it would help a lot :)
Scratch what I just said -- I get a BSOD every couple games and now it's basically unplayable. Real shame, because the game is fun.

EDIT: I should add that I, too, use the nvidia/geforce drivers other users listed.
Same issue here. The game will randomly crash for me. Sometimes it works for upwards of 10 straight games. Other times it crashes during the first game I play. No real indicators of it about to crash except one time the game volume got choppy for about a minute before my computer blue screened.
BUMP, because I'd love to play this game again.
BUMP, going by the words of Draoidh.

I had played for a few days without any issues up until today where I had two issues with the whole BSoD ordeal.
BUMP, problem still persists after the recent update. Have tried everything from reinstall over driver rollback to deactivating overclocking - still get random BSoDs. It's only overwatch. Am using a GeForce 770 gtx and OW ran smoothly until the 7/14 update.
Same issue for me also, although my game only started crashing and causing BSODs after the most recent patch.

Is there anything in this recent patch that may have caused this to start happening or do you think it might be coincidence?
My game is constantly crashing after the latest update, just constantly in game now before when it would run just fine. Everything else works fine on my end, other games run no problem it's just overwatch after the latest patch.

I crashed 4 times in overtime yesterday alone, probably upwards to 20 times the entire day.

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