Headset sound issues while playing Overwatch

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Recently my sound quality while playing Overwatch, has gotten bad. The sound is very low and cant here the sound effects and music, while in-game. I have tried playing around with settings and default resets. I've tested on other games, and the sound works fine. I use a Corsair 7.1 Void Headset by the way, I've re-installed the software and updated drivers...and nothing has improved.

Has anyone else been having issues with their headsets, while playing Overwatch?
Same problem with Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1
One thing I'd say to check is your headset is default device in the sound manager. I had similar issues then realised my inboard sound was set to default and my headset was only default com device.

I'm also using the corsair void
I started having problems with sounds today. Suddenly sound cuts off and game freezes for couple of seconds. I have to plug cable out and in to restore sound. Using Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1.
Same here. I hear popping, and then it just disconnects and stops working. Overwatch freezes completely.
Same issue here. Started about 2 weeks ago.
Same here. sound dies, slight pause in game, then no sound til I screw with the properties on the sound. Then its back for maybe a few seconds or a minute.
I have the Corsair Void RBG yj edition and I have to turn my sound to 100 on my pc just to hear in game chat, im having the same problem with the OP's headset STILL. its been like this for me from launch and also if i move overwatch over from a SSD to a HDD sound works perfectly fine, if i move it to a brand new TB SSD V-NAND and its still having issues. If i hook up a different headset it works perfectly fine. everything works great with astro A40's steelseries siberia v2's and razer SC2 banshee headset works perfectly fine on a SSD and HDD.

i beleive its a mix between blizzard and Corsair that needs to patch it up.
I've had some trouble with my Corsair in the past, but today it's cut off all audio from the game. Every few start ups others can hear my mic.
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