So I got a Summer Lootbox

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I got a spray of Mei playing Table Tennis and gold..
I got:

2 Sprays that I already had
a Voice Line for Junkrat I already had

and a Summer Event Spray


Got 3 white duplicates and 1 blue Olympic player symbol that looks like sh1t. Cool stuff.
I got a player Icon I actually like and the skin for Ana that I was going to buy, not bad for a freebie :)
Got Lucio's new gold skin and the last of Winston's emotes. Not bad I say.
02/08/2016 21:56Posted by VK4502b
I bought a 50 pack in the hope for the D.Va skin and voice line. I got so many duplicates it's not funny anymore, and I cannot spend any coins on the new items and have to be super lucky to get that D.Va skin and voice line. =/

I bought the 50 boxes and was lucky to get the skin and voiceline. Compensation for the bs I've had to endure in competitive.
Got the new zarya skin from the free box :3
Player icon with fara NBA style and.... spray.

Anyway - gz to all who got genji or mercy or diva skin.

The rest of skins is kinda... ugly ( at least in my opinion )
I got the new Lucio skin in my first box, a friend of mine got a voice line, so... Yeah.
Got the huntres Widow skin (cant snipe to save my life)
The Symatra dancing emote (I cant play her to save my life)
And 2 sprays (I have the ones I want)
I was so lucky to get Lucio's Brazilian Soccer Skin on the free box last night after the patch! All that is really on my wishlist now is Mercy's Red Cross skin and the rest is pure swag for me!
I got epic usa-McCree skin..
Out of all the lootboxes ive gotten thus far, all legendaries and epics have been currency. Thats actually worse than getting a player emblem ill never use, at least currency is replaceable.
I got 2 legendaries
-track tracer
-Young Genji
1 Spray
-Winston grey thing
150 Gold
Got a voice line I bet you're jealous

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