EU players can no longer post in US forum?

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So it seems EU players are banned from talking in the US forum... Great... I wonder why they decided to do this, seeing as the EU forum is hardly even visited or replied by the blues.
Wtf are u on about I posted on there not 1 minute ago ??
I can posts now on US forum.
Are you a console player? Console players have never been able to post on US forums, support are unsure if they want enable cross-region posting. I asked them a couple of weeks ago when I was having forum issues (couldnt quote, like, edit etc) but the EU forums definitely get ignored, Reddit gets more response which is pretty ridiculous.

EDIT: NVM, just happened to be on a US forum post about the olympic skins and I can post on it, thats new.
i just tried and i get a 505 error everytime....
Well I can't get on their forum anymore. I press login but nothing happens. And no I'm not a console player. I posted a lot on their forums few weeks ago because it's more active there.

However today I logged in and nothing happens.
Managed to post now... Seemed like a log in issue :/
Console player here. Never been able to post in the US forum. Its a shame because that forum is really active.

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