Your most annoying hero to play against

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Genji/Tracer due to 20tick servers+latency+favor teh shoter mechanic.
Pharah. Just Pharah
He either reflects, dashes away, or double jumps around.
No other character has options like these.
A couple of chars frustrate me (mainly spamrat and spamzo) but the one char that really annoys me is Lucio. He such a pain to actually hit and by the time your second shot hits (if your Pharah for example) his heal has already started healing the first bit of damage, and thats even if you do manage to hit him whilst the little !@#$er dances around the payload. I swear bullets/rockets just go through him. Final nail in the coffin for my hate for him is when I faced one in comp tonight that got 3 ults in less than a minute and a half.
Right now, Reaper. Or Junkrat because a) I always seem to step into his traps, no matter where I go, and b) I'm a magnet for his rip-tire. I DON'T KNOW WHY!
02/08/2016 00:08Posted by Felurian
Right now, Reaper. Or Junkrat because a) I always seem to step into his traps, no matter where I go, and b) I'm a magnet for his rip-tire. I DON'T KNOW WHY!

Ive noticed those traps suck you in. Was on watchpoint Gibraltar yesterday and I saw one on the exit of a doorway, widely stepped around it as Tracer whilst fighting a Zarya, next thing I knew I was in the trap getting spamzo'd. Kill cam showed me standing there then suddenly getting pulled into it out of no where, Hate those traps!
Genji T.T
Mei, when in my team.
(A good)Tracer, she's like an annoying mosquito you just can't squish.
Genji because he's just annoying as hell.

Zarya because she doesn't really have any specific counter, tunnelling her only makes her stronger, and she melts my Meka through DM.

Zenyatta because Orb of Discord.
Roadhog, because BS hook insta kill
Tracer and Genji (especially if you are playing a back line hero) they buzz around and harass you to death.
But I suppose that's exactly what they are designed for.
Hanzo and Macree.
2 heroes that are really poorly made.

Hanzo can shoot at the floor and still kill a full health target.
Macree can instastun U and just finish U off.

As a close range fighter thoose 2 are the absolute worst. They c U first U are dead.
Genji. Genji when ulting! I don't have a problem with normal Genji, but Genji ulting is the worst -.-
to be honest, atm I am really annoyed by the sheer amount of zenyattas. I'm really happy he got buffed (really deserved it) but getting everytime discorded EVEN if your just showed a tip of your tiny toe from behind a wall and eating maximum damage...can be really stressful.^^
Junkrat, Mei, Zarya... my MEKA throwing me away each time when i face them.
Mei, no matter which side she's on. Most that play her either don't think when throwing up Ice walls and are a general hindrance to both their team and the enemy and cheapens every victory (or defeat) I earn because I know she just wall/ult spammed at a choke point for a whole game or just hindered us like she was a seventh, non-hostile member of the opposing team.

The one thing that annoys me a the most about her; Why do defending Mei players on escort missions throw ice walls up in front of the payload? It doesn't slow it down (it just smashes through it) but it does give the attacking team cover for a good four seconds.

It's the same sort of question I have for players who gather round a Reaper player who clearly has his/her ult ready.
Anyone who uses their ult just to kill me, and me alone.
Mei. Mei is just pure evil.
And back to Mei. Literally every game I've played with her on either team has been annoying, frustrating and plain unfun.

So she dives in, realises she made a mistake, almost dies and... nope, panic button! What's worse is she's now fully healed and literally has a second chance at killing you. If it just made her invulnerable, fine, but healing is a little unfair. If she dives a point she deserves to get wrecked, not have a get-out-free card. I saw someone doing this constantly while others were pre-occupied, yet she was still getting hammered every time.

Of course, you can't wait for her to thaw to kill her because you have to deal with her teammates too. And even if you do it's like fighting her all over again.

My suggestions would be make her what she is, a close-mid range fighter: her icicle drop off needs to be increased so she can't snipe people and her ice block shouldn't heal. Or if it does then make it so other players can break her block and stun her for half a second if they do.

Right now it's way too easy to be annoying as hell with her, and Overwatch is supposed to be fun. And I can take care of Mei, that's not the problem, but she requires more focus to kill than any other hero, including Genji. Her kit has zero downsides to it.

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