4th Loss in a row

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Am I cursed? Not a single win today. Over the last two days I've lost about 80% of my games in competitive I've gone from 46 down to 42 and I'm nearly 41. Nearly every game has been close to but we lose due to stupid overtime and flip of a coin.
5th loss now lvl 40
My first win and look at what I got

enjoy blizzard ranked testing phase.
Lose 3 in row stop playing if you care about rank.
And play next day. Or with a group of ppl you can count on. Lose streak will drow you deeper very fast.

This is what I find retarded on this system. Close match should give take minor points because it was clearly match of your current rank.
4 loses and already crying? MM will just throw u to ~10 lose streak, then into 10 winstreak cycle.
01/08/2016 20:08Posted by DwaneDibbley
4 loses and already crying? MM will just throw u to ~10 lose streak, then into 10 winstreak cycle.

6 losses and 1 win today to go with about 10 or so losses and 2 wins the other day.
Lvl 40 now.
9th loss nearly lvl 39
from rank 38 to 22 in one single losing streak during a single day
i was playing on sunday morning and i was lv 60, by sunday afernoon i was 55, didnt win a single game.

trolls in ranked are a real problem...
I've had it, I've uninstalled it.
01/08/2016 21:38Posted by Schwifter
I've had it, I've uninstalled it.

Thank you for telling us. Ah, here is some news of the same level of importance: It is night-time where I live.
Good bye
The problem is how winning or losing sprees affect how much points you gain or lose.

This should be removed, or seriously toned down. Just because I lose when I'm already on a losing spree, it doesn't mean that I deserve to lose a whole rank. Especially when not all of those losses were my fault.

Likewise, gaining extra rank on a winning spree is also unfair, because sometimes we win thanks to better players in our team. If a player gets lucky, he can be carried to a whole new rank he doesn't deserve, and therefore seriously affect his teammates in the next game, who do deserve to be at that rank.

This is, in my opinion, the source of many of the problems of solo queue.
you are in a losing streak probably because you deserve it, i dont know why every single one of you feels the need to tell the forums, you're at 40. 40-30 isnt a big difference anyways the skill is the same in those ranks, you havent got any "astonishing" statistics as well, so im not even gonna say oh you're that one good player who's left behind because you're not.
it's so easy to get to 70 nowadays people have 50% winrate on 70 and you guys are still whining, i won
my graphic has basically only been improving, if i did it it leads to thinking that anyone can, like if in over 120 games i still managed to keep a positive win rate maybe i had something that people at 50, 60s didnt have.
because whenever i was rating 71 and i went against people even rating 65 i saw the big difference between, and how bad they are compared to most 70s.
i was better than early 70 so i ranked up to 78, now i could even go to 80 for all i care but i want my spot in the top 500, the point is basically anyone who's good to his team can rank up.
sure everyone gets bad teammates but so does the enemy team and in the long run you're the one that's supposed to do the difference.
do 1+1 bad teammates, bad enemies (basically same skill level) me, im supposed to do the difference, if i am really better than them im gonna dominate them if i am not it means this is the skill level i deserve simple as that.
(try to come up with your opinion before mindlessly downvoting)
You are probably playing worse because you are tense and you desperately want to win. You should just play ranked until all your tension goes and you don't care about your score. then you'll probably start coming back up.
you can A , continue to play roulette with random teams , or B find a premade team.

half the negative posts would not even be on this forum if people made there own teams rather than expecting blizzard to bring out some mythical algorithm that can matchmake a full team that can communicate and work as a team with a strategy.

you cant solo carry in this game , why are you solo queuing in ranked.
git gud
I hate this forum so much. I get downvoted for no apparent reason other than stating a fact, and explaining my reasoning behind my opinion that rank gain/loss should not be that much affected by a winning/losing spree.

If you disagree, kindly explain why I'm wrong, state your facts, or otherwise simply ignore my post.
In the last 1hr30 I have spent half an hour in skirmish, had 3 matches cancel because of leavers. Lost a match because of a leaver and lost 3 more matches because solo queue seems to have absolute morons today. !@#$ing widowmaker on payload attack... as A result ive lost 2 ranks already, oh and every team ive faced has been the underdog making it even worse. Today is not a good day.

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