DC several times, Suspended, Lost major SR

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I had a really nice group of people to play with in Competitive. Won three games in a row. All of a sudden me and another teammate got disconnected. We were both able to rejoin but the other team was able to score 6v4.

After rejoin, me and the same teammate got DC AGAIN. We were unable to rejoin, received suspension and lost 50 SR.

This was the third time I got DC from Battlenet today. My husband has been playing Diablo next to me the entire time and he was also DC from his game.

I will be avoiding Competitve for the time being until the connection errors are solved.

It's clearly not our internet, as several of my friends from other countries have been experiencing the same issues.

It's extremely unfair to lose SR for a BLIZZARD issue.
Same here. Been having issues all day with FPS and DC from Battlenet. Not cool, Blizzard.
Just got DC and lost SR too. Not fair!
Not sure if anyone is still having this issue still but everyone in my household has no issues with the internet and I have been booted twice while searching for competitive and lost SR and got suspended.. I'm scared to search for another game now but wanting to play Ranked. )':
same ... over the last 10 days i got kicked 3 times without having ANY issues... it maybe is due to a 3 second highping i sometimes get, but i have this problem ONLY with blizzard... and the highping isn´t that high to begin with... from 26 to 79 or such... i have the same problem with all of the blizzard games i own... exept wow ... i never had it there... loosing 150 points is quite hard for me since i don´t have the time to play that much anymore... i hope you blizz guys are doing something about this or at least compensate ppl for the points they loose due to your dc policies... like getting 1 min or at least, 30 seconds to rejoin and the game breaking up after that... this is just frustrating and i am thinking of stopping to play this game all together since blizzard doesn´t seem to fix this any time soon... i can´t do ANYTHING against my connection... i live in cologne have a good provider and a big port... so why do i get punished for infact NOT MY BEHAVIOUR !!! ?
This is Bull!@#$. So tired of losing sr and getting suspended because of DC.
There is nothing wrong with my internet, router,...
Overwatch is the only game that disconnects!
Fix your game Blizz!
Dc'd earlier on ps4. No net problems at all, rejoined after quick restart np as reconnect to servers failed twice. Happened again 2 games later but no rejoin a 52sr lose and a 30 min ban.. for just playing and trying to rejoin. Have all this which effects all players even when innocent yet we can't report anyone who stand shooting a wall.. please this is just silly and disheartening

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