Pharah + Mercy too strong on console

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Masters - Grandmasters games are dominated by Pharah on console right now. The tracking needed to take down a Pharmercy is incredibly difficult to achieve on a controller. Almost every game played at this level has a Pharmercy. It's got to the point where if the enemy has a Pharmercy and your team doesn't you're going to lose.

Blizzard please show us that the completely unnecessary Torb and Sym buffs you made early on weren't just for show. Take a look at console balance, do something about Pharah.
Reinhardt +dva +s75 + mccree. Surely if your in 4000sr games your teams can run a comp to counter this? Target priority focusing? I know in plat it's a nightmare getting ppl to focus down their counters bit thought it would be better up rank??
Even with that setup + zenyatta your team ends up having to devote far too much attention to the Pharmercy, you can't land enough consistent damage to kill them quickly even when they're far out of cover. And if you don't kill them quickly you'll get rolled by the rest of the team. It's seriously almost every game that has a Pharmercy in at 37-4200 right now, and has been for months
!@#$ one. I thought this issue would only exist at 2500-3000 as communication and priority target focus can be a nightmare . Especially when the 3 autolock dps characters ignore the skies leaving tanks and supports to do their job.
It's not that people can't prioritise her, it's that even when they do a controller isn't good enough to kill her. And this is at the level of the top few % points of players, the players with the best aim on console.

I dont think this is true.
i mostly play ana. i will tell our dps (76 or mcree) when to shoot phara with me. it takes 1 or 2 hit from me (ana) and couple of shots from my dps to take phara down.
Literally taking pharah down takes like 1-2 seconds
grandmaster? lol.
@JaggSauce should that be the argument against anyone with balance complaints?

"It's not OP, suck it up, you're bad"

I've been top 500 every season
06/01/2017 17:43Posted by JaggSauce

a grandmaster on console is basically a gold pleb on PC.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

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