(PS4) Looking for 3 other UK players (2500-2900)

Looking for Players - Console
Hi I am looking to find 3 other teamates. I have 2 of my friends wnating a 6 man aswell. I am 2658 and my friend is 2533 and my other friend is 2740. The 2533 one can play Ana, Zarya and Tracer. The 2740 one can play Rienhardt, Ana, Roadhog and Mei. I can play Luico, Zenyatta , Soldier 76 ,Mercy and Roadhog

If you want add me my PSN is AntonFTW12
Hi mate. We are a group of 3 - 2 Plats 1 Gold. I am main cre and s76, can play other heroes to. The other 2 main Mercy, Ana and Lucio. We are all UK time and it looks we compliment each other well as we are looking for some tanks.

Check my stats out I should obviously be in top 500 (half joking): http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/psn/global/he_man13


Add me or let me know here if you are interested. We play on a daily basis, usually after 17:30. We are all adults.
I play at 2600 and main tracer, genji and pharah. I live in Ireland so I am in the same time zone. My account is GaffHunters.
I well add you all but first add me ok my name is nkm107
yeah I'm 2674 ATM and from NI have a mic PSN:Shane-Hart02
Hey, I'm also hovering above 2500 rating since I play solo que, in dire need of decent teamates.
I can play Anna, Mei, Pharah, Zarya, Soldier and Mcree as main, also i'm 21 so no saltiness expected.

Psn: NBGLeader-Jordan

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