D.VA... Congratz Blizzard

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I don't know how you did it but you managed to make a 600HP tank that feels even more squishy then the average 200HP hero, i guess it has something to do with the mix of D.VA's large size mixed her equally large crit box, but nothing feels worse as a tank then getting two shot at mid range by a Roadhog because he literally can't help but hit you in your "head" because your "head" is 90% of your entire front arc and thus every single pellet of his blast hits you there..... i had no idea in the past that D.VA's armor was the ONLY thing keeping you alive, i'm starting to understand why people are asking for her to become a 100HP, 400 Armor hero again because you live longer despite having 100 less HP.

Blizzard you really need to rethink these changes or make some big changes to D.VA.... for example...... 1: you could make her crit box 50-60% of it current size and/or 2: do a bastion turret mode and make D.VA's MEKA's crit point on her back not on her face.
i think dva was fine with her hp/armor combo. The only issue was her high dps output. Now dva is useless.

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