Why do people "main" heroes?

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I've never understood why you would only want to play as one hero the whole time. Genji isn't useful in every single situation so why do people refuse to switch to a more suitable character?
Pure Genji mains are often influenced by Seagull, some tend to get that mentality of "If he can do that, so can I" but end up failing it altogether and will blame the rest of the team for his/her death.

I wouldn't say it's bad to have a main hero, any Overwatch player should know how to play at least one character in each role, but just be prepared to swap to a different role if you and your team are getting overwhelmed by a specific / few heroes to counter that threat back.

Otherwise, support mains are a thing and I'm completely fine with that, supports can't really directly counter something, they assist someone to do that for them.
you obviously don't know what "maining" means.
you, for example, are a tracer main.
Well I main Lucio because he's the most useful character in the entire game. And he's fun to play. But I can also play every other healers, most tanks, and I'm trying to get better at some DPS (whenever I can switch off healer or tank).

Maining is good to an extent. It's like having that one tool you're the best with. But it's good to have other tools in your toolbox.
06/02/2017 15:19Posted by rawmeat
you obviously don't know what "maining" means.
you, for example, are a tracer main.
maining means you play one character almost exclusively or alot more then other characters
I use to play genji more often than other heroes because his gameplay fits the way i like to play.

But then If it is not working I am switching. Plus i'm sure it's the case for a lot of other heroes too !
im agree with u about sometimes must change hero
but some ppl cant play good other heroes
so even if they change. its useless yet
06/02/2017 15:19Posted by rawmeat
you obviously don't know what "maining" means.
you, for example, are a tracer main.

I'm definitely not, Tracer is my most used hero in QP but I used other heroes and I play competitively almost exclusively now
I main Mercy cause there isn't many situations when she isn't useful but, if someone else picks Mercy or there is already 2 many healers i'll play Junkrat, Soldier 76, Zarya, D.Va and maybe Sombra. Having a main means you excel best with that Hero. Like i said Mercy is almost useful in ant situation and not many people like to fill the healer role so i enjoy filling in that gap.
The main reason people will 'main' a hero is simply that they find them fun enough to play them non-stop.
DSPStanky a.k.a. "Reddit Lucio" is the prime example of a die hard Lucio main, and he only plays him so much because he finds him crazy fun all the time.
I'd label someone as an 'X' main if they had like ~75% more playtime on their most played than on anyone else.
06/02/2017 14:54Posted by Curtard
I've never understood why you would only want to play as one hero the whole time. Genji isn't useful in every single situation so why do people refuse to switch to a more suitable character?

Maining and knowing when to switch are two completely different things though. I can't pretend I don't have a main, given that I've got 4 times longer on D.va than any other character, but I will gladly switch as and when needed. I've actually been having a lot of fun with Pharah recently, and could easily see myself putting a similar amount of time into her. I do advocate trying as many characters as possible to be able to contribute to different comps and situations, but I don't think there is anything intrinsically wrong with having one or two 'go to' characters that you enjoy and play whenever it helps the team to do so.
There is nothing wrong with maining certain heroes. Like it or not, some are useful in practically every situation. One tricking works for a lot of people. Genji is usually brought up as a negative example when people discuss mains. I mean, if someone mains Genji (and pretty much plays nobody else), I'd rather him just play Genji. If he plays anybody else, he's not going to offer much.

I would call myself a Zarya main. I play her more often than not, but I'm happy to pick up Ana, Lucio or Zenyatta if need be. I'm not that comfortable playing other heroes at my current rank. I also don't see the need to be able to play 10+ different heroes at your current rank. You're spreading yourself pretty wide there IMO.
I see myself as a widowmaker and mei main. But I have enough playtime and sense on other roles and heroes to switch or not pick them in the first place. They're great situational picks though.
Sadly enough people see a widowmaker as troll and then they proceed to troll themselves, lost many games because of this -.- This happened more in the 3-tank meta then now. People don't seem to mind as much with the current meta which is more inclined to double or triple dps.
Pretty sure most people main a character, I'd say it's rare when soneone can flex and play a few characters as well as their main. Grandmasters are players who play half the characters+ like their main imo. I main Mercy/Zen/Soldier, I can flex but I'll be out done by someone who mains Reinhart if I play Reinhart. I'd say whatever character/two characters you have the most hours with is your main.
The 'Main' is to 'Mainly play', it doesn't mean 'exclusively play'. When I have to describe it, I say I'm a D.Va and Widow main, as they're my two most played heroes, I guess by quite a big margin. But I have so much time on other heroes like Pharah, Mercy, Ana, Soldier, and Reinhardt in particular that it's hard to really 'accept' that I main anything.
If you don't have a main character or a few you aren't going to do that well because then you are just alright with a load of characters so you aren't going to perform as well than if you mained them. Yes its bad if you play a main and just that hero but having a few and switching when possible is much better than being that flex person who plays everything.
I'm maining Reinhardt in S3 (19h out of 22h in S3) because he is a solid pick, easy to build a team around and most of all, so I know my team has a dependable Rein instead of a "oh, Charge off cooldown, in I go even though holding choke is the smart play" turd YOLO Rein.
I "main" Reinhardt.
I say this because he is the hero I'm most comfortable with and the one I know I can play more consistently, regardless of comp, situation, queue type, etc.

I "main" Mercy.
I say this because she's the healer I have most fun playing, although I'm dead sure I could out-do myself if I picked Lucio.

I "main" Torbjorn.
I say this because he's the idiot I can give the most fight with. He's the one I have the biggest win-ratio/time played with. If I pick Torbjorn it's because I'm hell-bent on not letting any. single. attacker. through.

It pretty much depends on your definition of "maining".
Still, I have to agree that it is weird to see people with 400h+ on Gengu, Handsoap and Widowbeatch and still doing jack shait...
Because it's cool to main a hero.

I want to main only robotic heroes.
I usually main Symmetra on payload defense, and some capture point maps, but I can play other heroes as well. Advanced Symmetra play requires a lot of skill and map awareness, while tracking as many of the players on the map as possible. Autolock is fun and all, but you want the Mercy first, not the target she is healing or that frigging ice wall. (Although it's a great charge builder.. when it goes down, the Mei behind it is in for a big surprise :P)

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