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So I recently bought myself a PS4 ( I d go PC if I had good internet but not being the case I'd rather stay casual ), Im mostly struggling in most of the games I end up on, being mostly with ppl with higher levels. Matchmaking quite bad on console as for a beginner no idea about after, which Im a bit afraid of knowing it's a current trend to use mouse and keyboard on console , Whats the point of climbing ( knowing my already bad internet, no way I deal with M/KB players )? So I would like to know what are your thoughts on overwatch console.

Also I watched a !@#$ ton of videos advising new players, I mostly end up playing either tank or support. Which would be fine if I wasn't left alone most of the time, people at that rank being extremely self centered. I cant switch damage hero as enemy team has one tank/heal its almost impossible to win anything. Not counting the bastion torbjorn pick as attack. And then I tried playing with a friend, went straight up in games with people over level 350 as I'm barely 16. Great matchmaking, truely.

So far my only wish is to get a better internet so I could enjoy PC gaming, but until then I'm stuck on PS4, and I have no idea if this game is worth on PlayStation. Might be due to low player base, about 3-4 mn For a match In Quick play, but having to face ppl with more than a thousand games while I barely started ? So okay as I said I pick either tank or supp to let them show me how it's done. Aaaaand I end up alone again. I'm always picking the hero for the team even tho it's absolutely not a confort pick ( so I rely mostly on team mates ), and a %^-* ton of them just roam all over the map trying to get kills and never coming to me for heals. As for tanks, Im Really starting to like Reinhardt, but why are most people not using his shield ? Nor using choke point to hold ? Like eichenwalde just had a game where our dmg ( except a turret bastion ) went near their spawn. No need to say they all got rekt And ended up defending 3v6. Shield got down in 3s and so did I. And those guys were between level 60 and 90.

Anyway, I know Im not doing a lot for my team but I really really try to pick what's needed. Sometimes work out but mostly not. Rarely get heals as tank or dmg, when I heal I'm running up to everybody as soon as I see they miss one hp. And then with my healer Even tho I always try to stay with my group, ive yet to witness someone protecting me :D

So had a game on Kingsrow where I decided to genji for the lolz ( This hero overused on console since aiming is bad genji can remain so long untouched as soldier and macree cant aim him consistently ), i couldn't get close to their healer. Every damn time everyone was switching over me, my team being too busy to camp their spot ( widow and stuff on attack ).

Im giving a few exemples so you guys have an idea as what I'm dealing with even tho most of those guys I talked about are really higher lvls Than me. When people of my rank it's usually smoother as I'm starting to get a few tricks in my pocket.

So is console overwatch worth it ? Also knowing that everything I get from my PS4 won't transfer if I ever get a PC, itd another argument for console being bad. But Im more concerned about the average player. As I said I know I'm still a noob on this game but I'd expect a level 90 to not pick torbjorn on attack, or a average Lvl 70team to assist their healer ( Im starting to play mainly zenyatta to be able to solo carries who get too close but man he s so squishy ).
Hopefully when I ll unlock rank things will start to get better.

And if it's worth it, Im open to any advices as I'm probably one of the noobest overwatch player there is right now :D ( started playing a week ago ).

Anyway thanks For reading, sorry if it sounds salty sometimes, of course All games weren't that bad but recently I happen to meet those kind of guys more often than usual.

Ps : for switching hero and counters I already have an idea, as well as map tricks ( just don't have enough experience yet ). Maybe I should start maining a hero to get the full thing on those idk.
Many people in quick play don't care about putting together a good team comp. If you see high level players there, they may not be taking it too seriously. They go to the competitive playlist for serious games. It makes it hard to practice much in quick play, because so many people are just messing about (Torb on attack). Quick play is usually full teams of a bunch of DPS heroes.

You mentioned not having a good connection. If you had a better one, you would play on PC. I'm not sure why your internet connection being good or bad would determine what platform you play on. If you have bad internet, you will have a bad time in this game. Regardless of platform. This game will punish you for lagging.

I think the game on console is fine. Played it a tonne since release and still enjoy it. I don't have any problem finding games in quick play or competitive. I don't go in the other playlists. Not sure how populated they are. If you expect players to be playing great in quick play on PC, you're in for a bad experience. There are just as many bad players and people trolling on PC.

I haven't actually tried creating a new account and seeing what type of games I get put in, though. I would expect the game to put you up against other newer players more often than not. Overwatch does have skill based matchmaking, though, and tries to place players of a similar ability together. Just because someone is a high level doesn't mean they're good at the game.
Well I don't mind being put with similar/higher skill people but being Lvl 18 and playing with people Lvl 300+ It feels really frustrating, both for me or my team. As a Lvl 300 I wouldnt like Much being put with such a low Lvl.

Again I played all night, kept getting against ppl much higher than me. We even once had a team with 2 Lvl 100+ and 4 Lvl between 20 and 40. Enemy team was min Lvl 200 had a guy lvl 450 and even one 560. How is that any fair ? I know getting into it as it has lasted a while already is not easy, but are they that desperate for players on console that I end up mostly with people like this ?

PsEdit: also about my connection it's not the worst but not top notch to be able to compete decently with a PC.

Again, out of 10 matches decided to play 2. One which was about similar Lvl And went perfectly fine, ended up in a draw. Second one I was in the low Lvl team to see what you said about similar level. We got rolled over no chance. Won kingsrow in about 5mn. And Thats What happen when I try to warrior this. Even picked rein to sustain longer, but first point was pushed in 1mn. So yep Im Really not enjoying my low Lvl games, just waiting to get good enough to make a difference. Until then I'm stuck having to play with ppl far better than me, on both sides even sometimes. I don't know why I'm being put into higher Level games.
Honestly don't think people at level 70-90 have any idea what they are doing cause i'm level 124 and i still see people my level that are absolute trash at it.

My advice would be if you want to play Healer Mercy is the most noob friendly she can also fly towards people with her guardian angel ability making it great for getting away from enemies or getting towards allies that need help. Also Mercy's gun is so useful many times a Genji see's me a mercy and assumes easy kill then i take out my gun and light him up, People underestimate her gun but it's really powerful.
If you don't want to play support then play tank, D.va is pretty good in my opinion. Some people might disagree since her update i still think she's a decent pick. When playing Rein i would say having a your shield up with your team behind it is a super useful start. Unfortunately people don't like to work as a team for some reason. I see alot of people playing as an attack Rein that could be useful.
If you want to play as DPS then feel free to play DPS i have fun playing DPS from time to time even though i'm a mercy main.

In all honesty it's useful to get good with all roles that way you'll have a hero to play in any situation. The best Lucio player i've seen started on console then moved to PC so console isn't not worth it.
Watching videos and looking at the wikia and researching the heroes is pretty useful if you want to get in depth at playing certain heroes really well, even just asking for tips on these forums can be helpful.
No matter what role or hero you play remember to have fun and not let the game stress you out.

My post is kind of all over the place but it's late and i'm tired but Hope this helped.
Im Really fine With anything I like to be versatile so I'm trying to play atleast 2 heroes from each category , even tho I'm really thinking about starting to main a hero to get a good idea about most situations, but I Really Like the versatile thing. No tank or no Heal ? Np I ll do it. Team then proceeds to go solo all the way around while I'm getting alone being able to follow one guy who charge up straight the enemy to then die :D.

So picking those are not viable for me, atleast as of now that very few games my team was playing well as a team. I do Really enjoy tank and support tho, Im just not in the good environment in quick play where everyone is mostly self centered.

Except that, I go soldier or genji for dmg, rein or roadhoag as tank, And as For supports Im mostly fine with anything, only hero I haven't tried much yet is actually mercy lel. Zen and Ana being my favorites, I find lucio quite cool as well, for symmetra Im completely clueless on how to use her and especially where she can be good.
As For defence its mostly situational. I honnestly dont Really know when And how to use defense effectively. Might go check on YouTube for that matter but it's more oriented toward specific heroes and not roles Im guessing. But Im Really having fun with Hanzo even tho his aiming is a !@#$% for console players, this one is definitely a favorite.
But I'm mostly trying to pick either what's needed, and when choosing role I try to pick the best one for the map or will simply counter pick ( even tho at this point everything counters me haha )

But One thing I ll keep in mind is to not always try to go for the comp and jut play what I enjoy. Trying to aim for team play in a sea of solo player might not be the best idea lel.

I watched a !@#$ ton of videos already, from noobs advices To general tips to map tricks to advanced tips on some heroes I enjoyed. Only thing I need now is experience and practise, so I can leave this bad phase.

Your answer was more than fine, and answered one of my most important concern so I'm perfectly okay that you took the time to write this down even tho you were tired :D

Have my upvote and thanks again for your answer

Édit : don't mind the little typos , not English native so keyboard has some capital letters in it

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