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It's late so i doubt i'll get many responses but anyone got a Chinese new year skin they want really badly or just one the really like the look of. Although i don't play her, i really like Ana's one.
Heard Zenyatta's is a favourite of many.
The chang'e mei skin is awesome :).
I really like the widowmaker skin

oh wait

Tracer's skin, too bad I don't have the gold to buy it and the boxes I've got so far have only had sprays and some voice lines in them.
Zenyatta's or Rein's skin mmmmmm
As a Zen main, I love his skin, although a King skin doesn't suit his personality?I enjoy his face on it.Oh, and obviously the Tracer skin, everyone's going to love it. The Mercy skin is okay, nice to have the green wing variety but nothing will ever beat the with skin..Unless there's a cat skin. Pls.
Wukong's the best skin in my eyes, especially his weapon *_*
I love d'vas skin cus i got it after 5 boxes but i hope i get more skons before it ends.
The red mei skin then the mercy recolour.

I don't like the rest of the skins.

Edit it's not that I don't like them, I just wont use them because i prefer others.
Widowmakers skin is so good that your brain can't comprehend it. So you cant see it
The Roadhog skin is my favourite. It's a shame it terrifies me. >.>
I really want the Mercy skin & POTG animation, but i don`t have enough gold and i`m terribly unlucky with my most recent 20 boxes
27/01/2017 06:38Posted by Klumsy
I really like the widowmaker skin

oh wait


Well, at least her skin from the previous event was decent

oh wait
i rarely ever play winston but i love the skin.
My favourite is Tracer's Rose skin. I bought it for 750 credits (I also really want Tracer's new highlight intro.)
Bastion and Hog.
Zenyatta and Roadhog.
Hanzo and Genji skins are my favorite. The whole dragon dance being a big thing in the even theme, it's great that they gave the dragon brothers each a skin.
My favorite is Symmetra and Mei's Luna sets!

I just love how red and golden trim looks so royal and beautiful.
Love, love it!

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