Least fun hero to fight against

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For me, 10000% Roadhog and D.Va
Mei, it's not fun to get locked in place then seeing that she devil stare you down before piercing you with a ice shard. Symmetra too for obvious reasons, Her lock on beam meaning she doesn't need to aim to kill me and the damage output it does making it near impossible for me to escape.
mei & simtra are boring . they kill u super easy
special simtra with no aim

& genji make u angry with jumps. cuz ppl are low good aiming

& maybe tracer with flash again again
Roadhog. Pharah and Tracer are also obnoxious as hell on console.
I hate symmetra, but then again I've started to play symmetra because of that exact reason
Roadhog :(( i can deal with every other type of cheese kill but a cannot fathom this new hook.
At the moment I would say Symmetra. No aim, high damage and incredibly low skill cap to use, makes her the hero most seem to pick up, simply because you don't have to be that good to feel powerful with her. On second placed I'd say our resident Lumberjack Hanzo the treelog spammer. He's also relatively easy to pick up and score headshots with by simply spamming arrows. Though unlike Symmetra, you can actually spot someone who has improved on Hanzo, Symmetra on the other hand is hold down mouse button to lolz.
I hate:

- Azuki Hanzo
- Cloud Hanzo
- Okami Hanzo
- Kinoko Hanzo
- Midori Hanzo
- Sora Hanzo
- Dragon Hanzo
- Demon Hanzo
- Young Hanzo - Hanzo
- Young Master Hanzo
- Lone Wolf Hanzo

The fact that he's annoying is that he usually one shots you with his arrows and can shoot at you many times before you even know you're being shot at because the arrows don't leave a trail like Widow's kiss does. He is a powerful sniper and his arrows deal devastating damage (with also a broken hitbox on the arrows), which more than qualifies him to leave a trail to his arrows so you know to watch out for him.

I think they should add a trail to every sniper in the game, just seems a bit unfair that every time you're caught unguarded and a little to no time at all to respond to being fired at. Usually you only notice this when you're already dead. Oh and don't forget Sonic arrow, mini Widowmaker ulti every 20 seconds.

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