Things Blizzard doesnt understand and blames me (the player)

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Blizzard doesnt understand that:

  • 1. Losing because of bad team is not my fault as a player when I perform well
  • 2. Losing because a player refused to change even when he is being countered is not my fault so I should not be punished for hes idiotism for not being able to understand that he is being countered even when team tells him he is being countered.
  • 3. Losing because someone leaves my team making it 5v6 and almost impossible to win is not my fault.
  • 4. Losing because my team refuses to pick a healer or a tank even when I'm ready to flex and go as a healer or tank, but even I cant do everything alone with 4-5 DPS.
  • 5. Losing because some troll decides to pick Mei and lock us in spawn.
  • 6. Losing because some troll decides to feed ults for enemy team
  • 7. Losing because someone AFK:s and just stands in the spawn and/or comes outside just to get some stats so he wont be banned.
  • 8. Losing because people refuse to communicate.
  • 9. Losing because people who dont speak english (the most commonly used language in this game, are somehow still allowed to join my team and or same servers). Seriously Bliz if you are going to make translation of the game then give them their own servers so we dont have to deal with people who cant or just dont want to communicate.
  • 10. Losing because people cant take the truth that they are !@#$ and that they should actually listen when someone tells them what to do and how. (Seriously, if you cant take the heat, dont play the game. I for sure will keep telling what you did wrong until you fix it and I dont even care if I lose when you cant take the truth).

These are just some examples Blizzard doesnt seem to understand that non of these are specifically my fault and I have no way in my control, but somehow they still think its my fault I lose and that I should lose SR. As long as Blizzard tries to keep this %^-* up OW will keep losing players.

SR should ONLY be based on player stats and onfire status. Losing -10SR, WIN +10SR and rest based on stats. Its simple and easy to check who played well and who was focusing on objective thanks to onfire status, but Blizzard just wants more money from stupid people buying secondary accounts.

If you need help with the algorithm just call Valve and I'm sure the great Gaben will help you out since they actually have a working system in their CS:GO which is by the way also a TEAM BASED FPS GAME!
it's hilariously bad
I just played today and had the worst games of my life, i (was) ~2700 SR but nope, Blizzard decides to pair me with the short bus kids until they feel you've been punished enough.
I have 300 hours in this game and I quit, just uninstalled. what a horrible game, pure rage inducing (i'm not an !@#$%^- to people) and just a negative experience.
How can Blizzard expect me to keep playing when I'm paired with a 3 stack that has 2 silvers in it when i'm sitting here at 2500?
Why am I paired with someone 500 sr below me?
Thanks Blizzard for showing me your true colours and how horrible you are at making games. No wonder everyone quit WoW
1: Bad Teams happen and often lack leadership and direction. Perhaps you should attempt to guide your team to help them work as a more cohesive unit
2: It happens, stubborn players can be a bane or blessing, but if you're aware they are being countered why are you not moving to counter the person harassing them?
3: Difficult, not impossible. If the team can hold the line long enough it can work in your favour... but admittedly i suffer from this too so i feel your pain
4: Define DPS. Orisa is techinically DPS, as is Zenyatta or Hanzo.. and Soldier 76 can technically be also classed as a healer depending on how you define it.
5: The wall lasts only a little time, most maps offer a secondary route of escape from the starting point and you can report the player
6: Potentially a problem if you do not/cannot report
7: See number 6
8: Refuse is such a harsh term. Perhaps they dont care to talk or perhaps you.. or someone prior.. has put them off heeding the demands of others. Often toxic players can do this, its demoralising and can push players away from opening up or can lead them to be just as toxic for a time
9: Segregating people is not helpful. I have bad luck being European myself in finding English speakers too, but i have seen some bloody good plays by players that can barely say the words "Go to payload" and some utterly abysmal decisions by fluent and native english speakers from both sides of the globe.
10: you make it sound like you are the shot-caller in your games. Nobody is really obliged to obey the demands or commands of anyone else.. if you want that sort of hierarchy you are free to make a post in the teamfinder forums.

Your suggestion fails, hard. Look at the likes of a Mercy main. A Mercy Main may be the most hardworking and dedicated member on the team, popping ults at just the right time and healing everyone effectively... but thats all a mercy does. A Roadhog can out perform a mercy in terms of healing as can a 76 in the right circumstances which would leave her at the bottom of the run, so you're asking for an entirely new set of algorithms that could be manipulated by savvy players.

Also, as you said before it is a team based FPS with all players required to act with the others to create a single entity and not just single individuals, which is what you would be turning it into. Teams would be rendered useless because of how certain groups act in battle, how they resign certain members of the team to the role of pocket medic or static tank. Certain players would fly far beyond thier companions leaving them alone to suffer decay and the remnants left behind to either grit their teeth and bear it or fill that position with someone new to restart the cycle.
At the end of the day, Blizzard only provide the resources that allow players to take part in the Overwatch experience, so heroes, maps, game modes, servers etc. How these resources are used are the players responsibility, and the majority of the time the outcome is the result of the player's actions; whether good or bad.

Blizzard doesn't make anyone play solo games, or team up with people they don't want to. They do not force people to communicate or speak a specific language (i.e. English) because other players are too arrogant at expecting everyone to be on voice chat and have a perfect speaking ability. They encourage hero switching, but don't force it because it's the players choice on how to work as a team.

There is so much freedom in this game yet people are expecting so many rules to be enforced. So it's really certain players that don't understand who's fault it is, using Blizz as excuse is just poor sportsmanship.

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