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I'm seriously trying to enjoy competitive matches with my friends... We always pick needed heroes, collaborate with the team and help new players, but OW's community is hell. Cheaters, flamers, trolls or people who ruin the game picking mccree in defense and shouting in voice chat. We kindly ask to switch heroes if needed, or to play as a team, i also use to play supports since everyone seems to hate them, but all we get are insults, people leaving midgame and kids getting mad at nothing. When season 3 ended, we started to report those kinds of players, but apparently nothing happened. Playing again against the same aimbot guy we reported, or with the same troll leaver, is really a pain. I'd like to know if reports works (and how do they work), and if Blizz verifies if a player really deserves a certain report (since people can randomly report a guy who did nothing wrong). It's such a shame to see a nice game like Overwatch being ruined by a small group of careless players.
17/04/2017 23:45Posted by HurkDvorak
It's such a shame to see a nice game like Overwatch being ruined by a small group of careless players.

I would recon that group to be quite large. Based on what Im encountering on a match basis (2k rating, ELO hell like no other)
I've only played about five matches total today. Two matches had cheaters.
Reports do nothing.. on twitch you can find many people boosting bronze/silver/gold accounts with their mains that got them to master/gm. Trolling, yeah.. just trolling games and throwing. It's all there, people of course report those people who do that.

But what really can happen with reports is this:
1) Report for cheating, if they really cheat they get ban.
2) Any.. and I do mean any other report will only mute a player.

So, a player can literally throw everygame from 4.5k (gm) to 500 (bronze) and keep on playing after being reported every single game.

Only leaving really bans people from comp seasons, but that's due to them clearly leaving their team 5v6.

So no.. reports not useful, it's season 4 and there is nothing near to a report system to deal with all this. Might as well just forget about it really at this point.
I honestly don't think that there are so many cheaters ingame. With more than 200 hours of ingame time I never came across a cheater or at least it was not obvious (which an aimbot absolutely is).

Even if I sometimes think someone is cheating I will just watch the killcam and see that widow had her ult up or that my jetpack or stomps were too loud so they could hear me flanking.

Blizzard actually is a company that really cares about cheaters. It's just that they ban in waves so it could take a while until a player is banned.

About reporting people who are throwing a game.. From Blizzs perspective, where is an evidence that someone took a hero to troll your team? It would be ridiculous if you can get banned just because someone didn't like the hero you've picked.

Also, just because you don't get notified about a ticket status doesn't mean Blizzard is not doing anything.
27/04/2017 02:08Posted by candyflip
Also, just because you don't get notified about a ticket status doesn't mean Blizzard is not doing anything.

You sure have blind faith in the current reporting system huh :D?

What is being done? It's well known besides cheating, a player will only get a mute for a report.. so nothing CAN be done already if someone is obviously throwing by just sitting at base, doing nothing and once in a while runs into enemy team or off the cliff.

It happens on my teams, it happens on enemy teams.. and even IF reports did I duno, something else besides mute. Do you see a lot of /I am muted, this is BS!!/ posts? Or even /Banned for the season.. such~ BS!!/ nope :).. a few per month, nothing special..

The system is a slap on the wrist, while on the receiving end someone keeps getting such people over and over match after a match.
So the reporting system is useless? Not that i don't know but ...
I get silenced for saying "!@#$" into game. If i use some kind of cheat - the effect will be the same? Then why is there report system at all? And why is there support when they cant do nothing (last time i talk to them they only repeat "we cant do nothing")? And why cant i report a bug? Or the word "bug" is also toxic !!!!! Whatever this means ....

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