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... randoms picking off-meta heroes?

Be honest.

Personally I don't unless they pick something like a 3rd - 4th dps. Then I get frustrated.
I allow them to try and after a while I politely ask them to switch if both I and the other person can see that the off-pick isn't working out as the other person expected.
Nope. But I do get tilted over people instalocking dps and expecting everyone else to fill in with tanks/healers while questioning their picks.

only when they refuse to switch
Hanzo/Widow = playing 5 (or 4 if both picked) vs 6. So yes.

Rest of the cast are more map-dependant, like Junkrat on Gibraltar is pretty iffy since that's like Pharah-heaven.
Hmm, not anymore, There was a time yes but it depends entirely on what map/mode and situation etc.

I learned that off-meta heroes can throw off the enemy team at times.
I'm tilted by randoms picking off-meta heroes they suck with, and I lose for no reason.
I am slightly autistic when it comes to 2-2-2 comps, so, like you, I dislike when people choose off-meta heroes when that role is no longer required in the team.

If we run a 2-2-2 comp with off-meta heroes and those people are playing well; I have nothing to criticize. For instance, usually I would criticize Hanzo and Widowmaker players right off the bat, but have learned not to do that after having played with a fair amount of great snipers.
Nope, if they work in the actual comp or they are direct counters to the opposite team, those are great. Like a Mei countering torb or hitscan enemies by using a wall and allowing us in or a Junkrat + Roadhog obliterating Rein shield and then blasting people inside a hallway in attk or even Bastion/Torb being protected by Orisa while the rest of the team positions themselves in "cross fire" lines. As long as the comm works its ok.
02/05/2017 16:21Posted by Rainmaker
As long as the comm works its ok.


I specialise in off-meta picks in all the games I play. I'm generally a person who doesn't like to follow the meta but instead think of weird and wonderful strategies to catch enemies off guard (e.g. in League I play things like tank anivia or ap support nasus).

However for a lot of off-meta picks to work you need a team to support you. One of the biggest factors in this is good communication and trust.

One of the biggest problems with these "die-hard meta" people is they have the least idea how to build a team comp. They often have no clue about synergies but instead as long as they're 2-2-2 they'll be happy.

The most important aspect of winning games is not balanced teams but instead teams that synergise.

For example bastion offense can be extremely effective but only if his team helps him. There's no point having a bastion with a genji, lucio, zarya, roadhog, ana comp. It's 2-2-2 but he's going to have no chance. The team needs to communicate and work out how to solve this Instead if you build your team around bastion you'll do well:
>Bastion is immobile in turret form and so will need protection - rein and orisa will provide so much shielding for bastion.
>Bastion provides tons of dps and this can be boosted further by mercy
>To further add to damage zen can discord bastion's targets (together with mercy this can shred through enemies)
>Obviously the enemy will back off being against so much damage so to stop them from escaping a mei or sombra can stop them from escaping or a tracer/genji can pick off the survivors

But like the previous person said, this will only work if the team knows what they're doing and you need to communicate effectively.
Is Junkrat off-meta? Is Zen?
Because I honestly know players who'd destroy most others playing Junk/Zen. ;-)
I wouldn't be mad. I care about the outcome, not the method.

Though I don't play comp so I should probably !@#$... (-;
I don't mind what the picks are as long as everyone is comfortable on their heroes.

That said I can instantly tell a comp born to fail or one that's iffy. If it's born to fail ill say what's up and let everyone keep it in mind. If it's iffy ill say what's up, but also say it's probably best we're on our best heroes unless it really isn't working.
Not unless it doesn't work.
Nope, always like to give people a chance, although the group I play with hasn't ever really had a bad run in with any randoms in ranked, besides, people tend to play better on heroes they're comfortable with. All that aside, as a group we don't often pick the meta anyway.
I don't even check stats anymore, it's just not worth it ;)
Let them play, see how it goes. Do your best, you can't change them anyways.
I am a hanzo main and he has never really been "in the meta" and the thing I hate most about ow is when i pick hanzo and instantly i get told to switch off and if i dont do it i get reported. They dont even give me a chance. If I play hanzo and he isnt working I obviously will switch as I would with almost every other hero. Stop hanzoism plz
I'm getting more frustrated with the people who start complaining about non-meta picks before the match even started. I'm not a fan of Symmetra.. like ever but she can work. Some people still moan about Sombra who can work wonders. Nobody seems to like Widow or Hanzo but if either one of them can reliably hit their shots they can are beasts. Nowadays it seems that everything besides Soldier and Pharah counts as non-meta. Yesterday I've seen someone being called a troll for picking Tracer.

I don't care what people play. The team should look somewhat decent and not 4 dps + others. If your pick doesn't work because it's not your day or you get countered hard by the enemy comp then change. That's all I'm asking for.

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