Nexus Challenge

Looking for Players - PC
looking for someone to run nexus challenge on heroes for overwatch skins, just going to play versus AI cause im bad...

add me :) IHYPEZz#2749
Chuck me an add

I'll help get those skins for you ASAP :-)
Can I jump in too? Evan#21220 - I'll add you both
Looking for partner for HotS 1st quest. Total HotS noob. If you want play 1st 5 games vs AI with me please invite me. Tag Floriana #21812. EU server. Will be online 5 more hours today. Thank you.
P.S. Remove space in battle tag before # mark.
Looking for partner for HotS 1st quest against Al.
Iam looking for someone to play 5 games Heroes of the Storm (quickplay or against ai) to get the skin. Add me: McRachid#2365
carlonduty#2536 im trying to get the skin
Epicgrade#1285 @@ Add me also everyone for more event goodness! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! (the skins :P)

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