(PS4) looking for support + Tanks

Looking for Players - Console
Hi All,

I play on ps4, EU. We play with some people, sometimes we 3 stack other times 4 stack and rarely we 6 stack. Now obviously, we have a lot of DPS players :), I play a lot of tracer and would love to play with a zarya main for example. The ppl I play with are mostly adults, have mics and SR ranging from plat to master (even GM). If you are around platinum to diamond, and mainly play healers and tanks add me up

PSN: xXSaMba
I main support mercy and ana and am flex on all tanks. From UK AND sr is 2674 ATM. Add me: Shane-Hart02
Im a flexible player im down
I main zarya and I'll be glad to help, I'll add you!
I can play everything from tanks except Reinhardt. From Healers Lucio and Ana.
Master here, DavideLl9988 is my psn.
Yh I'm down man, UK, flex player, but usually roadhog, Reinhardt, Phara or soldier. solo queuing ATM but really frustrating psn: J-O-N-N-Y-2402
Reinhardt main 64 hours, season high 2998. Got mic and adult. Can also play Lucio and Mercy, main them too.

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