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G'day everybody,

I'd like to see some analysis of the reports that are being made.
Some statistics that show how many reports actually penalize certain players.

It pisses me off to play with and against turds that...
...insult players in chat,
...don't use voice chat the whole game, just to use it at the very end to insult other players - mostly the supports of course,
...leave game purposely,
...troll pick in competitive play ("I want to play my favorite hero - even though it doesn't suit the team combo"),
...and so forth

Reporting doesent seem to do much.
I encounter reported players over and over again - sometimes the very next game.
It just seems to be a way of giving players the mere feeling, they can do something about injustice.

P.S.: To all the blizzard fanboys:"Shhhh... i know... in your opinion your favorite game developer is doing a great job - but until you haven't seen any numbers, you dont actually know, so shhhhh.... don't talk.
Rather ask if you can help your mommy in the kitchen!"

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