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Hi, i'm looking for team or players to play with, right now i'm at silver (1800-1900 sr ish) i want to find a team that plays competitive mode but playing some casuale won't hurt either.

PSN: denirofc
Zone: Asia
Can Play: Mcree, Soldier 76, Lucio and Zenyatta
I play competitive, was 53 in season one on my old account and i was 2600 in season two, 2300? in season 3 and 1944 season 4 :/. I main Ana, Tracer, Zarya, and bastion (One of each). I would like to start a team with anyone
I don't play much competitive but I've been meaning to start . Im currently 2600 sr because I haven't played much and just did the placement matches. I main mostly Tracer, D'Va, Mccree, and Reaper. But I'm also decent with most of the characters in the game. I wouldn't mind starting a team with you
I hustle my !@# off in competitive. Add me on PSN: MAR1NE91 I main Genji(46% accuracy), McCree(56%), and Soldier 76(59%) as far as accuracy it alternates, I have always received sharp shooter when I do 1V1. I do a lot of support with Zenyatta and Mercy, mainly Zenyatta if my team is in need of more fire power. And if I need to carry the team, I go with Junkrat. I have gotten a lot of comments over the mic stating its sad that a Junkrat did more than all of us. And gotten many messages that I am a very good Genji. I can't talk on the mic after hours since my wife sleeps, but during the day, mic friendly. Add me if you take the game as serious as me. Thanks!(:
I'd love to join you! I am looking for a team as well, I mainly play defensive as Bastion (15%), Junkrat (60%) and as D.Va (15%). I can also be Reinhart depending on what the team needs. I live in the UK but my timing is flexible. I am 18 and normally play around 4-10pm that will be around 8pm-2am. I hope the hours work, but I am flexible! I can play with a mic. I am at 1930 but have fluctuated from Gold to Silver a lot as well!
I'd like to join :) I main Mercy. Second soldier / zenyatta. Rank 1900. I mostly play evenings. My psn is Littlen94

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