3200MHZ Ram crashes Overwatch

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I've recently purchased a new pc with 3200MHZ corsair vengenace LPX RAM.

Well when i crank it up to 3200mhz in my bios with 1,35volts and 16-18-18-36 (these are the timings corsairs website reccomends) my pc runs fine. However, whenever i'm playing overwatch the game crashes halfway in each game. Only the game crashes, nothing else. When i put my memory back to 2133 the crashing stops.

Is there any way for me to run my memory at 3200mhz without crashing overwatch?

Thanks in advance!

I Have the same problem. It seems OW is only programmed to work with default ram values.
Yes same problem here.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1080
3200mhz RAM

As soon as I select the RAM settings what this RAM was made for (14-14-16 @3200mhz) D.O.C.P Overwatch crashes. I have to set it to Auto which operates at 2400mhz.

Kind of disgusting, because Overwatch is the only game that has this problem.

It's even worse: the support keeps telling me that it's a problem with my RAM (defect RAM or smth.)..

Why doesn't blizzard fix it? Can you please put more resources in debugging/finding the problem?

Just buy a Ryzen CPU and 3200mhz ram and debug it... my god.
Locking thread due to age.

If you have come across a bug you can post it in the Bug Report Forum and it will be looked into, this forum also has a list of the current known issues so be sure to check that your problem isn't already listed there before posting.

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