[EU] Looking for gold-plat teammates to climb the ranks with

Looking for Players - PC
Hello there everyone,

Looks like a 6-stack team is needed to climb the ranks properly and make sure that cooperation is a thing, so I invite you to join my team. I'm pretty tryhard but fun to play with and generally a competitive person, my aim is grandmaster division. I'm currently gold but looking to improve greatly. If you want to climb the ranks with me please advertise your role, battletag and SR below. Btw, it would be great if you had a microphone so we can hang out together on skype or discord to make the cooperation better.

Dont set ur goal to high. Start with something smaller like climbing platinun this season and then aik for diamond season 6 and so on.
If you are interested: Copycat#21577
You gotta aim high to reach your goals mate
Alex#239293 Add me :D
Funalyst#0736 -Discord
Mezo#21516, im currently only 1900, but my high was 2300+, i dropepd bcus of random ques, i got lots of plat friends too!
add bishro#2779 mid plat :D

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