Looking for players - PS4

Looking for Players - Console

2 of us looking for a full stack on PS4, we have a soldier main and I usually fill but enjoy playing tank if I can! We'd love a good Mercy player but will take anything...were around the 2500 mark but have been hit hard by people leaving. We both live in the UK and play in the evenings mostly. Add me and drop me a message if interested, BoomTuck96 is my PSN name.


Hey I main mercy, Lucio and dva and would play with you guys
PSN: Shane-hart02
SR: 2700
Add me at RonIsreal...

Just started playing but I'm doing pretty well I suppose...
I can use Mercy, Rein, D.Va, Tracer, Soldier, Bastion, Symmetra...
hi i play solider and lots of pharah if you want to team hit me up my psn is DRILERION
Greetings heros!

Am looking for a group of people who play with *mic*, i pretty good at Genji and Tracer.
If you want to join me, then add me :)
PSN: OverPayedWLS

I got banned from this season. If you want to play comp with me add me on my second account OverPayedWLS-
23/07/2017 20:38Posted by Drilerion
hi i play solider and lots of pharah if you want to team hit me up my psn is DRILERION

will add you, psn g_abriel
Hey! I would totally be up for being in a steady group with you, my SR was at like 2350 but dropped when solo queuing. I'm pretty flexible because I'm the guy who fills in the gap of what the team needs and when you queue solo it happens a lot that people don't pick supports of tanks so I play pretty much everything. You won't be arguing with me that's for sure I'm cold headed but still am competitive. Anyways, the more I write the more it seems like a resumé lol. Just add me and invite me dude!


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