LFM to play competive play with 2900+

Looking for Players - PC
Me and a friend need more people to play with. We need a support player and a tank player and a dps player
Add me Phoenix#26410
Hey maining D.va and Junkrat , pretty decent Reaper as well
Add me Nightwing#22241
A bit under 2.9k, but average at 3k. Hokon#2896
If you are still looking for players you can add me Chuckuly#11413.
I'm primarily damage or tank, favorites are Mcree, Dva, Orisa, Rienhardt, S-76, though would say I am best with Junkrat overall.
Hello there, I'm the leader of nothing personal and I'm making an Overwatch server for people to find teammates. If your interested join! https://discord.gg/YUE4dgJ

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