[PS4] Diamond will help bronze/silver/gold players

Looking for Players - Console
Hi it's near the end of the season and I understand people want to make that final grind for SR. I finally achieved my goal of diamond on my main account so I'm feeling super happy and wanting to help out others :)

My brother's account is not yet placed and I want to help anyone lower level (bronze/silver/gold) on his account. I'm not a grandmasters so I can't guarantee a hard carry, but if you are bronze-silver level I of course will be able to make more of an impact than if you are gold for example. :)

Mercy main primarily, but also play DPS for more impact.

Add PSN: NowNowEverySam

Good luck everyone!
Hey I'm currently at 2239 sr with my high being 2 away from plat. I dropped due to solo queuing. Please carry me lol. PSN is emran2602
I main zarya, soldier and little of junkrat
Dam so old! I need help tho
27/04/2018 04:52Posted by Ballisticnos
Dam so old! I need help tho

wanna play with me? like wanna team up with me for 'ext season' s placement matches?
yess plzz I'd like to get a mercy in my team
I'd like to rank up in next season coz I'll be placed in bronze for sure
coz I dropped from high silver to bronze due to my brother who played with my account while I wasn't home
so can u help me plz?

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