Would you recommend this game to your friend?

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I just want to ask you guys. What do you think? I'm trying to be objective and compare this game with few other games.
Yes its a fun game.
Not right now. I'm addicted but I wouldn't try bringing anybody else into a community this toxic. For every pleasant match with wonderful people I have ten full of really toxic garbage. In 25 years of gaming I've never been a part of a community so full of people who want to destroy and hurt everything around them.

For my friends, who I don't want to expose to this, I'd recommend something else to get my shooter fix. Atm I also play Day of Infamy and Titanfall 2. Both great and very different. What games are you using for comparison?
no, not at the moment, to toxic and overwatch doesn't have a good development team

at first i wanted to purchase starcraft and diablo but now i don't have faith in blizzard and especially from what i have heard from other people i'm not gonna bother. not even destiny 2 even though it looks so good :) (don't want to waste anymore money behind blizzard)

im gonna check out the new game 'law breakers' see that that is like, if good may go away from overwatch
Yes I would.
I would warn them for the toxic behavior, but it's a fun game!
No. But all my friends are female and it's ugly in there.
No I would never recommend it to anyone, not even my enemies, this game turned into sesspool of toxicity and unfriendly players, I have played on both EU and NA, and let me tell you EU is much much much worse, people that are not willing to cooperate, insults, troll Widowmaker and Hanzo picks, getting a decent 2-2-2 comp is harder then it looks, so no I wouldn't suggest it, and I regret spending money on it, people will probably bash me because I am currently in Silver dropped 400 SR from my previous Season even tho I was 8W 2L with having POTG every game and so on, game needs to punish players that aren't willing to cooperate, and reward those who want, if they can make a game from scratch they can make that into a game, I am really tired and frustrated that I am taking a long break, probably never coming back to Overwatch again. Thank you Blizzard for managing to ruin the game not just for me but for thousands and thousands of players, and another thing, the more you neglect this issue the more players you will lose, the less money you will earn, if nothing you should be motivated by that. Good luck to everyone in that hell hole
Yes I would 100%.

The toxicity in the game should be taken with a grain of salt.
Yes, this is a great game.
09/09/2017 02:17Posted by DirkDiggler
The toxicity in the game should be taken with a grain of salt.

You must not know how it feels to play to win (i've never thrown, ever.) and you get someone who literally starts "trolling" and just laughs in your face about it, literally telling you to go kill yourself and such non-sense. It's vile, and disgusting how someone can ruin someones fun like that and just laugh about it. This community is the most toxic I've ever seen, probably because it's an FPS, even more toxic than my time in LoL.
Then you got the people who literally rage at you instead of talking to you like a human being, but I can deal with that, it is the internet after all.
yeah there is no problems in game. its the players. and if you are so sensitive that you cry yourself to sleep cause someone was mean to you... this is not a game for you... but world is full of idiots you can just ignore them.
NO! just uninstalled! might come back when halloween event is release
For a serious gamer who wants to rank and play seriously ... NO

for a casual gamer who just wants to play some QP and not care if he wins or loses ... maybe
why does everyone hate on the game all the time? first of all, yes, a portion of the commuinty is toxic, but the same goes for LOL, and you could, deal with it, cool the situation, or leave voice chat, and or mute players.
second, you dont even have to play comp, you can just have fun and mess around in arcade/qp.
and third, i totally disagree with the fact that OW has a bad development team. they look around here, respond to posts, and fix problems as they arrive. and thats honestly what i love so much about the devs, they stay in touch with the community so well.
i dont see why everyone here hates on the game so much
I don't think OW is that toxic. You get the odd few players who pester you but otherwise it's fine. The game is fun. They should get it and if they are hesitant then just let them know when there is a free weekend and they can make their minds up then.
If you dont play comp, (such as playing arcades and quickplays) YES! non comp gameplay is fun to play, even deathmatch can test your mettle.

if you want to play comp NO! Toxic, if you are in elo hell or silver and below, it isnt climbable, you just stay there unless you are boosted.
Not at the moment. The toxicity level is incredible.
I would, even with all the !@#$ty balancing going on. Not sure why all are so hung up on toxicity, just ignore the occasional %^-*!@# or counter him with friendliness and all is good. You don't need to be upset over every silly comment or even a "gg ez", grow a pair
Yes. I would.

It's not "Overwatch players are toxic."
That's the wrong way to look at it.

See it more like; People can be toxic.

If they're getting into Online Gaming, start them off on something positive.
(As rare as that might be.)

I find that playing with toxic people acting out as the perfect situation to practice patience and self-restraint.
Toxic player is not a person who says "can you please swap off Hanzo, they are countering you" wich most off you Snowflake think. Throwers are not that Hanzo player who says, "sorry, i really think in doing fine". This is frustrating yes, but they are not toxic or throwing. Stop thinking you are the best player in the world and start focusing on what YOU are doing wrong, because you are doing something wrong If you cant take the point even with a rubbish Hanzo.

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