Fed up with Solo Queue. PS4?

Looking for Players - Console
My main hero is Mercy, and I have 157 hours in total (86 for my competitive total, and 5/15 hours for the current season) spent playing her. Of course, I'm able to play other heroes as well.

Current level is 597, and I have played since mid-July 2016.

Heroes I'd feel comfortable playing in Comp:

Genji, Pharah, Soldier 76, Tracer, Junkrat, Torbjörn, D. Va, Winston, Zarya, Ana, Lúcio, Mercy and Zenyatta.

Heroes I wouldn't trust myself to play very well:

Sombra, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Reinhardt and Symmetra.

Currently, at the time of writing, at 1873 SR. Been going up and down between 2100 and Silver; 1873 is my lowest ever. Career high is 3295 (Diamond) achieved in Season 4. Seasons are as follows:

Season 1: No ranking, played about a second by mistake.

Season 2: Final SR - 2094, Season High - 2395. Was placed around 2300. Was possibly in a group of other people towards the end.
(Top 3 Heroes: Mercy - 9 Hours/Soldier: 76 - 5 Hours/Tracer - 3 Hours.)

Season 3: Final SR - 2878, Season High - 3087. Was placed in Gold. Was in a group of other people.
(Top 3 Heroes: Lúcio - 20 Hours/Mercy - 19 Hours/Ana - 19 Hours.)

Season 4: Final SR - 2221, Season High - 3295. Was placed around 2700 in Platinum. Solo queued.
(Top 3 Heroes: Mercy - 21 Hours/D. Va - 3 Hours/Soldier: 76 - 2 Hours.)

Season 5: Final SR - 2244, Season High - 2575. Was placed around 1950 in Silver.
(Top 3 Heroes: Mercy - 32 Hours/Genji - 21 Hours/Winston - 6 Hours.)

Season 6: Current SR - 1873, Season High - 2317. Was placed at 2317 SR.
(Top 3 Heroes: Mercy - 5 Hours/Genji - 3 Hours/Pharah - 3 Hours.)

I seem to always lose in Solo Queue, and I stopped playing with different groups of people recently, so I've been stuck in Solo Queue.

I have a headset with a microphone built-in, although voice chat only works in party, and not in the game, because I live in the Middle East.

PSN: Airrifle4894

(Also, I speak English.)
Hey.I am currently looking to meet some new players to group up with and finally play Overwatch competitive on the ps4.I use many characters so I can be used in many different ways.Pharah 30 hours.Reaper 20 hours.Sombra 40 hours.Mei 50 plus hours.JunkRat 30 hours.Dva 50 plus hours.Hog 50 plus hours.Torbjorn 30 hours.Zayra 40 hours.Mercey 50 plus hours.Symmetra 50 plus hours.I have been only playing arcade mode so hours don't match up according to my profile.I am very friendly so I don't mind talking on the mic.My playstation gamertag is RedEBoy20PK .Thanks
Hello! I have had enough of playing with randoms in game because no one uses microphones and there is no communication. currently my SR is around 1700 I have had enough of losing and would like to play with an actual team. I mainly play soldier or reaper, but I can also play lucio and roadhog and also Winston if needed. My PS4 gamertag isAlex22579. :)
The overwatch team needs to play in gold rank on ps4 at end season and solo queue i keep getting guys who throw as snipers attack torb and sym who is sitting there killing all things me as junkrat while team mates are yelling im reporting you for throwing junkrat

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