People still leave comp

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For real...we ended up should literally prevent us from loosing sr

And the 1st one that left the game or all of them should cumulate all the sr the whole team should have lost..end of story, there people will end bronze in two games and the game will be purified
In my experience a lot of leavers have either a connection issue or a game crash issue, meaning they come back often times. It's just usually the game ends before they can come back to game. Giving that first person, leaving the game a huge SR loss would be unfair. It would make more sense if that happened the third time around in the same day.
I've had a few incidents where my game crashed and I had to restart my computer to come back to the game, and by the time I've opened the game I see it ended already, probably because my team was losing quite fast. On those occasions, I really feel like the suspension time and SR is unfair, although I understand that the game wouldn't know whether something happened or I just left.

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