[PS4] Looking to make a weekly Comp climbing group

Looking for Players - Console
A friend and I are looking to gain some teammates in comp for some climbing. My goal would be to all get on once or twice a week and climb together. Have 2/6 right now. Currently have:

Me (Baryllogan)- Tank Main (Rein, Winston, D.va)
Friend (Ateryl)- Dps Main (Reaper, Soldier, Sometimes Junkrat other dps)

We are looking for four others who may be willing to join up and try out some games. I would really like to have a Mercy main (until the nerf unless you're still comfortable playing mercy). Shoot me or my friend and in-game message
I am a Mercy main and i am looking for a team. I am gold rank is 1962 would be higher if i was not playing rank by myself. If i am to low of rank i get if you want to pass.
I was platinum until my acc got banned. But i would like to join you, if possible.

Psn: Lwjtn

Pn if interested
Hey buddy iam online today and tonight I have recently started playing again I was high plat now high gold. Looking for a good team with mics and low toxicity
Hey, I'm a flex player and can play whatever is needed. I do have a mic and my sr is 2600. (Note: I have been seriously focused on my Moira play so that is my most optimal healer at the moment.)
2350 reaper main and usually spend most of the game on fire. PS4 account I guess is a smurf to my computer account which my little brother got banned. PSN: ImGreeningOut
I play rein, dva, winston, hog, junk, zen, lucio and ana. I can play soldier and tracer if needed but its rare i get the chance.
Add me Emran2602, i play zarya/rein/mei and others aswell

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