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------------------------The Beacon Multi-Gaming Community------------------------

Steam Group:

We’re a new Discord Gaming Community, that hopes to let people from all over the world talk, have fun, and game! We're 9 months old, with 1500 members already joined, but always looking for more people to play with!

We play many different games, like Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG, Battlerite, Heroes of the Storm, Warframe, Paladins, and many smaller games that we change from time to time as they change in popularity.

We usually have 15-30 people active at any time, either chatting in text channels, talking in voice channels, or gaming, and usually 30+ for our larger events.
In terms of events, we've had:
    Multiple community meetups for Overwatch, Paladins, and others, where we meet up to play some chill gamemodes or quickplay.
    Multiple competitions (often with prizes!) in more competitive gamemodes
    Karaoke nights (my personal favorite :D)
    Anime and Movie nights
    Art and writing competitions
    And many more to come!

You can even submit to make your own events!

-----------------------------No long recruitment process!-----------------------------

No need to worry about recruitment! You can join our server, check out the rules, and join hassle-free!

The rules are:
Be 16+
Speak English (Not necessarily natively, we also have people who are still learning English!)
Have Discord and a working mic

We also have events for different groups of members, such as special giveaways for some of our more active members!


We recently posted the first episode of our Official Podcast! Feel free to view it Here :

It is hosted by myself (BitterSweet), our Owner Li-en, and our General Community Moderator Kyuu. It's not just about the server, and is meant to be entertaining even if you know nothing about it, so feel free to check it out!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on battlenet
( whyiswhoisme#2872 ), discord ( BitterSweet#2638 ) or here on the forum!
I joined the server and found some nice people to play with. Thanks for the link :)
It's a really amazing server. People are nice and are willing to help and play with every rank and basically any game mode you wish to play. Also have people from all over the world which is really nice.
Been here for a month, I must say that the server is really cool and chill with many active users! As an individual who enjoys indulging in degeneracy via playing Paladins, it's always fun to play Overwatch with the people I met here! Look forward to hearing new voices and having more friends to play with.
Hey! We're slowly getting more and more people. Don't be afraid of joining!

Even YOU could get super nice teams of friendly people to play with!
Join a little over a month ago and I met some great friends and met some very interesting chill new people. Overall, It's been a blast playing with the people from this server.
Pretty nice and good server willing to help new players out
Hey! We've been getting lots of people joining recently for Overwatch! Thanks to everyone who's gone on and tried it, but the rest of y'all can still come on and join!

If you need any help or advice on joining, here's my Discord: BitterSeventeen#2638
Looking for a couple more players to play some games with, im waiting in the OW #1 voice channel.
Will be having an Overwatch Event on November 4th at 7pm UTC add me on BN to find out more Lien#11454
I joined a month ago and the people are really nice. Its been a blast playing with these pleople! Now there's the OW event coming up! SeñorSalty#2111
Having an Overwatch event this Saturday at 7pm UTC. Bring in your 6 stack and fight against other teams now on the server!
We're having a Meet up in less than an hour, this is a great opportunity to meet some new people who enjoy playing the game.
We will be playing some custom game modes, and maybe some quickplays.
If u want to join in we are in the corresponding voice channel on the discord server.

We're having an Arcade mode meetup tomorrow, come join if you're interested! We'll mostly be hanging out and playing some chill Arcade mode or custom games. Bring a friend!

Message me on Discord if you have any questions: BitterSweet#2638
Hey ! The Arcade Meetup took place yesterday as planned, and god dammit it was a blast. The event consisted of multiple custom game modes, including some of the server's favorite like ZeroG Sudden Death and Tracer Tag ! The event gathered around 20 people for almost two hours and a little birdie told me that another one might already be in the works.

The Beacon still welcomes newcomers with open arms ! Come and say hi sometime !
We are having another event in less than 30 minutes! Overwatch Free for all Deathmatch on EU servers! Come to the discord now to test out your skills against other players :)
Got a few people playing some games if anyone would like to join us :)
Yo! Updated the post's info a bit. We've grown a lot since I first posted this post, had a lot of good experiences, met a lot of people, and still looking forward to meeting more! So if you're good people and you wanna join, please do! We'll welcome you with open arms. If you need any help starting off, just ask people in general chat or dm a staff member, they'll be happy to help!
We are getting reading for the start of Season 8 and the new year! Join us now if you'll like to find a place to play with others~

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